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What To Serve With Salmon (27 Sides For Salmon)

Salmon is uber versatile, which means you’ll never run out of salmon side dish ideas. 

Whether you’re grilling, baking, or poaching salmon, you can serve it with various dishes and wow your guests. 

1. Mediterranean chickpea salad 

With yummy chickpeas and flavorful lemon-parsley vinaigrette, Mediterranean chickpea salad is one of the best salmon sides.

It also complements the taste of salmon.

And thanks to the abundance of chickpeas in the salad, it should keep you full for a long time. 

2. Honey glazed carrots

Pair up salmon with honey-glazed carrots to enjoy a mind-blowing combination of tastes and flavors. 

Moreover, bright orange carrots will bring some color to the table.

What’s more, it only takes less than 20 minutes to whip up this salmon side. 

Get the recipe here

3. Cheesy garlic roasted asparagus

Want to add some vegetables to your diet?

Try the cheesy garlic roasted asparagus.

It works exceptionally well with salmon.

The crunchy texture, combined with the goodness of mozzarella, will leave you asking for more.

Here’s the recipe.

4. Grilled sweet potatoes

Still trying to come up with a meal your guests won’t forget?

Serve salmon with grilled sweet potatoes! 

Slathered with a delicious cilantro-lime dressing, grilled sweet potatoes bring a refreshing vibe to the plate when served with salmon. 

Unravel the recipe here

5. Cilantro lime rice

Not in the mood for a salad or veggies?

Then how about a tasty rice side for salmon? 

Serve bright and fresh cilantro lime rice with salmon to have a hearty meal that not only tastes delicious but also keeps you full for a long time. 

Here’s the recipe.

6. 50/50 spaghetti with walnut pesto

If you’re a fan of pasta, you’re bound to love this side for salmon.

It pairs exceptionally well with seared salmon, while satisfying your pasta cravings.

Get the recipe here.

7. Sautéed brussels sprouts

Who would have thought something as simple as sautéed brussels sprouts could taste so good!

This brilliant recipe has the taste and textures of goat cheese, pine nuts, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and of course, brussels sprouts to make a heavenly salmon side. 

8. Grilled asparagus

Serve this easy-to-prepare side for salmon to enjoy the crunchy snap of grilled asparagus with every bite.

Plus, it gives you the perfect opportunity to heat that grill.

Whether you want to add more veggies to your diet or want to enjoy the ideal salmon meal, grilled asparagus is the way to go about it.

9. Herb roasted potatoes

Easy to prepare and loaded with flavor, roasted potatoes are the perfect comfort food.

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, roasted potatoes will add exciting textures to your meal.

When served as a salmon side, they bring the perfect flavors to the table.Here’s the recipe for herb roasted potatoes.

10. Lemony herb couscous

Still wondering what to serve with salmon? Try lemony herb couscous.

It is a simple couscous salad with lemon vinaigrette, flavorful herbs, and refreshing cucumbers.

It is also the perfect salmon side for when you are looking for a light meal. 

Blackened broccoli is broccoli that is cooked quickly at high heat so that the edges get a bit charred and black. 

It gives the broccoli a rich and smoky flavor that complements salmon quite well.

Sauteed mushrooms are such a lovely texture as a side for salmon. 

I highly recommend using butter when sauteeing the mushrooms.

The butter will complement the salmon’s richness.

Caesar salad is a light and refreshing side dish for salmon.

Our recipe includes an anchovy free dressing.

I highly recommend that you make this about 2 hours in advance and then let it chill in the fridge.

This cauliflower mash recipe is so fluffy and jammed with flavor that you may not even realize you aren’t eating potatoes.

This recipe surprised me the first time that I tried it.

I am not a cauliflower fan but now I can honestly say that this is a perfect side dish for salmon.

This was an accidental recipe that now I can’t get enough of and want it all of the time. 

First, you roast some vegetables in the oven.

While they are roasting cook up some farro.

Then mix it all together and you have an amazing side for salmon.

16. Farro

If you have another vegetable side planned for your salmon dinner but still want a grain, then cook up some farro and serve it on the side.

Farro is a grain that has a nice bite and chewy texture to it when it is properly cooked.

It has a nutty flavor to it. 

It is my favorite grain of all grains.

I even prefer it over rice.

Mashed sweet potatoes look gorgeous on the plate.

They are so creamy and fluffy and rich tasting. 

You can top them with nothing but butter or you can lean in all of the way and add brown sugar and cinnamon.

Buttered noodles are a go-to side dish in our house. 

When we are tired and don’t want to think too much we cook up some noodles, mix in some butter, minced garlic, and whatever herbs we have on hand. 

We love to serve this with salmon and sauteed mushrooms.

The flavor combo on the plate just melds together nicely.

If you want to add an Asian flair to your recipe this is an excellent recipe to use as your side for salmon. 

The bok choy is seared and covered with a sesame ginger sauce and a garlic soy sauce.

It also calls for green scallions. 

Enjoy this one!

If you want to have something on the plate that is unique visually and also taste delicious this is the recipe for you.

I recommend serving this with salmon and the boy choy or blackened broccoli.

These make for an unforgettable side dish for salmon.

These smashed potatoes are made in the air fryer.

They are fast and easy to make.

Our recipe recommends a dipping sauce that would also taste excellent with the salmon.

You won’t find a more stylish side dish than this one.

Every time I see them on a plate I can’t help but oohh and ahhh.

This recipe has you cook the potatoes in the air fryer.

So you can have a delish side dish and keep from heating up the house.

If you want a bit of a Southern flair on your plate then it is hard to do better than with baked beans. 

These are sweet, rich and delicious.

This is a veggie-rich side dish that is refreshing.

It has black beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, avocado, onion, and a lime dressing.

You could even use this as a relish on top of the salmon.

This recipe opens up a lot of opportunities.

This is another one of those beautiful side dishes. 

If you are having a dinner party and want something spectacular on the table, then I highly recommend that you serve this right in the cast iron skillet.

Radishes turn into an entirely different vegetable when they are roasted in the oven.

They mellow out and become so rich in flavor. 

They become a bit sweet when they are roasted and that sweetness tends to complement salmon quite well.

Andi keeps this wonderfully tart compote on hand year round. 

We bulk buy fresh cranberries during the season when they are on sale (often from Aldi) and then freeze them. 

We use this recipe and change up the seasonings depending on the dish (No rosemary? No problem), but cranberries are so lovely with any kind of salmon, that we often add this cranberry-pear sauce even when there are other side dishes. 

Not too sweet, not too tangy, I hope you’ll especially try this one as your next side for salmon.

27 BEST Sides For Salmon 🍽

27 BEST Sides For Salmon 🍽

These are our favorite ideas for what to serve with salmon.


  • Mediterranean chickpea salad
  • Honey glazed carrots
  • Cheesy garlic roasted asparagus
  • Grilled sweet potatoes
  • Cilantro lime rice
  • 50/50 spaghetti with walnut pesto
  • Sautéed brussels sprouts
  • Grilled asparagus
  • Herb roasted potatoes
  • Lemony herb couscous
  • Blackened broccoli
  • Sauteed mushrooms
  • Caesar salad
  • Garlic cauliflower mash
  • Farro salad with roasted vegetables
  • Farro
  • Mashed sweet potatoes
  • Buttered noodles
  • Ginger garlic boy choy
  • Black rice
  • Smashed red potatoes
  • Baked beans
  • Black bean and corn salad
  • Cheesy herb potato gratin
  • Roasted radishes
  • Cranberry-Pear Compote


  1. Choose a few salmon sides dish to try 
  2. Tell us your favorites

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The bottom line

So, which salmon side dish are you going to try first?

You can probably tell by now that salmon is exceptionally versatile and goes well with a variety of sides. 

With these amazing salmon sides, you can now pair up your favorite fish with a new side every time! 

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