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13 Persimmon Recipes For A Unique Twist on Breads, Salads, Cocktails & More!

13 Persimmon Recipes For A Unique Twist on Breads, Salads, Cocktails & More!

Scroll through these persimmon recipes to help create scrumptious cocktails, breads, salads and more with your ripe persimmons!

Gorgeous in color but often mild in flavor, the persimmon is a unique fruit with a delicate flavor that lies somewhere between a cantaloupe and squash. 

Some people have described the persimmon to taste like honey, while others remark at the light melon flavor with the faint cinnamon aftertaste. 

With its slightly sweet flavor, the persimmon lends itself well to a wide variety of dishes, from baking to savories.  

If you’re not sure what to do with persimmons, look no further than these 13 recipes for persimmons that we have found for you. 

From the earthy Spiced Persimmon Bourbon Old Fashioned to the flavorful and moist Ginger Persimmon Bread Recipe to the beautiful and fragrant Persimmon Almond Scones, you’ll find a few persimmon recipes that will fill the bill!

This simple puff pastry recipe really lets the flavor of the persimmon shine. 

The tart is made with premade puff pastry dough dusted with just a little brown sugar and cinnamon to complement the natural cinnamon taste from the persimmon. 

The persimmons themselves are thinly sliced and arranged in the circle on the pastry with just a little bit of jam brushed on for a glaze.

If you’re lost on what to make with persimmons, look no further than a simple fruit salad. 

This fruit salad features a mix of persimmons, pomegranate, and apple and is flavored with honey, lemon, and mint for a fresh, bright treat. 

The persimmon gets a chance to stand out in this dish, and it pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the honey.

Grilled cheese need not be one-note comfort food. 

This grilled cheese recipe pairs the natural mild sweetness of the persimmon with salty, creamy cheese and bright arugula

To not overpower the persimmon, this recipe opts to use mozzarella as its cheese of choice and sourdough bread.

A traditional Old Fashioned is a whiskey drink, which involves muddling sugar, bitters, and water together, adding your whiskey, and topping it off with orange zest

This version uses a spiced maple persimmon puree made from persimmons, maple syrup, and cinnamon to take it up a notch. 

The result is a warm, spiced Old Fashioned with hints of cinnamon and persimmon. 

It’s the perfect drink for a cool autumn evening.

The delicately sweet persimmon lends itself to baking. 

This recipe features persimmon bread lightly spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.

Baking this bread will fill your house with a warm cinnamon scent that your family will come running for. 

The best part is this bread can be made ahead, even kept in the fridge or freezer.

What could pair better with a persimmon than pear slices along with light, fresh greens? 

This winter salad features the best of fall with persimmons, pears, cranberries, nuts, and fresh herbs all over a bed of mixed greens. 

Following the winter theme, the dressing is a sweet maple vinaigrette.

This English-style pudding features persimmon among warm autumn spices that will just make your mouth water. 

This persimmon recipe comes together much like a cake. 

And the spices are the perfect complement to the colder months of the year.

To serve this pudding, pair it with whipped cream or a fresh cup of coffee.

If you love to bake but are looking for a vegan or dairy-free option, then this is the recipe for you. 

This scone recipe uses coconut milk and almond flour among the taste of fresh chopped persimmons and sliced almonds. 

The result is a scone that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

You can make it ahead of time to enjoy with your next breakfast.

These persimmon bars make the perfect snack or even dessert with their sweet persimmon batter and tart lemon coating. 

The main part of the bar is made much like a cake, combining flour, autumn spices, and pureed persimmon to be baked. 

After baking, the bars are cut and coated with a tart yet sweet lemon glaze that doesn’t overpower the persimmon.

Because the persimmon flavor is somewhere between a cantaloupe and squash, it is a perfect addition to a butternut squash soup. 

This butternut squash soup features roasted butternut squash, autumn spices, coconut milk, and of course, persimmons. 

The result is a hearty, earthy soup that warms up the soul. 

As an added benefit, this recipe is also vegan and paleo-friendly, thanks to no dairy. 

If you like your soup a little sweeter, you can add just a touch of maple syrup.

Chicken is one of those things that are a blank slate for any flavor you might want to add to it. 

This dish is made in all one pot by creating an earthy persimmon sauce that the chicken cooks in. 

The persimmons mixed with ginger, chicken broth, and shallots create a slightly sweet and salty sauce for the chicken that your family will be asking for again and again. 

The best part is, as it’s all made in one pot, clean-up is easy!

Persimmons need not always be the highlight of a dish.

This salsa makes an excellent addition to tacos, chicken, or anywhere you might use a relish. 

It features cranberries and persimmons as the leading fruits, with red onion and jalapeños providing some kick. 

Between the cranberries and the persimmons, it is a wonderful salsa for any time of the year.

We finish off this list with a simple classic with a twist—avocado toast. 

What makes avocado toast great is the ingredients that are used to elevate it to the next level. 

Avocados alone offer a mild, creamy taste that can pair lovely with persimmon as the two won’t overwhelm each other. 

Makes a great lunch or mid-day treat. 

The bottom line

When cooking with persimmons, there is so much you can do. 

From chicken to bread to salsa to cocktails, the only limits are your imagination. 

We asked a few people what they think of persimmons and here’s what they said: 

  • …you have to be sure they are super ripe or they taste bitter and chalky. The more orange/red it is the better.
  • …you have to let it soften a little before eating as firm ones are not sweet.
  • …I like the pointer species but they take longer to ripen so they’re hard to find in stores. I would say it has the sweetness of a pear without the gritty texture.

If you’ve come to the bottom of this list and are still wondering what persimmons taste like, we have this guide for you here.

13 BEST Ways To Use Persimmon

13 BEST Ways To Use Persimmon

Scroll through our list of warm and fragrant Persimmon Recipes that spotlight this mild fruit—from scones, to cocktails, to salads and even a grilled cheese sandwich with persimmon!


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