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23 Sunny Breakfast For Dinner Ideas When You Need Meal Inspiration

23 Sunny Breakfast For Dinner Ideas When You Need Meal Inspiration

We have compiled a list of 23 breakfast for dinner ideas that you will love eating any time of the day!

If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, who’s to say that you should only eat it when you wake up in the morning?

Maybe you had a lazy weekend day where you stayed in bed until 5pm but still want to eat all of your favorite breakfast foods.

Or maybe you just want to shake up your dinner routine with something a little bit out of the ordinary.

It could even be that you just really love breakfast food!

Whatever your reason, we fully support your right to eat breakfast for any meal of the day, especially for dinner!

Eggs, pancakes, and bagels should be eaten whenever you want.

These foods are flexible and with the right recipe, they will satisfy your breakfast craving, even late at night.

You can turn your favorite breakfast foods into a dinner time dish like French Toast Nuggets, incorporate it into something new like a Broccoli Cheddar Oatmeal Bake or stick to classic meals that could definitely fit into breakfast for dinner recipes like a Southwest Steak and Eggs Skillet.

We even have meals that your kids will love like the Pancake Sausage on a Stick recipe.

Some food combinations may be surprising and unexpected (we’re looking at you Pancake Breakfast Tacos) but trust us when we say they work!

Whatever foods you want to eat as the day goes on, there’s definitely a dish that will satisfy you without making you feel guilty for eating breakfast for supper.

Why limit these great foods to one part of the day?

And seriously, if anyone tries to tell you that you can’t have breakfast for dinner… you don’t need that negativity in your life!

The Luther Burger is definitely a special treat.

This donut burger is great for when you want to treat yourself and can’t decide between something sweet or salty when coming up with breakfast for dinner recipes.

It might sound like an unusual combination to have your burger buns switched out for donuts, but trust us, it tastes great!

The sweetness of the donuts works really well with the saltiness of the burger.

This recipe also includes steps to upgrade your bacon to sweet candied bacon.

Either way you prepare it, the bacon makes a great addition to your donut burger!

If you tell me that you made sliders for dinner, I’m already sold.

I don’t even need to hear what’s inside of it.

But if you tell me there’s cheese, bacon, and eggs in them, I can almost guarantee there will be nothing left after the meal.

These sliders are so easy to make and since they are so small, you can justify eating as many as you want for dinner!

In under an hour you will have such a great dish that tastes so good, no one will bat an eye at eating foods traditionally eaten for breakfast for supper.

If your family likes french toast, they will love these french toast nuggets!

This is probably the best breakfast for dinner idea if your kids want to help out in the kitchen too.

If you know how to make french toast, you will be able to make these nuggets.

Just be sure to tear your bread into smaller pieces to make your nuggets and toss them into a ziploc bag after frying so you can easily shake the cinnamon and sugar mix to coat the nuggets.

Even better- have the kids get some excess energy out by giving them the bag to shake up!

When we want a comfort dish, pizza is usually high on our go-to list.

But how about putting a twist on classic pizzas to make them personal breakfast pizzas?

Bagels make a perfect crust for a personal sized pizza.

To make things even better, these pizza bagels are freezer friendly so you can make a big batch and freeze them for another night you want breakfast for supper but don’t want to go through the hassle of cooking.

This may sound weird but using pancakes as a taco shell actually works really well.

The taco filling doesn’t even have to be complicated.

Eggs, bacon, and cheese, will make for a great taco.

This is another one of the top breakfast for supper ideas that combines sweet and salty so well.

We normally eat pancakes, eggs, and bacon in the same meal so what’s wrong with eating it all in one?

Using one skillet for dinner makes preparation and cleaning up that much easier.

Combining tomatoes, beans, and chilies adds a lot of flavor and balances out the eggs.

You can even top it off with some hot sauce if the chilies don’t add enough of a spicy kick.

This is the best breakfast for dinner idea for when you’re craving eggs but want to make it work for dinner.

In the south, we absolutely LOVE biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

It’s so hearty and filling and tastes great.

The problem is, it can be heavy and full of junk.

This recipe switches out the sausage for turkey sausage and if you’re using Weight Watchers, this recipe is only 8 Smart Points for a serving!

Even if this is still a heavy dish for you, since it’s one of our breakfast for supper ideas, you can jump into bed right after eating this and not worry about your day going to waste!

Here’s another pizza that is perfect for breakfast or supper.

Or breakfast for supper.

The English muffins add the perfect breakfast taste and make it a personal size.

But with the pepperoni and cheese it’s perfect for dinner!

This is a guilt free pizza since it’s air fried and the English muffin is a better option than traditional crust.

Even though sweet crepes are traditionally for breakfast, savory crepes make for great breakfast for dinner recipes.

If you didn’t know, crepes are kind of like very thin pancakes.

Breakfast crepes are typically full of fruit or sweet fillings but these savory crepes have chicken and mushrooms which will satisfy you for dinner.

If you don’t like mushrooms, you can switch them out for spinach which still makes these crepes absolutely delicious.

You can even make your own Bechamel sauce by following this recipe!

When an apple a day keeps the doctor away, these breakfast ideas are the bomb!

Switch up your omelets into a Greek dinner omelet by tossing in some feta and tzatziki.

Adding in quinoa adds some health benefits to this Greek flavored egg omelet.

Sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, artichokes, olives, quinoa, and feta cheese are so flavorful and transform this dish from a breakfast meal to a dinner meal.

If you’re Greek, this will be the best breakfast for dinner idea to throw in some taste of your culture.

Would you ever imagine an oatmeal bake to taste so good?!

This is one of many breakfast for dinner recipes that will surprise you by how good it turns out.

Oftentimes, we picture oatmeal to be a sweet breakfast item but it’s so flexible and can be used in salty and savory dishes too.

It will take on the flavor of the dish it is being cooked in so there’s no need to worry about having sweet flakes in your broccoli cheddar soup tasting bake.

The oatmeal also adds a crunchy crust with a cheesy center.

Not to mention this takes right under an hour to make and it will feed 6 hungry bellies!

Check out even more Savory Oatmeal Recipes here. 

If you’re considering breakfast for dinner ideas, chicken and waffles should be very high on your list.

This is the perfect balance of sweet and salty!

Not to mention, you will have such a great sleep after you have this dish.

This is definitely not a complicated recipe.

If you know how to oven-fry chicken and you know how to make waffles, you know how to make chicken and waffles!

Don’t forget your creamy white gravy to drown the chicken in!

When you take fluffy pancakes and fill them with green onions and crispy cheese, what do you get?

You get one of the tastiest breakfast for supper ideas that turns something sweet into a delicious and savory dish!

Add on a topping of lime crema sauce and you will never turn back to plain buttermilk pancakes.

This recipe shares that this is a great side for a steak, but you can definitely eat this by itself as your whole dinner meal.

If you don’t like the taste of raw onions, you can sautee them so it adds some extra flavor, too!

Breakfast for dinner recipes don’t have to be for one.

This quiche is perfect for pleasing everyone, especially when you have many people over and want to give them something new for dinner.

This dish is so filling with the bacon, cheese, and onion filling up the baked egg.

Make sure you bake this quiche with heavy cream or half-and-half to make sure you get the silky texture you want.

Once you’re done baking this, you’ll have a golden deep-dish quiche that everyone will love.

You can also throw in extra fillings like more meat and vegetables, depending on your taste.

This recipe can also be frozen or stored in the fridge for a few days so you’ll have a delicious quiche for dinner for days to come!

Not only is this recipe so delicious but it requires so little preparation and clean up after.

When you’re looking into breakfast for dinner ideas, this is perfect for satisfying your craving immediately.

And when you’re done, you can get ready for bed after a quick clean up without spending your whole evening over the dirty dishes in the sink.

This recipe gives you a lot of food for little effort so it’s great for feeding the whole family.

Once you’ve made this base recipe, you can top it off with so many things like salsa and sour cream.

Or go for sweet and salty and drizzle on some maple syrup!

Throwing apples and pear onto a bagel sandwich probably sounds weird.

The great thing about many of the best breakfast for dinner ideas is that they switch things up away from the ordinary.

You’re already changing things up by eating breakfast for dinner so why not step out of your comfort zone with this sandwich!

Fruit and cheese go great together but throwing it onto a bagel and baking it until the cheese melts is amazing!

Seriously, try something different with your breakfast for supper routine and taste this goodness.

No, this isn’t a corn dog.

This is so much better.

It takes the well-loved idea of a corn dog but turns it into the perfection option when planning breakfast for supper.

Just remember to cook your sausage before putting it in the batter since the batter cooks quickly.

Once your pancake sausage on a stick is cooked, you can top it with some powdered sugar or use syrup or jelly.

This plant based breakfast bowl is so full of flavor and color and makes for a great meal morning or night.

This bowl has a delicious tomato avocado salad as a base with sweet potato and zucchini and a scrambled egg on top.

If you’re vegan, you can substitute tofu or beans instead of the egg and you won’t be missing out on flavor or protein.

You can also make this bowl and wrap it up in a taco for one of the tastiest breakfast for dinner recipes.

This quesadilla is great for when you know you’re going to have a busy evening but still want a satisfying meal.

This takes so little time to make and can be prepared ahead of time and put in the freezer.

It’s also great for when you know you’re going to be on the run and want something to take with you.

You can add in bell peppers and roasted corn if you want to get an extra bit of vegetables in your dinner too.

Adding eggs to this quesadilla makes it a great choice when considering a breakfast for dinner idea.

Casseroles make for amazing breakfast for supper ideas because it combines all of your favorite breakfast items into one dish!

Especially this casserole which is so simple to put together so there is little chance of messing up.

Brown your sausage, whisk your eggs, season, and bake everything together in the baking dish!

If you want to have this ready by dinner time, you can make it the night before or in the morning and keep it in the fridge until it’s time to bake.

This is another great choice for when you’re craving breakfast for supper but want something quick and healthy.

A good tip is to use sliced avocado instead of mashing it.

This not only makes for great pictures but also adds some texture to every bite.

Another good tip is to get all of your ingredients together before you put your bread in the toaster so that when the bread is toasted, you can get all of your toppings on and eat it fresh!

The warm toast compliments the cold salmon so well.

Avocado toast is no longer just for breakfast!

Baked potatoes are a great dinnertime meal when you want something quick and easy with very little effort.

But fill in your potatoes with eggs, cheese, and bacon, and you can satisfy your breakfast for supper cravings at any point of the day (or night)!

When scooping out the insides of the potatoes, you can save these for a future meal or to make a breakfast for dinner taco!

Whatever you like to top your potatoes with will go great with these breakfast potatoes so they don’t have to be the same potatoes everyday.

Breakfast for dinner recipes are so flexible and great for many meals.

This enchilada recipe combines your favorite breakfast items into a delicious dinner dish.

Full of eggs, potatoes, sausage, and cheese, you can add in or take out anything and it’ll still be great.

If these enchiladas feel too heavy, you can make it lighter by subbing in turkey sausage and egg whites.

Besides substituting the enchilada fillings, you can also top this off with everything you love from your regular tacos and enchiladas.

When quick is king, this list of Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes will do ya.

The bottom line

There is absolutely no reason that breakfast should be limited to just a morning meal.

There are so many great ways to switch up your favorite breakfast items to make it fitting for dinner.

This collection of breakfast for dinner recipes will have you rethinking how you plan your suppertime meals.

No matter which of your favorite breakfast items you’re craving, there’s something on this list for you.

Try a few of these Japanese Breakfast Ideas too!

23 EASY Ways To Have Breakfast For Dinner 🍳

23 EASY Ways To Have Breakfast For Dinner 🍳

Don’t let the sun set on this amazing list of breakfast for dinner ideas!


  • ​​Luther Burger (Buttery Glazed Donut Burger)
  • Cheesy Bacon Egg Breakfast Sliders
  • French Toast Nuggets
  • Breakfast Pizza Bagels
  • Easy Pancake Breakfast Tacos
  • Mexican Baked Eggs
  • Biscuits And Gravy Bake
  • Air Fryer English Muffin Pizza
  • Chicken And Mushroom Crepe Recipe
  • Greek Quinoa Dinner Omelets With Feta And Tzatziki
  • Broccoli Cheddar Oatmeal Bake
  • Oven-Fried Chicken With Waffles
  • Cheesy Savory Pancakes With Green Onions
  • Cowboy Quiche
  • Southwest Steak And Eggs Skillet
  • Pear Apple Cheddar Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese Bagel Sandwich
  • Pancake Sausage On A Stick
  • Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl
  • Ham And Egg Breakfast Quesadilla
  • Easy Breakfast Casserole
  • Avocado Toast With Smoked Salmon
  • Breakfast Baked Potatoes
  • Breakfast Enchiladas


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