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Cucumber Lovers, This Easy Cucumber Infused Gin Recipe Is For You! 🍸 🥒

Cucumber Lovers, This Easy Cucumber Infused Gin Recipe Is For You! 🍸 🥒

If you want to create your own cucumber-infused gin, here’s a light and fresh recipe infused with robust cucumber essence. 🍸🥒

I am one of those people who doesn’t drink very much adult beverage but I LOVE the alchemy of adding fruits and vegetables to alcohol. 

A couple of years ago I made Alton Brown’s Aged Eggnog!

It was good, but also, I made it too strong. 

THEN! I made limoncello, a LOT of limoncello, because I just love the smell and taste of lemons, so why not.

But I used Everclear instead of a sane vodka, so again: too strong. 

This time, I’m ready to make it right.

I am not a huge fan of gin, and let’s be real here, it’s not something you drink straight. 

Or is it?

But this recipe made a nice 8 oz of cucumber gin out of some Gray Whale gin and baby cucumbers. 

That’s it.

In 24 hours, I could already smell and taste the cucumber in the infusion, and I was not sure how it would come out with me using the baby cucumbers as opposed to “regular” ones. 

I’m about to pop it open again to create a couple of fun drinks with it, and you’ll see the recipes here. 

Ultimately, this cucumber cocktail base is perfect for cucumber lovers: refreshing, teeming with cucumber flavor, and still almost clear—just the lightest tint of green.

You don’t HAVE to use the baby cucumbers (also called mini cucumbers in some markets) for this cucumber infused gin but I like how they are thin-skinned and firm, and in my small 8 oz mason jars, the slices fit perfectly. 

Tips for making this Easy Cucumber Infused Gin

  • Baby cucumbers (and English cucumbers, the ones that come wrapped in plastic because the skin easily breaks and bruises) have thin skin that’s ridged. If you decide to use regular dark-green cucumbers, the skin is much thicker so we recommend peeling them before creating this infusion.
  • If you have trouble cutting cucumbers very thin, you can use a mandolin slicer but it’s also ok to chunk them up instead. So cut the cucumber into one-inch chunks, then cut the “wheels” of cucumber into fourths.
  • You don’t have to use a mason jar to keep this infusion. After the infusion process (which calls for a wide mouth), you can move the alcohol to a prettier bottle. For gift-giving, we recently discovered these fun flip-top glass flasks, or flip-top bottles, and these giant gallon-size jars with airtight lids (if you are about to make a monster batch of any alcohol infusion).
  • There’s nothing that says you CAN’T eat the used-up cucumbers after straining them from the gin, but we didn’t find them that tasty. Turns out you CAN compost these infusion leftovers in measured amounts.
  • A colander is not the right tool to strain these cucumbers unless you have a large bowl underneath it to catch all the gin. That said, not every kitchen has a funnel, so you can pour the gin, cucumbers and all, into a cocktail strainer and then into the same mason jar or a clean one.
  • If you’ve got a batch of cucumbers and you aren’t sure if they are still good to use, check out our FAQ How To Tell If A Cucumber Is Bad, with storage tips and more.

Supplies to gather

The bottom line

This is such an easy infusion to make at home that this might be the kitchen alchemy bug that bites you too!

Every fall I start thinking about my next batch of fruit and vegetable infusions and I’m so happy this one came out as good as it did and so quickly. 

Hope you cucumber lovers really enjoy this refreshing and light easy cucumber infused gin!

Looking for some nonalcoholic infused water recipes? We have you covered there, too!

This is a recipe for an alcoholic beverage. Please enjoy responsibly. If you’ve arrived here by accident, it’s okay to close this tab just for today.

Easy Cucumber-Infused Gin 🥒

Easy Cucumber-Infused Gin 🥒

Yield: 8 oz.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 3 days
Total Time: 3 days 10 minutes

If you want to create your own cucumber-infused gin, here’s a light and fresh recipe infused with robust cucumber essence.


  • 1 c high-quality gin
  • 2 baby cucumbers


  1. Wash and pat dry the cucumbers.
  2. Cut the cucumbers into thin ⅛-in slices.
  3. Add the cut-up cucumbers to the mason jar and pour the gin directly in. Make sure your cucumbers are completely submerged and covered by the gin.
  4. Seal the mason jar and place it in the fridge.
  5. Gently swish or shake the jar twice a day for 24 to 72 hours.
  6. Strain the gin into a clean jar with a funnel or cocktail strainer and discard the cucumbers.
  7. Once the cucumber has been strained out of the mason jar, the gin can stay in a closed seal container at room temperature, but we found it tastier and more refreshing when chilled.
  8. Enjoy within one week to two weeks.


You can use this Cucumber Infused Gin for drinking on the rocks or as a cocktail mixer.

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