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Meet The Team

Here at CookingChew, we are a small but mighty crew. We are all a bunch of foodies.


Co-Owner and head of SEO

Renee’ loves food but didn’t grow up cooking. No matter how much her mother tried to teach her when she was young, she didn’t listen. But now, she is always curious and experimenting in the kitchen. She fell in love with food blogging because she had so many questions and she didn’t always find the answer she was looking for online. Now, she gets to spend her days exploring food and questions in the kitchen. Then she gets to share all of the results with you here on this site.


Co-Owner and Chief of the Kitchen

Andi also loves food and loves to cook. She grew up in a large Italian family and they spent all of their time around the kitchen table talking and eating. She is the experienced cook in the ChewCrew. Thankfully, she loves to share tips and all of her knowledge on this site.

The Rest of the ChewCrew

Photography and Test Cook: Tabitha

Resident Bartender and Drink Expert: Priscilla

QC Manager: Raul

QC Team Member: Irish

All Things Tech: Wil