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How to Wash Mushrooms and Why You Should

How to Wash Mushrooms and Why You Should

There is far more discussion about whether we should wash mushrooms or not than I would have expected.

This surprised me.

To be clear, yes, you should wash mushrooms.

Mushrooms are dirty, and you should not trust that the packager pre-washed them for you. 

There are several different ways to clean your mushrooms. We will cover three options in this article, and we will share our new favorite method.

We believe that the best way to wash a mushroom is to drop them in a cold bowl of water. Then swish the mushrooms around rigorously. The dirt will sink to the bottom of the container. Then remove them from the water and pat them dry on a clean cotton cloth.

Wipe Mushrooms

A popular method for cleaning mushroom is to wipe them down with a paper towel. The first step is to use a moist paper towel. Then gently wipe each mushroom individually.

Yes, this is, but it is useful. While this isn’t my preferred method for cleaning mushrooms, I have done it plenty in the past. The biggest issue with it is that I never feel that the mushrooms get clean enough.

How to use a mushroom brush

A mushroom brush is a handy tool for cleaning mushrooms. Generally, you will use the brush on a dry mushroom. Just rub the brush over the top of each mushroom individually. If you don’t feel that your mushrooms are getting clean enough, you can use this brush under gentle and cool running water. If you do use water during the brushing process, be sure to dry the mushroom after cleaning thoroughly.

When using a mushroom brush it is essential to use a soft one. You don’t want to bruise your mushroom while attempting to clean it. 

Mushrooms are a staple item in our kitchen. That is why we wrote about how to slice mushrooms and how to store mushrooms. You will also notice that mushrooms are in our recipes. So no matter how you choose to wash mushrooms, make sure that you clean them.