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Best-Of List: 46 Ways To Cook Swordfish!

Best-Of List: 46 Ways To Cook Swordfish!

I don’t see swordfish for sale very often in Texas, but it doesn’t mean it’s not around. If you get it fresh where you live, here are 46 swordfish recipes that could give you some meal inspiration when you have swordfish steak next.

Swordfish is a meaty and versatile fish that is great grilled, broiled, sauteed, you name it.

They have a rather mild flavor that, when fresh, is almost devoid of any fishy smell or taste.

They can be used in kebabs, stews, soups, and many more.

Not only is swordfish adaptable, but it’s also relatively easy to cook!

You can easily tell when they’re done just by looking at them as their flesh changes from pink or orange to opaque or beige.

Now, when you buy swordfish, you’re most likely to get them in thick filet steaks.

This is what makes them great for grilling and baking.

Just make sure that when you do purchase your swordfish steaks that these are in thick cuts of 1-inch or more.

If you end up getting rather thin steaks, these are likely to break apart when you flip them over on the grill.

Don’t worry though, since these thinner cuts can be used for other swordfish recipes.

When you’re stuck with swordfish steaks that are more filet-like in thickness, opt to pan fry these rather than to grill them.

Some of the recipes you can consider with thinner swordfish cuts include the Sicilian-Style Swordfish dish and Swordfish Patties.

There are also a few grilled recipes you should try and a number of regional dishes that take your palates off on a trip to worlds unknown, like #27 and #30.

So, what are we waiting for?

Get ready to cook up a storm in your kitchen, as these 46 swordfish recipes are guaranteed to impress your loved ones!

Table of Contents

1. Grilled Swordfish Skewers With Lemon Garlic Sauce

We have some lovely swordfish skewers to start this list!

The juicy tenderness of the fish meat in line with the spectacular sauce of lemon garlic adds an earthy, zesty tone to the already delicious meal.

Make your lunch much more interesting with these swordfish skewers!

If you’re looking for more swordfish skewers, don’t fret!

Thanks to this Hoisin-Glazed Pork & Greek Swordfish Skewers, you will have divine skewers that taste just like they were grilled on a barbeque!

The best thing is, you can pair this with any main course, and it will be a perfect match!

This dish is the perfect meal to surprise your family and friends with its robust flavors!

Making this is super simple, and you don’t need to buy too many ingredients from the market to create this recipe.

Once you marinate the fish and let them simmer in the various flavors of lemon, parsley, and garlic, you have a lovely swordfish plate to accompany your Sunday lunch!

Are you feeling fancy and wanting to cook some delicious swordfish steaks?

This Swordfish Steak With Honey & Citrus Kosho Dressing is ready to bring sparks to your taste buds!

Such a soft texture, and when you bite into it, you’re immediately greeted with the sweetness of the honey and the zestiness of the citrus kosho dressing.

A wonderful dinner for the entire family!

Once you pull off the presentation, you and your family will be taking pictures for a long time before the actual meal!

The best thing is that it tastes as good as it looks.

Feel free to add some sides to pair with your pan-seared swordfish steaks, such as garlicky mashed potatoes and roasted green beans!

Thanks to the beautiful marination, you have yourself a genuinely scrumptious swordfish meal!

The soy, ginger, and lime add flavor and color to the swordfish.

Make sure to grill on both sides for five minutes per side to ensure the perfect texture of softness and freshness!

If you’re a fan of lemon swordfish as we are, then we have prepared the right recipe for you!

This Lemon Garlic Swordfish only takes 30 minutes, 20 minutes for preparation, and 10 minutes to cook.

Yet when you dig your fork into this delight, it tastes as if you slaved away for days.

Don’t miss out on this lemony, buttery goodness!

Are you feeling like going to the Mediterranean this time?

Try out this Grilled Mediterranean Swordfish recipe!

It uses an olive oil marinade and several other spices that enhance the flavor of the swordfish, giving it that acidic sweetness.

You may serve it alongside a salad or other sides for your special dinner celebration!

Speaking of salad, you can add your extra-pan seared swordfish into your favorite salad!

Prepare swordfish steaks, spinach, tomatoes, strawberries, and more as you cook up a divinely fantastic treat for your snack time!

Once you create this, you won’t stop eating!

Serving up some authentic flavors, we have this wonderful Thai Hot & Sour Fish Soup to brighten up your day!

Thai food is no exception when it comes to bold flavor combinations.

But be prepared for the hotness factor that comes along with this dish!

After going Thai, we’re taking you right to Italy!

With these traditional Italian tastes, you’ll bask in the goodness of swordfish.

It’s also effortless to prepare, too!

This Stuffed Swordfish is so good that it will undoubtedly impress any neighbors that want to come for a visit!

It is stuffed with capers, red onion, kalamata olives, garlic, fresh spinach, sundried tomatoes, and feta cheese to give it that extra Mediterranean feel.

Enjoy a lovely, elegant dinner with this recipe!

Go back to Sicily with this special Siciliana Swordfish!

This dish is sure to give you a burst of flavors! It’s also easy to prepare yet will make any kid smile with its delicious taste.

Take a bite into Italian wonder!

This seared swordfish with a lemon and wine rosemary sauce is extra special and guaranteed to boost your mood!

The beautiful garnish of thyme, rosemary, chives, or lemon wedges add to the entire experience.

Of course, who could forget the delectable, dark brown wine sauce that made this dish super special?

Japanese food is well known for its ramen, sushi, and more.

Another thing that they are good at is their fantastic fish, especially their Shōgayaki, or pan-seared swordfish with a special ginger-soy sauce!

Take a bite into Japan with this Swordfish delicacy!

Going to Mexico, we have a special Slow-Roasted Swordfish Birria that is just like tasting heaven!

Working with chiles in this meal might be tricky, but once you ace the flavor, a well-spiced and delectable swordfish dish will surely come up at your kitchen table.

This Moroccan Swordfish is ultra-special, especially when paired with traditional couscous!

Let the fish bathe in the beautiful sauce created with orange juice, chopped walnuts, and honey.

Then take a bite, and enjoy the luscious taste of the fish!

Pan-roasted swordfish steaks are a luxury to eat, but even more so with the tangy flavors of ginger and garlic!

The aroma of the finished product is equally good, too.

Indeed a delight and irresistible to not finish!

If you want an excellent entrée that can fit any occasion and believe that swordfish is the one, this baked swordfish recipe will prove you right!

For swordfish, there are a ton of side dishes that you can pair with it.

To name a couple, you can have a strawberry pineapple salsa, an instant pot of Mexican rice, spiralized potatoes, and many more!

Spice up your holiday parties with this great entrée!

The best thing about swordfish kabobs is that you can pack them and eat them anywhere, even outside your home.

That’s why these incredible Pineapple & Swordfish Kabobs go delightfully well together!

It can also be embedded on cilantro-lime rice to complete the package!

The wonderful thing about swordfish is that it’s like a blank canvas, and once you add the right ingredients, you have yourself a masterpiece.

That’s why this cilantro-lime grilled swordfish is such a temptation!

Take one bite, and you’ll have finished plates in no time!

Blackened doesn’t mean burnt, people!

The cooking style enhances the flavor and gives the dish a smoky feel, sealing in the juices to ensure a glorious first bite.

Also coated in a tasty seasoning blend to spruce up your afternoon lunch!

More Italian recipes are coming your way!

This authentic Agghiotta Swordfish is filled to the brim with history and legacy.

Have a gourmet dinner right in your kitchen!

This recipe is a must if you have a slow cooker at home!

You can also have it on top of sauteed spinach and broccoli to add the beautiful color of vegetables to your plate.

Add dessert, and await a multitude of praise!

Of course, we have saved the best for last with these Persian Swordfish Kabobs With Cilantro Tzatziki!

This satisfying dish will rouse your spirits, thanks to the lively Persian flavors in every bite of this kabob.

You can also serve this with rice for a dinner meal at home with your family!

Blackened swordfish is a dish that you can have on its own.

With this sandwich recipe, however, you get a thick cut of spiced fish in between two slices of bread.

Topped off with spicy coleslaw and you have the perfect lunch (or snack) for any day of the week!

This Greek dish consists of chunks of swordfish marinated in aromatics and cooked on skewers.

Yes, you’ve read that right!

This is a skewer dish that is lemony, aromatic, and savory all at once!

Oh, and this is a recipe that you can use with other types of meat too!

Fresh, tangy, and oh so flavorful!

Grilled swordfish (seasoned with only salt and pepper) is turned into a tropical feast with this recipe.

The combination of red onions, mango, cilantro, jalapeno, and lemon gives you a salsa that’s sweet, sour, and spicy all at once.

While we’re on the topic of quick eats, here’s another swordfish dish you can cook on the fly.

The fish in this dish gets a boost in flavor from a lemon and basil sauce that uses pureed avocado as its base.

For some spice, a light sprinkling of red pepper flakes or some cayenne should work!

Moqueca is a fish stew that uses any kind of white fish, swordfish included.

Aside from swordfish, this recipe also uses shrimp and a variety of spices.

This dish gets its rich flavor from the combination of tomatoes and coconut milk.

Somewhat spicy, Moqueca is great on rice!

This dish goes by a few names–swordfish burgers, swordfish cakes, and swordfish patties.

Like most fish cakes, these patties are made using a combination of flaked and pureed fish meat.

The pureed fish in this recipe helps hold the patties together, eliminating the need for eggs as a binder.

Here’s a swordfish recipe that is great with crusty bread!

This stew-like dish combines chorizo, clams, and swordfish in a spicy and herby broth.

You can serve this family style or in individual bowls topped with toasted bread.

If you love chicken tandoori tikka, then you’re sure to love this swordfish version!

The marinade is what gives it the traditional spicy and savory tikka flavor.

If you can’t find garam masala in a store near you, you can make your own.

Do this by combining ground cinnamon, coriander seeds, cardamom, cumin, mace, and peppercorns.

Another Indian-inspired swordfish recipe is this fiery curry dish.

This curry is hot, hot, hot!

The combination of cayenne, jalapeno, and chili powder will have you reaching for the milk!

If you want it milder, you can eliminate one or two of these spicy additions.

Crazy about Korean food?

Then this dish is something you should try out!

The gochujang glaze isn’t the only thing that you’ll love about this recipe.

It also comes with a recipe for kimchi fried rice for a complete Korean-inspired meal!

The olive tapenade in this recipe is what gives the fish maximum flavor points!

The saltiness of the olives and capers is what makes it memorable.

If you want an authentic tapenade, mix in some anchovies, garlic, and herbs to this flavorful paste.

Looking for swordfish recipes that are great for your next barbecue?

This should be on your list!

The marinade used for these kebabs is so good, it can be used with grilled vegetables too.

If you don’t like kebabs, you can keep your swordfish in steak-form for grilling.

Pesce Spada Alla Ghiota is Italian for Swordfish Glutton Style.

This dish will definitely make you a glutton with its thick and juicy slices of swordfish on top of a saucy bed of olives and tomatoes.

Popular in Sicily and Calabria, this dish is usually served with roasted vegetables, boiled potatoes, or crusty bread.

Finding it hard to keep your swordfish steaks from drying out?

Try coating it with a crust that helps keep moisture in, like the one in this recipe!

The addition of almonds and herbs in the crust mixture gives it added crunch and flavor, resulting in a multi-textured, juicy and succulent dish.

Don’t want your swordfish in a citrusy marinade?

Why not soak them in some good quality pesto instead!

You can use store-bought pesto for this recipe, or if you have a go-to pesto recipe, you can also use that.

Here’s a swordfish dish that also relies a lot on its spice blend.

Moroccan spice blend consists of cumin, turmeric, paprika, allspice, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.

Called Ras El Hanout, this spice mix is combined with some salt and pepper and used as a rub on the fish.

The creamy polenta is the perfect partner for the crispy fish that’s bursting with flavor.

If it’s a Spanish swordfish recipe you want, here it is!

Called Emperador con Tomate, this dish features fresh swordfish steaks topped with fresh grated tomatoes and some paprika.

Some pepper flakes on top or a dash of hot sauce can give the sauce a kick, if you want it spicy, that is.

Craving for some Mexican food?

Here’s a swordfish taco recipe that you’re sure to love!

And it goes beyond what you’re used to since it uses a tomatillo salsa instead of your regular salsa.

This recipe is as Asian as it gets!

The swordfish in this recipe gets its flavor from soy sauce, garlic, and ginger.

The addition of vinegar and honey help balance out the saltiness in this dish.

Serve with some freshly cooked rice or roasted vegetables.

Here’s another Italian dish you can make with swordfish!

This recipe follows the standard most piccata dishes follow, which is to dredge the meat (in this case, the fish steak) in flour, to pan fry it, and to serve it with a sauce.

The sauce consists of capers, butter, lemon juice, and slivers of garlic.

This is great with some asparagus spears and mashed potatoes!

Sweet, sticky, salty, and tangy are the flavors you get with these skewers.

This Asian recipe can be tweaked to use hoisin instead of honey and soy.

Such a tweak will give you a less sweet version of this dish.

As with most Asian-inspired dishes, this is one of those swordfish recipes that go well with white rice.

The bottom line

So, how do you like this list of recipes that feature the mild and easy-to-flavor swordfish?

Perfect for any occasion, such as parties, events, or even special dates, these recipes show you that there are a lot of things you can do with this protein!

When these are available at your local fish market, grab a few steaks for dinner.

Your family will definitely appreciate the meatiness and texture of this fish.

While fresh is always better, don’t worry about having to use frozen swordfish steaks for any of these dishes.

Just thaw them out completely before marinating and cooking.

Best-Of List: 46 Ways To Cook Swordfish

Best-Of List: 46 Ways To Cook Swordfish

If you get fresh seafood where you live, here are 46 swordfish recipes that could give you some meal inspiration when you have swordfish steak next.


  • Grilled Swordfish Skewers With Lemon Garlic Sauce
  • Hoisin-Glazed Pork & Greek Swordfish Skewers
  • Swordfish With Garlic, Parsley, & Lemon Vinaigrette
  • Swordfish Steak With Honey & Citrus Kosho Dressing
  • Pan-Seared Swordfish Steak With Lemon & Garlic Herbed Butter
  • Soy-Ginger Marinated Grilled Swordfish
  • Lemon Garlic Swordfish
  • Grilled Mediterranean Swordfish
  • Pan-Seared Swordfish Salad
  • Thai Hot & Sour Fish Soup
  • Grilled Swordfish With Salmoriglio Sauce
  • Mediterranean Stuffed Swordfish
  • Swordfish Siciliana
  • Seared Swordfish With Lemon & Wine Rosemary Sauce
  • Swordfish Shōgayaki (Pan-Seared Swordfish With Ginger-Soy Sauce)
  • Slow-Roasted Swordfish Birria
  • Moroccan Swordfish
  • Ginger Garlic Pan Roasted Swordfish Steak
  • Baked Swordfish
  • Pineapple & Swordfish Kabobs
  • Cilantro-Lime Grilled Swordfish
  • Blackened Swordfish
  • Agghiotta Swordfish
  • Braised Swordfish
  • Persian Swordfish Kabobs With Cilantro Tzatziki
  • Blackened Swordfish Sandwich
  • Swordfish Souvlaki
  • Grilled Swordfish With Mango Salsa
  • Pan-Fried Swordfish With Creamy Lemon & Basil Sauce
  • Brazilian Swordfish Stew (Moqueca Baiana)
  • Swordfish Patties
  • Braised Swordfish With Chorizo & Clams
  • Tandoori Swordfish Wraps
  • Swordfish Curry
  • Korean-Glazed Swordfish
  • Pan Seared Swordfish With Olive Tapenade
  • Cilantro, Garlic, & Lime Swordfish
  • Sicilian-Style Swordfish (Pesce Spada Alla Ghiotta)
  • Herb & Almond Crusted Swordfish Steaks
  • Pesto Swordfish
  • Moroccan Swordfish With Polenta
  • Swordfish With Tomato Sauce
  • Swordfish Tacos
  • Grilled Swordfish With Garlic Soy Marinade
  • Swordfish Piccata
  • Asian Glazed Swordfish Skewers


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  2. Pick out the ingredients needed for the dish.
  3. Cook then enjoy immediately!

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