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12 Easy Orange Roughy Recipes For The Best Tasty Fish Dinner! ๐ŸŸ๐ŸŸ

12 Easy Orange Roughy Recipes For The Best Tasty Fish Dinner! 🐟🐟

You may be wondering how to cook orange roughy recipes since it is not at the top of menu selections or available at fish markets as much as it used to be. 

I am going to dive into the best way to cook orange roughy in a bit, but first let me share some background on this controversial fish. 

You may have heard that you shouldn’t be eating orange roughy and there is one warning of which you might not be aware. 

It lives near the ocean floor off the coast of New Zealand and Australia. 

It is typically bright orange and averages about three to four pounds in weight. 

It is hard to capture since it requires trawling the ocean floor and the ones that are caught tend to be 30 to 50 years old, with the lifespan of an orange roughy coming close to 150 years! 

Those caught have the potential to accumulate a lot of toxins over the course of their lifetime, specifically mercury. 

The amounts are so high in fact that it could interfere with brain function leading the Environmental Defense Fund to issue an advisory against eating it. 

So, children and those who are pregnant should not eat it at all; otherwise, experts recommend consuming it no more than twice a week. 

Additionally, orange roughy also ranks as one of the worst fish to eat when it comes to preserving the environment due to its low reproduction rate, so you can see how it is a somewhat controversial entree. 

So, all of that to say, on this list you will find some cool ways to make baked orange roughy as well as grilled orange roughy.  

Of course, it can also be pan seared, sauteed, or smoked. 

For a point of reference, It has a texture similar to tilapia. 

Now, let’s begin our deep dive into orange roughy recipes! 

Looking for a really creative way on how to cook orange roughy? 

Stick around. 

I’ve got a few ideas and recipes to boot! 

This one highlights a grilling option that can also be used with a grill pan or skillet! 

Love some good versatility in a recipe! 

A sly stroke of genius has the orange roughy marinate in taco seasonings before cooking. 

The additional blueberry mango salsa adds a delightful sweetness you didn’t know it needed. 

Trust me, it is like a party for the mouth with fruit, jalapeno, lime and queso fresco! 

Simple and savory with a hint of sweet!

This orange roughy recipe calls for a breading made of panko, grated parmesan cheese, herbs of personal preference and bread crumbs. 

There is an assembly line process here where the dried filets are dipped into a flour and seasoned mix, then into an egg mixture, and finally the bread crumb mixture. 

Next they are then placed in olive oil in a skillet to cook on both sides! 

Avoid overcrowding so each filet can cook evenly. 

Easy and tasty! 

Here baked orange roughy is the fish of choice for this list, but this recipe would work equally well with any mild-flavored fish like cod, halibut or tilapia.

In preparation for baking, these orange roughy filets are rinsed, dried, dipped in a beaten egg and then covered in a dry mixture of low-carb bread crumbs. 

After being placed in a baking dish, sprinkle them with lemon pepper and parsley. 

The final step is to drizzle melted butter on top. 

They are done baking when they flake apart easily and are opaque. 

Baked orange roughy recipes are probably the most commonly found ways to prepare this fish. 

This recipe changes up the flavor profile a bit! 


Plus a lovely sauce to add before baking to enhance the mild flavor of the fish. 

First, place the cleaned and patted dry fish into the baking dish. 

In a bowl create the flavorful mixture of mayo, lemon juice, orange juice, mustard and dill. 

Generously cover the filets with the mayo mixture and sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese before baking. 

Crispy is how these are served up! 

Oh, it’s getting good now as we move onto a grilled orange roughy recipe! 

Seasonings reign supreme in this creation. 

While the grill is heating, melt the butter in a bowl and mix it with lime juice, lime zest, dried parsley, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper. 

Dip the filets into the mixture or simply pour it on top of them before placing carefully on the grill. 

It only takes four minutes on each side with medium-high heat. 

The trick here is using a sturdy grill safe spatula to turn them with so they do not break apart. 

Lime really shines

If blackened is how you like your fish, then this orange roughy recipe is for you! 

It is recommended to use a cast iron skillet, if one is available. 

The spice mix here is what seals the deal with a combination of salt, paprika, pepper, cumin, thyme, oregano, and garlic powder which are to cover the filets entirely. 

Now, the cooking part is a bit different as well since it will smoke and “burn” as part of the blackening process. 

It is after all what butter does when it is hot! 

Once cooked, serve with a squeeze of lemon on top, chopped green onions or cilantro.

This recipe uses steaming or braising as how to cook orange roughy, which keeps it very moist. 

Now, the part that requires paying attention is the seasonings of the sides of the filets. 

One side gets Old Bay seasoning with adobo and the other side gets adobo with lemon pepper. 

Then they are dredged through a bit of flour. 

The sauce is made in the skillet with white wine, capers, dill, parsley and lemon and then the seasoned and floured filets are added. 

While cooking, continue to spoon the lemon butter caper sauce on top of the fish. 

When serving garnish with parsley. 

This is truly outstanding!

A more crunchy type of crust is created for this orange roughy recipe, using sesame seeds and crushed walnuts. 

It is delightful and different! 

The full breading ingredients are walnuts, bread crumbs, sesame seeds and dill. 

Filets are dipped in egg, then the breading and placed in hot oil in a skillet without overcrowding. 

Saute on both sides. 

The sweet citrus serving sauce is phenomenal with honey, grapefruit juice and soy sauce. 

Enjoy every bite!

Here we have a tasty baked orange roughy with additional ingredients instead of a breading. 

Saute in oil onion, red pepper and garlic in. 

Then move the veggies to a baking dish, place the serving size filets on top and bake. 

Using the same skillet, add in cream soup, cream, lemon juice and lemon pepper seasoning to bring to a boil and simmer. 

Add to the top of the now baked fish, as well as a Parmesan cheese and bread crumb mixture and bake a bit more until golden brown! 

No doubt this will be requested again!

Here is another of my baked orange roughy recipes and it combines a couple tricks from previous ones, so it really is just a matter of selecting the recipe with the flavors you enjoy the most. 

Dice veggies like peppers or onions, zucchini or mushrooms and place them in the bottom of a baking dish with the orange roughy on top. 

Then drizzle on top a mixture of olive oil, orange juice and lemon juice. 

Sprinkle on salt pepper and herbs you enjoy most for baking. 

Easy and citrusy! 

Grilled orange roughy in foil packs is the preparation style in this recipe! 

It is a wonderful way to cook the fish AND it is the easiest way to clean up! 

Don’t forget, foil packs can also be used in the oven too. 

Pro tip is to use Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil. 

Inside the foil, place the orange roughy filet with three lemon slices and two lime slices on top of each with cilantro, jalapeno pepper, butter, salt, and pepper! 

Excellent instructions on how to properly fold the packet! 

Cook and dinner is ready!

I am truly not sure if this is the best way to cook orange roughy but it sure is delicious! 

Grits get the recipe started with THREE types of cheese they keep them simmering while the fish is prepared. 

Add oil to the cast iron skillet and season the fish with pepper and creole seasoning on both sides. 

The filet will be dipped in egg with wine and dredged through Louisiana Fish Fry New Orleans Seafood Breading or a breading mix of your own. 

Cook in hot oil till golden brown on each side. 

Serve by placing a filet on a bed of cheesy grits! 


The bottom line

As you already know, there is no best way to cook orange roughy, but since this fish does not have a “fishy” taste, every recipe is unique depending on the herbs and flavors introduced. 

Now that you have several ideas on how to cook orange roughy, I hope you are confident in doing so. 

12 Best Orange Roughy Recipe 🐟

12 Best Orange Roughy Recipe 🐟

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  1. Scroll for your favorite recipe from our list of Orange Roughy Recipes.
  2. Pick out the ingredients needed for the dish.
  3. Cook then enjoy immediately!

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