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Learn What Asparagus Taste like Right Here

Learn What Asparagus Taste like Right Here

Did you know that Asparagus packs some high quality nutrient content while adding good flavor to your dishes?

You might have even tried it in many Asian dishes but for some reason did not quite have a specific liking for it yet.

Well, this article should help reintroduce the mighty asparagus to you so would stop wondering what asparagus taste like.

Some foods are best experience because they are not all time recognizable by the untrained tongue.

Asparagus is one of those vegetables you should start knowing. Consider this as one of your new cooking adventures.

Take a break from your regular common fruit vegetable salad diet.

Contrary to prejudices, asparagus tastes not as bad as you think.

For many, asparagus is unique for its strong flavor but it blends so well with any other dish.

It is a good compliment to any because it soak up all other taste and spices and packing it into a crunch.

That makes asparagus a stage hog as it usually takes the center stage in a dish.

Asparagus is savory. Many say it is feels like eating mushroom or beans just a little more bitter and salty.

Other would say it couldn’t be compared to anything else, because its flavor is simply distinct.

Asparagus can be either crispy or soggy

Some asparagus is crispy so others cook it over frying keeping that fresh crisp.

If you want it soggy like many others, you need to slow boil it or have it cooked through a longer period over steam or boiling water.

When Is the Best Time to Store and Consume Asparagus?

Although it has much sugar when harvested, asparagus’ flavor is known to diminish over a long period.

It is best to consume it fresh picked or as soon as possible in most case where asparagus is not grown locally.

It is very perishable so be careful when storing them for long over your refrigerators.

Recent researches are very particular to its proper storage in the fridge and quick consumption.

To make best use of the vegetable researched highly recommended to consume it by not more than four days.

As rule of thumb, try serving your asparagus 48 hours after purchase.

Asparagus could be sour especially when it is already old, or when it is overcooked.

But the good thing about asparagus is it can be cooked in various ways.

Ways to Consume Asparagus

Aside from the methods of boiling and frying that I have stated in the article earlier, there are additional ways to consume this surprisingly delightful vegetable.

Some want it plainly as it is so they eat it as raw.

They believe there is nothing more to do to have it better.

I believe if you really want to taste asparagus in its base form, try eating a small portion of cleaned asparagus raw.

Others want it best blend with food with plain taste such as pasta and bacon.

Oh yes, you can do this one too. 

Asparagus when used as additive to blendedfruit shakes and food is known to give really nice texture and adds that uniquely asparagus flavor to food.

Why Eat Asparagus?

Asparagus Is a Vitamin Booster

Asparagus is packed with nutrients good for you.

It is rich with Vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6.

It helps prevent chronic illness such as diabetes.

It is also abundant in fiber as well as being full of antioxidants.

Does not that entice you already to buying one soon?

Asparagus Helps in Good Digestion

Asparagus also helps you maintain a good digestive track due to its water contents.

Asparagus Is Anti-cancer and Aids in Weight Loss

Did you also know that asparagus is also known to prevent cancer?

Aside from providing good nutrients, it also helps you boost your mood and lose weight.

It is good to keep your heart healthy and lowers your risk to depression.

Where to Get Asparagus?

Asparagus is grown all over the world but most abundant in China and Peru.

It takes 3 years of growing before it is harvested. But thanks to advancements in modern world, we can easily buy asparagus in many groceries, market, specialized stores and malls.

If there is a china vegetable store near you, ask for it and they are sure to have it in their kitchens.

Asparagus is available all year round.

Select the fresh ones as possible by looking into the packing and expiry dates.

Check the texture of the leaf to know if it is getting old or drying.

This is food preparation and you are looking for good ingredients so remember to be picky.

Various Ways How to Cook Asparagus?

Researches suggests ways to prepare asparagus best: griddled, blanching, steaming, stir frying and roasting.

Depending on the method of preparing, asparagus changes in its intensity and flavor.

Because of its versatility, you can actually include it more in your daily diet.

Remember to cook it fast and never overdo.

Its taste will be compromised toward the end.

Remember that it can be eaten raw so when deciding to overcook or undercook, chose to undercook it.

One of the easiest way is steaming.

Steaming also best preserves the flavor of asparagus.

And it is an excellent side dish just in any kind of meal.
To steam, pour about 1-inch of water in a pan and set up a steaming basket above it.

Let the water boil up to 3 minutes.

Place the asparagus in the steaming basket.

Left it for 4 to 5 minutes until crisp.

Put it in a plate, then add salt and pepper.

People are sometimes hesitant to cook asparagus because it is unknown.

People notice that in contrast to other common vegetables asparagus is quite expensive.

Perhaps it is the price of its motivating us to renew our sense of wonder.

Others commented they feel a sense of accomplishment when they brave to do something with asparagus.

The experience is as surprising as the vegetable.


Asparagus is fun and easy to cook with all the exciting things you can experiment with it.

Secondary to its impressive health benefits is the fulfillment of having it right (amidst being hesitant to cook it at first because of the fear of failure! Unless you overcook, I tell you, it’s hard to go wrong, so try it out!
If you find this post helpful, feel free to share it to your friends and leave your comments below to tell me about your own experience.