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21 Leftover Salmon Recipes: Tried-And-True Flavor-Packed Meal Ideas ๐ŸŸ

21 Leftover Salmon Recipes: Tried-And-True Flavor-Packed Meal Ideas 🐟

Salmon is such a rich, flavorful hearty fish. When you select it to be the entree for a meal, you may not be thinking there will be any leftovers or maybe you prepare enough so that there actually is some intentionally leftover. That is exactly where leftover salmon recipes come in so handy! 

At some point or another, you will be presented with the query of what to do with leftover salmon. 

Some folks in the world do not like using leftovers but in the case of protein, it is the most economical use of your hard-earned money to eat all that you purchased at the grocery store.

A brand new meal can come from salmon leftovers and that makes wise financial sense! 

I do not know about you but when I think about what to make with leftover salmon a salad typically comes to mind and wow are there amazing salads on this list of 21 leftover salmon ideas! 

Obviously leftover cooked salmon has many more options and there are some out there that incorporate leftover smoked salmon as well. #16

Think sides, soups, chowders, mixtures served over bread, rice, or pasta, and every popular casserole option. 

Some salmon leftover recipes are warm dishes and some are cold so no matter what you might be in the mood for, there is probably a recipe to inspire a new meal! 

When considering how to use leftover salmon, it could be used in any meal from breakfast to lunch to dinner! 

Some of the recipes listed may say a “can” or “4 oz” of salmon but I am generously interpreting that to mean salmon from anywhere so leftover salmon fits that need perfectly! 

So let’s see what variations await us in these leftover salmon recipes!

A quiche is a go-to dish when deciding what to do with leftover salmon or veggies! 

There is no right or wrong here. 

Use a pastry shell or make your own. 

The filling can be eggs, butter, onions, salmon, spinach, cheese, and heavy cream. 

No matter the veggies this quiche is delicious hot or cold at breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Sandwiches make excellent leftover salmon ideas! 

This salmon mixture filling is made of sour cream, Greek yogurt, salt, dill, lemon juice, garlic powder, white pepper, and leftover salmon! 

Mix together until all is incorporated. 

Toast bread and build the sandwich by layering on the salmon mixture, avocado slices, and sprouts

Whether your salmon leftovers are smoked or not, these pinwheels are delicious! 

Especially if you are a fan of ranch dressing! 

Mix together slightly warmed cream cheese with ranch seasoning and mix in diced scallions, colorful peppers, red onion, and serrano pepper. 

Gently fold in salmon. 

Divide into four parts to spread on four low-carb tortillas. 

Roll up each tortilla tight enough to stay but not too tight to squeeze the mixture out. 

Chill, slice, and serve! 


Fried rice is a satisfying answer for what to make with leftover salmon! 

This is an authentic recipe so just know that there is flexibility to sub in or out any of the ingredients to make it your own! 

This recipe for the fried rice part includes green onion, eggs, oil, short-grain rice, soy sauce, sea salt, white pepper, and black pepper. 

The salmon is added halfway through the process and the final presentation is tantalizing if you are a rice lover!

Salmon leftover recipes for a delightful dip are sure to bring a lot of smiles!

Very simple which will make you smile too! 

This dip is made of cream cheese, garlic, bell pepper, fresh dill, salt, pepper, and cooked salmon. 

Mix it all up until well combined and serve alongside crackers or baguette rounds.  

When considering how to use leftover salmon, a Cold Salmon Pasta Salad is a great option. 

The sauce here is phenomenal! 

Again, lots of flexibility within this recipe. 

The base recipe calls for rotini pasta, sliced cucumber, baby spinach, dress dill, and lemon juice. 

Once in serving dishes, the leftover salmon is added on top along with the lemon dill vinaigrette. 


Going the complete opposite direction with these cold salmon leftover recipes, this stew is wonderfully warm and whimsical! 

Saute onion, celery, and garlic in butter. 

Whisk in diced tomatoes, tomato paste, capers, basil, bay leaf, and cream cheese until it completely melts. 

Next, add vegetable stock and bring it to a low boil. 

Lastly, add salmon and coconut milk with salt and pepper to simmer. 

When serving garnish with diced bell pepper and bacon crumbles! 

Enjoyable no matter the season!

I appreciate the leftover salmon recipes with multiple options or preparation steps. 

This one gives the full-blown steps for “proper risotto” but also a shortcut method as well. 

Just remember it does need your full attention and lots of stirring! 

The ingredient list includes butter, onions, risotto rice, white wine, chicken stock, cooked salmon, pesto, and pepper. 

You’ve got this! 

Have fun because whoever you share this with will be amazed!

This Mediterranean-style chopped salad is definitely what to do with leftover salmon when a salad is what you are hungry for! 

So easy too! 

Toss together leftover salmon, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and red onion. 

Slice veggies as large or small as you like. 

The dressing is made of olive oil, lemon juice, fresh dill, salt, and pepper. 

Drizzle over the salad and it is ready!

Here is another take on a salmon cake that can be made with leftover cooked salmon. 

This one starts with making the quinoa first. 

Then the cake part is made with quinoa, salmon, green onions, parsley, mayo, mustard, eggs, lemon juice, and paprika. 

In a skillet, fry the patties that were made from the mixture, adding a fresh lemon squeezed on top when serving.

This recipe for salmon leftovers is finger-friendly and ever so easy to assemble! 

Lettuce wraps can be made with your favorite lettuce leaves, laid out on a plate. 

Fill with leftover salmon and top with pureed avocado sauce. 

The sauce is made of avocados, mint leaves, garlic, lime juice, Greek yogurt, oil, salt, and pepper. 

Tortillas could easily be used as well. 

Burgers make for tasty leftover salmon ideas! 

This recipe has two parts: the burgers and the slaw. 

The burgers are made of salmon, eggs, breadcrumbs, salt, garlic powder, helps, lemon juice, and pan-fried in olive oil. 

The slaw is made of shredded green cabbage, Greek yogurt, vinegar, salt, garlic powder, herbs, and a bit of oil. 

The burgers are served on top of the slaw for a delightful meal.

This lovely salad with penne pasta is a super idea for what to make with leftover salmon! 

There is a dressing to be made first, as well as veggies like red pepper and red onion to be diced and penne pasta to be cooked. 

Frozen peas are added to the colander when draining the pasta followed by drying off the pasta. 

Mix pasta immediately with the dressing and add the diced veggies and leftover salmon. 

Refrigerate for several hours before serving over a bed of lettuce or as a side dish. 

When a quick appetizer is needed, this recipe is a wonderful idea on how to use leftover salmon! 

This salmon rillettes is a thickish spread made of salmon, onions, garlic, capers, chives, dill, tarragon, lemon juice and zest, and sour cream mixed together well. 

Chill in a compact container for at least an hour. 

Can be served on crostini rounds brushed with olive oil and baked. 

Simple to make and serve. 

Salmon leftovers make excellent breakfasts too! 

This Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bagel could be made with any leftover salmon smoked or otherwise. 

It is a bagel that begins with cream cheese and caramelized onion hummus spread on each side. 

Then lovely layers of salmon, avocado, cucumber slices, micro-greens, and black pepper are added. 

A little something for anyone!  

Crisp and crunchy salad is up next on my leftover salmon recipes list. 

Fresh romaine lettuce and leftover salmon made a savory combination. 

But wait, there’s more! 

The avocado dressing is rich and tart and just perfect! 

Don’t forget the freshly toasted bread bits sauteed in olive oil to become crunchy croutons!

Certainly satisfying all the way around! 

Well, this is something totally new for me to entertain regarding what to do with leftover salmon! 


For real? 

YES, indeed, sign me up at the door! 

Anything piled high on a bed of nachos is awesome in my book! 

Tortilla chips are spread across a baking sheet evenly. 

Layered on top for baking are salmon, salsa, tomatoes, sweet corn, black beans, jalapenos, and cheese. 

When ready to serve add chopped coriander, sour cream, onions, and pepper. 

Can’t wait to dig in!

This breakfast or lunch idea for leftover cooked salmon is an egg roll up or crepe. 

The salmon filling is salmon mixed with cream cheese and set aside. 

Eggs and seasoning are put in an oil sprayed skillet and cooked like a large crepe. 

Line the salmon mixture on the egg while still in the skillet, and fold and flip to complete the roll and seal the edges. 

Cut in half and top with avocado slices!

This recipe incorporates lots of veggies and leftover salmon ideas! 

Think of how a Cobb Salad is rows of ingredients across the plate on top of a bed of fresh lettuce. 

That is exactly how this salad is designed. 

The rows consist of leftover salmon, sliced small potatoes, asparagus spears, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, cucumber slices, and zucchini slices. 

The vinaigrette is absolutely stunning so I highly encourage you to give it a go! 

Breakfast salmon leftover recipes have that extra specialness about them! 

Scrambled eggs are a mixture of eggs, milk, dill, garlic, oil, salt, and pepper. 

Once they are about half cooked, the salmon is added. 

Serve with the Greek yogurt topping which is bright and flavorful as well. 

The day never started so well!

The bottom line

As you can see, leftover salmon recipes abound in what they are paired with, the temperature they are served at, and which meal they fit into! 

Whenever you find yourself trying to decide what to do with leftover salmon, look no farther than those listed here for inspiration! 

21  BEST Ways To Use Leftover Salmon

21 BEST Ways To Use Leftover Salmon

These 21 Leftover Salmon Recipes will become so handy for those looking for inspiration with those rich hearty leftovers.


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  • Chopped Salmon Avocado Dill Salad
  • Leftover Salmon Quinoa Cakes
  • Salmon Lettuce Wraps With Avocado Sauce
  • Yummy Salmon Burgers With Slaw
  • Salmon Pasta Salad
  • Salmon Rillettes-Appetizer
  • Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bagel
  • 15 Minute Leftover Salmon Caesar Salad
  • Salmon Black Bean Nachos
  • Salmon Egg Roll-Up
  • Salmon Cobb-Like Salad
  • Salmon And Eggs Breakfast Scramble


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