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17 scrumptious sides for ribs that can feed a hungry crowd!

Summer isn’t just the time for ribs to shine, it’s also the moment for its side dishes to grab the headlines (or outshine the meat, whichever you like!). 

I love summer gatherings, especially when the gang unites for an amazing, gut-busting barbecue cookout. 

I don’t know what’s with me, but I usually find myself on the edge of my seat for the sides rather than those grilled meats. 

Moreover, choosing sides for ribs is the real deal. But since you reached for this guide, worrying about it is already a thing of the past.  

Today, I’m pleased to share my collection of scrumptious side dishes for ribs. From German cucumber salad to firecracker fried okra to hush puppies and beyond, these seventeen ribs side dishes are sure to leave everyone satiated with a full belly.

So let’s start with this light, refreshing, and easy-to-make German cucumber salad. 

If you’re new to it, this delicious salad is filled with vegetables such as cucumbers, red onions, chives, dried dill, and parsley. 

It gets its interesting flavor from sour cream, paprika, white vinegar, and sugar. You can even add other condiments to your liking!

Here’s the recipe.

2. Creamy pasta salad

What makes this pasta salad different from the other recipes is that it’s made with ranch!

The dish features endless possibilities too. You can include peas, carrots, chopped tomatoes, bacon, or cheese for extra creamy flavor. 

This salad gets better with a little bit of time. Place it in the fridge and stir it a few times the next day before serving it. 

Remember not to overcook the pasta, or else you’ll end up with a mushy salad.

Get the recipe here

3. Hawaiian macaroni salad

This Hawaiian macaroni salad recipe is so creamy, making it a perfect side dish for a hot summer BBQ, especially when served cold!

This comfort food is packed with seven main ingredients that are obviously behind its immersing flavor. 

For more fun, add additional ingredients to the mixture. Putting diced celery and green peas together adds a more nice crunchy texture, while the pineapple chunks offer a sweet and tangy flavor to the salad. 

Check out this recipe here

4. Creamy broccoli salad

This crunchy and creamy broccoli salad is a satisfying side dish for any meal. It’s pretty simple to make, and you can make them in advance!

The salad is sure to get the attention of the crowd at your next potluck. It’s a sure hit! 

Things get even more interesting when you incorporate other ingredients such as sliced almonds, dried cranberries, carrots, and some greek yogurt for a creamier and richer flavor profile.

Find full details about this recipe here

5. No-mayo Carolina salad

I like this coleslaw recipe because it’s very different from classic slaw with a homestyle mayonnaise dressing. 

It has an extra flavor punch of celery seeds that perfectly mix with cabbage, kale leaves, carrots, onions, cider vinegar, and mustard. (Yes, no-mayo!)

This salad is sweet, tangy, and wonderful with your favorite sirloin steak or any of your BBQ favorites.
Check out this recipe

6. Air fried sweet potato fries

This recipe isn’t just your typical sweet potato fries. These fries are also crispier!

The dish is easy to make and only requires three ingredients. But if you want your fries packed with flavors, add spices that suit your taste. 

So if you’re avoiding heating up your entire house with the oven but dying to consume sweet potato fries, then this one’s for you!

Here’s the recipe.

7. Creamy red potato salad

What would be the result when you combine red potatoes, fresh herbs, and some greek yogurt? Well, you have one amazing potato salad!

This salad version is best when prepared the day before and then allows it to chill the fridge. This process makes all of the flavors mend together. 

Consider setting aside some chives to sprinkle over the salad right before serving for a bit of fresh flavor. Or add a dash of red chili flakes to the mixture if you want a zing of heat. 

Get additional potato salad ingredient suggestions here.

8. Slow cooker pinto beans

These pinto beans are so delicious that they can be taken as a side dish or as the main course. In my case, partnering them with my ribs is total perfection. 

Cooking pinto beans becomes easier when it’s done in a crockpot or a slow cooker. You need to place the soaked beans, oil, seasonings, and spices along with veggies or meat. 

Cover them with enough water, then cook them until they’re soft. Done!

Check out this recipe.

9. Cheesy scalloped potatoes

What goes with ribs? Potatoes! 

These scalloped potatoes are bathed with creamy cheddar cheese-based sauce and slid into the oven until it reaches its savory perfection. 

Potatoes and ham are born together. So combining them both creates a huge impact (and flavor) on the overall dish. 

If you don’t have cheddar, Velveeta cheese, and kielbasa works perfectly!

Check out this recipe

10. Firecracker fried okra

Looking for a fun way to cook okra? Then try these firecracker fried okras!

These fried okras are good enough on their own but serving them with your favorite dipping or fry sauce takes this dish up a notch. 

The key ingredients behind the golden color and crispy texture of this finger-food are buttermilk and cornmeal-flour mixture. The presence of cayenne and black pepper adds a nice hint of spiciness to the buttermilk mixture. 

Full details about this recipe here

11. Steamed green beans

If you’re still wondering what to serve with ribs, I suggest you opt for the easy one: steamed green beans!

The recipe only requires five ingredients: green beans, olive, garlic, lemon, and butter. Plus, making them is so simple and straightforward!

One of the keys to cooking delicious green beans is to make sure that you don’t overcook them. Your green beans turn brighter green when they’re cooked, this is also your go-signal to stop the cooking. 

Here’s the recipe

12. Jiffy corn casserole

Jiffy corn casserole is one of the best sides for ribs. Who’s with me?

The dish combines three main ingredients, namely cream corn, Jiffy cornbread mix, and kernel corn. The mixture won’t be complete without sour cream, sharp cheddar cheese, eggs, and butter. The result? A creamy bowl of perfection. 

Quick tip: No sour cream? Substitute ricotta cheese! And add diced jalapeños to the mix if you would like a spicy flair. 

Here’s the recipe

13. Bacon deviled eggs

Prepare to be hooked from your first bite of these bacon deviled eggs. You might make a large batch of these eggs when you serve them to your next cookout!

The combination of mayo, sour cream, mustard, and cheese, blends well with the egg yolks. It becomes even tastier when you incorporate parsley into the mix. 

Quick tip: Boiling your eggs and cooking the bacon in advance is recommended to cut the preparation time. 

Full details here

14. Mexican street corn

Elote is a Mexican corn dish made with sweet corn, spices, mayo, lime, and cotija cheese. It’s truly addicting!

You might get intimidated by its look, but don’t worry! There’s no need for you to be a champion in the kitchen to make this mouth-watering treat. 

Unlock this recipe here.  

15. Hush puppies

Like any other fried foods, the star of this recipe is the flour-cornmeal mixture. Eggs, milk, and a dash of tabasco are also added to the mixture, making the hush puppies crispy and golden. 

Perfect as a side or a snack for movie night, these treats are enjoyable when served hot, especially with your favorite dipping sauce like sour cream or BBQ sauce. 

Check out the recipe here.

16. Mac & cheese

One great way to enjoy your rib meats is by pairing them with creamy mac and cheese. 

This delectable dish isn’t just all about the flavor. It’s also a nice crunchy texture coming from panko parmesan topping. YUM!

Sharp cheddar and Gruyere or Jarlsberg Swiss cheese works perfectly in this recipe. But if you don’t have them, mozzarella, jack cheese, or pepper jack, as well as Velveeta, are good bets too. 

Get the recipe here. 

17. Tex-Mex quinoa salad

And lastly, the Tex-Mex quinoa salad. This side is so succulent that it could be mistaken as the main dish. 

It features easy-to-find ingredients such as fresh tomatoes, red onion, corn, black beans, cotija cheese, fresh lime, and avocados. 

Every bite is so hearty, you’ll be craving to have them again and again!

Quick tip: Consider zesting a lime before you juice it. If you want that extra lime kick, this will make your taste buds happy.

Here’s the recipe

The bottom line

There are two signs to identify if your cookout is a huge success: big smiles and satisfied bellies. 

Take note, too, that achieving these requires a good party atmosphere, fun conversations, delectable ribs or meat dishes, and, last but not least, the sides.

So for you, which side dishes go with ribs?

What To Serve With Ribs (17 Sides For Ribs)

What To Serve With Ribs (17 Sides For Ribs)

From German cucumber salad to firecracker fried okra to hush puppies and beyond, these seventeen ribs side dishes are sure to leave everyone satiated with a full belly.


  • German cucumber salad
  • Creamy pasta salad
  • Hawaiian macaroni salad
  • Creamy broccoli salad
  • No-mayo Carolina salad
  • Air fried sweet potato fries
  • Creamy red potato salad
  • Slow cooker pinto beans
  • Cheesy scalloped potatoes
  • Firecracker fried okra
  • Steamed green beans
  • Jiffy corn casserole
  • Bacon deviled eggs
  • Mexican street corn
  • Hushpuppies
  • Mac & cheese
  • Tex-Mex quinoa salad


  1. Pick one side to try
  2. Gather the ingredients and kitchen tools
  3. Start mastering one for your next cookout

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