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Air Fryer Potato Chips

Air Fryer Potato Chips

Yes, you can make potato chips in the air fryer. AND the best news is that it is easy.

Our air fryer potato chips recipe only has three simple ingredients.

The trick to making the best homemade air fryer potato chips in the air fryer is to soak the potato slices in cold water and then dry them really well.

If you haven’t made potato chips at home before, then you’re in for a treat.

They’re quite different from potato chips that you buy in the store but darn tasty.

These are a delicious alternative when your kids want a crispy snack, and you want to avoid processed foods.

If you’re trying to eat more whole foods and craving something yummy at the same time, you’ll find yourself making this recipe over and over again.

When making the best air fryer chips, you’ll first want to cook them at a lower temperature.

Doing this dries out the potato and cooks it.

Then you want to fry them at a higher temperature to crisp them up and brown them.

If your crispy chips are coming out too dark but not quite done in the middle, try cooking them a bit longer at the low temp and then a minute or two shorter at the high temp.

Since your cooking conditions will vary based on the type of air fryer you have and your potatoes, I suggest doing a couple of small test batches to get a feel for cooking them best.

The best way to avoid soggy air fryer potato chips is to make sure they are dry before cooking them.

Also, don’t stack the potato slices in the air fryer basket.

Another way to avoid soggy chips is to cut the slices thin.

Finally, if your air fryer chips are soggy, try cooking them a bit longer. Cook times vary widely based upon the air fryer being used, the thickness of the potato chip, and the type of potato being used.

Why soak the potatoes before air frying them

Soaking potato slices in cold water before you air fry them helps pull out the starch from the potato.

Soaking the potatoes first is a critical process in making potato chips crispy.

Removing the starch from the potato slices will make them stiffer, and they will also be less likely to stick together.

Recipe variations

Our recipe below is simple and delicious. We only add olive oil and salt to our potato chips. However, there are endless recipe variations to try.

Here are a few seasoning ideas:

  • Garlic salt and parsley
  • Lemon pepper
  • Italian seasoning and salt
  • Dry ranch seasoning
  • Paprika and garlic salt

Storing homemade potato chips

The best way to store homemade potato chips is to store them in an airtight container and place them in the pantry.

First, place the potato chips on a paper towel and blot them.

Next, fold up a paper towel and place it inside the container and then add the chips.

The chips will stay fresh for about three days.

Note: If the chips are a bit soft when you remove them from the container, reheat them in a hot air fryer for about one minute.

Tips and tricks

• Use a mandoline to slice the potatoes.
• When slicing with a mandolin, use a safety glove or stick the potato with a fork and use that to hold the potato and keep your fingers safe.
• Cut the slices the same thickness so that they cook evenly
• Do a test batch before you cook too many so that you can get a feel for your air fryer.
• Add additional seasoning while the fries are hot. That way, the seasoning will stick to the fries better.
• Fresh potatoes make the best potato chips.

How to make air fryer potato chips

Air fryer potato chips are extra simple to make. They just require a bit of time and a few tools.

Note that we recommend making a test batch of chips. Cooking time will vary based on the air fryer, type of potatoes, and cut thickness.

First, gather your tools

  • Mandoline slicer
  • Large bowl
  • Cold water
  • 4 kitchen towels
  • Air fryer
  • Tongs
  • plate
  • paper towels

• 3 potatoes (russet potatoes are best)
• olive oil
• sea salt

1. Slice the potatoes into evenly cut thin slices.
You don’t need to skin the potato for this recipe, but you can if you prefer. I feel like the skin left on is just tastier.

2. Put the potato slices in your large bowl and fill the bowl with water.

3. Set a timer for 30 minutes and let the potato slices soak.

4. Lay out two kitchen towels flat on the counter.

5. Remove the potato slices from the water and lay them out flat on the clean kitchen towel.

6. Pat the slices dry with the other kitchen towels. Get the slices as dry as you possibly can.

Drying the potatoes is crucial to them turning out crispy.

If you feel like you are having trouble getting them dry enough, consider leaving them out on the counter for about 30 minutes to let them air dry.

7. Preheat the air fryer to 350 °F.

8. Add the slices back to the large bowl and drizzle them with olive oil and salt.
Use the tongs to mix the potato slices in the bowl until they are fully coated.

9. Work in batches for this step. Lay the potato slices in the air fryer basket in a single layer. Add one additional layer on top of the slices.

Note: Don’t fry more than two layers at a time.

10. Fry the potatoes for 8 minutes.

11. Open the fry basket and use the tongs to flip the chips.

Note: If they still seem floppy, you may want to cook them for an additional 2 minutes at this temperature before proceeding to step 12.

12. Close the basket. Turn the heat up to 400 °F.

13. Cook the chips for an additional 4 minutes or until they are golden brown.

14. Put a layer of paper towels on the plate. Then remove the chips from the air fryer and rest them on the plate.

15. You can either serve these hot or cold.

16. Enjoy!

Air Fryer Potato Chips

Air Fryer Potato Chips

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

This homemade potato chips recipe only needs 3 ingredients.


  • 2 potatoes
  • 1 T olive oil
  • 1 t Salt


  1. Wash and dry potatoes
  2. Slice thin
  3. Soak slices in cold water for 25 minutes
  4. Preheat the air dryer to 350 °F
  5. Dry the potatoes thoroughly
  6. Drizzle with olive oil and salt
  7. Cook in the air fryer for 8 minutes
  8. Flip the chips
  9. Increase heat to 400 °F
  10. Cook for 3 minutes
  11. Remove and enjoy

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The bottom line

Preparing and eating potato chips have never been this fun! And if you’re trying to eat more whole foods at the same time, consider yourself a lucky gal as this recipe is also oh-so delicious. It was so tasty that I made a second batch the next day!

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