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15 Best Japanese Eggplant Recipes: From Donburi To Tempura!

15 Best Japanese Eggplant Recipes: From Donburi To Tempura!

Bring out your creativity using these Japanese eggplant recipes that will help you accomplish several meals suitable for varying preferences and cravings!

Japanese eggplant is a long and slender type of eggplant with a dark shade of purple color.

The spongy texture of the Japanese eggplant makes it versatile and easily absorbing to flavors and seasoning.

It is also efficient to use since it is almost seedless, and its skin is thin, which makes it unnecessary to peel before cooking. 

When cooked, it has soft and creamy flesh with a mildly sweet taste.

Japanese eggplants can be deep-fried, stir-fried, grilled, and steamed to produce a medley of meals that can be served at any time of the day.

The versatility of Japanese eggplants is the key to exploring distinct recipes based on your preference. 

You can challenge your artistic self by modifying the recipes below. 

Miso Glazed Japanese Eggplant cleverly uses the Japanese traditional sauce to add texture and an abundance of flavor to Japanese eggplant.

You surely want to catch the classic tempura dish using all vegetables to create Japanese Eggplant Tempura.

#13 is a recipe you would not expect that you can make in your kitchen, and this is a surprise for veggie lovers.

Amuse your loved ones by bringing an all-veggie parmesan dish to your dining table. 

The vibrant purple color of roasted eggplant coated with parmesan and panko crumbs will surely bring a finger-licking dining experience. 

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, parmesan, mozzarella, basil leaves, and red pepper flakes.

This is a simple dish but a certain entry to the list of top-tier eggplant dishes. 

Ginger brings out the luscious potential of the sweet Japanese eggplant. 

Decorate this dish with scallions to enjoy a flashy and colorful meal platter.

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, jalapenos, garlic cloves, scallions, and rice wine vinegar.

Grilled cuisine is always an essential part of a glorious banquet.

Impress your visitors at your next barbeque party with a well-marinated grilled eggplant. 

Sprinkle it with toasted sesame seeds to give an interesting twist.

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, soy sauce, sherry, garlic, and sesame oil.

No need to sweat over your next meal by trying this recipe.

You only need 10 minutes to accomplish this hip eggplant dish. 

What makes this dish stir is the fact that you can pair it with any main course.

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, cornstarch, vegetable oil, sesame oil, and ginger.

This will be your next favorite rice bowl dish.

Rice bowl meals are convenient and unchallenging to prepare, and you can enjoy eating them hassle-free.

Soy-glazed eggplant on top of warm rice is surely a sight to behold and a mouthful to indulge in. 

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, shiso leaves, potato starch, sesame seeds, and mirin.

If you are seeking non-oily foods, this recipe fits into your cup of tea.

This eggplant recipe is a popular side dish due to its crowd-pleasing taste: sweet, savory, and rich in umami. 

Try this recipe if you are still looking for an impressive side dish to complete your next meal. 

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplants, dashi, green onions, mirin, and sake.

Broiling is the process of cooking food using heat from above, which gives food a dandy golden brown color and a crisp texture.

Broiled Japanese Eggplant is already a delectable spectacle, and with an accurate broiling time, this dish will never disappoint.

With only 10 minutes to prepare, this can pass as a fulfilling breakfast to liven your spirits throughout the day.

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplants, grape-seed oil, scallions, ginger, and tamari.

Any dish is always a hit with cheese!

Indulge your cheese cravings by generously sprinkling mozzarella and parmesan cheese on this dish. 

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplants, olive oil, marinara, mozzarella, and bread crumbs.

How about jazzing up Japanese eggplant using an incredible sauce?

Miso sauce is a well-known Japanese sauce made from fermented soybeans. 

The light, creamy texture of miso sauce matches the tenderness of broiled eggplant to bring off a blockbuster dish on your weeknight meal. 

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, white miso paste, sugar, sake, and mirin.

Crispy garlic is a game-changer in this recipe.

The crunchiness of garlic is promising, along with the usual soft and tender texture of Japanese eggplant.

Surely, every texture-filled bite is a striking experience. 

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplants, Toscanini olive oil, Gefen maple syrup, scallions, and sesame seeds.

No need to stress out if shrimp is not present in your fridge to make tempura.

Japanese eggplant is a surprising alternative. 

You cannot resist this crunchy, coated fried snack until the last piece!

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, flour, panko flakes, oil, and soy sauce.

Everyone is fond of creamy dishes.

Coconut milk makes dishes creamy and savory.

Combine this with sweet Japanese eggplant and spinach with a herb-like taste to create an earnest meal. 

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, yellow onion, scallions, garlic, and basil.

Japanese eggplant gets more amusing when you learn this recipe.

Who would have thought it could be a perfect alternative for unagi?

Bring on novelty to the dish using hand-picked herbs for an additional whip. 
Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, scallions, nori, sesame seeds, and cooked rice.

This can be your go-to tactic if you want a ready-made side dish for any meal of the day.

Be clever and make a pickled version of Japanese eggplant to enjoy whenever you want.

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplants, sesame oil, ginger, rice vinegar, and soy sauce.

Bring an exciting twist to your Japanese eggplant recipe. 
Chicken cutlet’s tender texture offers a great combination with the soft texture of Japanese eggplant.

You surely want to prepare a plethora of servings to satiate your appetite. 

Ingredients include: Japanese eggplant, chicken cutlets, breadcrumbs, garlic, and mustard.

The bottom line

Japanese eggplant is a splendid vegetable that can be turned into a wide array of dishes. 

The characteristics of Japanese eggplant, with its soft, spongy texture and mildly sweet taste, make it valuable for flavorful and promising meals.

Let your artistry be in play in making a fresh Japanese eggplant dish today.

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15 Best Japanese Eggplant Recipes

15 Best Japanese Eggplant Recipes

These 15 best Japanese eggplant recipes will help you accomplish several meals suitable for varying preferences and cravings!


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