How to Cut Pineapple: The Simple and Easy Process

How to Cut Pineapple: The Simple and Easy Process

Who does not like summer fruits --- pineapple, most especially? I most certainly do. There’s something about having fruits to celebrate the once in a year tropical weather. Unfortunately, numerous people can also get intimidated by pineapple. Those scary-looking spikes as well as its crown? Yeah, I certainly feel you. However, in this article, I have revealed the easiest steps you can follow on how to cut a pineapple like a master chef. I will also be revealing some tricks and tips on how to choose a good pineapple. Read away!

How can you tell a good pineapple?

Numerous telltale signs will let you know when a pineapple is in the right condition. First, when selecting pineapples in stores and markets, what you can do is to sniff away. Sniffing will tell you if your chosen pineapple already comes with that unique pineapple scent. When you smell the pineapple, do it around the bottom part of the pineapple. Second, you may also choose to give your pineapple a little squeeze, and as a result, the pineapple should provide a little juice. And there you go, all you have to is smell and squeeze.

What does a ripe pineapple look like?

Of course, it almost goes without saying that when choosing and buying a pineapple, you would go for the ripe one. Here are some of the things you should look for when spotting a ripe pineapple. The first feature you have to look for is the color of the bottom of your pineapple. If it is either green or yellow, then you’re almost good to go. However, if it is already brown, you should not even take a second glance at it. 

Now if it is either green or yellow, things can get a little tricky. Contrary to popular belief, green does not necessarily mean that fruit is unripe. For this very reason, you are going to have to utilize your sense of touch as well as smell to avoid further confusion. Similar to what I said above, all you need is do some sniffing as well as some squeezing.  A ripe pineapple must come with a sweet scent and when you squeeze your pineapple, it must not be mushy. Preferably, the pineapple must be firm. 

What You Need to Cut Pineapple (ingredients + tools)

When chopping down a fruit especially as massive and juice as a pineapple, you are going to need a chopping board. Make sure you get a study enough one. Plus points if it’s extra large and if it comes with drip grooves that will catch the juices of your fruit, meat or veggies.

Typically used for baking such as with doughs and cookies, a cookie cutter is also useful for cuts through pineapples.

Chopping and cutting down a considerable fruit such as pineapple with its scary looking spikes can certainly loo difficult at first. However, with the use of a proper and sturdy chef’s knife, you will be cutting down that fruit like a pro.

Immensely essential for peeling off skins and cutting down chunks, a trusty and sturdy paring knife are essential..

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cut Pineapple

Step One: Position the pineapple on your cutting board

Lay the fruit on its side. Make sure it is right exactly on the center before proceeding to the next step.

Step Two: Time to cut off the top and the bottom

In this step, you are going to have to get rid of the thorny crown of your pineapple as well the bottom part. Place your hand firmly on one side of your pineapple And then, you proceed to slice off the top. To do this, you must cut down precisely a half below the part where the crown and the pineapple flesh meet. Afterward, you have to cut down the bottom portion. Similarly, you are going to have to slice down a half inch from the bottom.

Step Three: Peel the pineapple skin together with the spikes

This step, personally, is the most gratifying step as this step finally allows you to get rid of those spikes. To do this, you must stand your pineapple upright. Secure your pineapple on the top part so that it is firmly rooted to the chopping board. Starting from the top to the bottom, slice your way through the thick spiky skin. Be careful not to include the pineapple flesh when slicing through the skin. Just follow the natural shape of your pineapple when cutting down the surface.

Step Four: Get rid of the brown pineapple eyes.

Next step involves having to remove those small solid rock-like parts of the pineapple. Note that these are inedible. For this time, you are going to need your paring knife. Just make some cuts in a diagonal but spiral manner. This action will cut those rock-like parts out. Just make sure the cut is in a slope.

However, keep in mind that if you plan to slice them down to small chunks, then you can get rid of these eyes or rock-like parts all the while cutting your pineapples.

Step Five: Remove the core

​There are two ways to do this. Removing the pineapple core depends on what type of cut you’re aiming to achieve. Are you aiming for small chunks or chunks from spheres?

For the former, using one hand to hold the pineapple in place, cut the fruit directly at the center. Lengthwise, cut the divided parts into four pieces. With this step, you have already cut the pineapple into wedges. Now you can get rid of the core from the wedges, themselves.

As for the latter, instead of cutting the pineapple at the center, what you do is you lay them to the side. Cut the pineapple following its natural round shape. To remove the fibrous core for each, you may use a cookie cutter.

Step Six: Cut them into chunks

​​Now, the last step is where you divide them into the smaller pieces. For the lengthwise cut, slice them into small rectangular pieces. For the round or ring slices, split them into chunks.

Added Tips:

Additional Cooking Tips for Pineapple

  • For round slices of pineapple, it is always better to slice off the top and bottom part, first.
  • If you’re making salsa and you found out last minute there’s no tomato left, you may use small chunks of pineapple for a substitute.
  • Unbeknownst to all, pineapple highlights the umami flavor of meats such as pork or beef. For this reason, it goes really well with grills.
  • Lastly, the core that everyone just dismisses quite easily also has another purpose. You can slice them down lengthwise and can reuse them as a stirrer for your drinks.

Final Thoughts

Pineapples certainly are one of the most versatile fruits out there? Salsa dip? Check. Fruit juice? Check. Meat dishes? Check. All you have to know is how to not be scared away by its intimidating spikes and to cut them properly. Finally, you also need to know how to properly store pineapple.

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this article. Should you have any other suggestions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them down below. I’ll see you in the next article! 


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