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47 Scrumptious Boursin Cheese Recipes: Must-Try Meal Ideas

47 Scrumptious Boursin Cheese Recipes: Must-Try Meal Ideas

If you’re a fan of Boursin cheese and want to try different recipes using this creamy cheese, this is a good place to start!

Whether you’re making dips, sandwiches, or appetizers, this collection of 47 scrumptious Boursin cheese recipes will always be a hit!

The French love their fresh cheeses, and Boursin is one of the mainstays.

They’re silky smooth, oozing with decadent creaminess, and enticing!

Different types of this French cheese are created by seasoning it with savory herbs and spices.

Some examples of its variations include garlic, fine herbs, shallots, chives, walnuts, and figs.

Although its smooth texture makes it ideal for spreading on bagels and toast, Boursin cheese’s versatility does not end there.

Recently, we discovered some delicious uses for this cheese, and we’re happy to share a few of them with you today: Filet Mignon With Boursin Mushroom Sauce, the famous Boursin Cheese Pasta, and even Boursin appetizers like Boursin Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers.

Get ready for some cheesy, sticky, and deliciousness at #45!

Let’s dive right into these delightful Boursin cheese recipes!

Table of Contents

1. Mini Macaroni & Cheese Bites

Crispy outside, creamy, cheesy center—these Mac and Cheese Bites are the new levels of munching.

The herbed cheese gives them a luscious texture, and the subtle hint of garlic makes them irresistible.


It’s just so good!

Creamed spinach is a classic comfort dish, and using Boursin cheese as a sauce for fresh or frozen spinach is a terrific way to dress it up without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Incorporating nutmeg into this creamy vegetable recipe may be unexpected, but it really raises the whole thing with its nutty sweetness.

You’ve just found a fantastic side for your roasted pork chops and flank steak.

If you’re searching for a meatless appetizer that nonetheless packs a cheesy punch, this is it.

At first, the mushroom caps are stuffed with a savory Boursin cheese, herb, and garlic mixture before being roasted until bubbling and melted.

The best mushrooms in this recipe are the Cremini or Bella kind because their size leaves plenty of room for the filling when the stem is taken.

I’ve been trying to create the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich for a long time, and I think I’ve finally found the perfect recipe.

This sandwich is the epitome of decadence, with the rich union of butter, creamy mozzarella, and herby Boursin cheese.

To ensure that the Boursin cheese melts thoroughly by the time the bread is toasted, consider pan-frying the sandwich over medium heat.

Look at all of those gorgeous hues packed onto one platter; it’s almost too wonderful to eat.

Toasted pecans add crunch, while Boursin cheese adds creaminess and just a bit of crumble, and plump, juicy pears lend fruitiness and zest to this fabulous spinach salad.

Superb scrambled eggs with delicious, luscious Boursin!

And what’s the key to puffy, savory scrambled eggs?

They’d taste the finest cooked slowly over a low heat.

Scrambled eggs that taste as if they came from a high-end restaurant may be made in a flash at home.

I adore a nice basic hamburger, but it’s sometimes enjoyable to mix things up and fill things with all kinds of deliciousness.

This burger is not only packed with Boursin cheese, but it also includes fresh lemony-minty rosemary herbs sprinkled throughout.

And the delicate, intensely aromatic caramelized onions contrast well with cheese on the savory patties—wonderful!

A fantastic take on traditional deviled eggs!

Greek yogurt and Boursin cheese are used in place of mayonnaise to create a silky filling.

To me, it accentuates the filling’s already savory taste with a tangy edge from fresh lemon juice.

Try it out, you’ll enjoy it just as much as I do.

Flank Steak Pinwheels are seasoned finely, packed with cheese, rolled up, then grilled to tender perfection.

Since flank steak is a thicker cut of meat, it’s recommended to slice it very thinly for this dish.

Because of this, you can quickly pound it into a uniform thickness, resulting in faster cooking and better results overall.

A French Omelet is a neat little package of sophistication and refinement.

A sheet of soft egg conceals a filling of the same eggs, gently scrambled, and both the outside and the inside are as smooth as silk.

It might seem daunting at first, but if you follow the instructions carefully, you’ll soon be able to whip up the perfect omelet imaginable.

The butter used makes these mashed potatoes light and airy, almost cloud-like!

When you boil the potatoes in chicken stock, you’ll give them a subtle flavor that goes perfectly with the garlic and herbs in the Boursin.

And the soft cheese flavored with garlic and herbs melts beautifully, turning each bite into a smooth, flavorful experience.

If it’s a vegetable sandwich, I’m all in!

All the senses satiated with each mouthful’s dazzling array of vibrant hues, varied textures, and delectable flavors.

For vegetable sandwiches, use a nice, substantial bread like sourdough as it complements the lightness of the veggies. 

You could want to eat something that can withstand their substantial texture without ripping and adds some heft to your stomach.

As tasty as it is on crackers, Boursin cheese also works well to create a silky pasta sauce like in this dish.

Despite its simplicity, this dish looks fancy because of the bright peas and tomatoes in it.

The luscious flavor of the Boursin blends smoothly with the chicken stock, and the richness of the cream sauce soaks into the pasta— so good!

Bacon improves just about anything.

Chicken gets an extra dose of flavor from the bacon juices while it bakes.

The cheese that was baked in with the meaty bacon-wrapped chicken is what makes every slice and bite taste so divine.

You can have it on its own, alongside grilled potatoes, or on top of your beloved salad.

This pillowy orzo dish is so delectable that you won’t be able to eat just one serving.

An irresistible taste combination of the meaty, earthy flavor of mushrooms with the sweet onion flavor of leeks makes this recipe one of a kind.

To put it simply, this Baked Artichoke Dip is a bowlful of yumminess!

Maybe raw artichokes aren’t your thing, but you’ll love them in this dip.

The artichoke’s mellow nuttiness is matched by the buttery flavor of Boursin cheese, making this an excellent spread or dip for bread, crackers, vegetables, and chips.

Appetizers served on baguettes are both entertaining and appetizing.

It’s light in texture and flavor, with a crusty mouthfeel but a moist interior, and it pairs beautifully with the crab’s gentle salty and sweet taste.

The toasts are baked golden brown and stuffed with a thick and smooth sauce that’s perfect for seafood lovers.

No one can resist the captivating aroma and melt-in-your-mouth texture of a French Dip Panini.

Before eating, a tiny portion of the sandwich is dipped into the tasty au jus.

Each bite is exploding with flavor thanks to the au jus soaked up by the bread and meat and the two layers of melty cheese.

Layers of lasagna noodles and succulent chicken smothered in a velvety spinach sauce in this white sauce chicken lasagna that’s sure to impress.

Cheeses like parmesan and mozzarella, layered throughout the lasagna, provide the ooey-gooey elegance that makes a serving of lasagna so cozy.

Tomato and béchamel sauces are blended with a tinge of heat from cayenne peppers to create this comforting dish that will warm you right up.

Even the stacks of vegetables, when viewed as a whole, have an air of refined sophistication.

Put out some crispy garlic bread, and your taste senses will thank you!

In terms of serving styles, this broccoli preparation may rank among the top.

It’s decadent without being too heavy.

Just the right amount of green, bursting with a crisp taste, cheesy, and wonderfully velvety, yet still boasting a little bit of texture from the tender florets.

You no longer have to go to a pricey steakhouse to enjoy a succulent Filet Mignon!

All the qualities of a good steak meal are present in this dish: it is supple, flavorful, and meaty.

Then it’s covered in an umami-rich, garlicky, and savory sauce; each mouthful brings together a beautifully melded taste.

You’ll see why this Prosciutto-Wrapped Boursin Chicken deserves a spot on your weekly dinner table!

Wrapped in prosciutto, chicken retains its moisture and tenderness while providing a pleasant contrast in brininess and sweetness.

Also, the chicken develops a stunning pan sauce as the mouthwatering Boursin cheese melts and runs off as it cooks.

My fondness for tomatoes is deep; they’re wonderfully palatable and juicy, and they’re excellent on this one.

It goes best with scrambled eggs, a salad, or a succulent chicken dish because of its flaky texture and garden-fresh taste.

This tart has a herbaceous and tomatoey aroma, with a great depth of cheese flavor provided by the Boursin.

Thick slices of sourdough bread, fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and snappy, meaty bacon are still present in this sandwich.

A generous layer of savory, herb-infused Boursin cheese is the key difference.

The medley of smoky bacon and crisp vegetables is a match made in heaven.

It’s hardly up for debate that beef Wellington is a tasty dish.

Of course, it will be!

It has a buttery, flaky crust baked to a golden brown and sprinkled with sea salt crystals for a shimmering finish.

Not only is the beef delectable and soft, but the mushroom adds a beautiful new textural dimension.

These potatoes have a marvelous flavor because of their earthy and herby undertones, and they literally melt in your mouth.

Spending an hour preparing this dish is little for something so incredible.

For a quick and easy gourmet meal, all you need is a wheel of Boursin cheese.

Chicken breasts are baked till tender and then covered in a rich and creamy sauce made simply with Boursin.

To round up a balanced and filling meal, try serving this chicken with Boursin sauce alongside your go-to green salad.

Twice-baked” comes from the fact that once the potatoes have been baked in their entirety, the flesh is scooped out, seasoned, and then re-stuffed before being baked again.

The egg, half-and-half, and butter in the filling provide some more structure and help the filling rise beautifully from the pie shell.

As a result, it’s a luxuriously stuffed potato worthy of bragging about.

Ignore the name and take pleasure in this effortless starter.

Create a round ball of your herbed cheese and roll it in chopped parsley.

See, that’s it!

Adding finely chopped walnuts will be a lovely touch if you’re in the mood to change things up.

These little spheres remind me of tiny cheeseballs. 

True, I suppose they are in some sense.

After all, you’ll spread Boursin cheese over a grape and sprinkle crushed pistachios on top for a pleasant and visually appealing garnish.

They have an enticing balance of sweetness and tartness.

This dish’s success depends on the sauce’s consistency, which should not be too thick or thin.

Using heavy cream is essential to the success of this dish, as it is what gives the luxurious sauce its signature texture.

Since heavy cream has a lower moisture content than other thickeners, the Parmesan melts into the sauce without clumping.

Snack time just got better with these ham and cheese roll-ups.

Imagine, with only ham and some crumbs of Boursin cheese, you already have an extra special herb-infused treat.

Put them in lunch bags for a pleasant surprise that both adults and kids will love.

This flavorsome bowl of potato soup is made using unpeeled red potatoes, lending it a homey, unrefined quality.

A dense and rich potato soup that has a subtle earthy celery and onion taste and is full of textures.

It’s the kind of soup you’ll want to take your time with because it tastes genuinely impressive.

If you’re into watermelon appetizers, you won’t want to miss this one.

It had a pinch of salt and a light drizzle of mint simple syrup and was served with a slice of cheese and some cucumbers in brine.

With the sugariness of ripe watermelon balanced by the zesty notes of basil chive-flavored cheese, it’s an extraordinary flavor harmony!

Mini-stuffed peppers are a terrific way to use up leftover peppers and increase your vegetable intake.

These little sweet peppers are great for those following a low-carb, keto, or vegetarian diet because they don’t include any fillers like meat or rice.

Make a gorgeous presentation by using different colored bell peppers.

The trick to exceptional biscuits, like in this recipe, is to use cold butter.

During baking, it helps to form steam pockets, resulting in flaky biscuits with soft crumbs.

These herbaceous, garlicky Boursin Biscuits will change your mind about biscuits forever.

Put away those plain old green beans and make way for these cheese-and-bacon-topped green beans.

The beans take on an incredible richness from the herb-garlic-infused melting cheese.

Serve with any main course with chicken, turkey, or pork, and you’re all set.

I wanted to make something minimal in carbs but still satisfying and that would pair well with an aromatic white wine without bothering my gluten-free friends.

I think this one will do just fine!

Fresh and crisp cucumber, tender smoked salmon, and smooth, buttery, spreadable cheese all contribute distinctive textures and aromas to this light snack.

Jalapeño poppers are always a good idea, whether for a movie night, game day, or just because.

The garlic-herbed cheese provides a welcome counterpoint to the jalapeño’s heat.

Make sure you get all the seeds out of the jalapenos when you hull them; the heat level of them could sneak up on you otherwise.

This Muffuletta Dip has all the robust flavors you’d expect from the classic New Orleans sandwich.

The olives, salami, and ham lend to the dip’s fair saltiness.

If you can’t get your hands on a real New Orleans sandwich right away, this dip will probably do the magic!

Nothing compares to fresh, locally grown strawberries.

Just add some Boursin cheese to those strawberries, and you’ll have a sweet, zingy, and refreshing light lunch or appetizer.

Honey-marinated fresh strawberries with a hint of mint and the floral notes of thyme taste lovely.

Oh, and don’t overdo it with the glaze, or your flatbread may become mushy.

These little puff pastries shine when devoured warm, straight from the oven.

Your full attention will indeed be drawn to the wafting aroma of freshly-baked pastry, as well as the savory cheese and salty, crackling bacon.

The pastry cups can be baked in advance, but it’s recommended to put them together no more than an hour ahead of time to ensure they stay crisp.

Have you grown bored with eating the same bland chicken every night?

Here, have some Chicken Hasselback!

Hasselback is a cooking method in which a chicken, potato, or other meat is cut almost all the way through to form layers that may then be filled or stuffed with additional ingredients to provide extra taste and texture.

With this technique, your meat can take on the aromatics you put on it while keeping its moisture.

Your family will go crazy for this skillet ravioli variant, which is easier than ever and still full of authentic Italian taste.

Adding this velvety Boursin cheese with a nuanced garlic and herb aroma that helps reduce the amount of spices and herbs necessary would make this recipe brilliant.

Wow, the thick marinara sauce is even creamier than expected, owing to the inclusion of parmesan and mozzarella blended with Italian seasoning!

Need to know my newest party trick?

Stuffed dates!

Medjool dates have a caramel-like sweetness and a satisfying chewiness.

Mix it with some full-bodied taste from Boursin cheese, and the resulting pleasant combination is surprisingly awesome.

This Chinese-inspired dish Black Pepper Chicken is a must-try for any Chinese food fan.

Once done, this dish is best served atop a bed of warm cooked rice.

It softens the bold flavors of all the top Asian spices without masking them.

This black pepper chicken has all the qualities you look for in an excellent dish: it’s crisp, sticky, spicy, and saucy.

The bottom line

Cheese makes everything better; who can resist a plate bursting with cheese?

It improves the dish’s overall yumminess, coziness, and richness.

You won’t be sorry you included these Boursin cheese recipes in your home cookbook!

Scrumptious Boursin Cheese Recipe Collection

Scrumptious Boursin Cheese Recipe Collection

Whether you're making dips, sandwiches, or appetizers, this collection of 47 scrumptious Boursin cheese recipes will always be a hit!


  • Mini Macaroni & Cheese Bites
  • Steakhouse Creamed Spinach
  • Boursin Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Boursin Grilled Cheese
  • Spinach, Pear & Toasted Pecan Salad With Boursin Cheese
  • Soft Scrambled Eggs With Boursin Cheese
  • Caramelized Onion & Boursin Cheeseburger
  • Boursin Devilled Eggs
  • Flank Steak Pinwheels
  • French Omelet
  • Boursin Mashed Potatoes
  • Veggie Cheese Sandwich
  • Boursin Cheese Pasta
  • Boursin Stuffed Chicken Breasts Wrapped In Bacon
  • Leek & Mushroom Boursin Orzo
  • Onion Artichoke Dip
  • Crab Toast
  • Slow Cooker French Dip Panini
  • Boursin Chicken Lasagna
  • Ratatouille
  • Boursin Broccoli Soup
  • Filet Mignon With Boursin Mushroom Sauce
  • Prosciutto-Wrapped Boursin Chicken
  • Roasted Tomato Tart With Boursin Cheese
  • Boursin Cheese BLTs
  • Mini Beef Wellingtons
  • Garlic Herb Creamy Potato Gratin
  • Boursin Chicken
  • Boursin Twice Baked Stuffed Potatoes
  • Cheater's Cheese Ball
  • Pistachio Grape Cheese Appetizer
  • Elevated Shrimp Alfredo
  • Boursin Cheese & Ham Roll Ups
  • Creamy Red Potato Soup
  • Watermelon Board Appetizer
  • Boursin Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers
  • Boursin Biscuits
  • Green Beans With Bacon & Boursin
  • Boursin Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bites
  • Grilled Jalapeño Poppers
  • Muffuletta Dip
  • Lavash With Marinated Strawberries & Boursin
  • Boursin & Bacon Puff Pastry Appetizer
  • Hasselback Chicken With Spinach & Boursin Cheese Stuffing
  • Baked Ravioli Lasagna
  • Stuffed Dates
  • Creamy Black Pepper Chicken Drumsticks


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