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Green bean recipes – Ways to cook green beans

I am always in search of ways to cook green beans and green bean recipes. That is why I am creating this article.

It will be my forever home for green bean recipes that we can all use as a reference. 

Green beans are such a delightful side dish. They are versatile and take on various flavors really well. 

Can you imagine a holiday dinner without green beans? I know that I can’t! However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be the same ol’ same ol’ recipe. We can mix it up and keep it interesting.

1. Steamed green beans with lemon

Add some serious flavor to your green beans with lemon and minced garlic. This is a 5 ingredient recipe that is simple to cook. 

The lemon zest is that secret ingredient that will spice up those tired green beans.

2. Sauteed green beans

It doesn’t get any easier than this simple recipe for how to saute green beans. You only need olive oil, butter, and green beans. If you want to make this recipe extra tasty consider topping the green beans with almond slivers and sea salt.

3. Texas Roadhouse green beans recipe

If you want that delicious Texas Roadhouse flavor at home then this recipe is the right choice. One of the best parts is that we recommend making this recipe with canned green beans. This makes it even easier because you don’t have to run to the store. Instead, go grab those cans from the pantry that you have been avoiding.

4. Fresh ginger green beans recipe

Not only does this recipe incorporate fresh ginger root but it also adds in fresh garlic and carrots. This is a delicious recipe that is packed with flavor.

5. Green beans with sausage 

In all honesty, this is more of a casserole. This green bean dish has bread crumbs, cheese, cream cheese, and spinach.It has everything delicious and would make a perfect side dish to any meal that you are planning.

6. Oven-roasted garlic green beans  

Garlic makes everything better and this recipe is a perfect example. My only tip to this recipe is to use an extra 2 cloves of garlic. But, do know that I am a bit fanatical about garlic.The green beans in this recipe will come out slightly charred and that adds fantastic flavor. Enjoy every bite. This is a perfect weekday side dish.

7. Crispy fried green beans  

This crispy green bean recipe is unique and spicy. The batter includes beer, cumin, and cayenne. The recipe includes a Sriracha mayonnaise and it is the perfect dipping sauce for these green beans.

8. PF Chang’s spicy green beans recipe 

PF Chang’s knows how to make tasty green beans. This green bean recipe is so good that your family will be begging for this side dish weekly.This is one of our favorite PF Chang dishes. I am a bit of a wuss with spice and use a little bit less of those red pepper flakes but that is just me.

9. Parmesan green beans  

Green beans roasted with panko and parmesan cheese is perhaps a perfect side dish for any dinner. This would be amazing with some lemon dill salmon.My tip would be to add in minced garlic with this recipe. It calls for just garlic powder but why not kick that up a notch to complement that cheese.

10. Balsamic green beans with cherry tomatoes  

This recipe takes side dish recipes to a whole other level. The best part is that you put it all together and then roast it in the oven. This is one for those Tuesday nights when you want delicious green beans without a lot of hassle. The best part is that everyone will think that you cooked something extra fancy for them. Let them think it. They don’t have to know how simple this recipe really is.

Green bean recipes - Ways to cook green beans

Green bean recipes - Ways to cook green beans

10 hassle-free green bean recipes that everyone will think that you cooked something extra fancy for them.


  • Steamed green beans with lemon
  • Sauteed green beans
  • Texas Roadhouse green beans recipe
  • Fresh ginger green beans recipe
  • Green beans with sausage 
  • Oven-roasted garlic green beans  
  • Crispy fried green beans  
  • PF Chang’s spicy green beans recipe 
  • Parmesan green beans  
  • Balsamic green beans with cherry tomatoes


  • Choose a few green bean recipe ideas to try.
  • Tell us your favorite recipe below.
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