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24 BEST Crown Royal Apple Recipes: Party For 1 Or 100!

24 BEST Crown Royal Apple Recipes: Party For 1 Or 100!

Discover the best Crown Royal Apple recipes and explore snack ideas and glassware options to elevate your favorite apple-flavored drinks.

Most of us enjoy mixed drinks and cocktails from time to time, and we like to save money by making easy alcoholic drinks at home.

Crown Royal is a good option and Crown Royal Apple is one of its most popular flavored whiskies—with good reason.

Crown Royal Apple has an appealing aroma and an easy taste with less whiskey bite, which is great for Crown Apple drinks.

What mixes with Crown Royal Apple you may ask? 

You can choose to sip it over ice or try any of the Crown Royal Apple Recipes we have for you, ranging from a soothing Hot Toddy to a Carnival Queen, and many more.

Keep reading, and you won’t have to wonder what mixes well with crown royal apple or what to mix with Crown Apple as we’ve got you covered from intimate house parties, happy hour, beach parties, holidays, or a solo drink to heat things up.

Welcome to the world of Apple Crown drinks and get ready for buzz inspiration!

  • Ginger ale. Ginger ale has a spicy-sweet taste that can bring out the apple flavor of the whiskey. 
  • Club soda. Adding club soda to your whiskey can lighten the drink and make it more refreshing without overwhelming the flavor of the whiskey.
  • Apple cider. Apple cider has a robust apple flavor that can intensify the apple notes in the whiskey.
  • Lemonade. Lemonade’s sweet and tangy citrus pairs with Crown Royal Apple’s fruity notes, creating a balanced, refreshing taste.
  • Cinnamon syrup. Cinnamon has a warm, spicy flavor that pairs well with apple. It can give your cocktail a warming, spicy kick.
  • Sweet vermouth. This festive mixer can add depth and complexity to your Crown Royal Apple Whiskey cocktail, similar to a Manhattan.
  • Hot tea. Hot tea can add warmth and a slight bitterness to your cocktail. The warmth of the tea can also bring out different flavors in the whiskey.
  • Champagne or sparkling wine. The bubbles help to cut through the sweet note of the whiskey and make the drink more refreshing. It adds a festive touch to the drinks, too. 
  • Tonic water. Tonic water provides a slightly bitter taste that balances the flavor of whiskey. 
  • Fruit juices. The juices can sweeten and add tart to the drink while diluting the alcohol content, resulting in a refreshing beverage.

Best Glassware For Serving Crown Royal Apple Cocktails

When serving Crown Royal Apple cocktails, you have several glassware options to choose from. Here are some popular choices:

  • Rocks glass/old-fashioned glass. This classic glass with a thick base and wide mouth. Popular brands include Libbey, Riedel, and Schott Zwiesel.
  • Highball glass. A tall, slender glass with straight sides, ideal for cocktails with a larger volume or mixed with soda. Look for brands like Duralex, Bormioli Rocco, or Anchor Hocking.
  • Collins glass. Similar to a highball glass but slightly taller and narrower, it works well for Crown Royal Apple cocktails with sparkling elements. Brands such as Luminarc, Libbey, and Pasabahce offer Collins glasses.
  • Coupe glass. A rounded, shallow glass with a stem, often associated with classic cocktails. It can add an elegant touch to Crown Royal Apple whiskey cocktails. Consider brands like Spiegelau, Schott Zwiesel, or Baccarat.
  • Glencairn glass. The Glencairn glass has a tulip-shaped bowl, enhancing the whiskey’s aroma and flavor. Glencairn and Norlan are popular brands for whiskey glasses.

This recipe celebrates the unbeatable combo of cinnamon and apple mixed with Crown Royal Apple to give you tasty shots that will impress all your guests.

The recipe serves 6 to 8 shots and can be easily adjusted to cater to as many people as you are hosting.

This fun and tasty recipe goes down smoothly with little aftertaste and comes together in seconds.

You can use fresh cranberries instead of apple slices to garnish your drink and still enjoy a happy buzz with your family and friends.

Impress your pals with this blend of apple and citrus that is as easy to make as its name.

I like to brighten up the citrus flavor by squeezing some lemon into the drink but you can also garnish it with apple slices or lime.

This recipe makes for an amazing, creamy cocktail perfect for an evening spent in front of a crackling fire with your buddies.

Use the caramel stick to stir your cocktail as you snack on the caramel candies making for a wonderful explosion in your mouth and a fine way to make merry.

This is one Crown Apple drink you will love for its crisp, clean flavor and ease in preparation.

You will only need our trusty Crown Royal Apple, cranberry juice, and some fresh apples for garnish.

Splash some more whiskey for a stronger taste, add some unflavored seltzer for some fizz and use whatever fruit you have for garnishing!

You can also adjust the measurements to serve more people and have it prepared before time and refrigerated in a pitcher until the party gets started. 

Isn’t that handy?

This recipe makes a memorable, drinkable, boozy dessert cocktail that will have you thinking of summer.

You will need a huge scoop of ice cream to top your mixture of vanilla whisky, cinnamon, and Crown Apple whisky.

The recipe will only take five minutes,  a quick stir, and will serve one but believe me, you will be making way more of this and not just in summer.

This simple yet flavorful recipe yields one cocktail and will only take 5 minutes of your time.

All you need is some apple cider, ginger-flavored kombucha, Crown Royal Apple, and crushed ice for this tasty drink.

Garnish with some apple slices and/or a cinnamon stick.

The colder months will have you prepare this particular toddy that is sure to fire you up.up your body.

Feel free to use any tea in place of the cinnamon apple herbal tea as they all go well with Crown Royal Apple.

It is perfect for a nightcap and is sure to soothe your sniffles as it warms you from the inside out!

Add as much honey and Crown Royal Apple as you need to get your evening going.

This particular recipe yields a cocktail that is great for Mardi Gras and all year round.

Imbibe and indulge in this sweet and feminine cocktail that will only take four minutes to prepare!

You will need a cocktail shaker with ice and some champagne flutes for this beauty.

It is truly a festive drink that is showy yet packs a mean punch you will not soon forget.

If you don’t like the taste of booze in your cocktails, then this is the perfect recipe for you.

The Apple flavored Crown Royal whiskey, Apple juice, and applesauce concoction prepared in a record 2 minutes guarantees you won’t taste any booze.

It is also great for day drinking and in fall or winter as you sit around the fire pit with your loved ones.

This is a refreshing drink perfect for the hot summer months with a unique flavor you can serve at a party or sip at home on your patio.

I prefer fresh homemade lemonade with this recipe and added a little more whiskey as this recipe is on the easier side.

You can change up the recipe by adding some fizz with club soda or some ginger ale or cola with the same crisp effect.

All this awesomeness will only take 10 minutes of your time.

You will only need two ingredients for this particular cocktail that mimics the taste of caramel apple sucker.

Add ice cubes to your drink for a cold cocktail or toss it in the microwave for 30 seconds; whatever you fancy.

For a bigger crowd or Thanksgiving dinner, adjust the measurements and serve it in a punch bowl and serve with floating caramels.

Prepare for a second and a third run for more as it quickly runs out!

This recipe makes one serving, takes five minutes and you will only need your Crown Royal Apple Whisky, apple cider, and ice. 

That’s it.

The apple is for garnishing, which is optional, though we all agree it makes the drink pretty and it tastes good too.

For a spiced version, add cinnamon or nutmeg and enjoy a little spice in your cozy setting.

This is a perfect Halloween cocktail that will fit in perfectly with your theme if you get the skeleton hand glass.

You need to warn your guests that this beautiful cocktail serves a mean punch and remind them not to drink and drive or they will find their way to the graveyard.

This recipe can be adjusted for a single serving or a punch bowl for a party of 20.

Remember to swirl the edible luster dust in your punch bowl before serving your guests as it tends to sink.

This evil-queen cocktail will only take five minutes of your time and is a great conversation starter for any party.

This ice-cold drink is both sweet and fizzy thanks to the perfect blend of fruity flavors from the cranberry and the Crown Royal Apple.

The rosemary and mint give it an aromatic flavor while the slices of lime give a tangy taste to contrast the sweetness.

Add a splash of whisky if you want it extra boozy or some apple juice for a more fruity flavor.

This easy recipe will only take two minutes from start to finish and is always a great hit atin gatherings.

This lovely and delicious cocktail needs only three ingredients, a cocktail shaker, a chilled coupe glass, and 5 minutes of your time.

Garnish with lemon zest and enjoy in the privacy of your home or at a party.

Consider enjoying this drink after dinner or at a party with your colleagues and friends.

The sweet taste Is deceiving and will have everyone asking for more so drink responsibly.

It is also easy to tweak the recipe so you can make a punch bowl for larger groups or even apple martini shots for the adventurous crowds.

All these variations are made in this easy recipe and all are tried and tested winners. 

Take your pick.

The Washington Apple Drink is a tasty cocktail with a strong apple taste and a sour hint of cranberry. It’s famous as it’s easy to make, not expensive, and suitable for parties or dinners.

This Crown Royal Caramel Apple drink is like sipping autumn in a glass. It’s sweet and smooth with a hint of spice from the ginger ale.

These jello shots deliver a nice blend of apple and caramel flavors. They are easy to prepare ahead of time, making them a stress-free addition to any gathering.

This cocktail recipe offers a delicious burst of flavor that combines the tart taste of apple, caramel’s sweet note, and bourbon‘s warmth. It’s visually appealing with apple slices as garnish.

This Crown Royal Apple recipe captures fall flavors in a refreshing cocktail. Mix Crown Royal Regal Apple with pomegranate in an ice-filled glass, garnish with an apple slice, and enjoy the drink for festive gatherings.

This Crown Apple & Pineapple Juice recipe requires just three ingredients. Mixing the whisky with fruit juice creates a smooth, apple-flavored drink with a hint of caramel and spice.

The cocktail mixes tart cranberry juice with sweet apple-flavored whiskey in just two minutes. Serve this refreshing drink in an ice-filled glass garnished with an apple wedge or fresh cranberries.

The bottom line

From the Crown Rose recipe to the Carnival Queen, Whiskey Apple Pie Float, Crown Apple Hot Toddy, and so much more, there’s a cocktail here for every grownup looking for a delicious drink to make at home.

Whether you stopped by to see our list of snacks that go great with crown apple mixed drinks or see our list of best glassware options, please share this article with a friend!

Take your pick from these Crown Apple mixed drinks and get your party started.

Snacks That Go Great With Crown Royal Apple Recipes

These snacks complement the flavors of your Crown Royal Apple cocktails and offer a range of textures and tastes.

  • Spiced Apple & Brie Crostini. Toasted baguette slices topped with melted brie cheese and spiced apple compote.
  • Bacon-Wrapped Dates. Sweet and savory bites of dates wrapped in crispy bacon.
  • Mini Chicken Sliders. Bite-sized chicken sliders with apple slaw and a tangy barbecue sauce.
  • Maple Glazed Meatballs. Tender meatballs glazed with a delicious maple syrup sauce.
  • Apple & Cheddar Cheese Quesadillas. Crispy tortillas filled with melted cheddar cheese and thinly sliced apples.
  • Sweet Potato Fries. Crispy sweet potato fries served with spicy mayo or chipotle aioli.
  • Caprese Skewers. Skewers of fresh mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, and basil leaves drizzled with balsamic glaze.
  • Honey-Sriracha Chicken Wings. Sticky and spicy chicken wings with a sweet honey-sriracha glaze.
  • Mini Crab Cakes. Bite-sized crab cakes served with a zesty remoulade sauce.
  • Apple & Caramel Dip. Sliced apples accompanied by a creamy caramel dip for a sweet and refreshing option.

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24 BEST Crown Royal Apple Recipes 🥃

24 BEST Crown Royal Apple Recipes 🥃

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