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30 BEST Jalapeno Appetizers: Bring On The Heat!

30 BEST Jalapeno Appetizers: Bring On The Heat!

Here are 30 jalapeno appetizers and starters with jalapeno in them that you can try making at home.

Do you love spicy appetizers?

Then this list is perfect for you!

Jalapenos, while readily available all over the US today, was initially grown only in Mexico.

Today, however, you can see this pepper cultivated in the warmer regions of the US, like California, Texas, and New Mexico.

One interesting fact that not many may know about this pepper is that it’s the exact same pepper used for dried chipotle.

The difference between the green jalapeno that you’re familiar with and the red, wrinkly, smoky, and dried chipotle is that the latter was allowed to fully ripen before it was processed.

Yes, those green jalapeno peppers that you love are essentially peppers that aren’t fully ripe, hence the green color.

While considered spicy, this pepper isn’t the hottest around, with its Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) tagged at 3,500.

The hottest pepper in existence, which is the Dragon’s Breath pepper, is clocked at 2.48 million SHU.

This shows you just how mild this chili is!

This mildness allows you to use this pepper in a variety of appetizers that many can enjoy.

Probably the most popular appetizer that people make using it is the Jalapeno Popper, which comes in many different guises.

Some of these can be found in this list, like the Italian Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers and the Bacon Wrapped
Jalapeno Poppers.

Poppers aren’t the only starters you can make with this crunchy, green chili though.

Some more inventive appetizers you can make with this include Jalapeno Pinwheels and Jalapeno Jam on Toast.

So, ready to spice up your meal with these fiery appetizers?

Let’s heat it up!

1. Jalapeno Cheese Bites

Did you know that cheese and this green pepper go well together?

This recipe shows you just how compatible these two are!

If you’re prepping these for a party, you can make them ahead of time, freeze them, and fry them on the day of your event.

2. Jalapeno Tortilla Rollups

This recipe serves a double purpose – as an appetizer and as a snack!

And guess what?

It’s a no-cook dish so you can prepare this without turning on your oven or your stovetop!

3. Italian Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

The name itself shows you what ingredients you need for this dish!

Italian sausage mixed with a couple of Italian cheeses and some cream cheese for adhesion.

For a more pronounced Italian flavor, you can add in some Italian seasoning to your sausage and cheese filling.

4. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Ahhh, yes, bacon!

No list is truly complete without a recipe that has bacon in it.

And this is just the first of many that uses this yummy breakfast treat!

5. Jalapeno Dynamite

This dish is named as such because of how it looks!

The stem of each pepper looks like the dynamite’s fuse after the jalapeno is wrapped in the spring roll wrappers.

While this dish is vegan, you can play around with the filling to make it more to your liking.

6. Jalapeno Pinwheels

This recipe is an offshoot of the rollups recipe I listed earlier.

The biggest difference between this recipe and that one is that this one uses puff pastry instead of tortillas.

Oh, and you have to bake these before you can serve them!

7. Cheesy Jalapeno & Corn Dip

The mixture of sharp, sweet, and spicy in this dip is rather addictive.

So, better prepare lots of chips and crackers for this one!

Best served hot for that gooey, sticky yumminess.

8. Jalapeno & Bacon Cheeseball

Not all jalapeno appetizers are partnered with sharp cheeses.

This cheeseball, which is great with any cracker, is made with a combination of Swiss and cream cheese.

This gives you a milder ball that gives the bite of the pepper a chance to shine through!

9. Jalapeno Nachos

Here’s another appetizer/snack recipe that gets a spicy kick with this pepper!

Nachos are great not only as a starter but also for when you’re watching movies, on game day, and even on a picnic.

The garlicky sauce on top takes it to another level with its creaminess and added zing!

10. Jalapeno Totchos

Tater tots served like nachos = Totchos!

These tots get a nacho treatment with a sprinkling of sliced jalapenos, crumbled bacon, and some sour cream on top.

You can also go fully loaded with this by adding some ground beef and lots of grated cheese to the mix!

11. Tuna Cakes With Jalapeno

Fishcakes are also a popular appetizer.

When mixed with some chopped jalapenos, these tuna cakes are the perfect bite!

Served with a lemon aioli dip, you get creamy, tangy, and spicy all together.

12. Crab Stuffed Jalapenos

Mmmmm, crab!

These peppers take on a sophisticated air with a crab and cheese filling.

If you want to elevate it a bit more, mix in some shrimp or use lobster instead!

13. Jalapeno Wonton Cups

Crunchy, salty, creamy, and spicy all in one mouthful!

Oh, and did I forget to mention pretty quick to make?

Just be sure to prepare a lot of these when you make them because these are sure to be a hit!

14. Deviled Eggs With Jalapeno

Deviled eggs usually get their zing from a dash of cayenne pepper.

This recipe, however, gets it from chopped jalapenos!

This also gives each creamy piece some crunch.

15. Jalapeno, Avocado & Cream Cheese Wontons

These crispy triangles are to die for!

Creamy, crispy, cheesy, and spicy, each piece is sure to please the palate.

To minimize the amount of oil needed to crisp these up, you can always use an air fryer!

16. Roasted Jalapeno Guacamole

Spicy and creamy but without the cheese?

Yes, that’s what you can expect with this dip that goes superbly with your chips!

This zingy take on guacamole also comes with a bit of smokiness from the roasting these peppers get before they’re chopped and added to the avocado.

17. Artichoke Dip With Jalapeno

And while we’re on the subject of dips, here’s another one worth trying out!

This recipe gives you an earthy and creamy dip with a kick.

To serve, place in a bowl and put on a platter that has celery sticks, carrot sticks, crackers, chips, and crostini.

18. Cranberry & Jalapeno Salsa

Sweet and spicy is a combination that tickles your taste buds!

That’s what you get with this fruity and peppery salsa.

The bright red color also helps whet the appetite.

19. Jalapeno Strawberry Jam On Toast

Berries and jalapeno seem to be a match in heaven!

This recipe shows you how to make (and even bottle) jam that combines the mild spiciness of this green pepper with the red sweetness of strawberries.

Serve on bruschetta, crostini, and even plain toast as a side dish or appetizer.

20. Jalapeno & Tuna Poke Wonton Cups

While poke is usually served as a meal, this recipe turns it on its head and transforms it into an appetizer!

Served in crispy wonton cups, you get buttery, tangy, creamy, and crunchy with each piece.

This is a great appetizer to serve in your Hawaiian-themed parties!

21. Jalapeno Meatballs

Meatballs with a surprise!

Instead of stuffing ground meat into a pepper, this recipe stuffs the pepper (and lots of cheese) into the meatball.

Serve with a sauce ala-Swedish meatballs or dry with a toothpick inserted in each one as a canape.

22. Jalapeno Egg Rolls

Are you a fan of egg rolls?

If so,  this recipe is one you should definitely try.

Serve with a variety of dipping sauces, such as ranch, sweet chili, and soy sauce.

23. Jalapeno Cornbread In A Skillet

Here’s a rustic recipe that you can serve as an appetizer at a barbecue!

Cut in wedges or squares, depending on how big a serving you want.

You can also prep this recipe as a side dish!

24. Jalapeno Chicken Tacos

This recipe uses taco boats, which helps keep all of the ingredients properly contained.

You can serve each taco boat fully assembled, or you can turn it into a fun activity!

Toast your taco boats and place all the ingredients for this dish in separate bowls.

Give your guests an opportunity to build a custom appetizer!

25. Jalapeno Sliders

These teeny-tiny burgers are jalapeno poppers in slider form!

If you want these tiny bites to be spicier, add some of this chopped pepper to the patties.

You can also adapt this recipe into a meal.

Create bigger patties and turn these into full-size burgers!

26. Jalapeno & Chicken With Bacon Quesadillas

For this recipe, you will need melty cheese to hold your quesadillas together.

Mexican cheese blend is recommended here, but you can add some of your favorite cheeses.

Mozzarella (for great cheese pull), raclette (super melty), and blue cheese (goes well with ranch) are some cheeses to consider.

27. Stuffed Bell Peppers

It’s a pepper within a pepper!

You can call this Inception, Jalapeno style!

These stuffed bell peppers get a much-needed kick with chopped jalapenos added into it.

28. Jalapeno Pizza Bites

Hey, pizza can be an appetizer too!

Bake in a rectangular baking sheet so you can slice this in smaller squares.

If you don’t want to make pizza dough from scratch, you can always use ready-made pizza dough for this recipe.

29. Three-Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Here’s one more popper recipe to add to the list!

This time, it’s all cheese!

Two types of cheddar and cream cheese fill each hollowed-out jalapeno to make a delectable appetizer.

Of course, as always, you can add bacon to this!

30. Jalapeno Cheese Crisps

These three-ingredient crisps are not only great as appetizers, but also as a snack.

They’re so easy to make!

And they’re keto-friendly too!

The bottom line

This list of 30 jalapeno appetizers shows you just how popular this pepper is!

While most people will gravitate towards the familiar poppers when faced with making appetizers using jalapenos, the recipes here should give you more options to try.

If you’re not really too excited about the hotness of this pepper, there is a way to still enjoy it in a milder form.

Remove all the seeds and the ribs before adding or using in your dishes.

Also, if you really want most of the heat removed, blanching the pepper before chopping or filling it will also help.

Appetizers With Jalapeños: 30 To Choose From

Appetizers With Jalapeños: 30 To Choose From

Here are 30 jalapeno appetizers and starters with jalapeno in them that you can try making at home.


  • Jalapeno Cheese Bites
  • Jalapeno Tortilla Rollups
  • Italian Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers
  • Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
  • Jalapeno Dynamite
  • Jalapeno Pinwheels
  • Cheesy Jalapeno & Corn Dip
  • Jalapeno & Bacon Cheeseball
  • Jalapeno Nachos
  • Jalapeno Totchos
  • Tuna Cakes With Jalapeno
  • Crab Stuffed Jalapenos
  • Jalapeno Wonton Cups
  • Deviled Eggs With Jalapeno
  • Jalapeno, Avocado & Cream Cheese Wontons
  • Roasted Jalapeno Guacamole
  • Artichoke Dip With Jalapeno
  • Cranberry & Jalapeno Salsa
  • Jalapeno Strawberry Jam On Toast
  • Jalapeno & Tuna Poke Wonton Cups
  • Jalapeno Meatballs
  • Jalapeno Egg Rolls
  • Jalapeno Cornbread In A Skillet
  • Jalapeno Chicken Tacos
  • Jalapeno Sliders
  • Jalapeno & Chicken With Bacon Quesadillas
  • Stuffed Bell Peppers
  • Jalapeno Pizza Bites
  • Three-Cheese Jalapeno Poppers
  • Jalapeno Cheese Crisps


  1. Get the party started with one of these Jalapeno Appetizers
  2. Find your simple ingredients and get out a drink of choice!
  3. Start cookin’ and chewin’ and share it all!

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