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Try These 7 Prosciutto Appetizers To Elevate The Snack Tray!

Try These 7 Prosciutto Appetizers To Elevate The Snack Tray!

Prosciutto is easily one of the best foods to ever be invented by us mortals.

If it were up to me, the uber-delicious slice of aged and cured ham would have godly status! That’s just how delicious the thin, buttery slices of prosciutto are! 

Prosciutto is also one of those that’s a complete hit at parties, thanks to its ability to pair so amazingly well with a wide array of foods, both sweet and savory. 

You can pair prosciutto with different kinds of fruits, cheese, and meat, and it will taste equally divine with all of them. 

What’s more, prosciutto can be served hot and cold, which opens up a world of endless recipes for you to try.

If you plan to throw a small party for your family or close friends, then you need to take a look at these prosciutto appetizers that will surely become the life of the party! 

Here are seven of my most favorite prosciutto appetizers that you must try and serve to your family and guests:

If you’re looking for a fun prosciutto appetizer, then look no further than prosciutto-wrapped Caprese salad bites! 

This recipe only consists of four ingredients – thin prosciutto slices, small mozzarella balls, shredded basil leaves, and cherry tomatoes. 

The combination of these simple yet tasty ingredients is divine.

Easily the most enjoyable thing about this appetizer is that you can eat it with a toothpick!

The balance of the two exceptionally different pear and prosciutto flavors in this appetizer is truly a work of art.

The recipe is also an incredibly easy appetizer to prepare and is a favorite at parties.

It’s sweet, tangy, cheesy, spicy, and a lot more!

As if that weren’t enough, this tasty dish can be made gluten-free! 

When it comes to easy prosciutto appetizers, this one certainly gives the other appetizers on this list a run for their money!

If you love cheese and ham, then you’re bound to love this appetizer.

The fresh mozzarella pairs well with thin prosciutto slices!

The blend of these ingredients results in cheesy and buttery goodness that’s just incomparable.

The taste of this dish is further enhanced with reduced balsamic vinegar.

You can also add a bit of green to this yummy appetizer with some crunchy arugula!

There is something truly inviting and elegant about asparagus wrapped in delicately sliced prosciutto.

This appetizer is hands down one of the most sophisticated and appetizing dishes out there that will surely be a hit with your family and friends.

And the crunchiness and creaminess of prosciutto and asparagus?

A winner!

Prosciutto and apples might sound like an odd combination, but I urge you to try this easy-to-prepare appetizer.

The sweet, juicy, and crispy autumn glory apples with hints of cinnamon and caramel taste utterly exquisite when wrapped in prosciutto slices.

The cheese adds the perfect texture to the appetizer, making this recipe the ultimate snack!

Prawns and prosciutto?

Yes, another fantastic prosciutto appetizer with two mouthwatering ingredients.

The creamy and slightly salty flavor of the prosciutto blends with the flavor of fried prawns.

However, my favorite part is the pesto dip’s added element, which takes this appetizer to the next level! 

Did you think that I was about to end this list of fun prosciutto appetizers without mentioning the delicious pairing of prosciutto and bread?

I would never do that!

Crispy, beautifully golden, baked baguette slices go perfectly with thinly-sliced prosciutto.

The sweet and tangy flavor of crisp apples and cheesiness of Gorgonzola round off this appetizer that must have been made in heaven! 

The bottom line

Prosciutto is without a doubt one of those foods which goes a long way, but is also just never enough.

It’s certainly mouth watering in itself, make no mistake.

But for it to be enjoyed thoroughly, an effort must be made to make it an utter standout in our menus.

The amazingly flavorsome entries we’ve just shared are more than enough to get you started with this kind of meal.

And once you are well more than ready to make them, an altogether different kind of excitement awaits.

Need even more easy appetizer ideas? We got you!

Prosciutto appetizers that you must try

Prosciutto appetizers that you must try

7 appetizing prosciutto appetizers that you must try


  • Prosciutto-wrapped Caprese salad bites appetizer
  • Pear prosciutto appetizer
  • Balsamic mozzarella prosciutto
  • Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
  • Prosciutto cheddar apple wraps
  • Prosciutto-wrapped prawns with pesto dip
  • Prosciutto and Gorgonzola Crostini


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