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54 Prosecco Cocktails: Super Tasty, Festive & Creative 🍸

Got a bottle of Prosecco? Turn it into festive creative Prosecco cocktails! 

Here’s our list of 54 different tasty and fun cocktail recipes that use Prosecco!

When you’re celebrating something, or you just feel extra happy, Prosecco is a great go-to liquor!
So bring out that bottle of Prosecco you’ve been hiding and make some Prosecco cocktails.

Prosecco is a sparkling white wine hailed from Italy that’s commonly interchangeable with champagne. 

It has a light and fruity taste that makes any drink more festive and vibrant.

Regardless of whether you want to impress your friends or need a crowd-pleasing drink for a party, these 54 Prosecco cocktails should give you plenty of ideas.

You can never go wrong with Prosecco alone, but these cocktails should make things more interesting.

Take a look at #20 if you want to go above and beyond with your cocktail game.

The Love Potion Cocktail and Summer Manhattan should take you on an adventure of tastes.

Let’s mix things up.

1. Prosecco Margaritas

If there’s one cocktail recipe that you can easily make in big batches, it’s this one.

Margarita is a party staple.

It’s a safe option for a drink, but if you add Prosecco to it, it becomes a sparkling drink that’s hard to resist.

This recipe is straightforward to do. 

Doing everything, including the simple syrup, shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes!

A Bellini is a well-loved and glamorous drink that originated in 1948.

This simple recipe will be loved by peach lovers and is great if you want to whip something up quickly.

With only 2 ingredients, you won’t have any trouble creating this cocktail yourself.

Vodka and Prosecco make a great combination in this elegant cocktail.

The vodka adds to the personality and thrill of the drink, while the Prosecco adds a festive vibe to it. 

This is the perfect party cocktail if you’re looking for a drink with a higher alcohol content than usual.

The Hugo Cocktail is a truly invigorating and classic European drink.

Once you’ve taken a sip, it’s hard to stop.

You’ll enjoy a glass and another (and another!).

Remember to serve this right away, though, because it does not taste too good when stored for too long.

Cucumber and mint are quite a combo but add Prosecco to the mix, and you get this unique and revitalizing sparkler you can make whenever you feel like powering up.

Although making the mint simple syrup is an additional step, the overall time to make this cocktail is no more than 10 minutes.

This sangria is an unparalleled bubbly and sweet drink when you feel like you want to satisfy your cravings for a fizzy cocktail.

In addition to the rich taste, this cocktail is also beautiful!

It will come out stunning, regardless of whether it’s your first time making it or not.

Even beginners can whip up this sugary and festive drink perfect for parties.

This is a great cocktail because all the main ingredients of this are easy to come by, and you probably already have most of them.

The ginger and pomegranate combine surprisingly make sense and work well together.

This cocktail takes some time to prep and cook, but it’s all worth it when you taste the unique blend of the different flavors playing in it.

Limoncello cocktails are something that you should not miss out on.

Originating from Italy, Limoncello is made by soaking lemon peels in neutral-flavored alcohol.

When mixed with Prosecco, you get the limoncello spritz, a mixture of tart and sweet flavors.

This is one of the most classic and elegant drinks out there, so don’t skip out on this!

Prosecco becomes more interesting when you add fruits to it.

Blackberry is definitely a good choice to add life and personality to an already interesting drink.

This blackberry and sage combination with Prosecco makes a fruity and earthy taste that feels like a party in your mouth.

This cocktail recipe requires more than 30 minutes and more effort than your usual cocktails, but the uniqueness of its taste is worth all the effort and time.

If you want a strong and bubbly cocktail, this gin and Prosecco cocktail should be on top of your list.

This is another safe option when you’re trying to make something easy.

Slushies are fun!

This quick and easy Pineapple Prosecco Slushie proves just how festive and vibrant Prosecco can get.

If you want to get tropical vibes from one sip of a drink, don’t think twice about making your version of this cocktail.

This is the ideal party drink shared with friends.

Vodka and Prosecco can be extremely two contrasting tastes, so this cocktail adds a triple sec that evens out the flavor of both.

This cocktail is like a more refined version of the cosmopolitan Prosecco cocktail.

The bright and tart flavor of cranberry, paired with the hints of the minty flavor of rosemary, are good partners to Prosecco.

This is extremely easy to make because you just have to pour and stir all the ingredients together.

With one simple step, you can whip up the ideal party drink!

There’s no doubt that fruits are a great complement to the taste of Prosecco, so there’s no surprise that this Strawberry Basil Vodka cocktail is delicious and memorable.

If there’s one drink that defines summer, it’s this one! 

Despite that, it doesn’t mean you have to wait for summer to make this, though.

This Cherry Bakewell Cocktail should do the trick if you prefer to go lighter on your cocktails.

This cocktail is so light that it’s a stellar companion to your brunch.

You can feel all the feelings of relaxation with one sip.

A delicious cocktail you can put together quickly? 

Who doesn’t want that?

This Bourbon Spritz is an exquisite holiday drink if you want something quick and easy without sacrificing quality and taste.

The taste is a complex blend of vanilla, caramel, and fruity notes that will make a party in your mouth.

Who knew honey and sweet tea taste even better with Prosecco?

The addition of vodka in this drink neutralizes all the flavors, allowing them to mix better with each other.

You’ll love this drink once you get a taste.

Apple cider has a taste that not everyone can appreciate on the first try, but incorporating it into this cocktail makes almost anyone crave more apple cider!

This cocktail gives a warm and bubbly feeling that’s best during fall, but that shouldn’t stop you from making it any other time of the year.

Remember to consume this as soon as you make it, or else it won’t taste as bubbly or good.

Think of a Bellini, but with some Chambord liqueur!

It’s definitely a unique taste that no one should miss out on.

This cocktail is perfect for your New Year’s Eve party, shared with family and friends.

Sgroppino is an Italian cocktail that’s both a drink and a dessert. 

Any person looking for something out of the ordinary will enjoy a glass of this cocktail.

With only 3 to 4 ingredients, you can make your own version of this well-loved dessert cocktail.

The Negroni is a Campari gin cocktail originally made with equal parts of Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin.

This cocktail is one variation of the classic Negroni.

Don’t miss out on this because any variation of the Negroni is worth your time.

Some people enjoy their cocktail more when it looks as beautiful as it tastes.

This unique cocktail is only a simple twist to the Prosecco, but the taste and look are something you would least expect from such a simple recipe.

Prosecco is delicious on its own, but this Spiced Apple Prosecco cocktail is just bursting with flavor.

This cocktail is the kind that you can enjoy any time, whether morning or night, during a party, or on a normal day.

Spiced rum, Prosecco, and apple cider are all you need to create this stunningly delicious drink.

The Paloma Aperol Spritz is an exceptional mix of some unique tasting drinks such as Aperol, lime juice, and tequila.

Nothing can be more refreshing than this.

This Paloma cocktail is a good option as a drink for warm summer days!

If a fruity flavor is something you can appreciate, then go for this cocktail.

You only need 3 straightforward ingredients and some garnishes; then, you can enjoy this fruity and flavorful cocktail.

Caramels and apples have always been great partners, but throw in Prosecco to the mix, and it’s a different kind of satisfaction.

This is a versatile drink you can drink in the morning, afternoon, or night. 

There’s no need for an occasion to enjoy glass after glass.

From the name itself, this cocktail is a twist on the classic Manhattan. 

It’s a light and energizing drink that’s ideal for the summer. 

The Aperol, Prosecco, and whiskey blend so well that no one ingredient overpowers the others.

The name “love potion” is earned because one sip of this drink will make you fall in love with it. 

This love potion cocktail is an unrivaled blend of sweet and bubbly, making it ideal if you’re looking for something light that you can enjoy more than one glass of.

It’s a great bonus that it looks so beautiful and appetizing too!

Bring out all the berries for this delicious, fruity, and cold mimosa.

This cocktail has that natural and refreshing feel to it.

Pro tip: If you want this to taste so much better, use real and fresh fruit popsicles.

The Italian Sparkler is the kind of cocktail that perfectly capitalizes on the bittersweet taste of its ingredients.

Despite having a bitter note, the flavors work well together to create a flavorful drinking experience.

However, it can be completely up to you if you want to lean toward this drink’s bitter or sugary notes.

This is a copycat recipe that’s basically a peach bellini.

The flavor of the peach blends flawlessly with the vodka and Prosecco.

Pro tip: Keep your ingredients as cold as possible to keep the drink’s frozen nature.

A mojito is a classic drink that everyone knows about.

Not everyone may be up for a drink of mojito, but when it’s laced with some Prosecco, it becomes a more festive and fascinating drink.

If you want something to liven you up, then this is it!

The combination of ingredients in this drink is something you wouldn’t come up with on a regular day.

Mixing these ingredients together with Prosecco is not common, but this recipe proves how well all the ingredients work together.

The honey-like sweetness of the fig is a glorious match for the bubbly vibe of the Prosecco.

Elderflower, although not always the highlight of cocktails, is actually one of the best pairings for bubbly drinks like Prosecco.

This cocktail recipe is simple, but the taste can exceed your expectations.

This is another strawberry-based Prosecco cocktail, but it deserves a spot here because it’s just as delicious as any other.

You only need simple ingredients to feel refreshed and alive with this cocktail.

It’s the kind of cocktail that can make you feel like you can do anything (yes, it’s that refreshing!).

Lemonade is a well-loved drink, so if you want to have a no-fail cocktail, incorporate lemonade into it.

The berry and mint flavors work well with the base flavor of the cocktail, so be generous with those.

Cranberry and gin both have strong flavors, but they even each other out with Prosecco in this recipe.

This cocktail is a light, rich, and revitalizing drink that almost anyone will appreciate. 

It’s not hard to get into this drink, especially if you prefer cocktails with rich flavors.

Limoncello, as you already know, is tart and sweet, but incorporating raspberry into the drink just elevates the flavor of this cocktail.

If it’s a thirst-quenching and flavorful summer drink you’re after, this will not disappoint.

You wouldn’t think that a pear works well with a cocktail, but here is this recipe proving you otherwise.

Exceptionally unique and rich with a sweet and tangy flavor, you can’t expect not to be blown away by this simple cocktail.

It’s best for holidays and parties, but it’s okay to drink it even if you’re just having a relaxing time at home.

Tart, sweet, and bubbly signature is exactly what you can expect from this cocktail. 

Apricots and coconut will surprise you with how magnificently they blend.

If you want something truly distinctive, whip up one of these!

This Cherry & Ginger Prosecco Spritz will give you a mixture of sweet and peppery flavors. 

It has that kick you won’t expect from any other cocktail.

Pro tip: Muddle the cherries lightly to let out some of their juice for a more flavorful cocktail.

Imagine sitting by the beach and just drinking a fruity tropical cocktail.

One glass of this drink, and you will feel like you have been transported to your favorite tropical destination, right by the beach.

If you’re looking for festive drinks with Prosecco, then this is it!

The addition of Prosecco in this cocktail recipe offers the perfect balance between bourbon and Aperol. 

Garnish the drink with an orange twist for a zesty flavor and to make it visually appealing.

Enjoy sipping this lavender lemonade Prosecco while swapping stories with your friends on a Sunday brunch. 

It’s one of those Prosecco drinks meant to impress any crowd! 

This eye-popping cocktail has a vivid purple color coming from lavender lemon syrup and neon purple food coloring.

You can’t beat the addition of fresh lemons and strawberries in this Prosecco sangria recipe. It’s darn refreshing!

To bring out the flavor of the fruits, you need to muddle them. 

Use a muddler or the back of a spoon to squish the fruits inside the cocktail glass.

Whether you serve it on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any special holiday, this three-ingredient cocktail offers endless entertainment! 

It’s laden with fresh tangy-sweet grapefruit juice, sweet rosemary simple syrup, and Prosecco, then garnished with fresh rosemary, which is optional. 

What’s more, you can make this drink ahead of time—now we’re talking.

A refreshing cocktail that’s filled with blueberry vodka, Prosecco, blueberries, and raspberries—who would not love this recipe?

The fruits add a sweet nuance which combines nicely with the vodka and Prosecco. 

Also, the red, white, and blue hue of the drink suit very well for celebrating all the American patriotic holidays.

You don’t need much for this drink. The ingredients are rhubarb, cane sugar, water, lemon juice and zest, and chilled Prosecco.

But even though there aren’t many elements to this Prosecco cocktail, it’s ultimately crowd-pleasing!

This cocktail is so tempting!

The color is bright green, which is perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day gathering. 

It only takes three simple steps to create one. 

First, add melon liqueur and lemon juice to a toasting glass. 

Next, top it with chilled Prosecco. 

And lastly, garnish with lemon twists. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

You will enjoy the glowing blue color of this frosted cocktail—it’s so fun to look at that you might don’t want to drink it.

The ingredient list on this one is pretty short. 

Make sure you have Mionetto Prosecco, raspberry vodka, blue curacao, peppermint syrup, lime juice, ginger beer, and silver cake shimmer.

Oh! And, of course—mint for garnish!

When you make this drink, you’ll first make the simple syrup. 

Then you’ll combine it with the remaining ingredients to create the cocktail.

It’s packed with pears, gin, lemon juice, thyme, sparkling Prosecco, and simple syrup—doesn’t this cocktail just sound divine?

Talking about easy Prosecco cocktails, this beautiful white classic cocktail gets its punch from vodka and Prosecco. 

It features a sweet and refreshing sorbet drowned in sparkling and bubbly Prosecco. Oh yes!

This delight is truly delicious on its own or as a palate cleanser at the end of your heavy dinner.

🍋 How Long Do Lemons Last? 🍋

Okay, folks—your new go-to Prosecco cocktail is finally here!

Featuring gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, and a champagne float, this zesty cocktail is perfect for parties and Christmas get-togethers. 

Though garnishes like rosemary and lemon slices aren’t necessary, it’s best to include them in the drink if you want an additional flavor punch. 

Choose elderflower syrup to help make non-alcoholic drinks that have wide appeal.

A bottle of Prosecco is all you need to take your classic peach bellini to the next level. It’s refreshing, light, and full of boozy notes!

The key to making a good bellini cocktail is getting all the ingredients nice and chilled before mixing them. 

So put them all in the fridge and gather them for assembling. 

Want to add an extra pop of color? 

A few drops of maraschino cherry juice or grenadine on top should do the trick!

The bottom line

Adding Prosecco is a great way to level up your cocktails! 

There’s just something enjoyable about adding a festive flair to your favorite drinks in the form of Prosecco cocktails.

If you want to improve your drinking experience, whether it’s during the morning or night, bring out that bottle of Prosecco and experiment with the ingredients you have.

Remember that you don’t need an occasion to make one of the cocktails on this list.

Creative Prosecco Cocktail Collection

Creative Prosecco Cocktail Collection

It's time to pop some bottles of Prosecco! Here are some of the best and most creative and festive Prosecco cocktails around the web.


  • Prosecco Margaritas
  • Classic Bellini
  • Cosmopolitan Prosecco
  • Hugo Cocktail
  • Cucumber Mint Sparkler
  • Prosecco Sangria
  • Ginger-Pomegranate Prosecco Cocktail
  • Limoncello Spritz
  • Blackberry Sage Prosecco
  • Gin & Prosecco Cocktail
  • Pineapple Prosecco Slushies
  • Mediterranean Sparkling Spring
  • Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail
  • Strawberry Basil Vodka
  • Cherry Bakewell Cocktail
  • Bourbon Spritz
  • Sweet Tea Prosecco Cocktail
  • Apple Cider Mimosa
  • Chambord Bellini
  • Sgroppino
  • Negroni Spritz
  • Ombre Hibiscus Prosecco Cocktail
  • Spiced Apple Prosecco
  • Paloma Aperol Spritz
  • Campari Cocktail Spritz
  • Caramel Apple Mimosa
  • Summer Manhattan
  • Love Potion Cocktail
  • Raspberry Strawberry Frozen Prosecco Mimosa
  • Italian Sparkler
  • Wallaby Darned Peach Cocktail
  • Prosecco Mojito
  • Fig Honey Thyme Prosecco Smash
  • Elderflower Prosecco Cocktail
  • Strawberry Prosecco Cocktail
  • Lemonade Prosecco Punch
  • Cranberry Gin Fizz
  • Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco
  • Pear Prosecco Cocktail
  • Apricot Coconut Prosecco Punch
  • Cherry & Ginger Prosecco Spritz
  • Tropical Champagne Cocktail
  • Bourbon Aperol Cocktail
  • Lavender Lemonade Prosecco Cocktail
  • Lemon Berry Prosecco Sangria
  • Grapefruit Rosemary Sparkler
  • Blueberry Prosecco
  • Rhubarb Bellini
  • Green Prosecco Cocktail
  • Frosted Cocktail
  • Pear & Gin Prosecco Cocktail
  • Lemon Prosecco Float
  • Sparkling Elderflower Gin Cocktail
  • Bellini Rum Punch


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