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10 Bell Pepper Appetizers

10 Bell Pepper Appetizers

The fresh snap of cold bell peppers are refreshing and delicious, even by themselves, or with a little ranch dip. 

But wait! 

What about the gorgeous charred edges of those roasted bell peppers, with layers of flavor that are super good, too.

It looks like both hot and cold bell pepper appetizers are on the menu today, and we sure have a great list of them for you to try.

1. Cheesy Stuffed Mini Peppers

Are you ever surprised by how just darn good something tastes? This was that recipe for me.

This bell pepper appetizer is made with goat cheese, ricotta cheese, thyme and bacon. 

They are creamy and the thyme offers that perfect bit of herb flavor to elevate the bacon.

2. Bell Pepper Oven Fries

These honestly remind me more of onion rings but sure, we can call them fries. 

This is such a creative appetizer made from bell peppers. 

I feel like these are even better because there are some nice spices in the recipe.

The recipe calls for smoked paprika, ginger, allspice and garlic. That is a nice combo of flavors right there.

3. Bell Pepper Nachos

This is a delicious take on classic nachos. The mini bell peppers will serve as a tasty chip replacement. 

The peppers add a bit of sweetness to the classic flavor of nachos. 

Be prepared for people to be surprised and delighted.

4. Mango Salsa

This salsa is so beautiful and it is fun to eat. The bell pepper is bright and colorful next to the mango.

It has the perfect amount of spice and flavor and it is easy to get on the chip. 

This is what I would call a “dry” salsa (think pico de gallo more than Pace Picante) so your chips shouldn’t become soggy too soon.

5. Bell Pepper Dip

This is a Turkish recipe and it is different in flavor and well worth trying. 

This dip is made using bell peppers and walnuts and various spices.

This bell pepper appetizer is vegan to boot. 

You will want some nice crispy tortilla chips to dip in this bell pepper dip. You could also use toasty baguettes.

6. Bell Pepper Salad

This simple bell pepper appetizer is quick to put together and you can make it in advance. 

If you can plan ahead, this is even better after it has been chilled in the fridge. 

You only need onion, dill, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic salt to season up this bell pepper salad.

7. Blueberry Bell Pepper Salsa

I just love a fresh take on salsa like this one. This one is so sweet and perfect AND it is pretty.

The star of the show is red bell pepper and blueberries. I think it would be perfect to serve this bell pepper snack with blue corn tortilla chips.

8. Pickled Mini Bell Peppers

Why don’t we pickle more things? I really do wonder. Pickle all the things!

Growing up I thought it was weird but that is just because no one was doing it right.

This recipe is doing it right. 

You start with roasted bell pepper minis. Then you marinade them. Then you pickle them with onion.

Yes, please!

9. Bell Pepper Bruschetta

It is hard to beat a delicious bruschetta on a perfectly toasted crostini. It is so Italian and lovely.

With this unique version, bell peppers are the star and oh do they shine brightly.

While you don’t have to pull out your fancy balsamic vinegar for this, I do highly recommend it. 

I mean if you got it, flaunt it!

10. Bell Pepper Nacho Boats

Nacho boats are just fun. This is such a creative bell pepper snack. 

Seasoned ground beef, stringy cheese, and spices buried in half a mini bell pepper are delicious and fun to eat.

I love treats like this. You can pick it up and pop it right in your mouth. No fork and knife needed.

The bottom line

Did you know that paprika is just bell pepper that’s been dried and powdered? I only learned that recently. 

I grew up with only green bell peppers around, and it was a shock to see that yellow, orange, and red bell peppers were all the same pepper, but at different stages of ripeness. 

I hope you enjoy this list of bell pepper appetizers. 

Maybe you find your favorite and add it to your recipe box. 

And here’s a tutorial about how to saute bell pepper. 

And these Stuffed Bell Peppers with No Rice are so good, too!

Want even more bell pepper recipes?

Bell Pepper Appetizers

Bell Pepper Appetizers

This is a list of easy bell pepper appetizers that are fun and delicious.


  • Cheesy Stuffed Mini Peppers
  • Bell Pepper Oven Fries
  • Bell Pepper Nachos
  • Mango Salsa
  • Bell Pepper Dip
  • Bell Pepper Salad
  • Blueberry Bell Pepper Salsa
  • Pickled Mini Bell Peppers
  • Bell Pepper Bruschetta
  • Bell Pepper Nacho Boats


  1. Pick two or three appetizers.
  2. Follow the directions.
  3. Enjoy every bite.

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