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21 Tasty Leftover Turkey Recipes To Try

21 Tasty Leftover Turkey Recipes To Try

Expert hosts and hostesses know it’s always better to have too much than too little food on big holidays. 

But the question is what to do with leftover turkey

Luckily for turkey lovers, there are multiple options. 

Instead of making traditional turkey sandwiches, you can turn this essential thanksgiving staple into delicious dishes you will actually enjoy.

Many of these turkey dishes are delicious ways of feeding out-of-town guests who stay after Thanksgiving or for your family who may still be in the holiday spirit. 

Most of them are quick and easy to prepare, giving you more time to spend with your loved ones instead of toiling away in the kitchen.

Let’s highlight our 21 favorite turkey recipe ideas that will leave you asking for more.

This is one of our favorite turkey leftover recipes. 

You add all the ingredients to the crockpot, turn up the heat and just leave it to cook. 

It’s the perfect way to save time and enjoy an evening with family and friends. 

Who doesn’t love some hearty leftover turkey soup? 

This recipe has so much goodness combining sage, thyme, potatoes, and much more for a rich, velvety broth. 

You can even use chicken broth if you’ve already gotten rid of your turkey drippings.

For a perfect combination, devour it with some fresh crusty bread or leftover rolls.

This creative recipe is one of our less traditional leftover Thanksgiving turkey ideas but still a crowd-pleaser. 

It’s made with oregano and cumin and has a melted, bubbly cheese finish. 

These enchiladas are perfect for your dinner guests.

If you’re still wondering what to make with leftover turkey, look no further than this creamy, decadent dish. 

Like a leftover turkey casserole, this dish uses easy ingredients cooked in a baking dish for quick clean-up.

This tasty recipe calls for Thanksgiving leftovers and is sure to please, and if it’s a hit with your family, you can use deli turkey as an alternative in the future. 

Unlike many other sandwiches, they’re effortless to make in bulk, making them one of the best leftover turkey ideas.

This leftover turkey recipe is one of the best ways to make something elegant in the days following Thanksgiving. 

The turkey is breaded, rolled with other ingredients, and fried for a delectable dish.

This sophisticated sandwich is one of the best ways to use leftover turkey and takes it far beyond traditional Thanksgiving flavors. 

So when you’re sick of Thanksgiving food, make this sandwich and breathe new life into the meat.

This decadent sandwich, stacked with melty goodness, is built from soft bread, turkey, and ham. 

It is then deep-fried and dipped in leftover cranberry sauce for the perfect mix of sweet and savory. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to what a restaurant can do when you can cook delicious food at home.

This creative leftover turkey idea makes a beautiful morning-after breakfast or brunch dish.

It’s packed with nutrients and lots of flavor and is low carb and gluten-free. 

You can make the turkey sausage yourself the day before for quick preparation.

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Enjoy a creative twist on this beloved Kentucky classic.

It incorporates leftover turkey, cheese, bacon, sour cream, and other delectable ingredients into an easy quiche. 

They can be made in advance, tossed in freezer bags, and saved for later. 

Your brain might be thinking “what?” but your taste buds will thank you for this one.

Nothing is better for leftovers than easy recipes for one-pot meals with quick clean-up, and this recipe fits the bill. 

Best of all, it’s a perfect combination of filling ingredients and will have you craving more. 

Use your leftover roasted sweet potatoes or start from fresh.

So good on a cold day with a cup of soup and a hot drink.

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Wow your out-of-town guests with this simple yet delicious and satisfying one-pot breakfast casserole.
 It uses frozen hash browns for easy preparation. 

Also, all the other ingredients are easy to prepare so that you can enjoy more time with your family.

More hashbrowns are never a bad thing with our Sausage & Potato Casserole.

If you’re sick of Thanksgiving flavors, then this dish is perfect. 

You’ll even forget you’re eating Thanksgiving turkey breast AGAIN with the cheesy, creamy, spicy tastes. 

It’s a great way to surprise your guests with a twist to basic leftovers

This delectable dish incorporates classic Northern Italian flavors into a creamy pasta dish. 

Since the meat is already cooked, it’s speedy, with easy ways to prepare, and feeds a crowd. 

So if you’re still thinking about ​​what to do with Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, this is the perfect choice.

Another addition to the list of one-pot meals is delicious recipe.

The creamy bacon alfredo is a great base, making this turkey leftovers recipe one of our favorites in the list. 

Chicken, move over. 

Chunk up your leftover turkey and add to this cream cheese sauced dish, one of many creative ways to put together a meal fast after turkey day.

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Combine exciting spices and ingredients such as cumin, chili powder, pepper jack cheese, cilantro, and ground garlic to make this Mexican-inspired dinner. 

It requires a bit more prep, but it’s well worth the effort.

After a heavy Thanksgiving dinner, you might be craving something on the lighter side.

If that’s the case, then this salad which incorporates classic fall flavors, is a perfect choice.

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Go beyond chicken noodle soup and make this delicious alternative that uses your leftover turkey meat (don’t forget the dark meat —it adds a lot of flavor to soups and stews) and homemade dumplings. 

I’m a fan of how easy drop dumplings are from a biscuit mix, but you can use shears to cut canned biscuits (the easiest way to get dinner on the table fast), or roll out dough and cut into strips.

To add some fun, bring the kids into the kitchen for a hands-on cooking class.

There is no comfort food quite like a thick and creamy chowder. 

Add creamy corn, potatoes, and spices to make this hearty dish. 

The ingredients come together to make this recipe tasty and delicious. 

You can also find the perfect side for your corn chowder with our epic list.

This dish uses store-bought pie crusts for simplicity, along with fresh vegetables and thyme. 

You can make one large pie or smaller individual ones for a fun personal touch. 

There are different ways to make turkey leftovers recipes the next day, and we like this one a lot.

The bottom line

So, skip the leftover turkey sandwiches (okay, after the one you have for breakfast). 

The delicious recipes mentioned in this article aren’t just for after Thanksgiving, they’re great anytime throughout the year. 

Maybe you’ll find your favorite leftover turkey recipes here. Did you? Let us know. 

There are plenty of options here for amazing leftover turkey recipes that will save you time and energy while being delicious!

21 Tasty Ways To Cook Leftover Turkey 👩🏼‍🍳

21 Tasty Ways To Cook Leftover Turkey 👩🏼‍🍳

Thanksgiving or anytime, leftover turkey is bound to happen. Rejuvenate and repurpose your bird to create these luscious leftover turkey recipes.


  • Leftover Turkey Pot Pie
  • Slow Cooker Turkey Chili
  • Ultimate Turkey Stew
  • Turkey Enchiladas
  • Turkey Tetrazzini
  • Turkey, Cheddar, and Bacon Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls
  • Old Fashioned Turkey Croquettes
  • Smoked Turkey, Apple, and Brie Sandwich with Bacon
  • Monte Cristo Sandwich
  • Crustless Quiche with Spinach and Turkey Sausage
  • Kentucky Hot Brown Quiche
  • Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet
  • Turkey Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole
  • Buffalo Turkey Mac and Cheese
  • Creamy Leftover Turkey Pasta
  • Leftover Turkey Alfredo Skillet Meal
  • Leftover Turkey Carnitas Nachos
  • Turkey Salad with Cranberries and Pecans
  • Creamy Turkey and Dumpling Soup
  • Leftover Turkey Corn Chowder
  • Turkey Hand Pies


  1. Divide up your leftover turkey meat
  2. Pick a few of our leftover turkey recipes. 
  3. Create a new favorite dish!

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