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21 Better Bacon Appetizers

21 Better Bacon Appetizers

We probably all have a love hate relationship with bacon on some level.

Love how it tastes. Hate how bad it may be for us.

Love how it upgrades any recipe with a luscious savory crunch. Hate cleaning up the grease.

And while recipes for how to combine bacon with every other delicious thing is nice and all , we have the steps for cooking bacon in your air fryer too, to enjoy all by itself. 

I do know that for most of us bacon wins out every time! 

In honor of that sentiment, I present to you 21 bacon appetizers to satisfy that need to have a little bit of bacon at every meal.

I know you all have enjoyed, and probably made at least once, a plate of hard-boiled deviled eggs.

You know what makes them even better? Bacon of course!

This easy bacon appetizer recipe uses nice and crispy crumbles are the best! You are ever so welcome.

I dug deep for this idea because I use butter frequently.  

What could jazz up a piece of morning toast or a plain biscuit at dinner? Bacon and brown sugar butter should do the trick! 

Not technically a bacon appetizer, but work with me here. I got straight to work on perfecting this idea and I am quite sure you will be in love!

There are just SO many ways to use this recipe.

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This appetizer made with bacon is easy and eye-catching and full of bacon! 

And mozzarella cheese! It starts with refrigerated biscuit dough (or homemade if you are so inclined), gets filled with cheese, bacon and seasonings and ends with YUM!

Appetizers with bacon are the bomb! But to do something totally unexpected? 

That turns an appetizer into a memorable nosh! 

Bacon crackers are just such an appetizer! 

Cover the butter cracker of choice with a slice of bacon, a mound of brown sugar with a hint of cayenne and black pepper!

Oh yes, these will be remembered!

Bacon appetizers for parties do not get any better than this! 

Perfectly bite sized. Filled with deliciousness. Finger food that wows with every bite! 

No, these will not last long!

I do not need to remind you that loaded fries are a very popular side dish in many restaurants.  

This easy bacon appetizer recipe takes a slightly different take on that idea. 

Instead of cutting your potato into fries, cut it in long slices across the middle so you get beautiful circles that will hold toppings ever so easily! 

After baking add cheese, bacon, and seasonings to your potato circles. 

They are guaranteed to make your mouth water!

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Everything tastes more tantalizing on a tortilla chip! Ask any Texan and they will whole-heartedly agree. 

This easy nacho appetizer with bacon will surprise you when I say it follows the Keto meal plan. 

The “nacho” IS cheese, with bacon and more cheese baked right in! 

Yes, I ate more than a few.

Finally, we have reached the part of the show where I introduce the bacon wrapped appetizer! I know you were waiting for it! Easy is the bonus part with bread, bacon, sour cream, and chives being the easily collected ingredients! You can do this, yes you can! Grilling instructions included if that is your jam!

Here I have a bacon appetizer that literally IS bacon!

When you are tired of store-bought jerky, you might consider making it on your own.

Keep in mind you will need a way to smoke the bacon. An electric smoker is our preferred method, but you can also use a grill combo or a dehydrator.

Then the cooking part is done in the oven.  Yes, there is a time investment, but the reward is in the tasting!

Back to the wrapping, the bacon wrapped appetizer to be exact! 

Here we will start with shrimp and wrap those tasty morsels up in savory bacon and a bit of butter! 

Mmmmm! The size of the bites is determined by the size of shrimp you start with.

Looking for more Scrumptious Shrimp Appetizers? Try these!

Need an easy bacon appetizer you can serve any time of day? Look no further than this recipe for bacon parmesan crisps.  

Deliciously low carb, this packs a savory punch. 

Starting with shredded parmesan, obviously, and adding in bacon crumbles and topping with some seasonings, these addicting crisps cook up in just five minutes.

Two simple ingredients wrapped in bacon is what this recipe calls for! 

Go ahead and add it to your personal list of bacon wrapped appetizers because your family and guests are going to snatch them up! 

You roll up a tater tot with a similarly sized slice of cheese in a half a strip of bacon and dip it in brown sugar before baking. 

Soooooo good!

This inventive combination of ingredients for a bacon-wrapped appetizer is not one I would have come up with on my own, but it totally works. 

Get ready to wrap that bacon, this time around a whole water chestnut. 

Halfway through baking, add a simple glaze and VY-OH-LAY—irresistible!

Bacon wrapped around a whole sweet onion that can be served as an appetizer (or side) sounds amazing! 

This one is prepared by baking in the oven first after including butter, garlic and wrapping in bacon to get the bacon to render.

Last step is to pop it on the grill for a bit to finish. 

Gonna need a fork for this decidedly grown-up appetizer!

Yes, you read that right, bacon wrapped pickles. 

No, you are not at the State Fair. Dill pickle. Savory bacon. Party in your mouth. Sign us up! 

And I can bet half of you will want to dip that crunchy pickle in crispy bacon into some ranch dip, so just add that to the ingredient list!

While this title may not catch your attention, this bacon infused, warm corn dip most certainly will. 

This appetizer made with bacon, jalapeno, corn, cream cheese and cheddar cheese bakes together into a warm cheesy delicious dip!

Rip open that bag of tortilla chips or baby carrots and get to munchin’!

We are on a roll, or wrap, with easy bacon appetizer recipes using minimal ingredients.  

All you need to gather are Medjool dates, goat cheese, bacon, and maple syrup. 

Even better is this recipe having many variations to suit your taste. 

Blue cheese instead of goat cheese? Sure. Want a little crunch, add an almond or pecan. 

They will definitely delight.  

This list is pushing through multiple appetizers made with bacon wrapped around protein, carbs, and fruit!

Here we have pineapple which brings out the sweet and sour flavors beautifully!

In addition, there is a sauce to go on top. Yes, these bites are unique and satisfying!

Well, here is something different for your adult gathering!

You think it is only a drink but look again. How about adding in a slice of celery or a candied slice of bacon?

Oh, yea baby!

Seasonings are going to do the trick perfectly when you cook up that bacon!

Just slide the whole slice right in the glass!

Beautiful and tasty! 

Unusual is one way to describe this easy bacon wrapped appetizer. Delicious would be another.

Wrap bacon around a rosemary breadstick, bake, and then roll in a parmesan cheese and garlic salt mixture to complete. For a heavier appetizer, you could certainly pair it with a Cheese Ball with Bacon

The bottom line

There you have it! A wide variety of bacon appetizers to pick and choose from, depending on your taste preferences or time available.  

Each one has something special to offer. Do not hesitate to try something new. 

The more you experiment, the more confident you become in the kitchen. 

Who knows, maybe you will find your next favorite recipe here. 

Bacon for the win!

 If you want to know our tips for reheating cooked bacon, too, here you go.

21 Better Bacon Appetizers

21 Better Bacon Appetizers

These 21 Bacon Appetizers are just what you need for anytime meals and special occasions!


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  • Bacon Deviled Eggs
  • Bacon and Brown-Sugar Butter
  • Bacon Bombs
  • Bacon Crackers
  • Cheesy Bacon Rotel Cups
  • Baked Potato Slices
  • Cheese Bacon Nachos
  • Bacon Cream Cheese Bites
  • Bacon Jerky
  • Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Appetizer
  • Bacon Parmesan Crisps
  • Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs
  • Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts
  • Grilled Vidalia Onions
  • Bacon Wrapped Pickles
  • Corn Dip
  • Bacon Wrapped Dates
  • Savory Bacon Pineapple Bites
  • Spicy Bloody Mary with Candied Bacon
  • Bacon Straws


  1. Choose one or seven of these amazing bacon appetizers
  2. Get ready for the party in your mouth!

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