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What To Serve With BLT Sandwiches (25 Best Sides For BLT)

If you’re here looking for ideas on what to serve with BLT sandwiches, this collection of 25 best sides for BLT sandwiches is for you!

It’s almost mealtime! 

There’s nothing fancy about a BLT sandwich, but this classic favorite offers top-notch taste in every bite.

As simple as its moniker itself, making this sandwich is straightforward and what’s even better is the sandwich features ingredients that are likely in your pantry and kitchen.

BLT sandwich usually has these 3 primary ingredients: bacon, lettuce, and tomato (BLT).

And when you combine them in sandwich form, you’ll notice a medley of savory flavor and irresistible textures you want in a sandwich. 

Throughout the years, BLT lovers tweak their BLT sandwiches and create varying recipes based on their personal preferences.

In my case, I like the flavorful combo of mayo with bacon and tomato.

If there’s no lettuce in the house, I opt for arugula because I like the peppery bite. 

Now I’m hungry!

BLT sandwiches are indeed a meal on their own, but pairing them with delectable side dishes is fun too!

From BBQ Potato Chips right down to Zucchini Fries, unlock these 25 best side dishes for BLTs so you can take your favorite sandwich up a notch.

What To Serve With BLT Sandwiches

Your BLT sandwich won’t go wrong if you pair them with some baked potatoes. It’s pretty easy to put together, that’s why I love them!

Plus, making them requires only a few ingredients: potato, olive oil, and salt. Just be careful not to overcook the potato, though. 

No time for the oven? Use this air fryer recipe to bake a potato too.

The ranch’s dominant flavor in this creamy pasta salad makes the recipe a good candidate to pair with your favorite BLT sandwich.

The pasta salad variations such as spiral pasta, bacon, peas, and carrots offer options that can add excitement to the pasta and the sandwich.

The crispiness of these sweet potato fries is the reason why I love adding them to my BLT meal.

It’s also easy to make, and you don’t need to heat up your entire house with the oven.

Yes, these fries can be cooked in an air fryer that readily makes them crispier.

Don’t forget to serve them with dips, like our Thick & Clingy Blue Cheese Dip!

A classic BLT sandwich is fun and satisfying with a hearty vegetable soup.

This recipe is a dinner option that mixes numerous veggies and spices.

But the potatoes make all the difference.

This soup is also easy to prepare.

You can even add more of your favorite vegetables.

If you’re wondering what to serve with BLT sandwiches, this recipe might be the answer you’re looking for!

This apple carrot slaw boasts the right balance of sweet and tangy crunch that creates a harmonious and satisfying taste when combined with BLTs.

Adding sour cream to a dish has quickly become one of my favorite food swaps.

You can also serve it with meatloaf or dumplings on the side.

This Hawaiian macaroni salad recipe is creamy, lightly sweet, and served cold.

It’s a delicious side dish for BLT sandwiches or even for your next summer party!

The creaminess of the salad comes from mayonnaise and milk.

These ingredients blend well with apple cider, vinegar, onion, and carrots, creating a burst of flavor.

To make the salad exciting, you can add other ingredients such as green peas, pancetta, diced celery, and pineapple chunks.

The savory crunch of bacon and lettuce, as well as the hearty, creamy texture from mayo and tomatoes of BLT sandwich, go well with this sweet and creamy fruit salad.

It’s a simple dish made with Greek yogurt, berries, apple, and pineapple chunks.

Aside from being a good side for BLTs, this salad is also an excellent quick dinner side for your next summer party.

What goes with BLT sandwiches?

You’re probably looking for these onion rings!

The special batter made with beer and club soda is the secret ingredient of the dish’s overall flavor.

The presence of this beer-based batter offers a crispy texture that’s addicting.

It’s more enjoyable to consume after these onion rings are seasoned with smoked paprika.

Gotta slide this Bang-Bang Sauce right next to it all, too.

Whether serving them as a meal appetizer or as a side dish for your BLT, trust me, this recipe is a total hit!

Get tips for reheating your onion rings here.

This version of potato salad may very well be as palatable as your BLT sandwich main entree. 

Onions, potatoes, celery seed, and sugar bring a touch of German flair to this salad.

Drizzled with a bacon mixture, this warm and tangy dish brings so many flavors to the table.  

Though you can bake this salad right away after preparation, it’s suggested that you allow it to marinate for at least eight hours before baking. 

And if you want your final dish to be a little more “moist,” then bake with the aluminum foil covering on.

With onions, lime, tomatoes, and avocados, this authentic guacamole recipe boasts all the best pantry staples that can elevate the aftertaste of a variety of dishes, including BLT sandwiches. 

The trick is to pick avocados that are ripe but firm; also, avoid those soft and mushy ones. 

Spread it on the inside toast of the BLT sandwich, or serve with your homemade Air Fryer Tortilla Chips.

Planning to concoct a large batch?

Freeze guacamole tips for long-term storage.

This jalapeno recipe is a perfect sidecar for BLT sandwiches.

Tell people you slaved over a canning station for hours if you want, but these will really only take 10 minutes to prepare.

White vinegar adds a hint of tanginess, complementing the subtle spice of jalapeño peppers and the pungent flavor of garlic.

You can also control the heat level by adding sugar into the mix. 

Your family will love this 5-minute dip, especially when you dunk every bites of your BLT sandwich into it. 

A fusion of honey, mayo, Dijon mustard, and white distilled vinegar pack this tasty sauce with incredible and rich flavors.

Adding cayenne pepper to the mixture gives the final product the spice it needs to be the star on the table. 

This 10-minute salad is complete with black or green olives, roasted peppers, red onions, red wine vinegar, dried herbs, and hot Mediterranean peppers mix.

You may serve it immediately to the hungry crowd, but it’s best to refrigerate the salad before serving so the flavors would meld together. 

Serve the olive salad as a side for a BLT sandwich, as a spread for fresh bread, or as toppings for pizza and grilled chicken. 

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Your family’s favorite dish gets a revamped look and taste, all thanks to the sumptuous cheese-filled pasta and herbaceous flavors of fresh parsley and dried oregano.

This beautiful harmony results in a family-friendly tomato tortellini soup that’s meant to take your BLT sandwiches to new heights. 

Pro tip: Make sure to crush the dried herbs to release their aromatic and flavor-infusing oils before the cooking process. 

The magnificent blend of potatoes and extra sharp cheddar cheese should impress everyone at the family table. 

But it’s the crumbled bacon and chopped chive toppings that ultimately make this soup even heartier and more memorable. 

This recipe takes 30 minutes to put together and once it’s ready, better serve it as a side item to homemade Italian bread, oyster crackers, and BLT sandwiches. 

This slow-cooked twist on the classic crowd-pleaser, baked beans, is easy to throw together and just delectable enough to handle a family gathering filled with picky eaters.

The secret?

Smoky bacon and molasses!

The combination of these two essential ingredients complements the taste and texture of dried navy beans and then enhances with the addition of ground mustard and onions. 

Deviled eggs require a bit of effort when they are made, but the result is very rewarding. 

These eggs are perfect for when you want to have a filling side dish to your juicy and satisfying BLT sandwich. 

Since eggs are often added to sandwiches, they complement your BLT, and the savory, creamy, and tangy filling will add even more flavor to your meal.

BLT sandwiches are tasty as is, but they do not have tangy elements. 

You could add some pickles or other zesty vegetables to your sandwich, but it is more fun to munch on them separately as a side dish. 

One side dish that can bring much-needed sharpness into your meal is pickled vegetables.

Pickled vegetables, also called refrigerator pickles, are endlessly versatile and a great way to extend the life of the produce in your kitchen. 

This recipe allows you to create a fun mixture using all of the vegetables that you have available or pickle your favorites in their respective jars. 

You can choose from peppers, green beans, cauliflower, radishes, and many more. 

These pickled vegetables are crispy, slightly sweet, and tangy, and they will definitely elevate your sandwich.

No barbecue party is complete without the presence of grilled corn on the cob. 

This classic side dish has an amazing smoky taste, and each bite will get you fired up because of how delicious they are. 

The little char around them enhances their sweetness and juiciness. 

Remember to slather some butter and sprinkle some salt on the cobs for a more enjoyable eating experience.

How to Cook Corn On The Cob: 3 Chew methods

Cheese curds are a staple at restaurants, bars, and fairs in Minnesota, but it has slowly made their way around the world. 

These gooey bite-sized appetizers are irresistible because of how good they are, and when you serve them, they will immediately fly out of the bowl as everyone will be reaching out for them. 

Each curd tastes even more heavenly when it is dipped in ranch dressing. 

This famous Japanese dish is made with raw shrimp dipped into tempura batter and fried in hot oil until crispy. 

It is juicy and delicious, plus its coating is crunchy and light. 

The deep-fried batter around the shrimp is seasoned and delicate, so they are fantastic to nibble on.

Baked mac and cheese is a universal comfort food that is loved by many and has a lot of variations. 

Some mac and cheese recipes have bacon bits, shredded chicken, or ground beef.

Baking this classic does not have to be complicated, and you can go for the most simple take on this classic dish. 

You can choose the combination of cheeses that will be added to layers of pasta and melted into a rich and creamy sauce.

This creates cheesy goodness that you’ve definitely never had before. 

This soul-warming food is a great side dish to main courses, salads, and sandwiches and will always please crowds, your friends, children, and even picky eaters.

Add a bit of pizzazz to your BLT sandwich by serving this Garlic Parmesan Sweet Potato Wedges side dish. 

The wedges are seasoned, tender, crispy, and mildly sweet, and they can also pull a double duty as a snack or appetizer. 

There won’t be any need to go to a restaurant or diner anymore just to enjoy these decadent and fun-shaped potato cuts. 

Although this recipe calls for a garlic parmesan seasoning, you can make it your own by choosing other flavors like barbecue, sour cream, and cheese. 

Zucchini, or baby marrow, is a summer squash often pickled or eaten raw. 

But with this recipe, you can switch it up by rolling the slices on the batter and frying them, making delectable zucchini fries. 

They have a brown and crispy exterior and a moist and soft interior. 

The seasonings and the batter complement the zucchini and doesn’t overwhelm its flavor. 

You can go the traditional route and deep-fry them in oil or you can go for a less greasy take by air frying them. 

Whatever you choose, the result is a batch of mouthwatering fries. 

They are an excellent substitute for French fries because they are lighter and crispier, plus they don’t become soggy easily when left out in the open. 

To complete the dish, dip them in cool basil yogurt dip, ranch dressing, or chipotle sauce.

The bottom line

My personal top three picks are BBQ potato chips, baked potato, and pasta salad.

Either way, the sandwich itself is always a winner, enough to satisfy, and the side dishes are just options to make the meal exciting.

If you have more time to prepare side dishes, then you better try some of these recipes!

How about you?

What do you usually serve with a BLT?

Share with us some of your favorite BLT sides now!

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What To Serve With BLT Sandwiches

If you're here looking for ideas on what to serve with BLT sandwiches, this collection of 25 best sides for BLT sandwiches is for you!


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  1. Pick three side dishes you love the most
  2. Share with us some of your favorite BLT sides

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