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13 Charming Cheese Ball Recipes Both Sweet & Savory!

13 Charming Cheese Ball Recipes Both Sweet & Savory!

Thanks for stopping by to discover what’s new, fun and yummy in the world of cheese ball recipes! We’ve got 13 here for you to try making at home!

Cheese balls are easy to make and great for entertaining. 

Almost every cheeseball recipe starts with a base of cream cheese, but the possibilities are endless after that. 

You could make an easy cheese ball recipe with simple ingredients that wipe together as an appetizer for your next party. 

You could even make sweet, dessert-style cheese balls that will wow your dinner guests. 

Most cheese ball recipes start with a base of cream cheese, but from there, the sky’s the limit. 

The most common cheese balls use cheddar to give a nice sharp flavor among the other ingredients. 

But why stop there? 

Some of our recipes have mozzarella, blue cheese, even powdered sugar to make a truly unique base for every cheese ball. 

Once you choose the cheese, what sets the different cheese balls apart is the secondary ingredients. 

The classic cheese ball will come with bacon and ranch, while a dessert-style cheese ball may be covered in chocolate chips instead. 

Cheese balls typically come with crackers or some type of lightly-toasted bread. 

If you want to try something a little different, cheese balls also go great with thinly sliced baguettes, even fresh vegetables. 

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure one of these cheese ball recipes will pique your interest and your tastebuds. 

From the layered flavor of the Everything Bagel Cheese Balls to the tomato-basil zip of the Bruschetta Cheese Ball and that ol’ classic Pimento Cheese Ball and the decadent dessert Italian Cream Cake Cheese Ball, you’ll find your next tried-and-true favorite right here!

We have this mouthwatering caramel apple cheese ball that works as an appetizer or even dessert to start our list. 

The bright, tart green apple is the star of this dish. 

You just combine sharp cheddar, cream cheese, green apple, and nutmeg to make it. 

The whole thing is topped with a sweet and gooey caramel sauce and paired with crackers.

Moving on to a classic cheese ball recipe, we have this savory, smoky, bacon ranch cheese ball. 

This recipe uses cream cheese, ranch seasoning powder, cheddar, pepper jack, bacon, green onion, and pecans to make the perfect cheddar cheese ball for your next party. 

If you love dill pickles, this is the cheese ball for you. 

This recipe marries salty pickles and fresh dill with creamy cheddar and cream cheese. 

Lemon juice with lemon zest used on the ball’s coating adds extra brightness to this appetizer. 

Using fresh herbs, particularly on the coating, make this cheese ball as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.

This cheese ball is bursting with flavor! 

Bruschetta already pairs perfectly with some toasted baguette, so why not a bruschetta cheese ball. 

To start, this cheese ball is made with Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese to give it a flavorful kick. 

The inside of the cheese ball features four different types of cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, and balsamic vinegar. 

If that wasn’t enough, the outside is coated with toasted panko mixed with more sun-dried tomatoes and basil. 

This cheese ball can be garnished with fresh chopped Roma tomatoes and served with crackers or thin slices of baguette.

Perfect for the holidays, this cheese ball is garnished with dried cranberries and nuts.

With the red cranberries, the green of the fresh chives, and the chopped walnuts, it’s easy to see how this cheese ball became so popular during the festive holidays. 

Thanks to the tart sweetness of the cranberries, this cheese ball pairs great with crackers and pretzels, apple slices, and celery.

If you haven’t tried it, everything bagel season is a savory mix of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, and garlic.

Together they make a simply delectable combination. 

This cheese ball uses homemade everything bagel season, though you could also use your favorite store-bought version. 

It pairs great with crackers, or you could even spread it on a bagel.

We have this chocolatey, nutty cheese ball that pairs with crackers, nilla wafers, or pretzels for another dessert option. 

The cream cheese base is sweetened with a mix of powdered sugar and graham cracker crumbs so that this cheese ball almost tastes like a chocolate chip cheesecake. 

They then coat the outside with mini chocolate chips and finely chopped pecans. 

Of all cheese ball recipes, this is one you’ll come back to again and again.

The start of this dish is the pimento, a large, red, heart-shaped chili pepper. 

Pimentos offer a flavourful kick to any dish, as they are sweet like bell peppers but more aromatic. 

To make this cheese ball, mix your cream cheese and cheddar with your diced pimentos and various seasonings. 

The whole ball is coated in bacon, pecans, chives, and paprika

If you love a classic pepperoni pizza, then this is the cheese ball for you.

To start off, the ball contains a mix of cream cheese, mozzarella, and gouda for a truly pizza taste. 

We then add some bell peppers, scallions, a mix of herbs and spices, and of course, pepperoni

This cheese ball gets finished off with a garnish of sliced or mini pepperonis on the outside. 

Search with crackers or even breadsticks.

An Italian cream cake is a yellow cake studded with toasted coconut and pecans and covered in cream cheese icing. 

For another dessert cheese ball, we’ll start with cream cheese for another dessert cheese ball and sweeten it with powdered sugar and vanilla. 

The ball is then made with toasted coconut and toasted pecans and covered with even more coconut and pecans. 

This sweet and toasted cheese ball pairs perfectly with thinly sliced biscotti, those amazing crisps from Aldi, or even cookies.

Cheese ball recipes are all about the cheese that you chose to include in them. 

Blue cheese is a favorite for its pungent scent and sharp flavor. 

This cheese ball takes the beloved blue cheese and pairs it with sharp cheddar and cream cheese before adding fresh and crunchy celery and pecans. 

Best served with crackers.

We already covered the bacon ranch cheese ball, but what if you want a little extra heat? 

This cheese ball is made with a base of cream cheese, cheddar, and a bit of sour cream

Finally, it is mixed with fresh crumbled bacon, ranch powder, chives, and of course, jalapeños. 

The outside is then coated with more bacon and thin slices of jalapeño. 

This smoky and spicy ball is served best with crackers, toasted baguettes, or even vegetables. 

To end off our list, we have a sweet and earthy cheese ball that’s perfect for the summer. 

This is a simple cheese ball, using simple ingredients without much fuss about a bunch of seasonings, letting the ingredients shine through on their own merit. 

The cheese ball is made with cream cheese, crushed pineapple, green pepper, onion, and walnuts

The outer coating is simply more walnuts.

This nutty, sweet cheese ball is great with our Bacon Crackers Recipe!

The bottom line

A homemade cheese ball is a great way to entertain, or just as a fancy (but not TOO fancy) snack for yourself. 

These cheese ball recipes can be made ahead and can last days in the fridge. 

Keep taking cream cheese to the next level with these cream cheese dips too!

13 Charming Ways To Make A Cheese Ball Recipe

13 Charming Ways To Make A Cheese Ball Recipe

Sweet and savory, the cheese ball isn’t just a vintage party trick anymore! Check out these Cheese Ball Recipes to find your new favorite!


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