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50 BEST Hot Dog Topping Ideas You’ll Want To Eat Right Now! ๐ŸŒญ

50 BEST Hot Dog Topping Ideas You’ll Want To Eat Right Now! 🌭

From the classic Fries & Cheese combo right down to Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms, these updated hot dog topping ideas will make a huge difference at your next BBQ or party.

I’m the type of host who puts all my effort just into satisfying the bellies of my guests. 

During barbecue parties, for instance, I always make sure to serve my signature cookout dishes such as corn on the cob, coleslaw, pasta salad, and my go-to summer staple, HOT DOGS!

I like having hot dogs at the summer table because they can feed a crowd fast, are easy to put together, and most people love them.

But the mustard and ketchup combo tends to put a boring impression on the guests (from my personal experience, btw!). 

So I ended up with a wonderful solution for this dilemma: that is spicing up the summer staple with creative and scrumptious hot dog toppings! 

#37 is for those who are into spicy, sweet, and tangy foods.

Hot Dog Toppings Ideas

If you love fries and cheese, this combination is for you! 

Infuse the flavors of the classic ultimate snack into your hot dogs by sprinkling them on top. 

You’re free to choose what type of cheese for the topping, but the combo of shredded cheddar and mozzarella is my ideal. 

You can add some parsley and homemade gravy too!

The star of this topping is the steak sauce. 

Combining this tangy sauce with tomatoes and white onions creates a nice burst of flavor!

And what would be the result if you add them on top of your hot dogs? 

It’s your job to find out!

Quick tip: Thinly slice the white onions, so it’s easier for you to add them to the sandwich.

OK, so enough with just condiments and cheese! 

Let’s try grilled peaches, chopped jalapeños, and cilantro. 

Shall we?

This trio offers your hot dogs a slight sweetness and some spicy kick. 

At the same time, lemon juice and cilantro add a pleasing combination of fresh and citrus notes with a mild spicy flavor.

This topping combination, also known as Cuban hot dogs, features melted Swiss cheese, ham, crispy dill pickle spear, red onions, and yellow mustard as a finishing. 

They’re so flavorful, crunchy, and tasty! 

Trust me, and you’ll never think about putting ketchup on your hot dogs again.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add extra flavor to your hot dogs, then try topping them with Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions!

Sauteing these vegetables (especially onions) is easy and only takes a few minutes to bring out their interesting flavors. 

Once onions and mushrooms get added, feel free to top your hot dog off with some yellow mustard for more color and taste.

Who said avocado wouldn’t work with hot dogs? 

Top your grilled summer staple with avocado, tomatoes, jalapeño chile peppers, cilantro, hot pepper sauce, and lime juice. 

The fresh and spicy flavor of avocado salsa intensifies with the rich, sweet, and tangy taste of sour cream and cheese.

There’s nothing more irresistible than hot dogs topped with Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, & BBQ Sauce. 

Uhm, yum?! 

The aroma of cheese will leave your mouth watering and convince you to keep going back for seconds. 

In contrast, the BBQ sauce and bacon bits combine sweet, savory, and tangy flavor profiles to the overall dish.

The dominance of bacon in the world of hot dog toppings isn’t over yet! 

Take your favorite summer staple to new heights by topping them with Bacon & Baked Beans

You heard it right! 

These two ingredients are already the perfect pairs, and incorporating both into your hot dogs will surely be a big hit at your next BBQ party.

For extra color and flavor, finish it with yellow mustard. 

Bacon And Mac & Cheese are a staple for burgers—especially when stuffed with sautéed onions and some hot sauce. 

They’re so heavenly! 

So why wouldn’t the same work for a hot dog?

Expect to see the kids and comfort food lovers go crazy whenever you serve some mac-and-cheese-topped dogs at the table. 

So better make a large batch!

10. Chili

Sometimes it’s okay to skip the mustard-ketchup combo and go for a generous amount of chili for your hot dogs. 

This recipe I’ve stumbled upon features a complex flavor, thanks to chili powder, cumin, dried oregano, and paprika. 

And when you combine this with dogs, a mouth-watering meal is born! 

If the flavors of the spices aren’t enough, then mix the chili with shredded cheddar, sour cream, and thinly sliced green onions.

Sweet, simple, and versatile. 

This recipe has it all! 

The savory spices on this Sweet Relish will bring out the flavors of your favorite entrees, including hot dogs, hamburgers, deviled eggs, or even potato salad. 

Ensure to make ahead of time or a large batch so you won’t run out of the ingredient. 

Also, keep relish in a jar or an airtight container before refrigerating it for safer consumption.

This Sauerkraut and hot dog blend is an iconic duo you shouldn’t miss. 

The tangy-tart flavor profile of this Sauerkraut harmonizes with the taste and texture of the entree. 

The best part? 

The recipe only calls for two essential ingredients: cabbage and salt. 

Sauerkraut is also a perfect accompaniment for grilled burgers, salad, and any of your BBQ favorites.

Feeling adventurous today? 

Serve these Boiled Peanuts on top of your hot dogs for a crunchy and tasty meal. 

They’re made in the instant pot, so putting them together at home should never be a bother. 

Season the peanuts with salt, cook them in boiling water, then wait for several minutes until they’re done! 

A dash of Cajun seasoning or garlic powder should allow the recipe to get that extra aromatic spin.

Incorporate the fantastic color and texture of fresh mango salsa into your hot dogs for a fun and exciting bite. 

The mangos and red bell peppers get a double dose of flavor–all thanks to the inclusion of lime juice and fresh cilantro. 

This Mango Salsa recipe is so versatile–one that works well with black bean lettuce wraps!

Barbecue Sauce is a sought-after condiment at the grilling get-together, and this sweet and tangy sauce should elevate the taste of your grilled hot dogs, giving the entree a new exciting twist. 

If you aren’t afraid to add some calories to your diet, include butter, coconut oil, or heavy cream to the sauce, as these ingredients can make the recipe creamy and thick.

A classic in my recipe box, this mashed potato recipe isn’t just born to combine with meat dishes like steak or pork chops—it works well with hot dogs too! 

Just remember to pick a potato variety with a high starch content, so it’s easier for you to achieve that creamy taste and fluffy feel. 

You might find this pair quite unusual but trust me; this might easily delight your palate. 

The cream cheese and sriracha toppings should give your hot dogs a pleasantly tangy mouthfeel with a nice spicy kick. 

Meat-based dishes like chicken wings and burgers also match perfectly with this topping combo

This is the kind of topping that can turn even the most basic hot dog sandwich into a gourmet meal.

From sharp cheddar to cream cheese, mayo and pimentos, this sandwich is kicked up a notch with the addition of fresh jalapeño peppers.

It’s really hard to explain how much I love this stuff. 

All I can say is this spicy, creamy spread will have you licking your fingers and begging for more.

Lobster Salad on a hot dog? 

You’ve got to be kidding. 

But you know what? 

It actually works. 

Like, it really works.

Hot dogs are great in their own right, but they can get boring after a while. 

They’re tangy and meaty—but they still lack a lot of other flavors.

Lobster salad, on the other hand, is creamy and rich, with lots of texture and crunchy bits from the vegetables and herbs that give it so much more personality than plain old hot dog meat ever could. 

Avocados, sprouts, tomatoes, red onions, and cilantro complement a hot dog in so many ways.

They bring a fresh and clean taste that works well with the mustard on your dog. 

Plus, they’re hearty, and they make you feel good about what you’re putting in your body.

One way to make your hot dog more exciting is to top it with poutine.

Poutine is a wonderful and tasty concoction of crispy fries, rich and savory gravy, and fresh cheese curds that are not only fantastic on their own but also make for a great topping. 

It’s toothsome, unique, and sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Hot dogs are a great snack. 

But did you know that the toppings you use on them can make for an even greater experience?

Hot dogs already have a smoky flavor, but when you add something like coleslaw to the mix, it becomes an entirely different experience.

Coleslaw is tangy and has a bit of an intense flavor to it, so when combined with a smoky hot dog, it mellows out into the perfect bite of deliciousness.

Get a Vietnamese banh mi twist on the American classic hot dog by adding pickled carrot, daikon, streaky bacon mayo, and sriracha.

Sriracha adds heat to this mixture, making it a perfect accompaniment for the sweet pickled carrots and daikon. 

The mayonnaise gives it some extra creaminess. 

Then the onion rings add a satisfying crunch.

It’s like your favorite banh mi sandwich but in a hot dog form!

Buffalo and blue cheese are great, but they can be predictable. 

So, why not try buffalo wing sauce on top of your hot dog? 

Oh, this buffalo wing sauce is hot, hot, hot. 

It’s got that kick of spice you crave, and it comes with some crumbled blue cheese for an added tangy bite.

And the chives? 

They’re there to give your taste buds a little crunch.

You’ll be the life of the next tailgate with this!

The best hot dog toppings ideas are the ones that make you go, “Wow! That’s awesome.”

And this one does just that. 

It’s got that savory richness you’d expect from caramelized onions and mushrooms on top of a hot dog, but it has a sweetness that’s unique.

It’s like a flavor bomb in the mouth, but it’s not too sweet or overpowering—just right.

A hot dog is a hot dog. 

But when you add fresh Greek flavors, it becomes something else entirely. 

Something juicy. 

Something with a little bit of zest to it. 

Something that makes you smile and say, “Hey! That’s what I’m talking about!”

And I’ve got the perfect elements for that kind of hot dog: Tomato, Feta, Cucumber, Kalamata Olives, and Tzatziki.

It’s light, fresh, tangy, and creamy—a hot dog topping with everything you need!

You’re probably thinking: “There’s no way that charred corn, tangy cotija cheese, fresh cilantro leaves, and spices could ever work as a hot dog topping.”

But guess what? 

It does. 

And it works really well!

The smoky flavor of the corn pairs so well with the cotija cheese and the fresh herbs that it’s hard to believe they weren’t made for each other in the first place.

And when you add in that crunchy texture from all those charred kernels? 

It’s just wow. 

How could creamy potato salad ever work as a hot dog topping?

Well, the red potatoes are so soft and creamy that they almost melt in your mouth. 

The fresh herbs add a nice crunch, and the Greek yogurt just makes it all come together. 

And the mayo and dijon mustard give it a little tang and bite—and if you ask me, that’s what hot dogs are all about!

Go ahead: try it out for yourself! I bet you’ll like it!

Try this shrimp, lettuce, and tomato hot dog topping for a change of pace.

It’s sweet, juicy, and well-seasoned crispy-fried shrimp that you can add to your favorite hot dog, and it’ll send your palate to a whole new world.

Add a hint of mustard for some extra zing!

Next time you’re craving a hot dog, try Chimichurri Fries with it.

Chimichurri sauce is a traditional Argentinian sauce that’s made with parsley, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and paprika—and it’s so appetizing on fries!

But what makes it so perfect for your hot dogs? 

Just like chimichurri sauce, this topping is packed with flavor and spice that will make this one of your new favorite meals!

So, if you want to have an authentic American experience but don’t want to leave your home, get yourself a chimichurri fries hot dog and prepare for some serious flavor!

We all love pizza. 

It’s delicious, it’s versatile, and it’s easy to make.

Maybe you want something completely different—something that will make your mind explode and rethink everything you thought about pizza. 

Well, look no further than a hot dog sandwich with a Vegetarian Pizza Topping!

The key to this magical combo is the tomato sauce. 

It gives the sandwich a savory flavor that’s perfect for meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

And then there’s the gooey, melted mozzarella cheese on top. 

Mmm, it’ll make you want another bite!

You’re probably wondering what’s up with this Kimchi Slaw.

I get that. 

Not every day do you find yourself at a hot dog stand, ordering a dog with kimchi slaw on top.

But I can tell you this: it’s sweet, spicy, and creamy in the best way possible, like the perfect combination of crunchy coleslaw and tangy kimchi. 

It’s got a kick to it, but not so much that your mouth will be on fire.

And it goes perfectly with a hot dog sandwich.

Crispy Fried Onions are a nice addition to a hot dog sandwich. 

These little bits of oniony goodness will add a crunchy texture to your hot dog and make it taste like you’ve been working in the kitchen for hours.

But wait—that’s not all! 

These crispy fried seasoned onions come with a sprinkling of scallions and sliced fresh jalapeños.

They’re so packed with spicy and savory flavors you’ll wonder how you ever ate those hot dogs without these.

There’s nothing like waking up on the right side of the bed with a hot dog, hashbrowns and cheese, and eggs.

It’s the perfect breakfast meal for anyone. 

With crispy hashbrowns, fluffy scrambled eggs, and American cheese, this hot dog needs nothing else. 

But if you want to be extra bold, add green onions to the mix!

Your morning will get a lot better.

Spicy Carrot Relish is a tasty, tongue-tingling blend of carrots, vinegar, spice, mustard, and other seasonings. 

It’s made to be added to hot dogs, but you can use it on other meat dishes and even sandwiches too.

It’s a sweet, tangy, spicy, zingy combination of flavors.

And it’s like a sweet-and-sour sauce but with a kick. 

If you want to make your hot dogs more exciting, give this a try!

Kewpie mayo, bonito flakes, and nori (seaweed) flakes/strips on a hot dog sandwich are something that you can’t just eat once. 

It’s something you’ll want to eat over and over again.

It’s full of umami—that savory taste that makes your mouth water and your heart sing for more. 

And it’s sweet, too—just enough to balance out the brininess of the teriyaki sauce and Kewpie mayo.

It’s a classic combination that just works. 

If you’re craving something new and different, try this!

Kung Pao Relish is spicy and tangy, with a hint of sweetness from the carrot and celery. 

The chile peppers add a kick that will make you want to eat this relish all by itself.

Plus, it has just enough crunchy texture to make it perfect for any dog lover who wants something they can’t get anywhere else!

Grilled pineapple and teriyaki mayo and a hot dog sandwich are perfect for anyone who wants to combine sweet and smoky flavors in a single bite. 

The tart and smoky pineapple is just one layer of flavor that is complimented by creamy, savory teriyaki mayo. 

Then you also get a kick from the spice of thinly sliced red onions, jalapeño peppers, and cilantro that will make your mouth water with excitement.

The best part? 

This Hawaiian-inspired topping is ready in just 20 minutes, so you can enjoy them any day of the week!

Mango relish is a sweet and spicy condiment that you can use to top any hot dog. 

It’s tangy but not overpowering, so it complements the flavor of the hot dog instead of masking it.

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try it with curried mayo—it’ll kick your taste buds into overdrive!

You’ve probably got your favorite hot dog topping combination. 

But you haven’t tried this one—yet.

Pulled pork and tomatillo ranch is a TexMex-inspired topping that you’ll go crazy over. 

It’s a little spicy, but the pulled pork will give your hot dog all the flavor and substance it needs. 

And that tomatillo ranch? 

It’s going to take your hot dog game to new heights.

You won’t be able to stop eating this topping with your hot dogs once you try them!

Philly Cheesesteak as a hot dog topping is a beautiful thing.

It’s like your favorite classic hoagie. 

Just think about it: thinly shaved steak, sautéed onions and peppers, and creamy provolone garlic cheese sauce on top of a hot dog. 

It’s a sweet buttery taste that will make you feel like you’re sitting in a little Italian joint somewhere in South Philly.

Hot dogs just got a whole lot fancier.

Introducing the chipotle cheese sauce and bacon relish! 

It’s a savory concoction, and it’s about to become your new hot dog topping obsession.

This simple blend of crispy bacon, corn, red onion, and cilantro are served with smoky chipotle cheese sauce that’s sweet, tangy, and peppery all at once. 

You’ll even want to add it to every meal!

The Mexican hotdog is known by many names: street dogs, Sonoran Hotdogs, or the Los Angeles Hot.

One thing’s for sure though: It’s definitely delicious!

Who could say no to bacon-wrapped hotdogs smothers in pico de gallo?

Certainly not I!

Ingredients include: Bolillo buns, hot dogs, bacon strips, jalapenos, onions, and pico de gallo.

What we have here is a combo of the both Italian and Chilean cuisines in one.

These are hot dogs topped with diced tomatoes and mashed avocados topped with mayo, which makes for an excellent grilling option for the summer.

There are actually a lot versions to this topping, you just need to choose whatever strikes your fancy!

Ingredients include: Hot dogs, tomatoes, buns, avocados, mayonnaise, and salt.

Hailing from far-away Colombia, Perro Caliente Colombiano is a name for a collection of several hotdog toppings with slight variations.

What’s for sure though is that all of them carry the hallmark combination of sweet and spicy with pineapples in mustard sprinkled with crushed potato chips which makes for an interesting texture change.

They pair well with beer, but do remember to drink responsibly!

Ingredients include: Pineapple, cornstarch, hotdogs, coleslaw, potato chips, and seasoning.

You might be wondering what a Japadog is.

Well, it’s a collection of funky Japanese-inspired hotdog recipes brought about by a guy with a foodcart in Vancouver, Canada.

The most popular one is what’s featured in our current entry.

It’s a hotdog in a bun generously slathered with Teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayo and then sprinkled nori or green onions.

It’s delicious!

Oh, and that guy with the foodcart that started all this? 

He now owns several foodcarts and is steadily expanding his business.

Ingredients include: hot dogs, onions, Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise, vegetable oil, and shichimi togarashi.

Here we have the recipe for the classic English bangers and mash!

They’re hotdogs slathered in a rich onion-based gravy.

The gravy itself wasn’t originally intended for hotdogs, oh but they work, and brilliantly I should say!

Ingredients include: Sweet onions, flour, worcestershire sauce, beef broth, and canola oil. 

Have you ever had brussels sprouts on a hotdog?

If you answered no and would like to try, then this recipe is for you!

Featuring a delicious hotdog in a large fluffy bun nestled with oodles of brussels sprouts and onions dribbled with some spicy mustard, this recipe is a sure winner for those that want some veggies to go with their hotdogs.

Ingredients include: Onions, brussels sprouts, hotdogs, buns, and Dijon mustard.

Presenting the Korean Slaw Dog, your new soon-to-be favoriteAsian fusion crowd-pleaser!

It’s an East meets West thing with your classic all American beef hotdog on one hand, and kimchi and Asian slaw on the other; the combination of which brings a familiar heartiness from the hotdog while getting a refreshing but very distinct exotic spice on the other.

It’s delicious and something you’ll have to try for yourself!

Ingredients include: Beef hotdogs, cabbage, kimchi, vinegar, and Dijon mustard.

I was not a fan of blue cheese until I finally got to try them with this recipe for Bacon Blue Cheese Cowboy Hotdogs

I used to pick them out of my food or use a different cheese entirely in a recipe It was called for.

That all changed after a few bites of this delicious sub!

Ingredients include: Hot dogs, onions, onion rings, blue cheese, and bacon.

The bottom line

I made up my mind to make this compilation of the 50 best hot dog toppings so you can make your barbecue party extra special and exciting.

Take this also as a reminder that you shouldn’t stick with your squeezable mustard and ketchup. 

You must start unleashing your creativity and effort, particularly if you want to make a difference in your hot dog meal.

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50 BEST Hot Dog Toppings Ideas 🌭

50 BEST Hot Dog Toppings Ideas 🌭

Check out our epic list of 50 hot dog topping ideas. Trust me; you haven't thought of some of these!


  • Fries & Cheese
  • Tomatoes, Onions, & Steak Sauce
  • Peaches, Chopped Jalapeños & Cilantro
  • Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Onions, & Mustard
  • Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions
  • Avocado Salsa, Cheese, & Sour Cream
  • Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, & BBQ Sauce
  • Bacon & Baked Beans
  • Bacon And Mac & Cheese
  • Chili
  • Sweet Relish
  • Sauerkraut
  • Boiled Peanuts
  • Mango Salsa
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Cream Cheese & Sriracha
  • Jalapeño Pimiento Cheese
  • Lobster Salad
  • Avocado, Sprouts, & Tomato (California Hot Dog Topping)
  • Poutine
  • Coleslaw
  • Pickled Carrots, Daikon, Bacon, & Cilantro
  • Buffalo Blue Cheese
  • Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms
  • Tomato, Feta, Cucumber, Olives, & Tzatziki
  • Mexican Street Corn
  • Creamy Red Potato Salad
  • Crispy-Fried Shrimp, Lettuce & Tomato
  • Chimichurri Fries
  • Pizza Toppings
  • Kimchi Slaw
  • Crispy Fried Onions
  • Hashbrown, Cheese, & Egg
  • Spicy Carrot Relish
  • Bonito Flakes, Mayo & Teriyaki Sauce
  • Kung Pao Relish
  • Grilled Pineapple & Teriyaki Mayo
  • Mango Relish & Curried Mayo
  • Pulled Pork & Tomatillo Ranch
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • Chipotle Cheese Sauce & Bacon Relish
  • Mexican/Sonoran Style
  • Completo Italian
  • Perro Caliente Colombiano
  • Japadog Style Terimayo
  • British Onions & Gravy
  • Veggie Lovers’ Beef Hot Dogs
  • Korean Slaw Dog
  • Bacon Blue Cheese Cowboy Hot Dog


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