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20 BEST Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Appetizers: Amazing Starters!

20 BEST Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Appetizers: Amazing Starters!

Step up your appetizer game with these best bacon wrapped hot dog appetizers, including cheesy jalapeño skewers, deep-fried bacon bites, and more!

Hot dogs are a universal favorite.

In addition to being simple to cook, they are also incredibly adaptable and go well with just about anything.

Increase their flavor by adding fruit skewers, cheese, and everyone’s other favorite: bacon.

Yep, bacon hugs. 

The irresistible flavor of hot dogs wrapped in crispy bacon is sure to be a hit with anyone.

Just add some cheese, seasonings, and sweeteners to taste, and boom! Taste explosion!

Enjoy these tasty treats to the fullest by dousing them with your preferred dipping sauce or dijon mustard.

And amp up the heat with sriracha sauce, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

Just looking at these bites makes my mouth water.

Cheese Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs and Maple & Brown Sugar Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs or One-Timer Soft Pretzel Bites Bacon Wrapped Mini Hot Dogs are sure to please the kids.

Or serve your guests with a little kick of heat with Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs, Bacon Wrapped Weenies Recipe With Sweet Chili Sauce, or simply Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs sprinkled with cayenne pepper. 

The cheesy indulgence and crispness of Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs and Cheesy Bacon Hot Dog Bites will thrill cheese fans.

So without further ado, let’s look at these top combinations!

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Appetizers

Even though hot dogs are a good meal, they may seem boring to some.

So here’s one way to put a twist on hot dogs: wrap them in bacon, which is another party favorite.

Even though slow cooker bacon-wrapped dogs take a bit longer in the slow cooker than just frying hot dogs, we can assure you that it is well worth the extra work. 

It is the caramelized bacon that will win you over!

Enjoy every last bite of these decadent Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs.

With the addition of jalapenos and cheese, it might be the tastiest hot dog snack that kids will never forget.

You can consume a half batch of these delights in one sitting, so make lots of them.

Despite not being the spiciest chili, the jalapenos add a pleasant spark when mixed with cheddar.

They are bound to disappear in a flash!

This recipe can make NYC’s famous Crif Dogs in your kitchen.

The incredibleness of this recipe will wow you.

Be grateful to the skies for this combination of textures: a hotdog encased in crisp bacon and surrounded by a crunchy, puffy tortilla on the outside.

You might try adding some cheese inside for a fantastic combination that will impress all of your guests.

If you want to spice things up, sprinkle on some hot sauce, or top it with some avocado slices, the options are practically unlimited.

Last but not least, serve hot with your preferred mustard.

Care to guess what adds flavor to this bacon-wrapped dog?

The rub and the yellow mustard are to blame.

These appetizers are delicious, but they shine when paired with a flavorful barbecue sauce.

Be sure to coat them well and smoke them until the bacon is crisp.

The best results can be achieved by using your preferred wood and continuously adding smoke.

Count on these goodies to deliver flavorful bursts with thin and pleasant smoke.

These Cheese Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs will be the talk of your next tailgate party.

In addition, this is definitely not the standard fare for a tailgate party, just so you know.

Our source of protein here is a barbecue fatty that has been formed into the shape of a hot dog.

Not to mention the crisp bacon and the abundant cheese, which will compel you to succumb to this tasty temptation.

For added taste, grill them while using a great barbecue sauce.

These Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Bites have the ideal sweet and briny balance.

Thus, an excellent appetizer for you!

These bites may appear simple and uninteresting, but they are quite delectable.

You won’t get over till you get another bite.

Let’s forego the sophisticated bacon-wrapped hot dog recipes in favor of the most straightforward choice.
You’ll love how the cocktail hot dogs are wrapped around the soft pretzel pieces to make them more appealing to bite into.
Brushing these goodies with some melted butter and lightly sprinkling them with ketchup and mustard salt will give them a fuller flavor.
This game-day appetizer is sure to win over the kids!

These Bacon Wrapped Cocktail Wieners will not last long at a party.
Bring them to any potluck or party you attend, and make several batches.
Even more!
Although it requires work to slow simmer them for two hours, you can choose to bake them for 30 minutes instead.
When you take your first mouthful, remember to top them with brown sugar first to get a crunchy and lovely bubbly top.

Don’t let this dish fool you; these appetizer bites are delightful and quite addictive.

Nobody will ever realize that these Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs are cayenne pepper and brown sugar. 

The brown sugar and cayenne mixture is like the “sweet meets the spice.”

It is a combination to amp up the flavor of the tender and juicy hot dogs and crisp bacon. 

Bake to perfection to get the beautiful, crunchy texture you’re after.

Crisp and delicious, nice and simple!

Once your visitors taste these Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Kabobs, they’ll be begging for more.
Because they are guaranteed to be a hit, so prepare several batches.
The pineapple’s tartness enhances the barbeque sauce’s sweet and tangy flavor.
Plus, the bell pepper‘s sweet, mild flavor and crisp, juicy texture.
Using pineapple chunks from a can and conveniently threading them onto skewers can save you time and allow you to relax.

These Bacon Wrapped Mini Hot Dogs are the ultimate appetizer if you’re trying to please everyone.

Make numerous batches because they will disappear quickly off the dish, and you won’t regret not making much more.

This recipe consists of bacon, hotdogs, or small smokies with a sweet flavor from sugar and maple syrup.

A teaspoon of cayenne pepper has the power to give it an extra kick. 

Wanna know how?

Mixing some cayenne pepper with brown sugar is the secret to spicing up the recipe.

Enjoy these Bacon Wrapped Weenies with a dash of Thai sauce.

The homemade Thai sweet chili sauce complements the flavors of these scrumptious appetizers.

The honey is what makes this possible; it adds a natural sweetness.

And the chili peppers are what give it its spiciness.

A night spent eating dinner with friends and family can be made more memorable with the help of this tasty recipe for Bacon Wrapped Weenies.

These bacon-wrapped hot dogs with maple and brown sugar will add some color to your celebrations or game day at home.

They also make excellent potluck ideas, but remember to bring a little bag for guests to put their used toothpicks in before throwing them away.

The dijon mustard, sriracha, and black pepper used in this recipe create a tangy, sweet, spicy, and rich sauce.

If you don’t like your sauce spicy, leave out the sriracha.

However, you can change the sauce’s spiciness if you’re using hot sausages in the dish.

Additionally, you can reheat leftovers, but I bet there won’t be any because they’re so wonderful that your guests will keep returning to the table for more.

These Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Bites are a must-have for summer grilling.

They will become your family’s new favorite, especially with the kids.

So, if you’re having a summer grill party with your family, make sure to serve these bites.

Everyone will love the summer sauce that is part of this recipe.

Wrapping the bacon and watching it sear while the cheese melts, producing crisp and lovely bacon, is the most enjoyable element of this recipe.

Also, the sauce is bright, tangy, sweet, and spicy all at the same time.

Adding bacon is a great option to improve the appearance and flavor of your standard barbecue and hotdog grill.

What more could you want than cheese, bacon, and mini dogs?

Oh, and also the ideal dipping sauce to round out the meal.

These cheesy bacon nibbles are always worth the cravings.

Thus, choose the jumbo hot dogs rather than the regular-sized ones.

These appetizers are ideal for a family or friend’s movie night.

And this recipe is one excellent idea to enjoy hot dogs minus the bun. 

Set them in the oven as a whole, cut them into cute little pieces, and enjoy.

Everyone’s favorite ingredients come together to form this recipe for Bacon Wrapped Cheese Hot Dogs!

Shredded cheese is stuffed into a hotdog before it’s wrapped in tasty bacon.

Super delicious only begins to describe this epic combo!

Ingredients line: Bacon, hot dogs, Colby jack cheese, and hot dog buns.

If you liked #16, then you’ll certainly love this Mexican spin-off!

Instead of regular hotdogs, we’ll be stuffing homemade chorizos with cheese before wrapping them in bacon.

Top them off with the special cream sauce and finish off with a crown of jalapenos.


Ingredients line: Ground chorizo, bacon, cheddar cheese, hot dogs, and buttermilk.

The Sonoran Hot Dog also called the Tex-Mex Hotdog, has even more Mexican influence than the previous entry.

The main difference is that, while we won’t be stuffing the hotdogs this time, the toppings pack a flavorful punch that’ll more than makeup for that.

So we take your beef hotdogs and wrap them in bacon like before, but this time we’ll be using a bolillo bun before laying the toppings thick!

Ingredients line: Bolillo buns, hot dogs, pinto beans, avocado, and cotija cheese.

Ahh, the Danger Dog!

This is LA’s famous street food that has bacon-wrapped hotdogs cooked on an aluminum tray topped with sauteed onions and peppers and finished off with ketchup, mayo, and mustard.

And oftentimes the aroma alone that emanates while prepping this epic sub is worth the effort all on its own! 

Ingredients line: Bacon, green bell peppers, jalapeno, hot dogs, and yellow onion.

These Bacon Wrapped BBQ Hot Dogs make for an outstanding inclusion to any summer barbecue.

These are bacon-wrapped hotdogs tossed in BBQ sauce topped with fried onions and then grilled to perfection.

Grill up a batch a reap the compliments from your guests!

Ingredients line: Hot dogs, bacon, honey bbq sauce, canola oil, and flour.

The bottom line

You’ve got it now, then! 

These bacon wrapped hotdog appetizers will captivate both your heart and your palate.

All, with and without the dipping sauce, are delicious.

Prepare those tempting, crispy, and juicy bites, and watch as everyone’s faces light up.

Other Hot Dog Recipes

20 BEST Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Appetizers

20 BEST Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Appetizers

Step up your appetizer game with these 20 best bacon wrapped hot dog appetizers, including cheesy jalapeño skewers, deep-fried bacon bites, and more!


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