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๐ŸŒญ 27 BEST Leftover Hot Dog Recipes You Can Make At Home! ๐ŸŒญ

🌭 27 BEST Leftover Hot Dog Recipes You Can Make At Home! 🌭

Are you looking for what to do with leftover hot dogs? We’ve curated our favorite leftover hot dog recipes that you can make in your kitchen.

Outdoor cookouts can bring together friends and family.

But parties like these can leave us with a few extras, including fried or grilled hot dogs. 

What do you do with cooked hot dogs that are a pity to waste?

Bunless hot dogs make great toppings on pizza and fillings for waffles and muffins. 

Try the Leftover Hot Dog Pizza and Corn Dog Muffins for when you cooked a tad too many hot dogs for breakfast. 

Regarding breakfast, hot dogs from the day before are perfect for making Hot Dog Omelette

Adults won’t mind kid-friendly versions of their well-loved dishes, too, like the unexpected twist on this Hot Dog Stroganoff recipe. 

Cooked hot dogs also make fantastic additions to one-pots and casseroles.

Add them to fried rice, salad, soup, and stir-fry. 

The creations below won’t leave you tired of eating hot dogs from last weekend’s grill fest. 

We’re especially fond of recipes #4 and #17 for recreating unconsumed hot dogs.

Enjoy trying these flavors at home.

The next time you have a surplus of cooked hot dogs, you’ll be pleasantly excited rather than worried about what to do with them. 

Let’s get cooking!

Leftover Hot Dog Recipes

Seasoned, spicy sauteed potatoes are made even better with leftover meat. 

A few slices of cooked hot dog will upgrade this quick dinner recipe your family won’t turn down. 

It might be an understated meal, but the taste won’t disappoint you. 

Pair this combo with rice or warm bread, or enjoy it as it is. 

You can also serve it with ketchup.

This dish is easy enough to make that you can teach it to a bigger child eager to learn cooking.

You can turn a few leftover hot dogs into a complete meal with a few additions from your pantry. 

Get children to eat their veggies by adding hot dogs into slow-cooked pinto beans.

You can prepare the beans earlier in the day. 

The beauty of this dish is you can combine all the ingredients in the Crock-Pot and have it ready when you get home.

Leftover hot dogs make an excellent alternative for pepperoni when you’re thinking of having pizza. 

All you need is pre-made dough, a few must-have sauces, different cheeses, and chopped hot dogs. 

To please the adults, you can also add caramelized onions and sauerkraut. 

Now you have a family-friendly option everyone can enjoy without needing to order takeout.

If you still want to gorge on hot dogs in a bun but desire an upgraded version better than warming them up in the microwave, a few toppings should help. 

This no-fuss treat is a marriage of two fast-food faves. 

The marinara sauce and cheeses lend the perfect vibe to bring new life into hot dogs in buns.

A fusion of South Asian and Western ingredients, this thel dala or stir-fry lends an American element to Sri Lankan cuisine. 

Curry leaves, red and yellow onions, and green chilies are essential components in making this dish. 

The savory concoction is with a plate of warm rice. 

If you’re in the mood for bread, you can add an element of surprise to a simple sandwich with this Asian creation.

Upgrade your can of soup with something to chew on while slurping. 

Add corn and hot dogs to canned soup, and you’ll have a more filling side dish.

You can also thicken the soup with milk, and you’re all set to serve. 

This soup goes so well with warm French baguettes and crackers, too. 

You’re missing out if you’ve only made tacos with ground meat.

There are other meat alternatives you can try, and for this collection of recipes, we’re all about leftover hot dogs. 

Trade hot dog buns for taco shells.

If you have grilled hot dogs, all the better to add a smoky flavor to the hard corn shell with toppings of your choice. 

Complete with sauerkraut, relish, mustard, and ketchup, you made yourself an exciting twist to the Mexican fare.

There’s no way that hot dogs only belonged inside hot dog buns.

Here’s a clever fix when you’re tired of the usual in-bun kind. 

You can wrap them inside soft, warm flatbread stuffed with cheddar cheese. 

Then, you can customize your tortilla-wrapped hot dogs with the usual you find in the go-to Mexican taquitos.

Try adding guacamole, salsa, queso, chili, or sour cream, and serve while warm.

Like hot dogs but not carbs?

Make do with no buns for a low-carb treat by tossing diced hot dogs into a salad.

You can use fried or grilled hot dogs to add flavor and a different texture to a bowl of mixed greens.

Drizzle with mustard and poppy seed dressing, and you have a sumptuous fare ready for Sunday brunch.

Repurpose those hot dogs from Friday night barbecues for your next weekend get-together.

Try with a heartwarming casserole.

This combine-and-bake recipe can easily be your next potluck go-to as well. 

You can also make adjustments for family members with sensitivity or intolerance to certain ingredients by using gluten-free flour and cornmeal.

It’s a complete meal in itself and will surely satisfy the tastebuds.

People who love corn dogs will also adore these mash dogs, though take note that it’s a spicy version. 

Surprise those corn dog lovers with soft-and-full-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside mash dogs. 

These finger foods are more mouthwatering when dipped into your choice of sauce.

Try Dijon mustard, barbecue sauce, or surprise them even more with a spiced maple syrup dip.

You’ll want to have these at your parties, picnics, and even as an after-school treat for the little ones.

It’s breakfast any time of the day with this underrated recipe. 

Parmigiano and fresh coriander add a flavorful touch to the thick, creamy scrambled eggs. 

Of course, you can devour this brekkie meal warm from the pan, or you can make sandwiches with it.

Have some ketchup ready, and you’ll be packing yummy snacks or lunches that will surely delight children.

You can make a fun appetizer from the cooked hot dogs in your fridge. 

The filling in the middle will surely astonish the children. 

The cornbread muffin surprise has an interesting texture. 

The taste is savory rather than sweet. 

Feel free to sweeten the recipe if you’re used to it.

Otherwise, you can enjoy these hors d’oeuvre as you like.

The undebatable factor about fried rice is that you can toss almost any ingredient into it–especially leftovers.

Because it prevents food waste, it’s probably why fried rice is beloved in Asian cuisine. 

Hot dogs make a jolly addition to fried rice along with some mixed veggies for a colorful meal–a feast for the eyes.

Once done, you can stuff your fried rice inside scrambled eggs a la omelet style and serve anytime of the day or in a packed lunch.

Recreate your date night go-to stroganoff recipe by swapping the beef with meat approved by the kids. 

It’s a budget-friendly take on the saucy supper fave. 

This approach makes those excess hot dogs seem fancy without the hefty price tag. 

Plus, you’ll find this masterpiece a versatile base for pasta and elbow macaroni if you have extras of the sauce.

Now that’s a clever way of making something new from leftovers for leftovers.

You love grilled cheese and adore hot dogs; now, let’s combine the two.

The fusion of these beloved faves is the brainchild of someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen, and the recipe lived on after others tasted it. 

It’s making a sandwich of the crowd-fave chili dogs and pan-frying, adding those grilled marks while the cheese melts on the sides.

It’s bound to be your next comfort food craving once you try it.

Remember those sausage-stuffed pizza crusts?

You can recreate this trick at home and make it more flavorful with chilies and gooey cheese. 

It’s a superb way to serve chili beans.

But don’t stop there.

You can go all-out and make your pizza with this type of crust. 

Try making this with #3–a life-saving combo recipe for those with too many leftover hot dogs that it got overwhelming.

I’m a huge fan of casseroles.

I mean, you can’t help but love a hearty meal you can just dump into a pan and plop into the oven, tight?

But even that can get boring after a while, so if you have any leftover hotdogs, you can throw those into the pan too!

Your familiar cheesy tots all slathered gooily over your savory leftover franks are going to be delicious!

Ingredients line: Tator tots, onion, chili, ketchup, and hot dogs.

If you’re still wondering what to do with all that leftover hotdogs after a weekend barbecue, this recipe for Hot Dog Hash might be for you.

It’s delicious, and not that much of a hassle to make since hotdogs aren’t all that different from sausages, and everyone knows how easy it is to prep sausage hash.

So yup, this breakfast scramble is a definite crowd-pleaser and a great way to use up all that leftovers!

Ingredients line: Hot dogs, garlic powder, green bell peppers, yellow onion, and paprika.

Everyone loves Mac and Cheese.

This iconic TV Dinner and comfort food has been gracing tables everywhere since before anyone could remember.

Elevate your cheesy experience with the addition of leftover hotdogs from your fridge!

The addition of meaty, savory goodness to your Mac and Cheese will surprise you. 

Ingredients line: Elbow noodles, bacon, hot dogs, cheddar cheese, and evaporated milk.

Frozen dough, tortilla chips, and an extra infusion of cheese work hand in hand to transform ordinary pigs-in-a-blanket into these Crunchy Nacho Dogs.

It’s an explosion of both flavor and texture as gooey cheese blends nicely with savory leftover hotdogs and the nachos providing a nice crunch.

Make extras as the kids will surely be wanting more! 

Ingredients line: Dinner rolls, hot dogs, sliced cheese, nacho cheese tortilla chips, and an egg.

If you’ve got a big family that enjoys having barbecues all the time, finding a way to use up all the leftovers from the aftermath is going to be a challenge.

 Or so you think!

This recipe aims to use them all up in a single go!

The idea for the Chuckwagon Wrap is to take all the delicious elements of your barbecue and wrap it up in a tortilla.

Who could say no to baked beans, hotdogs, and hamburgers in a tortilla topped with gooey cheese?

Ingredients line: Barbeque baked beans, hot dogs, ground beef, tortillas, and cheese.

If you’ve ever eaten at a Jollibee’s and found the idea of hotdogs served in spaghetti alien, then wait till you see this recipe for Threaded Spaghetti Hot  Dog Bites.

Bite-sized hot dogs are first skewered with the uncooked spaghetti pasta, then cooked al-dente together before being covered with cheese.

It’s surprisingly delicious, and something the kids will thoroughly enjoy! 

Ingredients line: Spaghetti, hot dogs, butter, and parmesan.

And next up we have a recipe variation of the iconic American classic: Coney Dogs.

They’re notorious for being fatty and greasy and are the bane of healthy-food advocates everywhere.

Whatever the case may be, they also have a reputation for being extremely delicious, and are a great way to use up all your leftover hotdogs!

Ingredients line: Ground beef, hot dogs, garlic, onion, and chicken broth.

Back in #23, we had pasta in hotdogs.

In this recipe for Hot Dog Pasta though, we’ll be serving up those hotdogs together with the pasta in a sauce.

And believe me, after cooking this baby up just once, it’s now become part of my weekly dinner rotation!

And the aroma rising from your pan while you’re sauteeing the garlic and onions in butter just before you add the marinara sauce is simply divine!

Ingredients line: Butter, short pasta, garlic, marinara sauce, and hot dogs.

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for anything that mentions the word ‘pizza’ somewhere in the recipe.

And yes you pizza fans out there reading this, the recipe for Baked Chili Hot Dogs will not disappoint!

Those hotdogs wrapped together with cheese in a pizza dough and baked in chili sauce with garlic powder are simply amazing.

Ingredients line: Chili, Pillsbury pizza crust, cheddar cheese sticks, hot dogs, and butter.

I’m an egg salad fan, but I admit I’ve never even considered topping my hotdogs with egg salad.

So I was pleasantly surprised to say that it works!

Your savory leftover beef hotdogs provide an excellent base for the tangy egg salad while the tortillas add an interesting texture variation.

It’s delicious!

Ingredients line: Hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, hotdogs, salt, and pepper.

The bottom line

Now there’s no need to be afraid of cooking too many hot dogs whenever you host parties. 

You can reinvent the American favorite hot dog into several dishes with a handy list of recipes.

Surprise your family with a kid-friendly take on a salad, casserole, or soup. 

Bedazzle kids by adding cooked hot dogs to your breakfast, fried rice, and omelet.

Remember, you can add this ingredient as a pizza topping or stuffing.

Now you have more options, and you probably won’t mind having grilled an extra pack of hot dogs for your picnic. 

Let slices of leftover hot dogs add a pop of color and flavor to your next dish. 

Happy hot dog day!

Other Hot Dog Recipes

27 BEST Leftover Hotdog Recipes 🌭

27 BEST Leftover Hotdog Recipes 🌭

We’ve put together a list of 27 easy leftover hot dog recipes that you can make at home!


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  • Egg Salad Topped Hot Dogs


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