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11 BEST Hot Dog Casserole Recipes: All Sure To Be A Hit!

11 BEST Hot Dog Casserole Recipes: All Sure To Be A Hit!

Whether you’re a fan of hot dogs or just looking to unlock more casserole dishes, there’s so much to love in these 11 best hot dog casserole recipes.  

Like hamburgers, people love hot dogs because they are simple to cook.

Putting ketchup and mustard on hot dogs and adding relish and onions makes a full meal.

That’s why hot dogs are a popular fast food option among those constantly on the move.

Due to their smoky flavor, frying them alone can make a filling lunch, but did you know you can innovate them further and create something more appetizing and fulfilling?

In fact, there are boundless alternatives!

You’ve probably tried to grill, cook, or steam a hot dog but have you ever tried using them in making a casserole?

Whether searching for another hot dog casserole recipe or making your first dish, here’s a treat for you–these 11 best hot dog casserole recipes to spice up your weeknight dinners!

With Corn Dog Casserole, BBQ Tortilla Hot Dog Casserole, or One-Pot Beef Hot Dog Pasta, you can take your favorite hot dogs to a new level.

For those who enjoy spicy foods and hot dogs, chili dog biscuit casserole and chili cheese dog casserole are worthy of consideration.

In every hot dog casserole, cheese is a must.

It is the one ingredient you cannot omit since it adds richness, creaminess, and flavor to a recipe.

Hot Dog Mac & Cheese Casserole, Hot Dog Cheesy Macaroni Casserole, and Cheesy Hot Dog Tater Tot Casserole are all must-tries!

So, without further ado, here are some yummy hot dog casserole delights that will impress and astonish you.

Hot Dog Casserole Recipes

Are hot dogs and chili your family’s favorite?

If so, you must try this Cheesy Hot Dog Tater Tot Casserole. 

Take pleasure in the savory flavor of crisp tater tots and the buttery and melty texture of popular cheddar cheese.

This dish has a low level of heat, but if you want a more intense kick of spice, you may increase it by adding some crushed red pepper flakes.

Alternatively, you may serve this mouth-watering dish with a bottle of hot sauce so anyone can kick up the spice should they want to.

Let’s add some hot dogs to your standard mac and cheese to take the dish up a notch!

The children will enjoy and get a kick out of making this recipe.

Please let me reveal the secret weapon: homemade cheddar bacon cheese sauce!

The creamy cheddar sauce has overtones of bacon that add so much flavor.

The combination of bacon, cheese, and hot dogs in this casserole guarantees that it will be a huge hit with kids.

Serve a salad or steamed vegetables alongside this beautiful entrée, and I bet they’ll be gone in a flash.

For the best result, go for premium hot dogs.

This Corn Dog Casserole is so appetizing that I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world!

The pleasantly sweet, crunchy texture and cornbread-wrapped hot dog are to die for.

And let’s not skip the delicious mustard dip!

While the egg gives the filling its structure, the whole milk contributes to its consistency by acting as a thinner.

The celery and scallions add flavor and texture, while the butter enriches the dish.

It is essential to add sour cream to the filling since it is creamy and imparts a pleasant tanginess.

You can find solace in a casserole of hot dogs and beans. 

A buttered roast is also a great addition to a complete supper that will warm your heart and stomach.

This dish’s flavor profile is irresistible!

To experience this dish’s magnificence, you only need an ordinary can of pork and beans and some regular hot dogs.

A teaspoon of light brown sugar will do the trick if you want it less sweet.

Try it out, and you’ll quickly appreciate the harmony of this dish’s sweet and smoky tastes.

Although making chili cheese dogs can be messy, this recipe will make cleanup easier because it encourages less clutter in the kitchen.

It has, among other things, all the wonderful elements of the traditional chili dog that you and your family always enjoy.

The crust, which is golden and flaky, is what makes this dish so fascinating.

This recipe is quite versatile!

You can use regular hot dogs or little smokies if you like.

Alternatively, try the spicy or cheese-stuffed dogs.

Use handmade biscuits, which provide a bubble topping in place of crescent dough.

Then, surround your hot dog dish with frozen tater tots for a unique touch.

The kids will continue to gush over this BBQ Tortilla Hot Dog Casserole.

Everyone can find something to love in this dish.

Use jumbo hot dogs instead of regular ones, and watch as everyone goes crazy over them.

Adding ketchup and BBQ sauce elevates the flavor profile of this dish.

Moreover, the crispiness and firmness of green relish and finely chopped onions brighten and enhance the flavor. 

Shredded cheddar cheese adds a creamy, buttery flavor that your army at home will love.

Lastly, top it off by drizzling the leftover melted cheese and adding your preferred garnish, like some crumbled bacon.

Surprise the kids with a tasty dinner in one dish featuring their two favorites, mac n’ cheese and hotdogs!

As soon as you pull this mouthwatering supper out of the oven, they will be lining up for a seat at the kitchen table.

Bring this delectable Hot Dog Mac & Cheese Casserole to your next sleepover or potluck, and watch it disappear.

The thick and velvety texture of the cheese sauce will appeal to everyone.

And surprise! 

The cheese is what gives this meal all of its lovely tastes.

However, you can swap out the cheese for a container of Alfredo sauce if you like white mac and cheese.

Additionally, adding tons of extras to this meal is the fun part. 

Any frozen vegetable, such as carrots, green beans, or peas, can give it a vegetable boost, as well as some garnishes, such as Ritz or bread crumbs.

Adding cheese and crispy bacon to your standard green bean casserole is a good idea to change things up. 

This economical recipe will undoubtedly enable you to quickly prepare something for the kids without visiting the grocery store.

Most likely, your pantry has everything you need.

The cream of mushroom has a satisfyingly creamy texture that is quite wonderful.

To get that consistently smooth consistency, though, it’s ideal adding a little milk.

Fresh, crisp green beans make a wonderful complement as well. 

And when it comes to cheese, choose one that melts well so you can enjoy the melted cheese on hot dogs.

Ground beef has always been a favorite of mine.

And I consider it festive to include more favorites like cheese and hot dogs.

The pasta takes on all the ingredients, which is why it has such a rich flavor!

Even picky diners will likely enjoy this meal.

The kids won’t notice the vegetables if you mince them up well.

Additionally, you may smuggle in some mushrooms, carrots, celery, or bell peppers.

The tomato paste provides a lovely, thick, velvety sauce, while the dried herbs enhance the flavor of this dish!

Even so, the tomato paste aids in the pasta’s ability to absorb the delicious sauce.

Also, a pinch of cayenne pepper or chili pepper flakes would work wonders to add some heat.

Add some smoked paprika to make it smokey and sour cream to make it slightly creamy.

What more could you want for dinner than melty cheese, hot dogs, and chili?

You can satisfy your cravings with nothing more than this comforting Chili Dog Biscuit Casserole.

For this dish, any cheese will work, so get your favorite cheese ready!

Also, adding minced onions that are both sweet and spicy is a great way to add flavor.

Furthermore, whether you choose chili in a can with beans or without is perfectly fine.

As long as you get its intense salty and spicy flavor.

This dish is a fantastic option if you are pondering what to do with leftover hot dogs.

A flavorful sauce is produced by combining the smooth, thick coat of barbecue sauce with the mild, delicate flavor of onions.

While the diced tomatoes give the dish a thicker consistency and richer flavors, the cream of mushroom is incredibly flavorful.

This recipe is one you’ll want to have around.

The bottom line

Hot dogs have always been a popular snack among both kids and adults.

It has long been the go-to dish for those constantly on the go, especially busy folks and children.

But then, you’ll soon learn that hot dogs are useful for a lot more than just a hot dog and bun meal.

For a deservingly scrumptious meal, a casserole for one.

Other Hot Dog Recipes

11 Best Hot Dog Casserole Recipe Collection

11 Best Hot Dog Casserole Recipe Collection

Whether you're a fan of hot dogs or just looking to unlock more casserole dishes, there's so much to love in these 11 best hot dog casserole recipes.


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