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🌴🍹 23 BEST Hawaiian Cocktails For The Summer Or Tiki Parties! 🍹🌴

🌴🍹 23 BEST Hawaiian Cocktails For The Summer Or Tiki Parties! 🍹🌴

Aloha! We all know that when you say Hawaii, there are a lot of things that come into your mind—one of which is Hawaiian cocktails!

You’ll think about the turquoise beaches, surfing, stunning sunrise and sunset, luau parties, and the hula dance, those things that will set you on vacation mode.

But of course, the tropical fruits that inspire most of the dishes, as well as drinks on this beautiful island, will surely be a hit once you have a taste of it.

Wanted to bring the Hawaiian vibe to your tiki-inspired parties?

Let us guide you through by exploring these 23 best Hawaiian cocktails that you can do in the comforts of your home!

We have listed colorful Hawaiian cocktails you will love to serve at any party theme.

We recommend Hawaiian Hammer Cocktail if you want an extra alcohol boost in your cocktail.

But #22 will bring you to memory lane as a child but with a not-for-profit cocktail twist!

So c’mon and join us on this tropical cocktail adventure you don’t want to miss

Tired after a week’s work?

We got you!

A relaxing drink you can make yourself with only three ingredients; pineapple juice, orange juice, and vodka!

The citrus flavors combined on this cocktail will chill you out for sure!

A classic rum-based cocktail created in 1944 by the founder of Trader Vic’s, Victor Bergeron.

Its classic version has a light and dark rum with almond syrup and fruit juice which still gives you that fruity tang of the drink.

Make sure you’re ready for it because it is not just one of the best cocktails on the island but it will give you that kick because of the alcohol content it has.

It’s easy to do and can make pitchers of it, ideal for your parties!

Want to feel royal on a summer day?

This precious cocktail that originated in Waikiki Beach will make you feel special with every drop!

Pineapple and citrus fruits added with refreshing gin create the magnificent taste of this cocktail.

You’ll surely feel the summer heat with a glass of it!

If you’re fond of Lychee, this is for you!

This cocktail is made of three main ingredients; vodka, St. Germain, and lychee.

Tip: If you don’t have fresh lychees available, you can use lychee juice available at the grocery near you and you can savor the taste of this simple yet inviting cocktail even at home!

A unique drink you must try!

It has passion fruit on it!

It’s a delicious drink you can serve to kids as a mocktail but for adults, add two ounces of light rum and one ounce of dark rum to give an extra punch.

Trivia: Its name was derived from its three main fruit ingredients, passion fruit, orange, and guava juice.

This cocktail is a twist on the classic mimosa cocktail you like to drink on a hot summer day.

What makes this exotic is that it has coconut rum that adds more of the sultry taste that pineapple, prosecco, and grenadine already have.

You surely can’t resist this sexy drink once you taste it!

This cocktail will transport you to Maui in a sip!

It is one of the best tropical summer drinks you would want to try and is made of vodka, pineapple juice, and cranberry.

Since the ingredients are so easy to find, you can create this any time of the year, whether just for you or for your party!

But to clear this up, these two tropical cocktails are two different cocktails with different flavors.

Blue Hawaii has pineapple, lemon juice, simple syrup, vodka, rum, and blue curacao, eliminating the cream of coconut which is present in Blue Hawaiian.

This is less creamy and sweet but more balanced in taste because of the lemon juice added.

Try both of them to taste the difference but guaranteed delicious!

Its Hawaiian Fizz and Mojito fused to make this wonderful white refreshing cocktail.

The minty flavor of mojito and the creaminess of coconut milk will excite you to try this and taste summer with a glass full of it!

This is a spinoff of the Blue Hawaiin but instead of using blue curacao, you will use Midori to give this lovely drink its greenish color.

Of course, the tropical flavors and citrus taste stay with this cocktail, a perfect fit for your poolside parties.

Just by looking at its stunning color will remind you of the sunrise at the beach!

It’s a combination of tequila sunrise at the bottom that creates the yellow-orange color while blue Hawaiian at the top for the blueish touch!

This will be amazing to serve to guests at your barbeque, pool, or summer parties and for sure they will love it!

This drink can be served in small amounts but packed in flavors.

Its color and taste will take you on vacation mode in an instant.

Garnish with a lime wedge floating at the center which will remind you of the sun setting at the sea.

Have you ever been hit by a hammer?

Well, if not that’s totally fine.

But once you have a taste of this, you will have that hammer banging on your head the next day.

This is not just a cocktail with flavors of banana, coconut, orange, and pineapple that gives that tropical vibes.

It got a lot of kick, aside from the 3 ounces of alcohol content it has, and one of the ounces is 151-proof rum!

So our advice?

One is enough, and two is something you need to think about.

We already have blue, green, and orange sunset cocktails, next are purple!

The tasty and invigorating taste of gin, berry liqueur, grape juice, and simple syrup blend to satisfy your thirst.

It is not complicated to make and the mix of flavors gives out that icy delicious taste anyone will enjoy!

You know it’s Hawaiian if it has pineapple.

Merging vodka, orange liqueur, pineapple, and lemon juice will give you that distinct, tangy taste of the tropics and will give life to your party! 

Another classic Tiki cocktail was created way back in 1957 in Waikiki.

You will never feel that it’s too strong for a cocktail despite having 4oz of liquor on it because of the dominant taste of the rare passion fruit.

So enjoy every sip but think twice before taking another glass.

This is a tropical margarita twist you can enjoy by the porch or with friends at your next party.

With pineapple juice, lime, triple sec, coconut water, and tequila mixture, you’ll never regret serving this with a huge crowd who want to enjoy the rest of the night!

One of the famous cocktails that have a hot name but is packed with fruity, tropical flavors in a creamy cocktail.

Made with pineapple, strawberries, banana, and coconut mixed with rum, it will send exploding flavors in your mouth!

Feel the sandy beach with just a glass of this flavorful cocktail with a sweet summer blend of mango and margarita!

Add pineapple chunks and you’ll be on a beach getaway by the porch!

This pretty-looking cocktail will make you want another glass to sip in!

This is another variation of blue Hawaiian but instead of blue, it’s pink!

Switch blue curacao to triple sec and grenadine with coconut and pineapple and still keep those sweet flavors of the tropics!

This is the adult version of the classic Hawaiian punch you all know as a child.

With the addition of amaretto and vodka to its vintage taste, garnished with orange slices and cherry, who would have thought you’ll get a little tipsy after a few glasses of this lovely drink?

Pahoehoe is a Hawaiian word referring to a type of lava flow and it’s just a perfect name for this cocktail!

Its fruity taste with the right amount of light rum balances out the sweetness and bitterness of this drink. 

Best served in a tiki bowl with flaming lemons floating on it!

The bottom line

We know you already miss the sand and those parties by the beach and so here we are, giving you the taste of summer for a head start!

We hope you get lots of tropical cocktail ideas for your upcoming luau or tiki-inspired parties that everyone will enjoy!

Let us know which of these is a home run for your guest.

We are excited to know in the comments below!

Top 23 BEST Hawaiian Cocktails🍹🌴

Top 23 BEST Hawaiian Cocktails🍹🌴

We have listed 23 easy Hawaiian cocktails to inspire your next upcoming summer luau or tiki-inspired parties.


  • Blue Hawaiian Cocktail
  • Hawaiian Martini
  • Mai Tai
  • Royal Hawaiian Cocktail
  • Lychee Martini
  • POG Cocktail
  • Hawaiian Mimosa
  • Island Breeze Cocktail
  • Blue Hawaii
  • Hawaiian Mojito
  • Green Hawaiian Cocktail
  • Blue Hawaiian Sunrise Cocktail
  • Hawaiian Sunset
  • Hawaiian Hammer Cocktail
  • Alea Hawaiian Cocktail
  • Hawaiian PIneapple Cosmopolitan Cocktail
  • Tropical Itch
  • Hawaiian Margarita
  • Lava Flow Hawaiian
  • Frozen Mango Margarita
  • Pink Hawaiian Cocktail
  • Hawaiian Punch Cocktail
  • Pahoehoe Cocktail


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