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11 Mind-Blowing Mini Waffle Maker Recipes Worth Trying!

If you’re wondering what to make in a mini waffle maker, these mini waffle maker recipes will get you started.  

Big taste can come from a cute little appliance. Anyone who owns a mini waffle maker can tell you that. 

A variety of shapes, from traditional round waffles to Star Wars characters and Mickey Mouse, make mini waffle maker ideas even more fun.  

Keto snacks, quick breakfasts, fun meals for kids, and of course, waffles, can all be made in mini waffle makers.  

Whether you’re a college student, a busy mom, or someone who lives in a small apartment or camper, there are countless things to make in a mini waffle maker to make mealtime more exciting when you’re short on time or space. 

If you already have a mini waffle maker, you can gather up the ingredients for these recipes and make something delicious right away from Pizza Chaffles to Brownie Chaffle

But if you don’t, these ideas might inspire you to take the plunge and get one for yourself! #5 is for sure a fan favorite that you don’t want to miss!

Sweet mini waffle iron recipes will take you from breakfast to dessert, and our savory mini waffle maker ideas include everything from snacks to entrees.

With that, let’s dive into the best recipes with a mini waffle maker.

A blend of cheese, eggs, and almond flour, this mini waffle maker recipe could be perfect for those avoiding gluten, people watching their carbs, and those who just want something different from a traditional batter-style waffle.  

These crispy, cheesy waffles have a texture like the waffles that come in a box, but they’re made with fresh, wholesome ingredients that build a full breakfast in waffle form. 

Cutting carbs never tasted better.

Want mini waffles but you’re vegan or lactose intolerant? This recipe is for you. 

Made with coconut flour, coconut cream, and coconut oil, these delights are easy to whip up and top however you’d like. 

Since this batter gets its sweetness from coconut, feel free to go tropical with toppings of banana and pineapple. 

They also pair nicely with fresh fruit on top or as the start of a breakfast sandwich.

Who says you only can make waffles in a mini waffle maker? 

In just minutes, you can cook an omelet to eat on its own, put in a delicious breakfast sandwich, or paired with a salad for a light lunch or supper. 

Add whatever you’d like – cheese, crumbled bacon or sausage, or vegetables such as onion, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, or tomatoes. 

Set up a brunch omelet-making party, letting each guest make an omelet to their liking.  

It’s also a great activity for kids, and can encourage them to eat more vegetables!

For a delicious breakfast that will stick with you all morning, try making these oatmeal waffles. 

They’re yummy on their own, but they’re also delicious when topped with maple syrup or fresh blueberries. 

These waffles have just three ingredients – oatmeal, bananas, and eggs – so you can feel good about eating more than one if you’re making multiple batches. 

These might look like waffles, but they’re really a crispy, waffle version of canned refrigerated cinnamon rolls. 

You can bake canned cinnamon rolls in a mini waffle maker in just minutes, and best of all, they look like cute little gooey waffles.  

Kids love this cinnamon roll baking technique just as much as grown-ups. 

Add fresh fruit and hot chocolate for a breakfast treat that can go from your refrigerator to your table in minutes.

Forget ordering pizza delivery. 

These little pizza chaffles are big on flavor and are paleo and keto-friendly. 

Make one when snacking solo, or make multiple batches if friends are coming over.  

Kids love pizza chaffles, too, but don’t tell them that riced cauliflower is part of the recipe. 

They’ll be too busy enjoying the pepperoni and mozzarella to notice they’re eating something healthy!

These crispy, fluffy mashed potato waffles can be served with steak, chicken, or other entrees for a unique dinner side dish. 

Or, pair them with eggs and sausage for breakfast. 

You can also personalize this recipe by adding roasted garlic, parmesan cheese, chopped chives, or crumbled bacon. 

Add a little butter on top for extra indulgence, and you’ve got the perfect “loaded” potato in waffle form.

Do you love the taste of buttery garlic bread but don’t want the carbs? 

Try this recipe for garlic bread chaffles. 

Made with fresh ingredients in about 10 minutes, this garlic bread fits with paleo and keto plans, but those not counting carbs won’t be able to tell. 

Serve these up with pasta or zucchini noodle dishes, or just on their own with a little marinara sauce for dipping. 

They’re also great for making indulgent sandwiches with salami, cheese, and your favorite fillings.

Autumn isn’t only for pumpkin spice lattes. 

These pumpkin waffles are a delicious choice for breakfast or brunch throughout the fall and the holiday season. 

Serve these with warm cider and top them with whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and chopped pecans for a festive presentation.

Shredded potatoes, eggs, cheese, and other savory ingredients make a filling, delicious mini waffle. 

This is an ideal to-go breakfast that’s better than anything offered at the fast-food drive-through. 

The best part? They’re ready in just a few minutes with minimum preparation and easy cleanup. 

Make one, or multiple batches if you’re meal-prepping for the week. 

A low-carb decadent dessert? 

If that sounds too good to be true, you haven’t tried this recipe for a dessert chaffle. 

Warm, soft, and chocolatey with an outer crunch, these brownie chaffles will take care of your sweet tooth. 

Enjoy by yourself or make more than one and share with your friends. 

Make them even sweeter with a topping of ice cream and chocolate syrup.

The bottom line

If you were asking yourself what to make in a mini waffle maker before reading this, we’re pretty sure your bases are covered now! 

This roundup of recipes will keep your mini waffle maker going day and night. 

Whether you want something different for brunch at home, breakfast on the go, quick dinner meals, side dishes, and snacks – these “mini” recipes and waffle toppings that you might want to try.

Will surely cover all of your big cravings!

11 BEST Ways To Make Mini Waffle Maker Recipe

11 BEST Ways To Make Mini Waffle Maker Recipe

Big taste can come from a cute little appliance! This satisfying list of recipes will keep your mini waffle maker going day and night!


  • Chaffles
  • Dairy-Free Low-Carb Waffles
  • Mini Waffle Maker Omelet
  • Oatmeal Waffles
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Pizza Chaffles
  • Mashed Potato Waffles
  • Garlic Bread Chaffles
  • Pumpkin Waffles
  • Hash Brown Waffles
  • Brownie Chaffle


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