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25 Game Day Cookies: Be The Tailgate Party Hero!

25 Game Day Cookies: Be The Tailgate Party Hero!

Whether you’re watching the game at home, hosting a tailgate or headed to a sports-themed potluck, these game day cookies are going to win everyone over!

Whether you want some snacks for the local high school football game or want something sweet for the Super Bowl, there is a game day cookie recipe or two on this list that will fit perfectly into your event.

Football is not the only sport where spectating is made better with cookies.

There are also cookies here for basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis fans.

When game day comes around, you want your attention to be on the game rather than baking up some treats so these are not going to be overly complicated but will not sacrifice taste either.

Even if you need something for a young sports fan’s birthday, these are great for a kid’s birthday or school party.

Football Character Cookies and Chocolate Sugar Cookie Footballs are perfect for Sunday Night Football.

Oreo Basketball Cookies will be fitting for cheering on your favorite players as they slam dunk.

Decorated Golf Cookies and Tennis Ball Cookies ensure all sports fans get a sweet taste of having their favorite sport represented with a delicious cookie.

Thumbprint cookies are fun to make but when you add little chocolate footballs inside the thumbprint, they become much more fun.

The chocolate footballs can be made at home or by using chocolate Easter eggs.

Find your team’s colors for a custom sprinkle blend, and the rest comes together easily.

Both baseball and food fans will be grabbing for these cookies.

They look impressive but know that they are actually very easy to make.

Any type of cookies can be used for the center cookie that is dipped into melted white chocolate and decorated with red chocolate stitching.

Even without a cookie cutter, these peanut butter football cookies turn out beautifully.

A few melted chocolate chips and some white icing give you the laces of the football making this as visually appealing as it is delicious.

These cookies can either be prepared ahead of time or left undecorated for guests to have a hands on activity at the next tailgate.

Both pennant banners and flags can be made by following the same steps but just changing where the holes are placed.

Feel free to make the cookies all different sizes and with lots of different colors and decorations so each cookie can be made unique.

Football shaped sugar cookies make the base of these tasty game day treat but the icing and M&Ms give you a quick and easy way to make it a more festive snack.

The cookie frosting is very simple to make, needing only four ingredients.

You could also go the route of using store bought icing and cookies and it will still turn out wonderfully.

These may be called sugar cookies but they are more like a mixture of brownies and sugar cookies.

Chocolate ganache is spread over the cookies for the leather appearance of footballs and if it is made at home, it is as simple as letting the ingredients simmer together on the stove then letting it cool.

Some of us shamelessly watch football for the food and snacks.

For those, these cookie cups will be enough to have them checking the calendar for the next game day.

Boxed sugar cookie mix, frosting, almonds, and candy melts give you something unique that will get anyone and everyone excited for game day.

These may look fancy but believe it or not, the design of them is straightforward and won’t require special decorating skills.

The end result is a cookie resembling a football stadium, complete with all of the cheering fans, too.

Whether you like chocolate Oreos, golden, or any other variety, they work perfectly to create your own basketball cookies.

Orange and black candy melts cover your preferred Oreo inside so you can go crazy and use rainbow ones knowing that after the process, the cookies will look like mini basketballs.

As you decorate the lines of your basketball, go ahead and begin designing past the edge of the cookies since the extra pieces will break off when it is all dry and no one will know any different.

These themed cookies balance both chocolate and vanilla through the inside and out.

There are a few different steps outside of the traditional cookie making process but seeing and tasting the end result will make it all worth it.

Feel free to use any sugar cookie recipe you like for these since the attention will all be on how awesome they look decorated.

Brown and green royal icing can give you what you need to decorate your field and football themed cookies.

Sprinkles and white icing will add the final touches needed for the eye-catching decor of these cookies.

Sugar cookie dough and a racket shaped cookie cutter will give you your tennis themed sweet.

The fun part comes from decorating with royal icing and Sugarpova tennis gumballs which will look like a miniature version of the real thing.

This may require steady hands to get the lacing of the rackets neat but that means you can keep practicing and snack on the ones that didn’t make the cut.

If some of the decorations for game day cookies seem intimidating, this one is right for you.

Chocolate icing and white cake fondant decorate the football and its laces in such a simple method that any beginner can master quickly.

Even if the end result isn’t as pretty as you would like, who would say no to a chocolate iced sugar cookie?

The pie crust that begins these cookies can either be homemade or thawed from being frozen, but either way will give you a fun and tasty treat.

Cream cheese frosting adds the right smooth touch to these cookies to pair with the slight kick of the cinnamon added in.

Including preparation, baking, and decorating this all can hit the game day table in about half an hour.

Young football fans can get involved with preparing these no-bake cookie pops.

With Nutter Butter cookies and colored candy melts, you can make your own edible football treats for snacking on while watching the game or for giving away as impressive party favors after the watch party.

America’s favorite pastime deserves an amazing cookie to snack on while watching the classic sport.

With a baseball stencil and stencil holder, the laces turn out perfect and neat.

With a little bit of brown around the edges of the baseball cookies, it will give it a vintage and worn look without ruining the laces.

These cookies manage to be both soft and thick with crisp edges at the same time.

It tastes of a little bit of vanilla and almond with the buttery sweetness of the sugar cookies that are the foundation to the soccer balls.

It may take a while to get these together in the right order but some steps can be paused and begin again later.

Gotta love starters! Check out this list of Game Day Appetizers, too.

Even though these football character cookies start with store-bought ingredients, there is no beating the cute appearance and delicious taste of these.

There are a few different designs you can make with these cookies including a referee, football players, and even a football.

These are definitely as much fun to eat as they are to make.

More assembly than baking involved in this one. Win-win.

Showing up to a football watch party with a cookie football platter will easily lead to you being awarded best guest of the night.

This is totally festive and in theme while also being completely customizable.

There may be a bit of planning to get the right shape and for the cookies to line up just like a football but it makes up for the lack of baking required for this.

Tennis doesn’t receive as much love as football and basketball but if you get excited for the sport, there is no reason you can’t enjoy some themed cookies.

These cookies look like they have tennis ball fuzz on it which can be done in a few different ways.

Some may be hesitant to try these thinking that they have cotton and nylon on the outside, but it is just decorated sugar.

Decorating soccer themed sugar cookies cannot get easier than this.

Dark buttercream frosting makes the leather hexagons while a simple pattern with white frosting adds the base.

These can also be packaged up easily for a birthday party or take home treat.

These golf themed cookies are complete with a little hole for the golf ball to aim for.

Green icing makes the grass while a white sugar pearl is placed on top to be the golf ball.

It is all tied together with a little flag showing where the golf ball is aiming for.

This decoration is much simpler than it may sound but it adds to the experience of enjoying a sweet while watching golf.

Game day is usually full of savory snacks but a delicious chocolate and peanut butter cookie can complete what your taste buds are looking for.

Waffle pretzels add some crunch while the added chocolate on top doesn’t hurt adding to the sweet delicacy of this treat.

Only requiring five ingredients, this is a great choice for a quick cookie to bake up for game day.

Chocolate toffee bars are the star of these cookies and add to the creamy peanut butter of the cookie.

Even without the candy, these are delicious peanut butter cookies that will be easy to finish off while watching your favorite sports team play.

The bottom line

No matter what sports are on the big screen, these 25 Game Day Cookies will give you something sweet to nibble on as you and the gang watch your favorite game!

Looking for a wide variety of Game Day Desserts? SCORE!

25 Fun Game Day Cookies

25 Fun Game Day Cookies

No matter what sports are on the big screen, these 25 Game Day Cookies will give you something sweet to nibble on as you and the gang watch your favorite game!


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  • Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies
  • White Chocolate Baseball Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Football Cookies
  • Tailgate Football Pennant Cookies
  • Super Bowl M&M Football Cookies
  • Chocolate Sugar Cookie Footballs
  • Football Cookie Cups
  • Stadium Cookies
  • Chocolate Covered Oreo Basketball Cookies
  • Super Bowl Sugar Cookies
  • Football Game Day Sugar Cookies
  • Tennis Racket Cookies
  • Football Sugar Cookies
  • Cinnamon Swirl Football Cookies
  • Football Cookie Pops
  • Fun Baseball Cookies
  • Soccer Cookies
  • Football Character Cookies
  • Big Cookie Football
  • Tennis Ball Cookies
  • Decorated Soccer Ball Cookies
  • Decorated Golf Cookies
  • Reese’s Pretzel Football Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies


  1. Game on! Pull up this list when it’s time to make Game Day Cookies!
  2. Is it baseball, football or soccer? Choose your favorite recipe.
  3. Visit the link to get all the details. 
  4. Have fun at your next game day party or tailgate!

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