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15 Best Shrimp And Spinach Recipes

15 Best Shrimp And Spinach Recipes

From pasta entrées to comforting soups, here are some of the best shrimp and spinach recipes you can make at home. 

Among seafood, shrimp, in particular, is my personal favorite. 

It has a mild and delicate taste–a little bit sweet and salty. 

And truth be told, shrimp is incredibly delicious and easy to prepare. 

No rocket science explanation or a wave of a wand is needed when cooking shrimp. 

Moreover, you can see shrimp in any cuisine, such as stew, casserole, salad, pasta, kebab, and even sauteed with tomatoes or spinach. 

And do you know that shrimp goes well with any green leafy veggie? 

Spinach, for one! 

Spinach is a leafy green plant native to western and central Asia. 

It is tender in texture and has a slightly sweet flavor, making it a regular green leafy veggie that you can find in salad bars. 

For now, let’s delve deeper into the perfect pairing of shrimp and spinach with lots of recipes to choose from. 

Got pasta sitting in your cupboard? 

Use them with Garlic Shrimp And Spinach Over Linguine or Cheese Shrimp Penne Pasta And Spinach

Meanwhile, if you love anything creamy and flavorful, try Shrimp And Spinach With Blistered Tomatoes or Shrimp And Spinach In Cream Sauce

A shrimp and spinach recipe with a traditional flair would be an excellent idea. 

Curried Shrimp And Spinach or a comforting bowl of Spinach And Shrimp Balls Soup would suit your taste. 

Is your stomach starting to rumble yet?

If so, let’s get to it! 

This creamed spinach will bring so much joy to your family, so make sure you fill this dish up with as much shrimp and spinach as you want. 

The light sauce mixture of garlic and onion powder, cream cheese, heavy cream, and water yields a rich, creamy, and light sauce you will love. 

Ingredients include: Heavy cream, garlic powder, shrimp, and fresh baby spinach.

Wondering about Tuscan, Italy makes me think about sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan, garlic, basil, and spinach! 

And this Creamy Tuscan Shrimp fits the bill. 

The star ingredient of this dish is the shrimp, but for some, it is the thick and creamy sauce.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, sun-dried tomatoes, butter, basil, and shrimp.

Light and fresh, this Sauteed Shrimp With Spinach And Tomatoes will brighten up your meal. 

The sweet and sour taste of tomatoes pairs well with garlic’s nutty and mild flavor. 

Ingredients include: Shrimp, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, and salt and pepper.

While shrimp and spinach are an amazing pair, add some cheese, and you’ll be surprised! 

The mingling of lemon juice, salt, pepper, and oregano makes the shrimp all the more flavorful. 

Enjoy the refreshing, mild, and sweet taste of spinach in this dish. 

Ingredients include: Shrimp, lemon juice, olive oil, spinach, and feta cheese.

This Shrimp and Spinach Pasta recipe will give you a different take on pasta. 

It is loaded with sauteed garlic shrimp and jam-packed with flavors, a dish you would not miss. 

You can either use lentil pasta, zucchini noodles, or spaghetti squash instead of whole wheat pasta. 

Ingredients include: Chicken broth, shrimp, butter, pasta, and tomatoes.

The thought of garlic shrimp makes my mouth water. 

Toss them in the pasta with some delicious pan sauce, and you’ll get a wonderful dish for a meal. 

The mushrooms add some volume to the dish, while the Romano cheese adds a bold and nutty flavor! 

Then give it a nice kick with red pepper flakes

Ingredients include: Linguine, mushrooms, spinach, olive oil, and red pepper flakes.

This shrimp and spinach dish is full of luscious cream sauce you’ll get crazy about. 

Adore the nice crunch of chopped onions and the zing of garlic paste. 

The lemon juice in the marinade tenderizes the meat, while the black pepper is responsible for giving the dish a little spice. 

Ingredients include: Garlic paste, lemon juice, fresh cream, butter, and shrimp.

If you love your pasta with less cream, this Tomato Spinach Shrimp Pasta recipe will delight you. 

The chicken broth elevates the dish’s flavors while the parmesan cheese makes it more interesting. 

And if you want a little spice, red pepper flakes will do the trick. 

A salad or garlic bread plate would round off the meal. 

Ingredients include: Shrimp, butter, garlic, chicken broth, and seasonings.

The sweet spices and earthy flavors of Curried Shrimp And Spinach will amaze you! 

And this dish gets better with coconut undertones and butter. 

The blend of tomato paste, coconut milk, and chicken stock results in a smooth and velvety mixture. 

Ingredients include: Tomato paste, curry powder, coconut milk, chicken stock, and spinach.

Be amazed at this dish’s combination of shrimp, spinach, and cheese. 

From the first bite, you’ll be hooked for life! 

Mozzarella cheese melts nicely, and the medium to large-sized shrimp add yummy flavors to the pasta! 

Ingredients include: Penne pasta, shrimp, heavy cream, butter, and fresh spinach.

You deserve a tasty and refreshing dinner after a long day. 

So here is the Baked Ziti With Shrimp And Spinach recipe that you can whip up in a jiffy. 

The light and lemony tomato sauce pairs nicely with feta and shrimp. 

Make the shrimp delectable by seasoning them with salt, pepper, and olive oil. 

Ingredients include: Pasta, lemon zest, garlic, diced tomatoes, and feta cheese.

Charred on the outside and juicy on the inside, this creamy shrimp and spinach recipe will grow your fascination for blistered tomatoes. 

The magic starts as the cheese melts with the fresh spinach and blistered tomatoes. 

And if you want to add a little sweetness, feel free to add some honey

Ingredients include: Cherry tomatoes, spinach, garlic, parmesan cheese, and shrimp.

Cap off your weeknight dinner with the family with this delicious Shrimp Scampi With Spinach And Crispy Breadcrumbs. 

Everybody will rave about the soft strands of linguine coated with rich shrimp-butter sauce. 

And this dish gets better with the marinated shrimp, spinach, and nice crunch from breadcrumbs. 

Ingredients include: Shrimp, dry white wine, garlic, shallots, and red pepper flakes.

If you are thinking about what to make from your jar of Indian simmer sauce, this Spicy Ginger Shrimp And Spinach would be the best fit. 

Whether you have garam masala or other Indian spices, both will work. 

The grated ginger delivers peppery yet slightly sweet flavors, while the fresh lime juice is responsible for the dish’s light and fresh flavors! 

Ingredients include: Chicken stock, freshly grated ginger, garlic, scallions, and Indian simmer sauce.

Spinach And Shrimp Balls Soup is a comforting dish with a touch of Vietnam.

Lightly smashing each piece of shrimp gives off a nice texture to the balls, and adding chicken broth elevates the flavor profile. 
Ingredients include: Onion, shrimp, sugar, fish sauce, and black pepper.

The bottom line

Shrimp is a versatile ingredient which makes it a popular seafood choice for many cuisines. 

Its chewy and soft texture gets more interesting when paired with complementary ingredients. 

Fresh spinach, on the other hand, can elevate various dishes–soups, pasta, stews, sauces, chicken, pizza–you name it!

And when you combine spinach and shrimp in a dish?

Expect an enjoyable meal!

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15 Best Shrimp And Spinach Recipes

15 Best Shrimp And Spinach Recipes

From pasta entrées to comforting soups, here are some of the best shrimp and spinach recipes you can make at home.


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