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25 Of The Best Refreshing Ice Cream Cocktails To Try Now

25 Of The Best Refreshing Ice Cream Cocktails To Try Now

One of the best ways to beat a hot summer day is right here in this list of ice cream cocktails!

You get the creamy, sweet flavor of your favorite ice cream, and the kick of a cocktail to start your weekend!

So why not have both in one tall glass? 

Believe it or not, liquor goes so well with ice cream, be it vodka, rum, or brandy. 

You can create a tantalizing ice cream cocktail and enjoy a creamier alternative to daiquiris and margaritas. 

There are many flavors that you can experiment with, from sweet chocolate to zesty lime, so grab your ice cream scooper and let us dive into 25 indulgent ice cream cocktails. 

From the sophisticated Frozen Manhattan Ice Cream Soda to the Boozy Coffee Coke Float, you’ll find your next creamy, dreamy ice cream cocktail right here!

Check out #23 if you’re a total chocoholic.

Frozen Mudslide is the ideal drink to make when you want something cool, decadent, and delicious on a hot day. 

While you can enjoy this recipe on the rocks, some days call for a frozen version. 

The combination of coffee liqueur, Irish cream, vodka, and vanilla ice cream makes this a summertime cocktail dream.

Ice Cream Martini is a beautiful pink dessert cocktail you can serve at brunch or parties. 

This amazing vodka ice cream mixed drink combines strawberry liqueur, white chocolate liqueur, vodka, and strawberry ice cream. 

It is garnished and rimmed with sugar and strawberries for a wild and sweet cocktail.

Spiked Lime Ice Cream Soda is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy. 

This refreshing drink is made with vodka, soda, limes, pureed strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. 

Typically served at parties, brunch, or St. Patrick’s Day, you can make individual glasses of this refreshing cocktail or fill a punch bowl for everyone to share.

Brandy Alexander is a brandy-based dessert cocktail made with brandy, coffee liqueur, crème de cacao, and cream. 

To make this drink creamier and sweeter, you can add a scoop of ice cream. 

This boozy milkshake is great for festive occasions, holidays, Christmas, and something to sip on at brunch. 

Adult Root Beer Float is a fun alternative to the usual cocktails. 

This recipe combines three summertime favorites: refreshing root beer, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla vodka. 

Your weekend barbeque parties won’t be complete without this fun and tasty twist on an old favorite. 

Manhattan is a drink not for the faint of heart.

Bourbon whiskey, angostura bitters, sweet vermouth, ice, and maraschino cherry make this a simple drink with a lot of character. 

To give it a summer twist, add vanilla ice cream and dish it into the freezer for 30 minutes for that fabulous and refreshing taste that is perfect for brunch.

Mixing only three ingredients, the Pink Squirrel is smooth and creamy. 

The white crème de cacao joins creme de noyaux, heavy cream, and vanilla ice cream to create a frothy, sweet boozy cocktail that tastes of chocolate and almonds. 

You can make a few glasses the next time that you host a party or whenever you want to drink a pink cocktail that is similar to an adult milkshake.

If you are a fan of Piña Coladas and Mudslides, you will undoubtedly love this sweet and creamy drink that falls somewhere between the two, essentially a boozy milkshake. 

Bushwacker is made with coffee liqueur, rum, and vanilla ice cream, and it is popular at many beach bars. 

If you are planning to make Bushwacker at home, you can add a festive dollop of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top.

Boozy Creamsicle Float is an incredible summer cocktail made with vanilla ice cream, orange soda, and vodka. 

The simple and delicious combination of ingredients will make it a massive hit at gatherings and picnics.

Boozy Coffee Coke Float is a fun way to turn the traditional coke float into an adult treat. 

Adding coffee ice cream on top of a smooth mixture of coffee liqueur, cola, and coffee provides a creamy fizz. 

Boozy Coffee Coke Float is a sweet cocktail drink that you can make any time of day.

The Grinch Ice Cream Float is a sweet and tangy lemon-lime ice cream float recipe inspired by The Grinch movie.
Although this cocktail is originally for children, you can make an adult version by adding vodka to a mixture of lemon-lime soda, vanilla ice cream, and sour candies.

This ice cream float also makes an incredible punch you can serve at parties.

A Pumpkin Ice Cream Float is a fantastic dessert cocktail for fall. 

Mix bourbon, hard cider, and a scoop of pumpkin, and you got yourself a cocktail that can kickstart the pumpkin season. 

Sometimes, certain treats are meant just for the grown-ups, and the Spiked Mexican Chocolate Milkshake is one of them. 

A smooth blend of spiked and spicy mocha ice cream with the punch of tequila and cayenne makes this a drink that you can prepare while hanging out with your friends.

With the warmer weather, you want a refreshing summer alcoholic drink when celebrating something. 

Adult Strawberry Ice Cream Party is a fun and tasty cocktail that mixes the smoothness of vodka and the sweetness of strawberries perfectly. 

This recipe is typically served in glass jars, but you can make a punch version too.

Most versions of the classic Mudslide cocktail are drowned in ice cream and served in glassware. 

But this version of Mudslide showcases the sugar and dairy rather than just the spirits. 

The coffee liqueur, vodka, and Irish cream provide a boozy kick that cuts through the rich ice cream, while the strawberry garnish adds the much-needed aroma and sweetness. 

Also called Pink Mudslide, this strawberry version of the famous cocktail can be served after dinner, on Valentine’s Day, or whenever you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

If you want to make the drink fancier, you can swap vodka with French brandy and enjoy the extra dose of flavor.

Gin & Tonic Float is an excellent twist to the classic cocktail. 

Adding a massive scoop of vanilla ice cream to the mixture can turn the drink into a decadent dessert. 

It is creamy, fizzy, and full of botanical flavors.

Gin and Tonic Float is something that you can drink while waiting for your brunch or if you happen to go afternoon drinking.

However you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the Boozy Shamrock Shake is a must-try. 

This drink is the ice cream-based version of McDonald’s shamrock shake. 

While some recipes use vodka, this recipe uses cream liqueur instead to make it creamier and sweeter.

The Buttery Nipple Milkshake is a boozy sweet mash-up of dessert and cocktail. 

Creamy vanilla ice cream and milk are blended with butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream. 

This is the perfect drink to whip up when you’ve had a harrowing week and need something to treat yourself with.

Banana splits are delicious and fun to eat, but they’ve even tastier when served in cocktail form with a splash of vodka. 

Adding frozen bananas, banana yogurt, strawberry ice cream, and a shot of vodka gives you a new and amazing drink that you can share with your friends.

Boozy S’mores Milkshake is a drink that is filled with chocolate ice cream, graham crackers, vanilla ice cream, coffee liqueur, milk, toasted marshmallows, and dark chocolate fudge sauce. 

You can add whipped cream on top and drizzle it with more chocolate fudge sauce for a fun treat for summer and the 4th of July.

White Russian Float is a decadent and sweet cocktail you can make at home anytime. 

Combining vodka, vanilla ice cream, and coffee liqueur, you can serve it on the rocks, or you can chill it in the fridge. 

This is an incredible alternative to adult milkshakes, and it is excellent for coffee lovers.

Death By Chocolate cocktail is heavy on the chocolate and is every chocolate lover’s dream. 

This drink will definitely kill your sweet tooth craving. 

Add chocolate ice cream, crème de cacao, and vodka in a blender, and you can grab a fellow chocoholic to share this cocktail with.

The Bourbon, Vanilla and Chocolate Milkshake combines three favorites in one tall glass. 

This drink walks the line between cocktail and dessert, and it should be enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings. 

Affogato is best known for being a coffee-based dessert.

By adding a shot of bourbon to it, you’ve got a boozy twist to the Italian favorite.

The bottom line

If you are craving for a drink that you can prepare during the hot summer months, we’ve listed the most delicious and satisfying ice cream cocktails. 

You can choose between chocolatey and fruity, and you can even top them with any garnish you want. 

So head to your kitchen, grab a pint of ice cream, and try one of these fantastic recipes.

25 EASY Ice Cream Cocktails!

25 EASY Ice Cream Cocktails!

One of the best ways to beat a hot summer day is right here in this list of ice cream cocktails!


  • Frozen Grasshopper
  • Frozen Mudslide
  • Ice Cream Martini
  • Spiked Lime Ice Cream Soda
  • Brandy Alexander With Ice Cream
  • Adult Root Beer Float
  • Manhattan Ice Cream Soda
  • Pink Squirrel
  • Bushwackers
  • Boozy Creamsicle Float
  • Boozy Coffee Coke Float
  • Grinch Ice Cream Float
  • Pumpkin Ice Cream Float
  • Spiked Mexican Chocolate Milkshake
  • Adult Strawberry Ice Cream Party
  • Pink Mudslide
  • Gin & Tonic Float
  • Boozy Shamrock Shake
  • Buttery Nipple Milkshake
  • Banana Split Vodka Milkshake
  • Boozy S’Mores Milkshake
  • White Russian Float
  • Death By Chocolate
  • Bourbon, Vanilla & Chocolate Milkshake
  • Bourbon Affogato


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