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12 cucumber appetizers that make a good impression!

Cucumber is such a versatile veggie (or fruit) that adds freshness and crunch to any of our favorite recipes, from salads, slaws, pickles, and lettuce wraps.

But what I like the most is its ability to leave an extraordinary and unforgettable first impression before the dinner even starts. Plus, preparing them as appetizers is super FUN and EASY!

If you haven’t tried serving cucumber appetizers, you need to step up your game. It’s not late to try it! Be warned though: Everyone just can’t stop themselves from grabbing another one until the plate is empty. So better make many!

1. Cucumber tomato salad

First on the list is this cucumber tomato salad. It is a perfect summer appetizer that goes alongside so many dishes. 

The combination of cucumber, dried dills, fresh tomatoes, and red onions offers an extraordinary taste and texture to the dish. The red wine vinegar gives a little hint of tang, making it more delicious!

Check the recipe here.

2. Dilly cucumber bites

Name some English cucumber appetizer recipes that are tasty as these dilly cucumber bites. 

The perfect blend of fresh dill cream cheese and juicy cherry tomato will create an explosion of taste in your mouth. 

If you’re looking for a perfect little bite for spring or your next party, check out this recipe.

3. Turkey and cucumber snacks

These turkey and cucumber snacks only consist of 4 recipes – cream cheese spread, water crackers, turkey breast, and cucumber. 

The result? It’s divine! Plus, it takes a few steps to create this tasty snack. Just spread the cream cheese onto the crackers and add the remaining ingredients on top!

If you have free time, you can try this recipe.

4. Herb cream cheese cucumber bites

These herb cream cheese cucumber bites are pretty easy to prepare and worth indulging. 

It’s refreshing, sweet, and has a pleasant slight tang that is super satisfying inside the mouth. If you’re into low-carb appetizers and snacks, you’re bound to like this recipe!

5. Feta cucumber salad bites

The combination of ingredients of these cucumber bites is genuinely inviting. 

Consuming them gives you a burst of sunshine. It’s fresh, slightly tangy, spicy, and zesty–all in one bite!

Plus, they’re easy to make! It’s a perfect last-minute appetizer for those people who are on the go.

Check out the recipe here

6. Stuffed cucumber appetizers

These stuffed cucumber appetizers won’t stop you from grabbing another bite!

The refreshing flavor of cucumber blends with the taste of cotija cheese. 

If you want to make it extraordinary, serve with extra powdered chile on top and lime wedge on its side. Enjoy!

Here’s the recipe

7. Spicy Korean beef and cucumber appetizers

Do you like cucumber and spicy Korean-inspired dishes? You’re going to love this appetizer!

The combination of cucumber and gochujang mixture makes the recipe a standout among the other cucumber appetizers. Garnish them with microgreens, sesame seeds, peanuts, cilantro, scallions, and you’ll end up having a perfect starter!

Check out this recipe here

8. Cucumber guacamole appetizer bites

Cucumber and guacamole? Why not!

The buttery, creamy, and sweet guacamole tastes divine when sprinkled on top of the cucumber slices. 

The chile powder adds extra flavor to these cucumber bites, making it the ultimate appetizer!

You can get the recipe here

9. Boursin cucumber appetizers

When it comes to tasty cucumber appetizers, this recipe gives you that wow factor. They taste utterly exquisite!

The herb and garlic Boursin cheese and milk perfectly go well with cucumbers. 

The dish is further improved with a few slices of prosciutto ham. Yummy! 

No Boursin cheese? You can substitute guacamole for this recipe

Do you want to master the art of freezing guacamole? You better check this out!

10. Avocado goat cheese cucumber appetizers

If you’re looking for a definite crowd-pleasing appetizer, you’re going to love this recipe!

The combination of goat cheese mixture, avocado, and fresh parsley blends well with cucumber. No one can resist this tasty gem!

The addition of lemon juice, tabasco sauce, and pepper gives an extraordinary flavor to the dish.
You can check the recipe here.

11. Falafel-spiced cucumber bites

These cucumber bites are perfect for those people who love spicy snacks!

You won’t believe how falafel and cucumber can deliver a burst of taste inside your mouth. 

If you want to make this dish extraordinary, we recommend garnishing ground paprika, fresh grape tomatoes, shallot, and sriracha. Enjoy!

Here’s the recipe.

12. Mini-cucumber smoked salmon bites with lemon dill cream cheese

This cucumber appetizer will be your life-saver for your last-minute dinner. They’re amazingly easy to prepare and taste fantastic too!

The highlights of this recipe are the cream cheese on top of the salmon, the fresh dill, and the cracked pepper. They give that unique texture to the dish. 

You can check the recipe here.

13.  Cool shrimp and cucumber crackers

You’re just a handful of basic ingredients and a few minutes away from being able to enjoy this appetizer packed with comfort and a good impression. 

This recipe comes together so quickly with whole-grain crackers, tiny shrimps, thinly sliced English cucumbers, and a hint of sour cream. Simply layer all of these little bites on a cracker then serve!

Here’s the recipe.

14. Cucumber flower bites

Here’s a quick and nifty way to amp up your appetizer platter–cucumber flower bites! Lemon, cream cheese, and radishes offer this festive cucumber bites recipe with multiple layers of savory flavors. 

And you’ll never guess you can whip these appetizers in only three easy steps. Simply combine the ingredients in a large bowl, cut the cucumber into flower shapes, then layer cucumber, radish, and end up with a cheese mixture topping. 

Get the recipe here.

15. Herb cashew cream cucumber bites

Perfectly flavored with cream cheese, chives, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and dried basil, these herbaceous cucumber bites will make you regret serving those bland appetizers for years.

And as this recipe only features seven ingredients, it’s a great option you can rely upon, especially when preparing the main dish is already quite the chore. 

Garnish these little bites with slices of piquillo peppers and watch them disappear at the party table.

More details about this recipe here.

16. Cucumber-stuffed cherry tomatoes

For a refreshing (and creamy!) appetizer, try these cucumber-stuffed cherry tomatoes filled with cream cheese and mayonnaise. 

The inclusion of fresh dill and green onion brings a noticeably bright and earthy mouthfeel. These aromatic herbs subtly harmonize with the textural nuance and flavor of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. 

If you’re planning to serve them at the party, triple the recipes because these little appetizers are sure to disappear fast!

Here’s the recipe.

17. Salmon mousse Canapes

Infused with a citrus-like taste and a slightly grassy undertone of fresh dill, this another cucumber-based appetizer will surely be a crowd-pleaser.

The combo of cream cheese, sour cream, and mayo give a creamy mouthfeel while the lemon takes the dish to the next level. Or make your own variation by switching salmon and dill with sun-dried tomatoes and chives, or olives and shallots, artichoke, and spinach.

Unlock this recipe here.

18. Watermelon cups with feta and mint

Impress your guests with these minty bites that are perfect for any party occasion. 

The best part about this recipe is its simplicity. All it takes is to create a mixture consisting of feta, mint, and shallots then stuff this mixture on watermelon cubes. That’s it, your next favorite appetizer is ready to be served!

Get the recipe here.

Picking the right appetizers to make a great impression on your family and guests isn’t challenging, especially if you’re equipped with effort and the right ingredients, just like cucumbers. 

With its versatility, you can unleash your creativity in the kitchen and impress everyone at the dinner table with ease. 

We hope that these delectable entries we’ve shared will make a difference to your next party and create a new kind of excitement.

Cucumber appetizers that make a good impression!

Cucumber appetizers that make a good impression!

18 delectable cucumber appetizers that will impress everyone at the dinner table


  • Cucumber tomato salad
  • Dilly cucumber bites 
  • Turkey and cucumber snacks
  • Herb cream cheese cucumber bites
  • Feta cucumber salad bites
  • Stuffed cucumber appetizers
  • Spicy Korean beef and cucumber appetizers
  • Cucumber guacamole appetizer bites
  • Boursin cucumber appetizers
  • Avocado goat cheese cucumber appetizers
  • Falafel-spiced cucumber bites
  • Mini-cucumber smoked salmon bites with lemon dill cream cheese
  • Cool shrimp and cucumber crackers
  • Cucumber flower bites
  • Herb cashew cream cucumber bites
  • Cucumber-stuffed cherry tomatoes
  • Salmon mousse Canapes
  • Watermelon cups with feta and mint


  1. Pick a few appetizers you want to try.
  2. Choose the one you like the most.
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