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21 Best Sushi Sauces

21 Best Sushi Sauces

Do you love sushi but feel like it’s missing something? Maybe you’re not using the proper sauce! 
Find out the best sushi sauces here, their detailed information, and some of our favorite combinations!
Have you ever wondered what sushi is precisely?
Well, sushi (sour rice) is a Japanese dish consisting of seafood, rice, and vegetables.
It’s one of the popular meal choices for Japanese people, but outsiders might be hesitant to try it because they’re not sure what it is. 
The word “sushi” points to the rice, not the seafood or vegetables.
Sushi is usually paired with soy sauce, pickled ginger, and wasabi.
The sauce is crucial because it adds flavor to the dish.
Soy sauce is the most common type of sauce used for sushi.
It has an umami taste that complements the flavors of the fish and rice.
On the other hand, wasabi is another popular sauce used for sushi.
It has this robust flavor that some diners love, and others can’t stand.
If you’re eating sushi for the first time in a Japanese restaurant, we recommend asking for soy sauce and wasabi on the side so that you can add them as much or as little as you want. 
Many other sauces can be used for sushi; read on to find out what these are.
Pay attention to #20, as it just might end up as your new go-to!

1. Eel Sauce

Eel sauce is a uniquely flavorful addition to sushi.
Made from a mixture made of soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and eel extract, this versatile sauce has a sweet and savory taste that perfectly complements sushi flavors.
Eel sauce is also rich in umami, making it an ideal way to enhance the flavors of sushi rolls.

2. Spicy Sriracha Mayo Sauce

Sriracha mayo is a bold condiment that is perfect for those who enjoy a little spice in their life.
The combination of mayonnaise and sriracha sauce creates a flavorful and creamy sauce that is ideal for sushi.
The mayonnaise helps to cool the heat of the sriracha, while the sriracha adds a touch of heat to the mayonnaise.

3. Sweet Sesame Sauce

Sushi is one of the most relished Japanese dishes, and it can be made more terrific with this easy sweet sesame sauce recipe.
This simple sauce has only six ingredients, and it can be whisked together in just five minutes.
The sweet sesame flavor complements the fish and rice in sushi rolls.

4. Asian Coconut Sushi Dipping Sauce

This five-ingredient sauce is a sumptuous alternative to soy sauce.
It’s made with coconut milk, rice vinegar, honey, and chili garlic sauce.
The coconut milk gives the sauce a creamy texture, while the rice vinegar adds acidity and honey sweetness.

5. Ponzu Sauce

Ponzu Sauce is a condiment that is used on sushi, meats, vegetables, and even as a dressing for salads.
The umami-rich flavor of the sauce is derived from the natural fermentation of the soybeans and the addition of citrus fruits.
Ponzu sauce is a staple in Japanese cuisine and is often used as a dipping sauce or to add zest to grilled dishes.
The bold, savory taste of the sauce pairs well with rich and fatty foods, making it an ideal condiment for plenty of dishes.

6. Spicy Sushi Dipping Sauce

Looking for an alternative to soy sauce that packs a little more punch?
This Spicy Sushi Dipping Sauce is just what you need!
Made with a combination of chili, vinegar, and garlic, it’s suitable for adding a bit of heat to your sushi and sashimi.
Plus, it’s super easy to make – simply mix all the ingredients together, and you’re good to go!

7. Ginger Sauce

This Benihana Ginger Sauce recipe is so good, that you might just find yourself licking the plate!
It’s zingy, fresh, and has the right balance of sweetness and heat.
With just a few ingredients, you can have a delicious steakhouse experience right in your own home.
Best of all, this sauce is easy to make and can be used for dipping your sushi in, marinating, or dressing up any dish.

8. Tobiko Sauce

Tobiko Sauce is a type of sushi sauce made from flying fish roe.
It is also known as “fish egg sauce.”
The sauce has a bright orange color and a slightly sweet taste.
It is often used as a sushi topping or as a salad dressing.
Tobiko sauce is also a popular choice for seafood dishes as it can be used to add flavor and color.

9. Ginger Sesame Sauce

Sushi is often considered a delicate food, but it can be bold and flavorful.
One of my favorite sushi sauces is Ginger Sesame Sauce.
It’s made with toasted sesame seeds, ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and a touch of honey.
The result is a slightly sweet and nutty sauce that pairs well with sushi.

10. Avocado Sauce

Avocado Sauce is a versatile condiment that can be used on a variety of dishes. 

It’s exquisite for adding a little extra flavor to tacos, burritos, or nachos, and it also makes a great dipping sauce for sushi and sashimi. 

Avocado sauce is also effortless to make at home with just a few common kitchen staples.

11. Sweet & Spicy Honey Wasabi Sauce

Sushi lovers, rejoice!
This tantalizing sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, with a kick of wasabi to give it an extra zing.
It’s excellent for dipping sushi rolls or for adding a bit of flavor to your favorite rice dish.
And it’s so easy to make, that you’ll be whipping up batch after batch in no time.
Simply combine honey, wasabi paste, and chili pepper flakes in a bowl and mix until well combined.

12. Dynamite Sauce

If you love sushi, then you’ve probably had Dynamite Sauce.
And if you haven’t, you’re missing out!
This spicy, creamy sauce is used in or atop many sushi bar favorites, and it’s easy to see why.
The bold flavors of the sauce compliment the freshness of sushi perfectly, and the heat level is just enough to give your taste buds a kick without being overwhelming.

13. Mango Dipping Sauce

Sometimes, it can be fun to experiment with different flavors and ingredients.
This Mango Dipping Sauce is a sublime way to add a little sweetness and color to your sushi roll.
The sauce is effortless to prepare, and it gives your sushi roll a beautiful glazing finish.
Plus, the vibrant orange color is sure to brighten up your plate.

14. Sweet Sushi Sauce

Sweet Sushi Sauce is a versatile condiment that can enhance the flavor of many different dishes.
It is used for dipping sauce for sushi and sashimi, but it can also add sweetness to savory dishes such as grilled chicken or roasted vegetables.
Sweet sushi sauce can be found in most Asian markets or made at home with just a few simple ingredients.

15. Spicy Kewpie Mayo

Spicy mayo is more than just a tasty sushi sauce—it’s a culinary adventure.
The creamy Kewpie mayo will cool your palate the first time you try it.
At the same time, the spicy sriracha packs a flavor punch.
The togarashi adds a touch of heat, while the mirin and sesame oil give the sauce its signature tangy flavor.
Whether you’re eating it with sushi, rice, or vegetables, spicy mayo is sure to add some excitement to your meal.

16. Japanese Yum Yum Sauce

Japanese Yum Yum Sauce is a savory condiment that can take your sushi to the next level.
This thick, rich sauce is made with a combination of soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, and sesame oil.
It’s a remarkable balance of sweet and briny, with just a touch of acidity from the vinegar.
Yum yum sauce is traditionally used as a dip for tempura, but it also pairs perfectly with sushi.
The savory flavors complement the flavors of the rice and fish, while the sweetness offsets the saltiness of the soy sauce.

17. Sweet Dipping Sauce

Sweet soy sauce is a staple in Japanese cuisine and is often used as a final touch on nigiri.
The sauce is relatively thin, which allows it to coat the fish without overpowering its delicate flavor.
In addition, the sweetness of the sauce helps to offset the richness of the fish, making it an essential component of a well-balanced dish.
The familiar flavor of soy sauce provides a familiar starting point, while the sweetness helps to temper any unfamiliarity with raw fish.
Ultimately, sweet soy sauce is an essential part of the sushi experience, and it should not be missed.

18. Ginger-Tamari Dipping Sauce

For fans of sushi, there are endless options for customization and experimentation.
One tasty way to enjoy your seafood rolls is with this Ginger-Tamari Dipping Sauce.
The zesty freshness of ginger pairs with the savory umami of tamari, creating a complex and flavorful sauce that enhances the taste of sushi without overwhelming it.
To make the sauce, combine tamari soy sauce and rice vinegar in equal parts, then add a generous amount of grated ginger.
Give the sauce a good stir, then dip away!

19. Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce is a sticky sauce that is often used on sushi.
It is made by reducing soy sauce, mirin, and sugar and has a thick, glossy consistency.
The sauce is typically used as a glaze or marinade, adding a beautiful shine to your sushi rolls.

20. Nikiri Sauce

Nikiri sauce is a type of soy sauce that is typically used for sushi.
It is made by boiling soybeans and wheat, which are then fermented and filtered.
The result is a dark sauce that has a strong umami flavor.
Nikiri sauce is often used for dipping sushi, as well as an ingredient in sushi rolls.
In addition to its traditional use, Nikiri sauce can also be used as a marinade or glaze for grilled meats or vegetables.

21. Spicy Soy Fish Sauce

Spicy Soy Fish Sauce is an exquisite blend of savory, briny, and spicy.
This delicious sauce is made with authentic fish sauce, soy sauce, and chili pepper, making it a mouthwatering addition to your favorite sushi rolls.
Simply drizzle it over your sushi before eating and enjoy the flavor explosion.

The bottom line

There you have it—a comprehensive guide to sushi sauces.
With so many delicious options, finding the perfect sauce to suit your taste is not difficult.
So next time you’re in the mood for sushi, don’t forget to pick up some sauce!
And if you’re feeling intrepid, why not try making your own?
It’s easier than you think.

Best Sushi Sauces

Best Sushi Sauces

Find out the best sushi sauces here, their detailed information, and some of our favorite combinations!


  • Eel Sauce
  • Spicy Sriracha Mayo Sauce
  • Sweet Sesame Sauce
  • Asian Coconut Sushi Dipping Sauce
  • Ponzu Sauce
  • Spicy Sushi Dipping Sauce
  • Ginger Sauce
  • Tobiko Sauce
  • Ginger Sesame Sauce
  • Avocado Sauce
  • Sweet & Spicy Honey Wasabi Sauce
  • Dynamite Sauce
  • Mango Dipping Sauce
  • Sweet Sushi Sauce
  • Spicy Kewpie Mayo
  • Japanese Yum Yum Sauce
  • Sweet Dipping Sauce
  • Ginger-Tamari Dipping Sauce
  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Nikiri Sauce
  • Spicy Soy Fish Sauce


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