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35 BEST Pizza Toppings To Make At Home! ๐Ÿ•

35 BEST Pizza Toppings To Make At Home! 🍕

What pizza toppings do you put on your homemade pizza? Want some inspiration and new ideas? If so, you have come to the right place! 

We all have our favorite pizza toppings

Some people are pepperoni purists, while others seek out more unique offerings like pineapple, hot peppers, and carrots. 

The best part is experimenting with all these favorites and seeing what new, fun pizza topping ideas exist out there—and what has yet to be discovered.

With so many combination ideas and ingredients available, the options are endless for creating an ideal pizza from Chicken Broccoli toppings to Baked Potato Pizza toppings. 

Can’t think of any combos on your own? 

We’ve got you covered with a pizza topping list you can use to create your perfect pie or try a crazy flavor experiment (check out #12). 

If you’ve never ventured away from pepperoni or sausage before, some of these ideas might surprise you. 

But, when you view pizza as a “blank canvas,” it’s easy to let your creative side shine and put together a pie that makes your taste buds sing. 

With that in mind, let’s cover some different pizza toppings you can use to make your next homemade pizza night better than ever.

Most people don’t think of pizza as breakfast food unless you eat a cold slice the morning after delivery. 

But, there’s no reason you can’t combine some of your favorite breakfast classics with a traditional pizza crust (or cauliflower crust, in this particular case) to make something delicious first thing in the morning.

The most notable topping additions for this breakfast pizza include sunny-side-up eggs and homemade spicy garlic honey.

It includes simple mozzarella, four eggs, and 20 basil leaves to add a little extra punch.

Spicy garlic honey might sound weird, but it makes a surprisingly fantastic combination when combined with the eggs and mozzarella cheese.

If anything, making these pizzas might give your family a genuine reason not to skip breakfast.

Many people prefer pineapple for a sweet topping, but have you ever considered trying soft butternut squash topped with even sweeter caramelized onions?

If you want cozy fall-themed toppings for pizza, butternut squash and onions are great ways to celebrate the season.

The onions are even roasted in apple cider for an extra autumn kick!

This is a perfect pizza for your kids when they come home from trick-or-treating or after a day of picking apples at your local orchard.

Our jaws dropped when we realized we could turn a classic dip recipe into a pizza topping.

It makes perfect sense – think of pizza dough as a giant crispy chip, and the topping ideas are endless.

Of course, spinach and artichoke dip is the king of all appetizers, so it only makes sense to start there. 

This recipe uses whipped cream cheese (or whipped goat cheese) and sour cream as a base instead of a traditional red sauce and adds little pizazz with onion powder and garlic powder.

You’ll feel like you’re scooping up a big bite of hot, bubbly spinach and artichoke dip with every slice.

Another classic dish transformed into a pizza?

We see a pattern, and we’re not mad about it. 

However, this time, we are adding chicken to the mix for some extra flavor, protein, and familiarity.

This recipe is excellent for beginners, and you can adapt it to fit your needs.

Simply add your favorite marinara sauce to an unbaked pizza crust, and top it with cooked broccoli, cooked chicken, and shredded cheese.

You can customize it with different herbs and spices or even switch up the kind of cheese you use. 

It is a somewhat good choice if you need to get some extra vegetables and meat into your diet for the day.

At this point, we are pretty much taking classic recipes and combining them with pizza crusts into something rather unique.

You do not have to decide between tacos and pizza with this recipe.

You can have both!

Take a regular pizza crust and your favorite sauce and top it all off with lettuce, cheese, tomato, and tortilla chip bits.

You can also add sour cream to this pizza, but only once it’s cooled.

Okay, seriously, why did we not think to put beef, ketchup, mustard, and other cheeseburger toppings on a pizza sooner?

This Cheeseburger Pizza combines all of the classic flavors of a diner burger in one pie.

You can follow the recipe exactly or combine different sauces with different cheeses to truly emulate your favorite burger.

Let’s not forget that bacon is an excellent addition to this pizza, too, on top of all the yummy veggies to attempt to make the recipe healthier.

This one might seem a bit adventurous, but if you’re willing to try something different and somewhat elegant, give it a try! 

Roast beef and veggies are tossed with a delicious horseradish cream before making their way on top of the pie, so instead of a quick “grab and go” item, this pizza truly eats like a meal.

It will take a bit of extra work to roast and caramelize the veggies, but this pizza is a full culinary experience and well worth the time and effort.

Dill lovers, rejoice! 

This Bacon Dill Pickle Pizza is a must-try! 

With the combination of fresh dill, dill pickles, and bacon; this pizza is a dill lover’s dream come true. 

Give it a try now to know why we’re stoked for these pizza toppings!

Why not make a veggie pizza based on the classic vegetarian pizzas found across Italy?

You will need plenty of vegetables, including tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, zucchini, and no small amount of olive oil to truly add that Italian touch. 

One small tip is to roast the veggies for 20 minutes in olive oil, salt, and pepper before placing them on your pizza.

Doing so will soften them up and imbue them with flavor, making the final pizza all the more amazing.

It sounds strange at first, but when caramelized, apples and onions make an interesting sweet-savory combination that works with the creamy richness of a pizza.

All you need to do is roast the onions on your stovetop while the apples roast in the oven.

Adding a slight drizzle of honey over the finished pizza increases the sweet factor slightly, so you’ll be able to enjoy sweet, savory, salty, creamy, and crisp flavors and textures all at once.

We all have our favorite ways of consuming Thanksgiving leftovers, but seriously – adding sweet potatoes, cranberries, and turkey to a pizza is genius!

You can use this recipe as a base, but consider getting creative with some of your favorite leftovers.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to how you can layer them on, and it certainly beats the traditional “turkey sandwich” that most people have the day after the holiday. 

If it’s not Thanksgiving time, but you’re craving some of those flavors, this pizza is a perfect way to satisfy your craving without having to make an entire Thanksgiving meal.

These different pizza toppings may sound strange, but imagine spreading a pizza with strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, applewood smoked bacon, and a little chicken.

You can even make your own balsamic with our recipe here.

The combination is sweet, savory, light, and refreshing.

It’s a perfect summer pie if you’re hosting a small dinner party or want something different to feed your family.

Seafood does not typically feature on most popular pizza toppings lists, but calamari is a different story, especially since this recipe features the beer-battered variety.

Adding a little lemon zest, Greek yogurt, and hot sauce makes a fabulous medley of flavors that bring the calamari to life!

It’s another appetizer-turned-pizza that we think hits every note.

Adding sauteed apples and caramelized onions seems like an excellent way to spice up a pizza in the morning.

Adding a little protein with some scrambled eggs and thinly-sliced sausage.

Top it off with some fresh thyme, and it is time to start the day on a fun, yummy note.

Baked potato wedges add a savory, soft touch to any pie like the butternut squash pizza.

Garlic powder, sour cream, bacon strips, green onions, and a few types of cheese come together to make a pretty cool party pizza that’s perfect for a big game, a sleepover, or just a fun Friday night.

You can substitute ranch for sour cream for something a little healthier or zestier.

If you love scampi, then you’re sure to enjoy this pizza version of it!

Instead of your usual pizza cheese, like mozzarella, this one uses feta.

If you don’t want to use feta, you can always substitute with a similar crumbly cheese like cottage cheese or goat cheese.

You can also choose to use regular pizza cheese, if that’s what you want.

Red pepper flakes give this dish a kick and lemon juice adds some acidity to each delectable slice.

Tomato and basil seem to go really well together, as can be seen with Margherita Pizza.

This is probably why this pesto (which is made with basil) and tomato combination works for this pizza too!

Pine nuts add some crunch to this pie and two types of cheese amp up its cheesiness.

You can use your favorite pizza sauce for this or, as the recipe dictates, use a ready-made marinara sauce for it.

Fruit, corn, and chiles with honey on a pizza?

This combination may raise eyebrows, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Sweet, spicy, and fresh, this pie is completed with the addition of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Two meals in one!

That’s what you get with this pizza that combines chopped Italian salad and pizza.

The crispy pizza crust takes the place of your usual croutons and serves as a great base for your fresh salad.

This recipe uses iceberg lettuce but you can opt for a mixture of greens, like arugula and romaine, if these are the greens you love in your salad.

Eggplant parmigiana is a popular Italian dish that can be easily likened to lasagna, but without the pasta.

It may not seem like one of those pizza toppings that would work, but it does!

With tomato sauce, loads of mozzarella, and some pancetta on top, you already have the staples of a good pizza to begin with.

The eggplant just adds another layer of crunchy and fleshy goodness to your pie!

For fans of shawarma who also love pizza, this one’s for you!

Combining Mediterranean flavors with Italian flair, this pie is cooked in a skillet, giving you a deep-dish pizza that satisfies two different cravings.

While this recipe only mentions diced chicken (this can be leftover rotisserie chicken or breasts that you roast and cut up), you can amp this pie up by making your own shawarma chicken.

Marinate your chicken breasts or chicken thigh filets in a combination of lemon juice, olive oil, cumin, paprika, garlic, ginger, oregano, cinnamon, cayenne, and turmeric along with salt and pepper.

Grill or roast your marinated chicken, then cube them to be used in this shawarma chicken pizza!

Grilling and adding Mexican flavors to your pizza is also something you should try.

This recipe produces a pie that’s smoky, spicy, and fresh, with the combination of Mexican cheeses, chilies, spicy chorizo, and salsa verde on top.

The addition of cilantro and green onions help push the freshness meter to the limit and two types of tomatoes give this pie the tang and sweetness it needs to balance out all the elements on top.

Thinking about carbo-loading?

Then this is the pizza you’ve been looking for!

For this pie, you can take your favorite spaghetti and meatballs recipe, dump it on top of ready-made pizza dough, top with lots of cheese, and bake.

Or you can follow this recipe, which has a garlic herb oil that adds a garlicky note to your pie!

For a decadent pie, this lobster and spinach pizza is a must try!

This is a dish you can make when you have leftover lobster that you might not know what to do with.

This pizza lets the lobster shine through, with gouda, mozzarella, and spinach complementing the buttery and sweet seafood perfectly.

Now that we have cheeseburger pizza and taco pizza, let’s try turning the Philly cheesesteak into a pie this time!

Turning popular sandwiches into pizza is relatively easy because they already have a doughy base.

You can use any kind of slice of beef for this pie, but just make sure that these are sliced thinly enough to cook through together with the other ingredients once popped into the oven.

What should you do when you want Indian food but also want pizza at the same time?

You make a pie that lets you have both!

This is a pizza you can make with leftover tandoori chicken or you can make tandoori chicken specifically for this pie, it’s your call.

The sprinkling of mango chutney in this recipe gives it a sweetness you rarely expect from pizza but it goes real well with the spiced chicken in this dish.

From India, let’s now travel to Vietnam with this recipe that converts the popular Vietnamese sandwich into a pizza.

This pizza doesn’t use tomato sauce as its base.

Instead, it uses sriracha mayonnaise.

This pie also features some of the usual ingredients you can find in your typical banh mi, such as pickled vegetables and shredded Vietnamese pork.

The shredded pork, which you’ll make from scratch, is the star of this pizza, with its savory, sweet, spicy, and aromatic flavors.   

If you’re one of those who think pineapple on pizza is a travesty, I wonder how you will react to a pie with banana on it!

Yes, this pizza takes the usual Hawaiian style pizza that lots of people love and turns it on its head with bananas replacing the usual pineapple on these pies.

As weird as this pairing sounds, the sweetness of the bananas actually partners really well with the saltiness of ham.

So, if you’re thinking of making a Hawaiian pizza, but don’t have pineapples in your fridge, you should try it with bananas instead.

Who knows, you might actually like it!

With the popularity of Korean food in the US, it was just a matter of time before someone came up with a Korean-inspired pizza dish.

And here it is!

This pie has not only one but two Korean favorites on it – Kimchi and Bulgogi.

This recipe teaches you how to make bulgogi from scratch, but you can use ready-made bulgogi if you want to.

Now, here’s a pizza that literally has whole mussels on top of it!

This pizza has fresh mussels, shells and all, baked on it, giving you a salty, sea-infused pie that is an experience all in itself.

If you’d rather have just the meat of the mussels on your pizza, you can also do this by precooking the mussels and removing the meat from the shells before placing these on your dough.

Just make sure to sprinkle some of the mussel juice from the shells onto the pizza before baking to give the pie the briny, sea flavor these mussels provide.

You’ve tried beef on pizza, pork on pizza, and chicken on pizza, so now let’s try lamb on pizza!

This pie has a Greek flair to it, not only because of the lamb but also because of the olives, the feta, and the roasted tomatoes.

This flavorful pizza is a good dish to try for a Greek-inspired dinner, complete with some Greek salad, sauteed asparagus, and lemon chicken soup.

For a truly Greek twist to this pie, you can use pita bread instead of pizza dough for it!

Corn and avocado on pizza may not seem like a flavorful combination, but the addition of poblano peppers and cotija cheese help remedy that.

Spicy, sweet, creamy, and savory all come together to give your tastebuds a meal you won’t soon forget.

With a little lime on top and some hot sauce for zing, you get the full range of flavors that make this pie memorable.

Who would’ve thought that a pizza crust, some duck breasts, and hoisin sauce can come together to create a tasty pizza dish?

This hoisin duck pizza is quick and easy to make, with only a few key ingredients and toppings that you can customize.

The hoisin sauce also takes the place of the usual tomato sauce used in traditional pizzas.

The mozzarella added on top helps hold the chunks of duck in place plus it also adds loads of cheesiness to this pie.

Corned beef and cabbage is usually served on St. Patrick’s Day.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t have it any day of the year, especially when you turn it into this tasty and filling pizza.

You can even make this for breakfast the day after St. Patrick’s with leftover corned beef.

Top each slice with a sunny-side up egg for a truly filling meal.

What better way for us to end this list than with a dessert pizza that everyone is sure to love?

This pie is as messy as they come, but it’s also a satisfyingly good dessert to have with your dinner.

You can also make this as a treat for your kids over the weekend.

You can even have them join in when you make it, turning it into a fun family activity!

The bottom line

Pizza is a universally acclaimed food for a reason, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it (even if the Italians disagree).

There are dozens of ingredients and toppings you can combine to make your ideal pie, but the fun doesn’t stop with the types of pizza toppings we listed here.

And what would we do with all that leftover pizza? Get our perfect reheat on, that’s what.

Get creative and try your pizza experiments in the kitchen, using these recipes as inspiration.

35 BEST Pizza Toppings 🍕

35 BEST Pizza Toppings 🍕

What pizza toppings do you put on your homemade pizza? Want some inspiration and new ideas? If so, you have come to the right place!


  • Mini Cauliflower Breakfast Pizzas With Spicy Honey
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Prosciutto Pizza With Caramelized Onions
  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip Pizza
  • Chicken & Broccoli Pizza
  • Taco Pizza
  • Cheeseburger Pizza
  • Beef & Asparagus Pizza With Horseradish Cream
  • Bacon Dill Pickle Pizza
  • Ultimate Veggie Pizza
  • Caramelized Apples, Onions, & Goat Cheese Pizza
  • Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza
  • Strawberry Balsamic Pizza
  • Beer-Battered Fried Calamari Pizza
  • Sausage, Apple, & Thyme Breakfast Pizza
  • Baked Potato Pizza
  • Shrimp & Garlic Pizza
  • Tomato & Pesto Pizza
  • Peach, Corn, & Jalapeno Pizza With Honey
  • Italian Salad Pizza
  • Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza
  • Chicken Shawarma Pizza
  • Mexican Pizza With Salsa Verde & Chorizo
  • Spaghetti & Meatball Pizza
  • Lobster & Spinach Pizza
  • Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
  • Tandoori Chicken Pizza
  • Banh Mi Pizza
  • Banana & Ham Pizza
  • Bulgogi & Kimchi Pizza
  • Pizza With Mussels
  • Lamb Pizza
  • Charred Corn & Avocado Pizza
  • Hoisin Duck Pizza
  • Corned Beef & Cabbage Pizza
  • Peanut Butter & S'mores Pizza


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  3. Start cooking and make us proud!

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