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33 Best Canadian Bacon Recipes: From Breakfast To Dinner!

33 Best Canadian Bacon Recipes: From Breakfast To Dinner!

Here’s a list of the 33 best Canadian bacon recipes featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites; you’ll come back to this compilation again and again!

If you prefer a savory start to the day, then you know that bacon is the perfect way to kick it off.

But I’m not just talking about the cured meat you’re used to seeing with your eggs in the morning.

I’m talking about Canadian bacon!

See, there’s streaky bacon which comes from pork bellies, and then there’s Canadian bacon which is made from the loin of a pig.

The latter is leaner, rounder, and milder in taste compared to regular bacon.

It may not be as crispy as regular bacon, but it’s juicy and flavorful.

It’s much closer to ham than bacon, but you can appreciate that it’s just as tasty.

So if you’re looking for ways to switch up your bacon game, then why not let Canadian bacon be the star of the show?

Whether making a tall stack of pancakes or a breakfast burrito, adding Canadian bacon might be the best thing you do all day.

So, to get you started on this bacon-filled journey, here are 30 delicious Canadian bacon recipes you can try.

#29 will have you hooked from the first bite!

Let’s start this list with an easy-to-make and savory breakfast option.

A frittata is a tasty Italian-style omelet loaded with vegetables, cheese, and meats.

In this version, Canadian bacon takes center stage, as it’s combined with mushrooms, shallots, and cheese.

Topped with a pinch of nutmeg along with some fresh herbs, this breakfast dish will have your taste buds singing.

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If you’re a busy bee and need a breakfast or lunch option to eat on the go, this is it.

This stromboli uses a rotisserie chicken with Canadian bacon and Swiss cheese to make a kitchen masterpiece.

Rolling everything up into one neat bundle, this stromboli is baked and served for a wonderfully filling and scrumptious meal. 

This recipe makes the most of your leftovers by mixing them up in one skillet. 

With potatoes, Canadian bacon, and scrambled eggs, you can have a satisfying breakfast with minimal effort.

An optional salsa topping adds a bite that will have you digging into this skillet with gusto.

Breakfast salad bowls are one of my favorite ways to get a good dose of greens in the morning.

This particular bowl takes advantage of the taste and texture of Canadian bacon, steamed eggs, and greens.

With a sprinkling of herbs and lots of freshly-ground pepper, this bowl will give you the energy you need to take on the day.

This burrito is filled with tasty ingredients that make for a lip-smacking breakfast.

With a rich Poblano cream sauce and the kick of Canadian bacon, this burrito is bound to wake up your taste buds.

Wrapped in a warm and fluffy tortilla, this burrito is the definition of comfort food.

Those hectic mornings need solutions that don’t sacrifice taste.

This croissant sandwich is the answer, with its flaky and buttery layers filled with Canadian bacon and eggs.

This sandwich uses a flaky, buttery croissant along with Canadian bacon, heavy cream, and eggs.

The best part is that you can freeze the leftover croissants and reheat them when you need them.

This creamy and delicious pasta uses Canadian bacon, asparagus, and Parmesan cheese for a meal that is sure to please.

Using a white sauce, Canadian bacon and asparagus flavors mingle with each other for a surprisingly light yet filling course.

There’s something about a hearty and savory bake that’s just so comforting.

This orzo dish uses Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and chicken broth for a delicious and satisfying meal.

The Italian seasoning and cheese blend perfectly to make a meal that will put you in the mood for some Italian cooking.

I’m not here to settle the debate of whether pineapple belongs on a pizza, but all I can say is that this Hawaiian Pizza recipe with Canadian bacon is delicious.

Equal parts savory, sweet, and cheesy, this pizza is an indulgent treat that you won’t be able to resist.

You can choose to use a store-bought pizza base or make your own—it all depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in.

This creamy carbonara meal takes traditional Italian recipes to the next level.

With a creamy sauce, Canadian bacon, and Parmesan cheese, this pasta will wow you with its deliciousness.

The best part is that it can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes—perfect for those times when you just don’t have the zeal to cook.

This Pizzagna is a delicious hybrid of the two classic Italian dishes, with Canadian bacon, mozzarella, and pepperoni layered between layers of pasta sauce.

It’s all the flavors of a classic pizza without all the fuss, and I can’t think of a better way to indulge in the creamy and cheesy goodness.

Plus, it’s fairly easy to make—just layer the ingredients, bake, and enjoy!

Every busy family needs a few hearty meals in their arsenal, and this casserole is just that.

It combines potatoes, scalloped ham, Canadian bacon, and cheese.

The cream mixture binds all the ingredients together, so you don’t have to worry about the potatoes getting dry or soggy.

If you love the classic Monte Cristo sandwich, you’ll love this breakfast casserole.

It uses all the classic ingredients of a Monte Cristo sandwich, like Canadian Bacon, Swiss cheese, and mustard.

Combining all these good things makes for a fare you can make ahead of time and have ready in the oven when you wake up.

You’ll need flatbread crust for this delicious pizza that combines grilled chicken with Canadian bacon.

With an alfredo sauce and mozzarella cheese, this pizza will give you all the piquancy of classic chicken cordon bleu in a fun and unique way.

An easy-to-assemble breakfast sandwich, this uses dinner roll dough loaded with eggs, bacon, and Colby jack cheese.

Simply hollow out some of your dinner rolls and pop in an egg, some Canadian bacon, and a sprinkle of cheese for a savory breakfast you can enjoy on the go.

This grub takes all the relish of classic fried rice and adds a savory touch with Canadian bacon.

Now you have one more thing to put in your fried rice repertoire.

Juicy pineapple chunks and Canadian bacon are threaded on skewers and grilled to perfection in this recipe.

Serve this to any cookout for a sweet-salty combo that everyone will love.

These handheld treats need to make their way into your morning routine.

Light and fluffy muffins are sliced in half and filled with apple, butter, Canadian bacon, and cheese.

It’s quick to assemble and keeps you energized until lunch.

With eggs benedict, you can’t get any more classic than this.

A toasted English muffin is covered with a poached egg, Canadian bacon, and creamy hollandaise sauce for a dish that you’ll be making on repeat.

You can even switch it up by adding some fresh spinach or mushrooms for a little extra something.

I know this sounds like a lot of ingredients, but I promise it’s worth it!

This breakfast bake takes leftover baguette and turns it into a hearty dish that will make your family ask for seconds.

You’ll be wowing everyone at the breakfast table this combo of Canadian bacon, eggs, cheese, and some fresh herbs.

This timeless French sandwich gets a makeover with some lightened-up ingredients.

Your choice of bread is topped with Canadian bacon, Swiss cheese, eggs, and a few dollops of honey mustard, all baked until golden.

This is one sandwich that you won’t regret eating!

This is a grilled cheese you won’t want to pass up.

You’ll have this ready in no time with Canadian bacon and all the fixings of a classic BLT.

Throw in some cheese, and you have one delicious sandwich that is sure to put a smile on your face.

I’ve always thought that pesto and Havarti cheese were a match made in heaven.

And if you add a few pieces of Canadian bacon into the mix, you’ll have a slider that you’ll dream about all day.

What makes this quiche so great is that it’s light and fluffy with a hint of sweetness from the brie.

And did I mention that it uses Canadian bacon as the crust?

It’s a quick recipe you can make ahead of time and have ready in the oven when you wake up.

Hash browns get a facelift with this easy-to-make recipe.

Sweet potatoes are cooked with Canadian bacon, red peppers, and sage that add depth and smack you’ll love.

You can serve it as a side or enjoy it on its own for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

There are some mornings when you need something fancier than your usual breakfast.

That’s when these puff pastries come in handy!

All you need is half an hour to prepare these flaky, buttery pastries filled with Canadian bacon and cheese.

This creamy and cheesy soup is just what every cold winter night needs.

Using Canadian bacon and some other pantry staples, you’ll have a delicious soup filling your home with its aroma.

Another classic winter soup is this one featuring kale, white beans, and Canadian bacon.

It’s a hearty bowl that will warm you up in no time.

Pair this with your favorite warm, crusty bread, and you’ll have a meal that will make you forget about all the cold outside.

Turn your go-to breakfast into a casserole with this easy recipe.

It’s filled with all the same ingredients you love in an eggs benedict, but without all the fuss.

It’s the solution for those busy mornings when you need something you can just put in the oven and forget about.

Cajun spices and garlic give this dish the added kick that it needs.

Toss in some cooked chicken and Canadian bacon for a flavorful dish you’ll dig into all night long.

With just a few ingredients and some muffin tins, you can have a delicious breakfast ready in no time.

These egg cups are filled with spinach, Canadian bacon, and optional potatoes and are full of flavor that you won’t be able to resist.

We call it “Canadian bacon” in the US, but it’s known as peameal bacon across the border.

This sandwich is made with a thick slice of Canadian-style rindless bacon on brioche buns.

Slather maple syrup on your sandwich, and you’ll have something quintessentially Canadian.

The bottom line

Whether you’re a fan of the classic BLT or searching for something out of the ordinary, Canadian bacon is sure to make your meals a success.

From breakfast to brunch to dinner and everything in between, there are many recipes you can make with this versatile ingredient.

You’ll soon find yourself swapping out other meats in your favorite recipes for Canadian bacon.

I hope you find some inspiration from this list of recipes to make with Canadian bacon.

Happy cooking!

33 Best Canadian Bacon Recipe Collection

33 Best Canadian Bacon Recipe Collection

Here's a list of the 33 best Canadian bacon recipes featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites; you'll come back to this compilation again and again!


  • Canadian Bacon Mushroom Frittatas
  • Savory Canadian Bacon Pancakes
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Stromboli
  • Breakfast Skillet With Potatoes & Canadian Bacon
  • Breakfast Bowl – Canadian Bacon & Steamed Egg
  • Green Chile Breakfast Burrito
  • Croissant Breakfast Sandwich
  • Canadian Bacon Asparagus Pasta
  • Italian Orzo Bacon Mushroom Bake
  • Hawaiian Pizza
  • Homemade Pasta Carbonara
  • Pizzagna
  • Cheesy Scalloped Ham, Canadian Bacon & Potato Casserole
  • Monte Cristo Breakfast Casserole
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza
  • Open Faced Egg & Canadian Bacon Roll
  • Canadian Bacon & Spinach Fried Rice
  • Canadian Bacon & Pineapple Kabobs
  • Apple Muffinwiches
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Baguette Breakfast Casserole Bake With Canadian Bacon
  • Lightened Up Croque Madame
  • Canadian BLT Grilled Cheese
  • Canadian Bacon & Havarti Cheese Sliders With Pesto Glaze
  • Brie & Canadian Bacon Quiche
  • Sweet Potato Hash With Canadian Bacon
  • Canadian Bacon & Cheese Savory Tarts
  • Canadian Bacon Cheese Soup
  • Kale & White Bean Soup With Canadian Bacon
  • Eggs Benedict Casserole
  • Chicken & Bacon Pasta
  • Spinach & Canadian Bacon Egg Cups
  • Peameal Bacon Sandwich


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