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How to Cut an Avocado (The Easy Way)

How to Cut an Avocado (The Easy Way)

Let’s learn how to cut an avocado quickly and easily. There are plenty of ways that you can cut an avocado, but in my experience doing it the way that we show below makes the process less messy.

I grew up in Texas, but I didn’t have an avocado until I was in my mid 20’s. How does that happen? I am starting to question my family. Hmm

  1. Wash your avocado
  2. Cut the it lengthwise
  3. Twist it apart.
  4. Remove the seed. (Be careful)
  5. Slice the avocado
  6. Cut it into cubes
  7. Remove the avocado flesh from the skin

Now that avocado is a regular part of our lives now, we have them regularly. As a matter of fact, we are having a chilled avocado soup for dinner tonight.

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Note: A lot of folks teach a technique for removing the pit that I find dangerous. I don’t use this method and don’t recommend using this method. The method is that you stab or whack the avocado pit with a knife to remove it. The reason that I find this method dangerous is because when removing the pit from the blade, the knife tends to slip.

Detailed Steps on Cutting an Avocado

What you will need:

Chef’s knife
Paring knife
• Large spoon
• Kitchen towel
Cutting board
• Avocado

Step 1: Wash your avocado

You may be wondering why on earth you should wash an avocado when the skin is tossed. The answer surprised me a bit as well. However, what you don’t want is for there to be any cross-contamination. When you are cutting and peeling your avocado, the skin will likely touch the meat of the avocado. It is always better to be safe than sorry with these things.

Step 2: Cut the avocado lengthwise

Cut the avocado lengthwise down the long equator of the avocado. Do not just start slicing the avocado in half. If you do that you will hit the pit and you don’t want to attempt to cut the pit.

Instead, run your knife around the entire perimeter of the avocado. Push the blade gently until you feel the pressure of the pit and stop. Gently rotate the avocado and continue cutting it until you have cut it all the way around.

Once you have completed this 360 cut, your avocado should have a cut all of the way around it.

Step 3: Twist the avocado apart.

Use both hands and gently twist the avocado and pull it apart.

Step 4: Remove the seed

Use a spoon and gently remove the seed. You will likely have to work at it a bit to get it out.  

Step 5: How to slice the avocado 

After the seed is removed, hold the avocado skin side down in your palm. Using a paring knife gently slice the avocado lengthwise. Be careful as to stop the knife tip at the skin and to not puncture through to your hand. For added security, you can place the avocado in a dishtowel and hold that in your hand.

Note: As you can see, I actually used my chef’s knife for this step. This is a perfect case of do as I say, not as I do. Using a paring knife is definitely safer.

Step 6: Cut the avocado into cubes

To cut the avocado into cubes, hold the avocado half in the palm of your hand. Slice it horizontally and vertically to create a crosshatch pattern.  

Step 7: Remove the avocado flesh from the skin

Hold the avocado in your non-dominant hand and scoop the avocado flesh from the skin.

How to tell if an avocado is ripe

Color is not a good indication of avocado ripeness. Take the avocado in your hand and give it a gentle squeeze. If the avocado is soft to the touch but not mushy, it is ripe. Another method to tell if the avocado is ripe is by gently removing the stem. If the stem is easily removed and you see green underneath, it is ripe and ready to consume.

Can you eat the skin of an avocado?

Yes, you can eat the skin of a haas avocado in small amounts but you probably don’t want to do so. The skin of an avocado is very bitter but does provide some wonderful nutrients. The skin of avocados is not safe for pets though.

If you are going to eat the skin of an avocado the best way is to grind it up in a protein shake or something of that nature. This will help hide the bitter flavor. However, we recommend that you just scrape out the darkest green parts of the avocado away from the skin and eat that.

Can you cut an avocado with a butter knife?

If an avocado is ripe enough you can cut it with a butter knife. Just take your butter knife and puncture the avocado with it and slice it open from there.

How do you keep an avocado fresh after you cut it?

The best trick for keeping an avocado fresh is to cover the exposed flesh with olive oil. Then drizzled a small plate with olive oil. Lay the avocado flesh side down in the plate and then place it in the fridge.

How to pick avocados?

The best way to pick out an avocado at the grocery store is to place the avocado in the palm of your hand. Then gently squeeze it with your fingers. If the avocado feels mushy it is overripe. If it feels hard it isn’t ripe yet and will be several days before it is ready to consume. If the avocado feels soft but NOT squishy then it is ripe and ready to consume.

How to ripen avocados?

If you need to quickly ripen an avocado the best tip is to place it in a brown paper bag with a banana. This process will likely take 24 to 48 hours. 

How do you keep unused avocado green?

Our best tip for keeping unused avocado green and fresh is to brush the exposed avocado flesh with olive oil. Then immediately place the avocado in the refrigerator. 

How can you tell if an avocado is ripe?

An avocado is ripe and ready to eat if it feels soft when gently squeezed. If the avocado is hard then it isn’t ripe. If the avocado is squishy it is overripe.

Do you eat avocado raw?

Yes, avocado is often eaten raw. You can cut the avocado, remove the pit and the skin and eat the avocado. Often avocados are added to salads or guacamole but we eat them with salt and pepper as a snack.

Is avocado a fruit?

Yes, avocado is a fruit. Technically speaking, avocado is a berry. 

Can you freeze avocado?

Yes, you can freeze avocado. To freeze an avocado, you need to slice it, remove the pit and the skin. Then place the avocado halves in a plastic bag and squeeze out all of the air. 

Fred Campos

Thursday 14th of November 2019


this is awesome and so very important to me as a Keto dieter, I have avocados with most meals. I showed this to Karen too because the tips on cutting are great. I'll report back as I plan to try grinding up the skin, as you suggest, and adding it to my shake.

Great stuff!

Renee Groskreutz

Thursday 14th of November 2019

Awesome! I am so glad that these tips have helped you.

🥑The Chew Team!