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Popcorn recipes (Unique flavor ideas to try)

We have so many flavored popcorn recipes for you here that you will want to try them all so that you can decide what is your favorite popcorn recipe. 

If you are looking for a snack today and can’t quite decide between roasted peanuts or cheese popcorn, this list of popcorn flavor ideas may help you decide. 

Before you flavor your popcorn you need to make your popcorn. You can make traditionally popped popcorn with popcorn kernels or you can make microwave popcorn. The choice is yours.

Ok so make your own gourmet popcorn at home today. 

This amazing popcorn recipe is pure brilliance. Let’s just be honest that this is a popcorn idea that had to happen. This recipe only requires 3 ingredients. It uses Oreos, vanilla candy, and of course popcorn. My only question is will you use Double stuffed Oreos or the boring regular Oreo? Ahem, I don’t have feelings on the topic or anything. Not at all! A way to make this unique popcorn recipe even more interesting is to mix it up by using some of those crazy Oreo flavors that they keep coming out with. For example, why not try the salted caramel Oreo? 

This cinnamon sugar popcorn has the perfect balance of sweet and cinnamon. Oh, have mercy on my soul. We are in love with this cinnamon popcorn and you will be too. This recipe only requires a few main ingredients. This includes cinnamon, vanilla extract, sugar and you can get the rest from the recipe. You can see that this popcorn recipe is heavy on delicious. Enjoy every darn bite. 

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This is what I would consider a true cheddar cheese popcorn recipe. We don’t mess around. It only has 5 ingredients. You need cheddar cheese powder, mustard, salt, butter, and popcorn. If you want a truly cheesy flavored popcorn then you will love this one.

This spicy popcorn recipe is sure to bring the heat. So it isn’t for spice wimps like me. If you love hot and spicy then you will love this hot popcorn recipe. The recipe includes hot sauce, cayenne pepper, paprika, and a few other ingredients. Gear up for popcorn that bites back with this recipe.

This recipe combines some of the best flavors to popcorn that you can imagine. Sometimes your tastebuds deserve a little something extra. We all get stuck in a food rut. We only have so many ideas in our head at any time. This why I love a twist on these flavors together. Maple and pecan reminds me of a perfect Sunday morning with pancakes and bacon. It includes candied pecans and a maple syrup sauce. Does it get any better than that? This feels like the perfect fall snack for a cold night curled up in front of a fire. This recipe will take a bit more time to put together than some of the other recipes but it is really worth it. You could also substitute spiced walnuts in the recipe as another flavor profile option. 

This recipe may be one of the best flavored popcorn recipes that you can make at home. What we love about this popcorn recipe is how many flavor variations you can make with it. The original version of this popcorn only requires 3 ingredients. It is popcorn, white chocolate chips, and pink sprinkles. Oh hello, there beautiful! Yes, it really is that simple. However, where it gets super fun is when you start thinking outside of the kernel. What if you added raspberries to the recipe? Oh ya know, it just gets even better then. 

This bacon popcorn recipe is delicious on steroids or ummm covered in maple syrup however, you like to put it. I don’t mind what you call it but bacon, popcorn, and maple syrup together are just beautiful food. This recipe only requires a few ingredients. It calls for brown sugar, bacon, more brown sugar, maple syrup and of course popcorn. My only real piece of advice with this recipe is to double it because everyone is going to ask for seconds. 

This flavorful popcorn recipe is the perfect combination of bitter and spice. It is as if chili and lime were literally created to go together. At least that is how you are going to feel when you toss pieces of this popcorn flavor in your mouth. This is a 3 ingredient recipe but that is because some beautiful people created Tajin seasoning. All that you need is popcorn, Tajin, and oil. 

If you want a delicious snack that has caramel popcorn as an ingredient and you can shape it with your hands, then this is the sweet treat for you. Follow this recipe to learn how to make caramel popcorn balls at home. This recipe has a few more ingredients than some of the others. They include: corn syrup, brown sugar, condensed milk and you can find the remaining ingredients in the recipe. So while you may need to gather a few additional ingredients for this sweet popcorn recipe, you likely have all of them in your pantry. Now, if you are like some people and get too excited, you can just eat the popcorn without shaping it into balls. That is completely up to you. We won’t judge you on this. 

This savory popcorn recipe is exactly as delicious as it sounds. It reminds me of my school lunches when mom would pack me a ham and sandwich is some potato chips. I ate sour cream and onion chips so much when I was a kid. Honestly, I didn’t know if I would ever invite that flavor combination back into my life again. It turns out that I am still just as in love with it now. This recipe requires a few dried spices that you may already have in your pantry. The only ingredient that you may struggle with is the dried buttermilk powder. However, there is a suggestion on what to substitute and it will work out fine and dandy. This is a flavored popcorn recipe that I will keep making over and over. I may just add in a touch of the dry homemade ranch seasoning though. It will add that extra kick to the popcorn seasoning that puts it over the top. 

This yummy popcorn recipe is truly like eating garlic bread but instead it is popcorn. Yes, that could be a bit confusing for the tastebuds. They are both crunchy if done right. This is another popcorn recipe that doesn’t require many ingredients. The odds are good that you already have the required ingredients in your kitchen. You will need some parmesan cheese, dried parsley, garlic powder, and a few other key ingredients. Check out the full recipe for the details. My only suggestion is to consider popping the corn with a clove of garlic in there. Yes, that is a bit odd but why not give the garlic a head start. 

Everything bagel seasoning has become a go-to seasoning for us. That is why when I ran across this savory popcorn recipe, I just knew that it would be a hit. To make this popcorn you will need 3 primary ingredients. You will need garlic powder, everything bagel seasoning, and butter. Be sure to check out the recipe for how to put this delicious mixture together.