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The Perks Of Being A Cauliflower: 11 Delicious Ways With Your Florets

The Perks Of Being A Cauliflower: 11 Delicious Ways With Your Florets

Here’s 11 cauliflower air fryer recipes you gotta try, from Bang Bang Cauliflower to Cauliflower Gnocchi to BBQ cauliflower bites!

The cauliflower is, in theory, a blank canvas — tasting of little on its own and so, so white that it is, at times, unnerving. 

It’s hard to feel inspired by a cauliflower, you see.

But no matter.

We’ve come to liberate you from your chef’s block. Here’s 11 cauliflower air fryer recipes to send you on your way.

Listen, we’ve already air-fried a bunch of stuff here at Cooking Chew; but we hate the fact that we didn’t think to stick cauliflower in our Ninja till it came time to assemble this roundup. 

Oh well, hopefully we’ll get most of the way towards rectifying that grave error in judgement today.

Once it goes in the air fryer, cauliflower takes on the qualities of another, altogether better vegetable: no longer dense and foreboding-ly pale, it becomes crispy, fluffy and just gorgeous.

Proof that there are few things that can’t be improved via frying.

Perhaps we should do another column about that — 20 Things You Shouldn’t Air-Fry Or Else.

Anyway, this is decidedly not that column. 

From bang bang cauliflower to cauliflower gnocchi (#4, we’d go anywhere with you) to BBQ cauliflower bites: here’s 11 cauliflower air fryer recipes you’ve just got to try.

Perfect for sharing, these astonishingly tasty cauli-wings (yes, we just made that up) boast a super-duper-crispy, delectably sticky crust that just shatters under the teeth.

There’s no greater partner for a cold beer and a night in.

And kitchen newbs rejoice, we have your cauliflower cutting tutorial here.

There’s no better way to resurrect that tired head of cauliflower that’s been giving you the eyes from inside your crisper than with this zippy recipe.

We had an inkling that crispy, golden florets in a velvety, rich sauce would be a right treat — the proof’s in the crunch (and how fast these disappear from the table).

You probably wouldn’t associate the words feisty with cauliflower.

But you will after you try these hot, smoke-y puffs. 

A deliciously dirty snack to allay the hangry crowds.

Cooking Chew Tip: If you’d like something less spicy, you can switch out the panko breadcrumbs for milder ones of your one choosing. 

The sauce is plenty hot enough on its own.

Get your tastebuds singing with squashy, golden gnocchi in a buttery shell. 

We like to serve them up with piquant marinara sauce for dipping in, but you’re welcome to use whatever you like.

Panko breadcrumbs represent the very best of the breadcrumb world — the crumb de la crumb, if you will — get it, crème de la crème?

Accordingly, it’s to panko that these warm, fiery florets owe their considerable success. 

This is one recipe that’s bound to make you faaaaaaaaamous.

These winning crispy breaded cauli-bites are reason enough to have a family-sized jar of panko present in your pantry at all times.

Eat them alone like popcorn or alongside a tangy garlic mayonnaise for dipping purposes…

— they’re dreamy either way.

Can’t stand broccoli? 

Roast it in the air fryer with some cauliflower, paprika, sea salt and olive oil — you’re sure to 
change your mind.

Granted, this probably won’t work with someone liable to faint at the merest sight of some broccoli, but then there are limitations to what your air-fryer alone can accomplish.

We’re not ones for rushing to the grocery store every time the pantry begins looking a little bare…

… we’d much rather magic dinner out of whatever stragglers remain in the depths of our cupboards.

So often, that is sausages and noodles. 

Last week, it was cauliflower and cheese. 

Now, everyone knows those two make a winning combination on their own; but it was this recipe that gave us the idea to smother them in Olive Garden dressing.

And it was good. 

And we were glad. 

So we’re sharing it with you.

Punchy, zesty air fryer cauliflower head dressed in a piquant crema and loaded into warm, pliant tortillas!

… make it stellar with an aromatic ale and VY-OH-LAY— dinner on the table in under 20.

These golden, tender, flavor-packed cauli-steaks really are child’s play.

Delicious and simple…

… serve with a side of roasted potatoes for a lovely, substantial dinner.

Here’s the CookingChew version made even simpler.

This vegan air fryer cauliflower recipe is a twist on the ultimate comfort food.

A lovely yogurt-based marinade combines with fragrant spices like fenugreek, garlic, garam masala, and more.

You can cook up a quick stir-fry curry to serve these alongside…

… or dole them up with some naan and mint-chutney: either is delicious.

The bottom line

On the hunt for your next vegan air-fryer cauliflower recipe? 

We’ve got you.

Even though it may not look like much at first glance, the humble cauliflower is ample proof that appearances can be deceiving

All this brassica needs to shine is a little tender love and care — and an air-fryer for a quick, crisp pop of heat.

11 BEST Ways To Cook Cauliflower In Air Fryer

11 BEST Ways To Cook Cauliflower In Air Fryer

Here's 11 cauliflower air fryer recipes you gotta try, from Bang Bang Cauliflower to Cauliflower Gnocchi to BBQ cauliflower bites!


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