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21 BEST Ways To Cook Red Snapper

21 BEST Ways To Cook Red Snapper

Are you searching for red snapper recipes for dinner this week? Then you’ve “been hooked” and we will “reel you in” to inspire your next meal!

I’m definitely cracking myself up with all of the fishy puns out there. 

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Despite the “scale” of the terrible puns in this post, I hope you’ll “swim up” to see what kind of great recipes are in the “great blue…”

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Mostly found all over the world, the red snapper is one of the most famous all-white fish that makes its way to residential and commercial dinner tables.

The term “red snapper” is sometimes used to relate to similar fish but lower in quality like the West Coast rockfish, or typically any red fish. 

Red snappers can grow up to 35 pounds and are sometimes sold in filets or as a whole. 

Its texture is firm, and the meat is lean, with a bit of a nutty and sweet flavor.

It’s best paired with herbs and hot chilies to amplify the natural taste. 

Compared to other kinds of fish, the red snapper doesn’t have a “fishy” taste, making it ideal for people who don’t like fish that much due to its strong piscine flavor. 

It’s also a versatile fish for some dishes like fish tacos, fish stew, and more. 

Whether it’s pan-fried, grilled, broiled, baked, deep-fried, or steamed, red snappers will make it worth your while at the dining table. 

So if you’re searching for red snapper recipes, then you’ve landed in the right place. 

One of the best red snapper recipes on this list is #21, which will make you crave more!

Let’s turn this white fish into a fiery red main course that fits any night of the week!

This grilled red snapper is seasoned with cajun that’ll give this dish the oomph you’ve been craving for! 

Grilling the red snapper means getting tender, flaky, and moist fish, perfect for rice or grains.

This crumb-coated red snapper recipe is a must on your dinner table a few times a week!

Every bite gives you crispy red snapper meat that is coated with bread crumbs.

But don’t think this dish is only about the crispy exterior. 

You’ll also love the flavor from mixing the lemon, cheese, salt, and pepper and slathering the mixture on the filet. 

If you have a whole 3-pound red snapper you’ve already cleaned, then roasting it would be a good idea. 

The main ingredients would only be ginger, garlic, serrano chili, thyme, and allspice. 

This recipe is something lighter yet fulfilling compared to frying your red snapper.

If you want a simple meal when you’re running short on time, pan-frying red snapper is also a go-to option. 

The spices from this recipe make this dish extraordinary amidst the ordinary cooking method. 

Your main ingredients would be cayenne, paprika, onion powder, and garlic powder. 

Remember to cut your red snapper in thin filets to season it evenly.

Squeeze a bit of lemon to get that tangy flavor.

If you’re used to pan-searing other types of white fish, then this recipe will suit your style. 

Patting your red snapper filet is the trick to getting that nice texture from the meat, and soak in all the seasoning for this dish. 

Pan-sear the red snapper with butter and top with a lemon caper sauce, and you’ll get a savory dish with a kick from the lemon.

Try broiling your red snapper in the oven if you want to spice up your red snapper.

Broiling is like upside-down grilling because it cooks from above. 

That said, make incisions on your red snapper, so the fish is evenly seasoned. 

Serve this with a simple pico de gallo, and you’re good to go!

This is one of the most common red snapper recipes that only need your oven and garlic to complete a filling dish.

The slightly cooked garlic will give that satisfying earthy flavor to the mild and nutty fish.

This is another recipe to try if you have a whole red snapper waiting to be devoured. 

The outcome is tender and flavorful meat with crispy skin.

Remember to make slits so the fish will soak in all the flavors. 

But the special ingredient in this recipe is the adobo seasoning, which will undeniably elevate the dish!

Who doesn’t love a good old red snapper with all these ingredients that transform a mild flavor into an exciting one? 

After cooking the fish in the pan, add in the tomatoes, olives, onions, and wine!

Then finish off with some pepper flakes to give it that extra punch. 

The slightly sour tomatoes, sweet onions, and salty olives are perfect combinations that offer a bursting of flavors in every bite!

Nothing goes wrong with the classic fish and chips!

Red snappers are excellent for fish and chips recipes due to their mild and nutty flavor. 

The meat is also versatile to any marinade or sauce, which is perfect if you have a particular fish and chips recipe up your sleeve. 

For this recipe, it’s super simple with just mayonnaise, sour cream, chili sauce, cumin, and garlic powder.

It’s simple yet offers a party of flavors in your mouth!

Don’t miss out on this Italian-style recipe for red snapper filets.

This is the dish you need after a long day because the moist and meaty fish just melts in your mouth!

Roasting the red snapper in olive oil makes the fish tender and juicier.

Season with fresh herbs like rosemary, and this recipe will sing your palate with joy!

You can include this dish during your weekend barbeque nights with friends or family!

Grilling red snapper adds an earthy flavor to its mild-flavored meat.

Season with garlic and lemon for a simple and hearty dish.

If you’re craving some comfort food, then this red snapper fish tacos recipe will satisfy you. 

It’s crunchy and tasty from the lightly seasoned red snapper bits. 

You can add in your taco ingredient favorites or simply throw in some avocado, coleslaw, and a homemade taco fish sauce!

Here’s an interesting red snapper recipe with a hearty punch!

Bake the red snapper in a natural orange juice marinade, and you’ll get that zesty and refreshing dish!

This is one of the red snapper recipes that will transport you to Jamaica with a cold drink in tow!

Grill the red snapper and season with a special ingredient called the Jamaican jerk. 

This is a bright and zesty dish that will delight every hungry diner.

What better way to enjoy a light weekend meal than a grilled red snapper with cajun sauce. 

Serve this with grilled asparagus and a creamy cajun sauce with some parmesan, and you’ll never want another fish recipe again!

Give your classic fish and chips a twist by smothering your red snapper with potato chip breading. 

It’s inspired from Mediterranean cuisine.

This dish packs a punch from the fish’s crisp exterior and moist interior. 

You can pair this with some chips or veggies like beans or asparagus.

Try this interesting pecan-crusted red snapper in one of your dinner meals with the family. 

The pecan pieces give this dish a unique twist, providing a mildly floral and buttery flavor.

The bread crumbs also give the fish a nice texture on the outside. 

If you’re feeling for a hearty and creamy sauce, this red snapper in the creamy bechamel sauce recipe will make it worthwhile. 

You only have to season the fish with salt and pepper, pop it in the oven, and the rest of the procedures are for the bechamel sauce.

After making the sauce, pour it on top of the fish to give it a silky and buttery flavor.

Have a little taste of Italy with this braised red snapper puttanesca that’s comfort in every bite!

Puttanesca is spicy, savory, and sweet, letting you enjoy every flaky bite of your red snapper. 

The bold flavor of the puttanesca cuts across the mild flavor of the red snapper. 

The bottom line

These red snapper recipes are a must-try whether you’re cooking for yourself or for an entire group!

The red snapper is a highly versatile fish that takes on various seasonings, spices, and ingredients. 

So don’t forget to try one or all of these recipes for a lighter and savory meal that’ll make your palate scream with joy!

21 BEST Ways To Cook Red Snapper

21 BEST Ways To Cook Red Snapper

Are you searching for red snapper recipes for dinner this week? Then you’ve “been hooked” and we will “reel you in” with a list of recipes to inspire your next meal!


  • Baked Red Snapper With Garlic & Herbs
  • Grilled Red Snapper
  • Crumb-Coated Red Snapper
  • Roasted Whole Red Snapper
  • Pan-Fried Blackened Red Snapper
  • Pan-Seared Red Snapper
  • Broiled Red Snapper With Pico de Gallo
  • Baked Red Snapper With Garlic Topping
  • Dominican Fried Red Snapper
  • Red Snapper With Tomatoes, Olives & Onions
  • Red Snapper Fish & Chips
  • Roasted Red Snapper Italian Style
  • Grilled Lemon Garlic Red Snapper
  • Red Snapper Fish Tacos
  • Red Snapper Baked In Orange Juice
  • Jamaican Jerk Red Snapper
  • Grilled Red Snapper With Cajun Cream Sauce
  • Crispy Crusted Red Snapper With Tomatoes & Leeks
  • Pecan Encrusted Red Snapper With Lime Margarita Sauce
  • Red Snapper In Creamy Bechamel Sauce
  • Braised Red Snapper Puttanesca


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  3. Start cooking and make us proud!

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