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15 Leftover Taco Meat Recipes

Ah, taco night! A weekly standard in many homes! But what to do with the leftover taco meat once everyone has had their fill?

Do not fret! 

That is exactly what we are diving into here.

There are lots of options! LOTS! 

We have pulled together some original ones as well as some you can modify to fit your leftover amount. 

So, keep that meat because you, or your family, will surely be hungry again tomorrow!

Seriously there are so many delicious recipes that you are sure to find your next great option for dinner right here.

The beauty of using leftover taco meat in a salad is you can scale the size or number of salads you prep directly to how much meat you have leftover.  

When following a full recipe, like this one, you will probably not have the full amount of taco meat called for, so just eyeball the amount of each topping and trust us, it will be fine!

If you are worried that you don’t have enough taco meat, a good ingredient to bulk the protein is to add black beans or refried beans to the mix.

This recipe is a family favorite at our dinner table. It is an easy recipe and I love having it with fresh salsa.

Another excellent recipe for using taco meat leftovers is taco soup, boasting so much flavor in an easy dinner recipe! 

Here you may need to scale down the amount of liquid, since you have less meat, or seasonings since the meat is already seasoned. 

But hey, that makes your job easier! This is a soup the whole family will love. Add a little more cayenne pepper for enhanced levels of heat.

A great way to chow down on this taco soup is with some warm buttered flour tortillas on the side.

There are so many things you can make with leftover taco meat and comfort food like pizza should be at the top of every list! 

This chef-created, from-scratch recipe is sure to get your taste buds going!

In this recipe we originally used meatballs, but you just simply substitute in the taco meat! 

The enchilada sauce (or this copycat Taco Bell Sauce) drizzled on top, along with the seasoned taco meat will surely make this a recipe you return to over and over again!

Colorful bell peppers used as serving vessels make it easy to scale this recipe to use up your leftover taco meat. 

One? Two? Three? 

Make as many or as few as you need. A little tomato sauce.  A little cheddar cheese. 

Maybe top it off with green onions.

Oh, this recipe is easy and fantastic!

Since you prep lots of meat if you follow a ketogenic lifestyle, this recipe is absolutely a must-try when looking for recipes that use taco meat! 

Swapping out a tortilla or shell for an avocado is heavenly! 

Simply cut open as many as you have meat to fill, add your toppings and dinner is served. It’s hiding in plain sight as one of our favorite crowd-pleasing ground beef recipes.

This is one of those great recipes to use up a lot of leftover taco meat.

A fabulously versatile recipe to use your leftover taco meat in is this pasta taco casserole! Shells, taco meat, a little salsa and cheese.  

That’s it! 

Or mix in other leftovers or ingredients you like! It becomes your own pasta dish that you add to your normal meal prep repertoire.

Adjust the amounts based on how much meat you have, bake a bit and presto, everyone is happy!

If an appetizer is what you need, these taco bites will give you a nice crunch while answering your question of what to do with leftover taco meat! 

Pick up a bag of Tostitos Scoops, add in your meat, top as you like and yum! Seriously satisfying salty crunchy appetizer ready to serve!

Your leftover homemade taco meat is a key ingredient in this layered taco dip with a Mexican spin. 
You can easily cut the recipe in half based on the amount of meat you have. 

It is certainly a fun way to take your weeknight meal to the next level! Or at least lure the kids to the table!

Here’s another easy, creamy Taco Dip variation we threw together that was super easy.

Taco bowls are all the rage in the Tex-Mex world.  Give this recipe with taco meat a try since it’s a super easy one! 

Reduce the size of the extras and let the rice work its magic as it bakes. 

As with many others on this list, you can mix and match the add-ins to tailor it to your taste!

Breakfast has not been forgotten! Halleluiah! 

These taco egg muffin cups recipe uses your taco meat leftovers beautifully and tastefully! 

A fantastic way to start your day with a zing! It’s a taco omelette in a cup, a perfect meal for any time of day.

Bonus tip: They can be frozen and reheated in a flash! Which is pretty much all the time anyone has most mornings!

When you already have a pound of taco meat leftovers, tossing together this recipe for nachos baked in the oven is a breeze! 

Heavy duty foil helps too! 

Pop the base prep in the oven for only 10 minutes and when they come out, all that is needed is for each person to add the toppings of their choice like cheese, avocado, tomato, chives or sour cream! 

But the best part might be no plates to clean up. Am I right?

I have some tortilla chips and leftover taco meat right now. This is gonna be my lunch!

Perhaps you are in a potato mood. Perfect! 

What can be better than putting your leftover taco meat flavors with the comfort you crave from a potato? 

Anything? Just bake that potato to perfection and add the taco meat, cheese, salsa, guacamole or whatever else your heart desires! 

Swap out a white potato for sweet potatoes and up the nutrition count.

This recipe has maybe 38 reasons to be made, with a new one being added every day! 

What should you do with leftover taco meat? 

Look no further than your crockpot! 

You add the ingredients. It does the work. No mozzarella on hand? Add cream cheese instead.

This is a win-win all the way around! Especially for your taste buds!

Because there are not nearly enough reasons to cook up tater tots, we feel it is quite fitting to use this opportunity to pair them with your leftover taco meat. 

You can easily half this recipe so as not to drown out your leftover taco meat. From there you simply mix, stir, and cook, with outstanding results! 

Which is exactly what will happen when this recipe comes out of your oven!

Yes, you read that right! 

What do you get when you combine taco meat with quesadillas? Taco-dillas! 

Grab some tortillas, fill them with taco meat and cheese, warm them up and find some yummy things to dip them in! 

Family pleasing for sure!

The bottom line

We believe you will like some of these recipe ideas for different ways to use leftover taco meat.

I bet that you find yourself doubling the amount of ground beef you prepare just to ensure you have leftovers! 

That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, now would it?

So let us know if this helps you use up your leftovers from Taco Tuesday. Of course, if you need side ideas to go with, here’s your epic list.

15 Ways To Use Leftover Taco Meat 🌮

15 Ways To Use Leftover Taco Meat 🌮

If you need inspiration for what to do with leftover taco meat, we have some great recipes for you!


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  • Crockpot Beef Queso Dip
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  • Taco-dillas


  1. Pick a recipe to try first
  2. Gather all of the ingredients
  3. Create a leftover taco meat recipe
  4. Enjoy every bite!

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