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35 Leftover Ham Recipes for Meals & Snacks!

Your nightly fridge-raid turns up leftover ham — leftover ham? — I know what you’re thinking: there’s never any leftover ham. 

But resist the urge to pull out your pocket-fork and scarf that last flavorful slice down right then and there. 

Instead, turn your scraps of ham into a savory stew or decadent risotto and liven up your kitchen table with an injection of flavor.

Next time you are looking for leftover recipes, these great ideas for using a little bit of spiral ham, gruyere cheese or sweet potatoes will help inspire an easy breakfast.

Let us know if you spot any of your favorite leftover ham recipes!

Stuffed-to-oozing with cheddar cheese, mustard and ham, this fluffy pull-apart bread is a great ham leftovers recipe for picnics or those days when all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a hunk of warm, buttery bread in hand. 

We recommend serving alongside some potato soup.

There’s something irresistibly summer-y about this fun, fresh recipe. 

The crisp, sweet watermelon pairs nicely with salty ham and the sharp basil provides just enough adjoining tang to really drive the whole ‘salad’ thing home

Ham and biscuits — because if you’re going to indulge, you may as well do it right. 

These melt-in-your-mouth biscuit sandwiches are sure to earn you repeat invitations to brunch. But we won’t blame you if you decide not to share.

Forget about your arteries for a minute and serve with a generous helping of melted butter!

These low-carb ham roll ups are proof that you can have your cake (your ham?) and eat it too. 

All you need is a little lettuce, tomato, avocado and of course, bacon et voila — a delicious, light lunch that’s as fun to assemble as it is to eat.

How to cook the perfect mac and cheese: add ham. There’s very little you could get wrong here. 

This is a rich, velvety comfort food that calls for silk sheets and punch-bowl size portions.

Start the day with a bang: granted, this fabulous frittata is more work than a slice of toast or a cup of yogurt but every now and again it pays to go ham

All you need is some crusty sourdough and a tall glass of orange juice to top things off.

Mashed potatoes will turn anything into a meal — yes, that includes the last cuts of ham in your fridge too insubstantial for even a sandwich. 

This straightforward potato and ham bake is the real deal: it tastes like sunshine and takes all of 10 minutes to throw together.

You might think you’ve mastered the art of the taco — but if your tacos only ever involve ground beef, seasonings from a sachet, jarred salsa and a corn shell, you’re seriously missing out. 

There’s a world of taco-goodness to be had out there, starting with these peppery, smoky-sweet ham tacos.

It’s the battle of the proteins — and everyone’s a winner. 

Take it back to basics with these succulent 10-ingredient patties that are just as good nestled inside a pair of pillow-y buns as they are enjoyed hot off the grill with some relish.

These are roasted vegetables reimagined as more than just broke-college-student fare. 

This recipe is a colorful, delicious celebration of leftovers — you can work with whatever you’ve got on hand.

This is one of those main dishes that will soon become one of your favorite recipes!

Despite what you might’ve eaten at your local coffee chain, quiche isn’t supposed to be served over-cooked, bland and days old.

Quiche, real quiche, is the stuff of dreams — custardy filling inside a gloriously flakey crust that boasts just enough crunch to temper the pastry’s gooey center. 

And this bright, flavorful recipe with ham checks all the boxes.

The best thing about Minestrone is that there’s no definitive way to make it: it’s wonderfully adaptable, and capable of turning a fridge full of leftovers into a hearty, comforting main dish that’ll gladden and warm all those at the table.

If the thought of pineapple on pizza makes you want to hurl, try this flavor-filled, tangy ham and roast-pineapple pie on for size.

You’ll eat your words — and your pizza.

More ham and fruit? 

Listen, pairing a fig with ham will introduce you to two of its best friends: salt and cured meat.

Ham has more breakfast applications than any other protein out there — and they’re all a great way to use up those leftovers.

This Sunday special is proof of the fact.

Don’t be intimidated by its posh name; that’s the only fancy thing about this cheesy ham sandwich.

There are many variations on the Croque Madame: a croque hawaïen with (you guessed it) pineapple; a version with tart tomatoes and smoky herbs known as croque provencal — but we think the perfect way to do it is with a little béchamel and a runny egg yolk on top.

This decadent dish is the perfect accompaniment to rainy days spent indoors — but getting it right is more difficult than it looks.

Thankfully, this great recipe makes it easy to rustle up some scalloped potatoes and ham that are fit for royalty.

If you’re wondering what to feed the masses at your next socially distanced potluck — boy, have we got the recipe for you.

These bite-sized ham and cheese sliders are a great way to dress up your leftover meat, and can be served warm or cold, making them perfect for your next picnic.

There’s few things worse than washing up —  that’s why this delicious, instant pot ham and egg benny is a mainstay at all our Sunday breakfasts. 

You’re welcome.

Cheat at being fancy with this deceptively easy recipe.

A little garlic butter and parmesan cheese make this speedy supper far more sophisticated than the sliced cheese and mayonnaise might otherwise suggest.

Perfect for when you need to be out the door in a dash, this quick breakfast is sure to be a fan-favorite.

Garnish with a handful of scallions to serve.

A blissful, indulgent creamy ham pasta full of assertively garlicky flavor and sharp, salty meat. Best enjoyed furtively with a serving spoon straight out of the oven-dish.

We won’t be shamed for our insistence that yes; pineapple does belong on everything.  

With just a few extra ingredients, you can turn that leftover ham and tinned pineapple into a star attraction.

Who amongst us hasn’t eaten velvety, melted chocolate straight out of the wrapper with our fingers and thought, could this be love?

Well, this salty-sweet carnival fare is proof enough that it is.  

We’re real suckers for a good bowl of chowder — and this thick, hearty soup is a damn good bowl of chowder.

We used to think bread pudding was the stuff of nightmarish middle-school cafeteria lines — till we had this rich, savory twist on the British classic.

We love it best eaten cold and straight from the fridge in brick-sized portions.

Mushrooms stand up well to everything — sautéed, baked, roasted or even fried, these formidable fungi are good for a lot more than just throwing on a pizza.

Pop them into some creamy sauce with a crumbling of prosciutto and a generous sprig of thyme and you’ve got yourself a fantastic last-minute-lunch a-la-leftovers.

Nobody’s ever had to wonder how to cook a stir-fry; the instructions are, after all, right there in the name.

This fresh, bright recipe is all the things a good stir-fry should be: quick, uncomplicated and unashamedly slippery with oil. Serve warm or at room temperature.

This filling, comforting ham soup makes a delightfully simple winter dinner on those nights when you’re not up to the task of any complex cookery. 

That’s why it’s one of our favourite leftover ham recipes — that and the fact that the whole family loves it!

Pierogies are a staple of Polish cuisine — and if you’ve got any sense, they’ll soon be a staple at your dinner table, too.

We’re a little (O.K, a lot) obsessed with this brilliant, no-fuss recipe that’s best served alongside a hearty helping of sour cream.

An easy dinner, this isn’t. It’s just as well, though: when you spend all day in the kitchen slaving over apples and ham, you’ll have all the justification you need not to share.

Throw these on the BBQ. 

The hiss and scent of these zippy pineapple and ham kebabs will soon have your neighbors peeking over your fence hoping you might be willing to part with a skewer or two — that’s why we always make extras.

We’ve often got this spicy, smoked pork and chicken broth Cajun classic simmering away on our stove-top. 

Give it a shot; it takes a while but you’ll find it’s very worth it.

Melt-in-your-mouth ham with sweet fruit and a tart red-wine dressing — yes, please. 

Oh, and “the finer things in life” called while you were out — they recommend serving this alongside a flute of chilled rosé.

This glorious, golden pie will ease the pain of having to figure out what to do with leftover ham from Christmas dinner. 

You can even prep in advance and slide it into the oven the next day.

And that about concludes our list of the best leftover ham recipes! 

We hope our list will inspire your next couple of easy dinners.

And if you’re just going to reheat that ham the next day and eat it with your fingers, here’s how. 

You can also peruse this list of sides for dinner ham so you can round out your next day’s dinner.

Did you spot any of your favorite leftover ham recipes? Let us know.

35 YUMMY Ways To Use Leftover Ham ⭐️

35 YUMMY Ways To Use Leftover Ham ⭐️

Here’s a list of 35 Leftover Ham Recipes for every cook’s inspiration when you have a ham to use up from last night’s dinner!


  • Cheese, Chive & Ham Tear-And-Share Bread
  • Ham, Watermelon And Basil Salad
  • Ham Biscuit Sandwiches With Apricot Mustard
  • Ham Roll Ups
  • Ham And Cheese Macaroni
  • Ham And Cheese Frittata
  • Mashed Potatoes And Ham
  • Leftover Ham Tacos
  • Chicken And Ham Patties
  • Sliced Ham With Roasted Vegetables
  • Ham And Spinach Quiche
  • Minestrone With Ham
  • Ham And Balsamic Fig Sandwich
  • Broccoli And Ham Puff Pancakes
  • Croque Madame
  • Ham And Scalloped Potato Casserole
  • Ham And Cheese Sliders
  • Eggs Benedict Bake
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu
  • Ham And Cheese Egg Cups
  • Baked Ham Penne Pasta
  • Ham And Pineapple Rice
  • Late Summer Salad With Cherries And Ham
  • Chocolate Covered Bacon
  • Classic Ham Chowder
  • Ham And Swiss Bread Pudding With Brown Sugar
  • Mushroom Pasta With Prosciutto
  • Stir Fried Egg Noodles With Ham
  • Ham Bone And Bean Soup
  • Ham And Cheddar Pierogi Bake
  • Baked Ham With Honey Mustard And Apples
  • Hawaiian Ham Kabobs
  • Ham Jambalaya
  • Late Summer Salad With Cherries And Ham
  • Turkey And Ham Pie


  1. Choose one or two dishes from this list.
  2. Create recipes made from your leftover ham!
  3. Enjoy and share your new favorite dish!

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