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25 Leftover Fish Recipes: Easy, Tasty Meal Ideas

25 Leftover Fish Recipes: Easy, Tasty Meal Ideas

From simple fish cakes to burgers slaw, explore some tasty and creative leftover fish recipes that will have everyone coming for more. 

Fish is a versatile and tasty ingredient that’s easy to come by, so naturally, you would want more and more of it.

If you’re lucky enough to have leftover fish, you might wonder what leftover fish recipes you can do to give new life to your favorite fish. 

You are not limited to simply reheating your leftover fish because this list consists of 25 leftover fish recipes that you can do to come up with thrilling dishes.

The flawless mix of leftover fish with other ingredients will result in a meal with a new flavor and appearance that will deceive you into thinking it is fresh fish.

Additionally, repurposing leftover fish is a wonderful way to cut down on your cooking time!

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious meal that you can do in less than half an hour?

You won’t have to wait for the fresh fish to finish cooking before beginning the subsequent steps to complete the meal.

With these recipes, you only have to bring out your leftover fish and create a dish that will suit your tastes.

Turn your leftover fish into inviting and creative meals like Cheesy Walleye Nuggets and Leftover Fish Casserole.

If you want to make something unique out of the simple fish you have, check out #24!

Let’s start cooking!

The simplest thing you can make out of leftover fish (in this case, cod) are fish cakes!

This recipe doesn’t require a lot of preparation because you just have to mix all the ingredients and then form them into cakes.

If you’re worried about not having any cod fish on hand for this recipe, you can replace it with any other leftover fish you have. 

Pro tip: Ensure that the oil is hot before putting the fish cakes in; otherwise, they will fall apart.

You can turn leftover fish into a quick meal with this recipe.

Salmon is a good ingredient to mix with fried rice, so if you have both salmon and rice leftovers, it should be a no-brainer to whip this up.

If you can make fish cakes, you can also make Fish Nuggets!

The amazing thing about this recipe is that you can experiment with many fish varieties.

These Salmon Croquettes will surely turn out crispy, tender, and mouth-watering.

The seasonings and other ingredients in this dish really help bring out so much edge and punch to the dish.

Soup is a staple if you’re looking to use your leftovers, so there’s no surprise that a fish chowder is on this list.

This is a creamy soup that would work great with any kind of fish.

This is a unique recipe that really stands out.

It only requires 4 ingredients and can be done in under 15 minutes.

These lettuce cups make a good appetizer, but they are also hearty and filling.

Protein-packed, flavorful, and easy to make!

Who wouldn’t opt for something like this?

There’s no need to look elsewhere. 

Use fresh eggs and dill to make the best version of this recipe. 

If you don’t have fresh dill, you can still use the dried version, but note that the taste will differ slightly.

Looking for something that can cater to a large group?

This fish egg spring roll recipe has you covered.

It’s a fun way to make use of your leftover fish, and adding vegetables such as carrots and potatoes can turn it into a satisfying meal everyone would surely love. 

Pro tip: Add cayenne pepper to your fish mixture to give the recipe a little kick.

A quiche is a flavorful egg custard that is cooked in a pie crust.

Imagine that egg custard with some salmon.

It’s a burst of flavor, and it’s filling, too!

It’s the ideal dinner recipe, especially if you want to try making something new and different from what you usually prepare at home.

A sandwich is a smart and easy way to turn your boring fish leftovers into something with more zest and personality.

This recipe features tilapia with some creamy coleslaw turned into a sandwich.

All the ingredients used here work surprisingly well together!

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to make pasta using leftover fish, it is, and this recipe shows you how. 

Pair it with a simple green salad or garlic bread for a complete meal. 

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to add as much paprika as you want! 

Sprinkle generously for added flavor.

Aren’t you surprised to see this recipe on this list?

I bet you are. 

Leftover fish on macaroni and cheese seems unlikely, but there’s more to this dish that makes it worth trying out.

It is as cheesy as you can expect, and with the leftover halibut in the mix, it will let you experience a burst of flavor that is both unexpected and pleasing.  

It’s mouth-watering, and one bite will leave you wanting more!

Lemon, leftover salmon, and peas are basically all it takes to create this delicious Salmon Frittata.

If you have an oven, this recipe is a must-try because it’s so convenient, especially when you can’t be bothered to make something too complex out of your leftovers.

Turn your fish (specifically salmon) leftovers into a creamy meal that the whole family will enjoy.

The sauce is what makes this dish stand out. 

It’s creamy and requires ingredients that you most likely already have in the cupboard.

If you have any grilled fish leftovers, this salad, which features trout, is a genius and simple way to liven them up.

Think tuna salad, but with trout!

This salad works great on its own, but you can also eat it with bread and sandwiches.

If you had salmon the night before and still have some leftovers, it’s a great ingredient to use for this breakfast recipe.

This Salmon & Eggs recipe is a simple breakfast idea that can turn your day into a positive one with every bite.

There are not many ingredients in this, and all are easy to find.

Yet,  you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how exquisite this meal turns out to be!

Tacos are one of the easiest ways to turn your fish leftovers into a delightful dish.

This is why we’re not hesitating to share this taco recipe with you.

This one has a mild spicy kick to it that makes the dish more appetizing.

This Salmon Rillette is a different but simple way to use leftover salmon, especially if you love hosting parties.

This spread works on anything, from meats to bread to vegetables!

Here’s another leafy twist to your leftover fish.

If you love summer rolls, you will surely love this.

It’s a traditional Asian dish that has a mild starchy flavor, but the dipping sauce will even out any bland taste. 

With fish integrated into this recipe, you can enjoy it even without the dipping sauce (but you should still make the sauce to make it all the more scrumptious!).

Your leftover walleye can take a cheesy and crispy turn with this recipe.

The crispy crust is the ideal partner to the soft and flaky white fish inside.

You wouldn’t think that nuggets could get this delicious!

This is the kind of recipe that both adults and kids can enjoy.

This dish looks as cool as it sounds!

It’s a perfect snack or appetizer to serve to a large group of people. 

These pinwheels are an amazing option if you have a lot of leftover smoked salmon.

Pro tip: You can also use other kinds of cheese, like goat cheese and cheddar cheese.

Dill and salmon become exemplary couples in this dip recipe.

You can enjoy it on your own or make it to serve with the main dish for any gathering. 

The bell peppers are not exactly required, but adding them in can help bring a crunchy texture to the dip that really elevates the overall appeal.

This Fish Casserole is one of the easiest and best ways to turn your boring leftovers into a dish that looks and tastes perfect for a party.

This has a burst of flavor that you will not expect with leftover fish.

The sauce especially makes this recipe so creamy and tasty.

If you’re the type who enjoys this kind of sauce, make sure to make more than the recipe says.

Here’s another interesting recipe for you to try!

Leftover tuna or salmon works best in this recipe as they partner really well with seaweed and sriracha.

When you’re craving something salty and crunchy, this recipe should be your go-to!

Love making burgers but getting tired of the usual ones you make?

You will love this Salmon Burger Slaw recipe!

Leftover fish, or, in this case, salmon, can seem dull and bland if you will just heat it up the next day, but this recipe surprisingly turns a plain dish into a lively and festive burger meal.

This recipe also works great with dill because dill adds a bright and somehow sweet flavor to this crispy dish.

The bottom line

Whether it’s a dip, soup, or a full dinner meal that you want, you can rely on these leftover fish recipes to turn your plain leftovers into an appetizing dish.

The next time you have leftover fish, remember to whip up one of these flavorful recipes to really liven up your day.

We’ve collected a good mix of simple and intriguing recipes so you can have several options to choose from.

After giving these a try, you’ll never have to settle for reheated fish leftovers ever again.

Easy Leftover Fish Recipe Collection

Easy Leftover Fish Recipe Collection

From simple fish cakes to burgers slaw, explore some tasty and creative leftover fish recipes that will have everyone coming for more!


  • Cod Fish Cakes
  • Salmon Fried Rice
  • Fish Nuggets
  • Southern Salmon Croquettes
  • Hearty Fish Chowder
  • Leftover Salmon Lettuce Cups
  • Dill Salmon Scramble
  • Fish Egg Spring Rolls
  • Salmon Quiche
  • Tilapia Fish Sandwich
  • Salmon Pasta With Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce
  • Macaroni & Cheese With Halibut
  • Salmon Frittata
  • Leftover Salmon & Potato Bake
  • Trout Salad
  • Salmon & Eggs
  • Chipotle Fish Tacos
  • Salmon Rillette
  • Asian Summer Rolls With Leftover Fish
  • Cheesy Walleye Nuggets
  • Smoked Salmon Pinwheels
  • Salmon Dip
  • Leftover Fish Casserole
  • Sriracha Seaweed Wraps
  • Salmon Burgers Slaw


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