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21 Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes

21 Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes

Making pulled pork can be an easy dinner for your busy schedule.

It can be even better when you have extras for future meals without the hassle of creating more later. 

So, let’s look at some terrific 21 different leftover pulled pork recipes. You may be surprised at how many pulled pork meals there are to try. 

You no longer have to wonder what to make with pulled pork. 

Still looking for the perfect side dish the next day? We have some great recipe inspiration here.

Pork can replace beef in many dishes, creating new and exciting things to do with pulled pork. 

These leftover pulled pork recipes are just what you need to spice things up in the kitchen and still save time with meal prep.

When it comes to leftover pulled pork recipes, pizza reigns supreme.

You can throw virtually anything on a pizza crust, and it will be delicious, including pulled pork.

Be creative in your toppings, and each Leftover Pulled Pork Pizza can be unique.

Try this Pulled Pork Egg Rolls recipe if you have a craving for egg rolls but need to use up your leftovers. 

Be sure to include your favorites, like green onions, sauce, or other fixings, for a tasty alternative.

Skip the beef and opt for this chili recipe when you wonder what to do with leftover pulled pork next. 

Using shredded pork will add a whole new flavor and style to your weekly chili nights that will have you going back for seconds.

What can possibly make gyros any tastier?

By using pulled pork, of course! 

The tangy tzatziki sauce combined with the pulled pork is the perfect combination for a flavorful meal idea. 

These Pulled Pork Gyros are ideal for a quick at-home meal or a lunch on the go

Try more pulled pork ideas with this Lemongrass Pulled Pork Banh Mi. 

You can put a spin on this classic Vietnamese sandwich by adding your leftovers and creating an entirely new meal in only minutes.

Everyone loves mac and cheese, so why not dress it up with some leftovers? 

This Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese dish is the ultimate comfort food when you want a creamy and zesty dish.

If you can add pulled pork to mac and cheese, why not to classic grilled cheese sandwiches? 

Add a bit of zing to your plain grilled cheese with this easy Leftover Pulled Pork Grill Cheese recipe.

Don’t fret with complicated pulled pork uses when you have leftovers.

Instead, make it into a leisurely dinner with Pulled Pork Nachos that everyone will love. 

Your family may decide that they prefer this alternative to the traditional beef from now on.

One-dish meals like this Sweet Potato Pulled Pork Hash make life easier for everyone, especially when you need leftover pulled pork ideas. 

Make it for dinner or even breakfast; it’s perfect any time of the day.

When you have so many recipes using pulled pork, you will never get tired of them, including this alternative to the classic one-dish meal. 

Try this Pulled Pork Shepherd’s Pie for a tasty option, and you won’t regret it.

Do you wonder what to make with leftover pulled pork? 

Well, it fits well with this Mexican Posole Soup recipe. 

So give your meal planning a twist with the Mexican flavor to your pulled pork.

Another popular Mexican dish is tamales, so why wouldn’t you try including your leftover shredded pork?

It is easy to prepare, and the pork will add that extra savory flavor you crave.

Pulled pork isn’t just for dinner anymore. 

When you need to find uses for leftover pulled pork, this recipe delivers. 

Try these Pulled Pork Breakfast Biscuits the next time you have extras in your fridge.

Satisfy your spicy cravings with this Korean Pulled Pork Tacos recipe. 

The leftover pulled pork adds that sweet, smoky flavor while paired with the spices and creates the ideal taco dish.

Did you know caramelized pears go well with leftover pulled pork? 

Add a little cilantro and some spices and throw it in an empanada for a delectable easy meal. 

Top off your Pulled Pork and Pears Empanadas with some grilled pear and mango relish for the perfect dish.

Dress up your enchiladas by using shredded pork recipes like this one. 

Then, depending on your mood, you can try this Pulled Pork Enchiladas recipe with or without the sauce for a decadent meal.

If you love Venezualian cuisine, these Pulled Pork Arepas are a dream. 

Use white or yellow varieties of masarepa, and create this tasty dish. 

Serve it with your choice of side item, and it will soon be a favorite.

Stuffed peppers are a simple yet filling menu choice, especially for recipes with shredded pork. 

Pick your fillings and top it off with your leftovers for the ultimate in a stuffed pepper dish.

Who doesn’t love a tasty and filling bowl for their lunch or dinner? 

Shredded pork recipes like this Pulled Pork Quinoa Bowls are easy to make and store well for lunch on the go.

Pulled Pork Stew is just another savory dish that uses up any leftovers you may have hanging around. 

You can serve this stew with rice, potatoes, quinoa, or even barley.

The bottom line

Pulled pork is pretty versatile. I will slow cook a butt just to have all that juicy, tasty shredded meat to turn into pulled pork, then roll the pulled pork into brand new recipes. 

Pulled pork can be divided and seasoned so it can please the whole crowd, too. 
Zesty tacos and enchiladas? Done. 

Sweet and tangy BBQ? Yep.

Mixed with a citrus dressing and piled on top of sturdy greens? So good. 

Teriyaki sauce, lemongrass, ginger = Asian flair? Sign us up.

While we’re here, let’s talk about how to reheat pulled pork too.

21 YUMMY Ways To Use Leftover Pulled Pork ♨️

21 YUMMY Ways To Use Leftover Pulled Pork ♨️

Pulled pork can be seasoned and repurposed into so many delicious recipes, you’ll have trouble choosing! Better make double.


  • Italian Pulled Pork Ragu
  • Leftover Pulled Pork Pizza
  • Pulled Pork Egg Rolls
  • Pulled Pork Chili
  • Pulled Pork Gyros
  • Lemongrass Pulled Pork Banh Mi
  • Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese
  • Leftover Pulled Pork Grill Cheese
  • Pulled Pork Nachos
  • Sweet Potato Pulled Pork Hash
  • Pulled Pork Shepherd's Pie
  • Mexican Posole Soup with Pulled Pork
  • Pulled Pork Tamales
  • Pulled Pork Breakfast Biscuits
  • Korean Pulled Pork Tacos
  • Pulled Pork and Pears Empanadas with Cilantro Mojo
  • Pulled Pork Enchiladas
  • Pulled Pork Arepas
  • Easy Stuffed Peppers with Pork
  • Pulled Pork Quinoa Bowls
  • Pulled Pork Stew with Chickpeas, Tomatoes, and Olives


  1. Make enough slow-cooked pork to shred and divide.
  2. Choose a few of these recipes to try.
  3. Make your leftover pulled pork into brand new recipes!

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