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16 Delicious Green Tea Cocktails For Any Occasion!

Discover 15 smooth and delicious green tea cocktails you can make for yourself and your guests!

Green tea has been an alternative to coffee to warm our bodies, especially in cold weather.

How about experimenting and creating something new out of this classic drink and adding your favorite alcoholic beverage to give it a little kick?

Nothing to worry about; I got you!

If you ask me, #3 is a unique way to present your green tea by adding a not-so-common ingredient to your alcoholic drink.

#7 is something you can try if you want your cocktail to have a little spice.

But #11 gives you a little twist with your usual cocktail, so it’s for you to find out!

So come on and let’s give this list a go!

The Green Tea Cocktails listed here link to recipes for alcoholic beverages. Please enjoy responsibly.

It is a refreshing variety of Kentucky Cousin sweet tea drinks.

It uses Lemon Cherry Green Tea instead of heavy cherry heering and black tea.

Adding this with simple syrup, Bourbon, and ice, you can create an invigorating cocktail with a little spike!

Garnish with mint leaf, cherries, and lemon slices will give it a stunning look once poured into a highball glass.

It’s an ideal drink when you’re chilling out and unwinding.

Wanted to make something light yet energizing at your party?

This cocktail is just fit for that description!

The blend of honey, lemon, green tea, and spiked vodka creates an excellent drink you can share with your friends.

But if you want to deepen the flavors of this cocktail, it’s best to make it a day ahead and refrigerate it without ice.

Add ice once ready to serve.

This recipe requires 20 green tea bags to create a solid green tea flavor.

Yes, 20 bags!

Not only that, but what makes it unique from the usual sweet tea drink you always know is that it has apple cider on it which complements the taste of green tea and vodka.

It is best when the weather’s getting cold and you want something to sip to keep you heated.

Another drink you must try on a winter evening to give you warmth.

It is a tasty mix of vodka, fresh thyme, honey, and green tea in one glass you will want to drink all the time.

Always make sure you have an ice-cold tea, but if you forget to set this ahead, no worries!

Just shake it in a cocktail shaker full of ice, and you get an instant cold tea!

Many also said that this could cure colds, but you should try it and see if this works for colds.

Mixing and matching drinks have been a habit for many who want to discover something unique by getting two or more ingredients fused.

This recipe is not an exemption.

Who would think that the citrusy flavors of lemon blend very well with green tea and gin to make a smooth drink?

Try this recipe and taste it for yourself! 

And once you prove how delicious and effortless it is to make this cocktail, it’s time for it to hit your parties and let your guests be the judge!

Are you thinking of a drink you can serve your guests at your Halloween party?

You’re in luck because I got an ideal recipe for you!

It has cucumber, green tea, and gin with some mint to make this drink a refreshing cocktail with a kick!

And since it turns out greenish, it looks like slime that matches your party.

It’s not too sweet, so if you want to add a bit of sweetness, you can add kiwi without changing its taste but just sweeter.

Add slices of cucumber, and mint leaf at the top, then serve!

You can add some Halloween-inspired ornaments for decoration.

Let’s spice up your party by adding jalapenos to your delicious tequila!

When you want to get a spicy touch on your drink, this is a must-try!

Jalapenos, matcha powder, cucumber, lemon juice, honey, and orange added to your tequila will make a spicy explosion in your mouth once you taste it.

The recipe will give enough spice to your drink, but if you want it spicier, add more jalapenos.

It will not disappoint you and your guest to warm you up on a cold winter night because you can make a pitcher of this with less time required.

If you love mojitos, this will make you fall in love with them even more!

It’s another way of adding fun and twist to your classic mojito!

Fusing green tea with your usual mixture enhances its taste and blends well with mint and lemon, giving this drink light and delicate flavor.

With some sweet and sour mix added, it will energize you after a tiring day!

When tea time and happy hour collide, you know it will be an extraordinary drinking experience you will do over and over again!

The fuse of Bourbon, Amaretto, champagne, and green tea brings out this cocktail’s freshness and delicious taste.

It’s a recipe you will enjoy without being guilty of drinking too much.

It is an ideal drink on a cheat day!

You have another reason to drink green cocktails because it’s St. Patrick’s day!

This recipe gives your traditional Irish pub beverage a spin, yet it’s not so complicated to make.

You need green tea powder, lime, mint, whiskey, lime soda, and a little sugar to add some sweetness to this drink.

Once combined, garnish it with mint and sliced lemons, and it’s ready for sipping!

I know you’re used to seeing ice-cold cocktails from the past but this time, let’s make it hot!


It is similar to Spiked Green Tea, but the difference is that it uses hot green tea instead of the cold version.

It’s ideal for warming you up on cold nights, just like your usual coffee, but this one is made of green tea and vodka for a little kick.

You can also use gin or Bourbon as a replacement for vodka, and the taste and flavor will still be great!

Best to sip while sitting in front of your fireplace while relaxing!

This drink is popular in Japan as it uses Japanese whisky, similar in taste to Scotch.

The tangy taste of lemon, the sweetness of the honey syrup, and the earthy flavor of green tea combined with whisky, topped with club soda or seltzer, bring out a cocktail drink you can have any time.

Add it to an ice-filled highball glass and serve.

If you want to experiment with this cocktail, you can replace club soda with almond milk to add smoothness to this matcha whisky mix.

This blend is something you would like to plunge into after a sweaty gym session or just after running.

The light flavor of green tea blended with lime, agave, and tequila gives that soothing effect.

Once you take a sip of this drink will help your body to calm down and relax.

Isn’t it an excellent way to cool you down after sweating your heart out in the gym?

For this recipe, you will use raspberry green tea to make one of the best-tasting green tea cocktails you can try at home.

It’s a delicious, refreshing drink you can serve on pitchers for your summer shindigs!

And the color?

It’s stunning!

It doesn’t mean it has green tea that should also turn out to be green in color.

The incredible combination of vodka, rum, Bourbon, and raspberry green tea will make you want one more glass of it!

It will not be called goddess for nothing.

It may require patience as the green tea must be infused with vodka for 8 hours to have all the flavors come out.

Spicing it up with jalapeno and arugula adds to the already tasty flavors of infused green tea and vodka.

You can make a pitcher of it, so be ready to make this in multiple batches, as your guest will not stop until they have the last drop!

Our very own Green Tea Cocktail doesn’t really have green tea in it; it’s just the name of this fabulous cocktail. 

The recipe is truly delicious, bright, light, and refreshing, and even if it’s not a real Green Tea Cocktail, it has the same color!

This cocktail has the right mixture of Jameson whiskey, Peach Schnapps, and Sweet N Sour—happy sipping!

The bottom line

Leveling up your green tea by adding some pow to your favorite alcoholic drink gives it a different drinking experience.

Your guests will be as surprised when they get a taste of these incredible cocktails out of your usual green tea bags or powder.

I know you enjoyed this list just like me, and I’ll be delighted if you will share your experience once you’ve tried any of the recipes I have on this list.

The Green Tea Cocktails listed here link to recipes for alcoholic beverages. Please enjoy responsibly.

16 BEST Green Tea Cocktails 🍵🍸

16 BEST Green Tea Cocktails 🍵🍸

Your guests will be as surprised when they get a taste of these incredible green tea cocktails out of your usual green tea bags or powder.


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  • Vodka Spiked Iced Green Tea
  • Apple-Green Tea Cocktail
  • Green Tea Martini
  • Green Tea Gimlet
  • Gin Goblin-Green Tea & Cucumber Cocktail
  • Matcha Jalapeno Margaritas
  • Green Tea Mojito
  • Afternoon Tea
  • St. Patrick's Day Green Tea Cocktail
  • Hot Green Tea Cocktail With Vodka
  • Matcha Highball
  • Green Tea Margarita
  • Spiked Iced Green Tea
  • Green Goddess
  • Green Tea Cocktail


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