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17 Tasty Candy Cocktails To Give Everyone A Sugar Rush ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿธ

17 Tasty Candy Cocktails To Give Everyone A Sugar Rush 🍭🍸

These 17 delicious candy cocktails prove that candies aren’t just for kids; combine them with your favorite liquor and serve in a cocktail form!

Cocktails are naturally refreshing drinks that you can indulge in anytime. 

Since it is made by mixing several liquors and ingredients, it only makes sense to garnish it as you see fit.

You can go the usual route of fruits or mint, but did you know that you can combine your favorite candy and cocktail too?

Whether you are a fan of chocolates, confectionaries, candies, chews, or sweeties, you can enjoy them in liquid form that will booze you up. 

It does not matter if they are bite-sized or wrapped; they are perfect for resting, pegging to, or placing on the glass rim. 

You no longer have to wait until Halloween or Christmas to have candies around; we’ve collected 17 delicious candy cocktails you can make at home. 

And the next time you sidle up to the bar, there is no reason not to order a chocolate candy bar cocktail or gummy-infused drink for a bit of kid-type fun. 

These candy cocktails can give you something unique to serve your guests on your next girl’s night or when you want to test your bartending skills at your next party. 

If you are a fan of the popping candy Pop Rocks, you will love #5.

The pretty cocktail is simple to make; all you need to do is to pour vodka sodas into a glass and use a rock candy stick to stir it with. 

The candy’s natural sweetness and fun color will slowly dissolve into the liqueur, giving it more flavor. 

After you’ve tasted this drink, you won’t ever want a simple vodka soda again. 

This is best served cold, and you can prepare this on your next get-together with your friends.

A fun and sweet drink, the Fuzzy Peach Candy Cocktail features vodka, grenadine, peach schnapps, and fuzzy peach gummies. 

The cocktail is built in layers, and fresh peach slices are added for a more authentic peach flavor. 

The grenadine sinks beautifully to the bottom of the glass to create a “sunrise” effect, and the peach schnapps and vodka mix form in the center. 

The show’s real star is the peach gummies that add an effervescent touch to the cocktail that contrasts the heavy grenadine and vodka

It is a drink that your guests will undoubtedly love, just don’t forget to put some peach gummies on the rim for a beautiful finishing touch.

This Cherry Fun Dip cocktail is a lot sweet and a little tart, and its gorgeous color is out of this world. 

Using a childhood favorite, Fun Dip, this recipe is easy to mix up and can be served for a get-together with the girls or while you’re hosting an adult party. 

The cherry candy flavor in the drink comes through, and when paired with freshly squeezed lemon, it will taste the same as a cherry lemonade. 

Putting a touch of vanilla imitates the candy-eating experience, and since vodka is a liqueur with a neutral flavor, it works well in this cocktail. 

Each sip will put a smile on your face. 

A simple cocktail that tastes exactly like cotton candy, and its presentation is just as stunning and fun as the drink. 

This cocktail is made with chilled sparkling rose, Angostura bitters, and pink cotton candy. 

This is a grown-up beverage that brings out the child in you. 

Add a bit of freshly squeezed lemon as a garnish for that perfect balance of sweet and sour and to give the drink a bit of zest.

Rim your beverage in pop rocks candy for a popping cocktail. 

Pop rocks candy is one of the most popular candies that many children love. 

They crackle as soon as they hit your tongue, and it is available in different colors and flavors. 

Rimming cocktails in these fun candies is another way to add some pizzazz for holidays and celebrations. 

You can also drop the candy into your drink for a festive and tasty fizzle. 

Since there are a lot of flavors available, you can experiment with them to create exciting color combinations.

Strawberry Sour Candy is a drink that will surely impress your guests or your date on Valentine’s Day

The main ingredient of this cocktail is cranberry juice, giving it a pretty pink color. 

The lemon juice adds to the sour taste of the drink, while the grenadine adds a fruity flavor. 

Combine all those ingredients with sour strawberry candies to ensure a drink that boasts a sweet and fruity cocktail with an unexpected sour hit. 

The contrast is delicious, and if you like sour candies, you must try this recipe. 

The Lemon Candy Cocktail is dangerously tasty. 

Made with lemonade concentrate, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Beer, club soda, and cotton candy vodka, this cocktail is best served over ice. 

So pucker up and get ready, as this dainty-looking cocktail is a deceitful decadent little drink. 

If you enjoyed Jolly Rancher candies growing up, you would be a fan of this vodka cocktail recipe. 

Whether your preferred flavor is blue raspberry or green apple, this drink will never disappoint. 

The vodka is infused with Jolly Rancher flavors and is mixed with lemon-lime soda in a glass filled with ice. 

Add a cute factor to this party-style cocktail by placing candies on the finished drink as garnish. 

The candy will dissolve in the glass as you sip on the drink. 

This cotton candy-flavored daiquiri has a fun and irreverent take on the classic cocktail as it swaps out sugar for cotton candy, a fluffy and sugary treat. 

When the cold liqueur is poured over the cotton candy in the glass, it melts and disappears before your eyes, creating some magic. 

The sugar is incorporated into the tart lime and rum, helping to balance the drink and giving it color. 

Top it with champagne to add effervescence to the cocktail and provide a hint of dryness that counters the sweetness. 

Serve this daiquiri to your friends whenever you want to break out a memorable party trick.

The Candy Shop Cocktail is bright, sweet, colorful, and topped with many amazing candies. 

This is the ultimate grown-up sweet treat. 

This cocktail is a vodka-based drink, and using lime vodka brings out a bright green color that makes it pop in looks and flavor. 

It blends well with blue curacao and melon liqueur to create an Ombre effect of blue-green and decadent candy taste. 

Snickers Bar never fails to satisfy a sweet tooth when craving chocolate. 

So what better way to end a meal than to drink a dessert cocktail that features the taste of this famous chocolate and caramel candy bar?

This liquid candy bar in a glass is made with vanilla vodka, Irish cream liqueur, chocolate syrup, white chocolate liqueur, heavy cream, and amaretto. 

You can put a small slice of Snickers Bar on top as garnish. 

This gorgeous margarita recipe is a dessert in a glass. 

The sweet flavor and vibrant color form together to make a delicious cocktail representing the most novel of county fair food, cotton candy. 

Transforming this confectionary for sipping is easy, requiring tequila, lime juice, cream soda, orange liqueur, and a pack of cotton candy. 

Although this margarita is sweet, it is strong. 

The tequila does not cower in the corner even though each sip is similar to eating cotton candy.

The Caramel Candy cocktail centers on the sweet and delectable salted caramel vodka. 

It is blended with vanilla, cream, and cognac for more mystique. 

Each sip hits you with the cognac first, but once you’re done with the burnt vanilla flavor, the sweetness lingers. 

Put sugar on the rim of the glass to balance the taste.

Black Jack is a chewy confectionery that will rekindle your childhood memories of buying them at sweetshops and tuck shops. 

As a child, your tongue might have turned black from chewing on too many Black Jacks. 

Now, booze takes the place of your usual sugar rush by serving it in cocktail form. 

Add lots of ice to the glass before mixing the ingredients for a cold and refreshing drink. 

These super delicious Sour Cherry Jell-O Shots are something you do not want to pass up, especially when you’re hosting a party or special celebration. 

These shots are certified crowd-pleasers, and this recipe features sour candies that work well with the bitter liqueur. 

Werther’s is a creamy caramel candy with a full flavor and is reminiscent of the sweet taste of childhood.

For the adult version, it only makes sense that it is featured in a hot toddy, a classic hot cocktail enjoyed on days when you need warming up. 

The candy adds an extra caramel flavor to the drink, making the hot toddy even better to cuddle up with.

Pink Starburst Cocktail tastes just like pink Starburst candy. 

The drink has a fruity and sweet flavor, and it is made with vanilla coke, watermelon puckers, and a sweet and sour mix. 

Garnish the drink with a pink Starburst for a full candy effect.

The bottom line

So said that candies are only for kids?

These candy cocktails will prove that statement wrong. 

From chocolate bars like Snickers to state fair favorite cotton candy, you can make a boozy drink out of them as long as you know what to mix them with. 

Whatever type of candy, chocolate, or confectionary you want, there is a cocktail version available for you!

17 Tasty Candy Cocktails

17 Tasty Candy Cocktails

These 17 delicious candy cocktails prove that candies aren't just for kids; combine them with your favorite liquor and serve in a cocktail form!


  • Rock Candy Cocktail
  • Fuzzy Peach Candy Cocktail
  • Sweet & Sour Cherry Fun Dip Cocktail
  • Cotton Candy Cocktail
  • Pop Rocks Rimmed Cocktails
  • Strawberry Sour Candy Cocktail
  • Lemon Candy Cocktail
  • Jolly Rancher Vodka Cocktail
  • Magic Cotton Candy Daiquiri
  • Candy Shop Cocktail
  • Snickers Cocktail
  • Cotton Candy Margarita
  • Caramel Candy Cocktail
  • Black Jack
  • Sour Cherry Jell-O Shots
  • Werther's Hot Toddies
  • Pink Starburst Cocktail


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