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23 Refreshing Mint Cocktails

23 Refreshing Mint Cocktails

Fresh mint is a popular garnish in many drinks, but these 23 refreshing mint cocktails add a pop of green, a bright flavor, and a sweet fragrance to take that powerful flavor up a notch!

Don’t get us wrong, a garnish of fresh mint on top of your glass is still a great way to elevate the appearance of your cocktails, but including it in your drink will play on earthy and fresh flavors in such an easy way that other herbs may not be able to do quite as well.

Most of the time, you can muddle your mint with some lemon juice to release the flavors or make a quick mint simple syrup.

This list includes classic mint drinks such as a Mint Julep and a Cucumber Mint Gimlet.

There are also more out-of-the-box recipes such as a Frozen Toasted Coconut Mojito and Strawberry Black Pepper Smash.

The Chocolate Mint Martini is also worth making since it uses fresh mint rather than a mint-flavored liqueur.

Mint leaves are extremely easy to come across in most grocery stores so there should be no trouble in acquiring this ingredient to make your favorite cocktails a little bit tastier!

With a nice change of pace from the usual rum, this mojito uses vodka instead which lets all of the mint and citrus flavors shine through the cocktail.

This is one of many recipes that have you muddle your mint with some lime which lets the oils and juice of both mixes better with the alcohol in your drink rather than just tossing them in whole.

A bit of simple syrup and club soda top off your cocktail so you end up with a refreshing change to your regular mojitos perfect for sipping on while enjoying the weather outside!

If you can’t pick between a margarita and a mojito, combine them together into a fresh Tequila Smash!

Although there is no muddling your mint in this recipe, you do want to tear apart your mint leaves which still helps it release its flavors into your drink when you shake it up.

You also want to make sure your honey syrup has cooled down before you add it to your shaker so that you get a refreshing and cold drink!

This cocktail uses ginger syrup, which is very simple to make at home.

Since you have ginger syrup, you will want to use ginger ale which is a little sweeter and lighter in taste than ginger beer. 

But, if you love ginger beer or it is all you have handy, you can use that instead and reduce the level of ginger syrup your add-in.

Make sure that as you are muddling your mint and ginger syrup together, you are being gentle instead of mashing the two together.

Mango juice is the tropical star of this show!

With a bit of mint simple syrup, you get the extra sweetness that blends well with the vodka and juice in this refreshing cooler.

A dash of club soda and a garnish of fresh mint make this an easy yet delicious cocktail that you will find yourself making all summer long!

Chances are that a mint julep is one of the first things that comes to mind when you are thinking about mixed drinks with mint.

This is the drink of the Kentucky Derby but it can be enjoyed whenever you want something crisp, easy, and slightly sweet!

When the fresh mint leaves are muddled with the simple syrup, they release their oils which helps bring out the rich flavor of the bourbon you use for your julep.

Adding a little bit of heat to your cocktails with mint by adding in jalapenos is a fantastic way to sip on a beverage with both sweet and spicy flavors.

You will want to make a hibiscus syrup for this drink but it is an uncomplicated process and can be done up to two weeks in advance.

This drink comes out a bit more on the tart side but if you would like something sweeter, feel free to add in a little bit more sugar or sweetener.

The soft green color of this cocktail is no indication of the secret punch it can pack when you sip on it.

It is strong yet refreshing from the spicy green Chartreuse and mint leaves that break down in the shaker.

If you want to lighten it up a bit, topping your drink off with some carbonated water can add some cool fizz to balance out the spice and acidity of the Chartreuse, gin, and lime juice.

August 3rd is National Watermelon Day, and what better way to celebrate than with this chilled martini!

This drink makes you feel like you are sipping on a luxurious drink, even though it only took about five minutes to throw it all together.

As you are shaking everything in your cocktail shaker, keep an eye out for the ice crystals that will form at the top once you pour it.

This indicates that your martini has been well mixed!

You don’t even have to strain out the mint when you pour this drink since it adds a bit of flair to your glass, but if you want to avoid the bits of mint, you can pour this over a strainer.

Serve this tropical punch at your next summertime party for a tasty drink that is fitting for everyone’s tastes!

The mint simple syrup and pineapple juice blend well for a balance of earthy and fruity flavors.

A few mint leaves and pineapple slices tossed into the pitcher can make a great garnish but also add some more of the island-inspired flavors to your drink!

Gimlets feature gin, lime juice, and some type of sweetener.

However, this one includes muddled cucumber and mint with some agave nectar for a surprisingly hydrating cocktail.

You will want to peel your cucumber so you can avoid any bitter skin, but if you are making a big batch of these gimlets, you can also use cucumber juice rather than muddling a ton of cucumber.

This white wine spritzer is so easy to mix together and tastes like sunshine and warm weather when you use fresh strawberries and serve your drinks with mint.

Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are two excellent choices for a light yet crisp wine for your spritzer.

There is no muddling or simple syrup involved in this recipe.

Just add your strawberries and mint to your pitcher and stir it together.

You can let your drink sit with the strawberries and mint added in for up to 24 hours.

When you are ready to serve, just top it off with some sparkling water.

What drinks scream summer more than ice-cold lemonade or limeade?

Serve these drinks with fresh mint and some vodka for a refreshing adult beverage.

For an extra twist on this cocktail, you can switch out your cold water for sparkling and get some bubbles in every sip!

Similar to the Tom Collins Cocktail, the Belle Collins uses gin, lemon juice, and soda water.

However, the Belle Collins uses fresh mint leaves that are muddled for the essence to release out into the glass.

This simple change from the classic Tom Collins will completely transform the drink into something new!

A lot of mint cocktail recipes are perfect for enjoying in the warm weather of the summer, but this one is perfect for the cold holiday season.

Your glass can be rimmed with crushed candy canes and some peppermint Schnapps and rum are poured over ice for extra peppermint flavor.

Between the muddled mint and the fresh mint leaf garnish you may add, you are getting a balance of both fresh mint flavors and peppermint all in one glass!

Classic mules use ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka but this one uses lemon juice and some fresh mint leaves.

The flavors are similar to those you would experience with lemon-mint water but with an adult edge from the vodka used.

For this mule, the mint just needs a quick rub in between your hands to have the flavors released rather than muddling it.

Sake is a Japanese rice liquor with a mild taste and a slight sweetness.

This Southside-style cocktail uses the classic simple syrup, lime juice, and mint but switches it up by including sake rather than gin.

Your garnish can have some extra oil released by a quick smack in the hands instead of muddling it like the mint used directly in the cocktail was.

If you want to impress your friends with some cocktails with mint leaves they probably haven’t tried before, try this strawberry black pepper smash.

This smash pulls in some spice that is not like the spice of chili peppers but its own unique type of heat.

Smashing, or muddling, your strawberries, mint, and black pepper really helps the summer flavors release into the drink much better than if it was just soaking in the liquor.

You can easily make your own homemade sour mix to level out the cucumber and mint used in this cooler.

Making your own mix can make it taste more natural than the artificial juices used in store-bought mixtures.

Between the cucumber and mint as well as the homemade sour mix and sparkling water, this is a refreshing cocktail with some kick from the gin that feels like an adult spa refreshment!

Most chocolate and mint drinks use creme de menthe, which is a mint-flavored liqueur but this martini uses fresh mint instead!

The mint is simmered in some half and half cream so the taste is infused together in the creamy mixture.

Vodka and Baileys Irish Cream give this drink an adult edge that will allow you to wind down with a mint chocolate treat.

This limeade gives you a little bit of tang, a little bit of sweetness, some bubbles, and some refreshment, all in one glass!

If it is the peak strawberry season, you get all fresh ingredients with no extra artificial sugar added to your drink.

A non-alcoholic version can be made with sparkling water so your children or non-drinking friends can sip along as well.

Did you lose track of time and suddenly need a party-friendly cocktail for all of your guests to sip on?

This sangria is perfect for a crowd, gives you a fruity and refreshing drink, and uses all fresh fruits.

If you have the time to let this sit overnight, your mint leaves and lime slices can release more flavor into the sangria.

Otherwise, your mint simple syrup and blended kiwi puree add a good amount of fresh juice flavors!

The combination of mint simple syrup and toasted coconut needs to be used much more in adult cocktails!

Feel free to use whatever white rum and the canned coconut milk you like.

Adjust the amount of ice you add-in so you get the perfect consistency for your taste!

Citrus and fresh mint together can give your margaritas a little bit of a light lift in terms of flavor and fun!

The great thing about these margaritas is you can add however much mint you like!

One sprig is good per serving but feels free to add in more if you absolutely love the taste of mint.

A little bit of orange liqueur balances the kick from the tequila but overall, you get a refreshing margarita with some extra mintiness!

The bottom line

Fresh mint leaves in your cocktails are the perfect way to get yourself a refreshing drink to sip on in the warm summer months.

But it can also be used for wintertime drinks that need a little extra freshness added in!

Regardless of the season, a little bit of this simple ingredient can really go the distance when it comes to adding extra depth and flavor to your drinks!

The Best 23 Mint Cocktails

The Best 23 Mint Cocktails

This list of the best 23 Mint Cocktails includes classic mint drinks such as a Mint Julep and a Chocolate Mint Martini.


  • Vodka Mojito
  • Tequila Smash
  • Ginger Rogers
  • Mango Mint Vodka Cooler
  • Mint Julep
  • Hibiscus-Vodka Cocktail
  • Verdant Lady
  • Watermelon Mint Martini
  • Tiki Punch
  • Cucumber Mint Gimlet
  • Strawberry Mint White Wine Spritzer
  • Vodka Mint Lemonade Or Limeade
  • The Belle Collins
  • Merry Mojito
  • Sweet Lemon And Mint Moscow Mule
  • Sake Southside Cocktail
  • Strawberry Black Pepper Smash
  • Cucumber Mint Gin Cooler
  • Chocolate Mint Martini
  • Strawberry Rose Mint Limeade
  • Kiwi Lime Mint Sangria
  • Toasted Frozen Coconut Mojito
  • Fresh Mint Margaritas


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