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17 Club Soda Cocktails: Bubbly & Refreshing

17 Club Soda Cocktails: Bubbly & Refreshing

These 17 bubbly and refreshing champagne cocktails will add a more festive air to your parties or even casual get-togethers.

Club soda is a very versatile ingredient with so much potential, but cocktails are one of the best things you can make out of it.

Club soda cocktails have been around for quite some time, and they are here to stay!

It’s easy to say that they are already a staple when it comes to alcoholic (and even non-alcoholic) mixes.

Club soda makes a drink bubbly, so it’s a great addition to almost any cocktail you make.

Don’t miss out on the amazing flavor that club soda can add by checking out these 17 club soda cocktail recipes

Gin Rickey, Vodka Soda, and Aperol Soda on this list are simple but delicious, proving that cocktails don’t need to be complicated to be amazing.

If you’re looking for the most revitalizing drink on the list, make sure to try #6

If you want an easy cocktail recipe that you can assemble in a few minutes, there is nothing better than the Gin Rickey.

With only three main ingredients you have to mix, you can already feel cool and refreshed without much effort.

Nothing beats this light and refreshing classic!

For a fruity club soda mix, you will never go wrong with this Bourbon Smash Cocktail.

Although this Bourbon Smash takes a little more time when it comes to preparation, it’s worth it when you taste the fruity, malty, and mildly spicy taste.

If you really want to make the most of this, don’t hesitate to put in a lot of garnish.

The charm is in all the flavors that play around in your garnish, too.

This Rose Sangria recipe is most delicious when you take the time to prepare it.

So if you want to make some of this refreshing and citrusy drink, make it at least a day ahead.

The longer time this sits in the fridge, the better its taste will be.

This Rose Sangria is sure to be your next favorite cocktail.

It’s hard to ignore how well the flavors of the ingredients come together.

This recipe is the simplest one on this list.

It’s basically vodka with club soda, so regardless if you’re new at this, you’re bound to make a killer Vodka Soda. 

There’s no need for so much effort and preparation, which makes this recipe so great.

All you need is to put in the ingredients, and you’re good to enjoy the refreshing taste of the drink.

Nothing complex, but all the amazing taste.

Some people like their drink strong and bittersweet.

If you’re that kind of person, this Coffee Americano Cocktail is a match for you!

This drink is best served during spring, but who says you can’t enjoy it any other time of the year?

Pro tip: This is even better if you fill your glass with ice up to the brim.

Watermelon is refreshing!

Pair it with some club soda and alcohol, and it’s even better than it already is.

What’s easy to love about this recipe is that the watermelon evens out the alcohol, so expect it to taste just like the fruit it’s made with.

If there’s a perfect summer cocktail, it’s this one.

Bubbly paired with tart sweetness, with a side of a little spice? 

Who wouldn’t enjoy this adventurous but refreshing Palm Spring Cocktail?

It’s named that way because one sip of this drink and you’ll be transported to Palm Springs.

It’s one big summer party in your taste buds with this recipe.

There’s nothing more classic than this Whiskey Highball drink.

The recipe is simple, but the taste is complex and memorable.

Expect this one to be bubbly because it relies heavily on the club soda.

If you love yourself some club soda, this one uses the most out of the recipes on this list. 

This recipe needs a little more effort because you have to make a blackberry and rosemary syrup before you do the actual cocktail.

However, the effort will be fruitful once you taste the well-blended flavor of the cocktail.

This drink will surely impress you and your guests. 

It has a fancy look and taste to it, but it’s still fairly simple to make.

If you want this bourbon smash to taste its best, make everything from scratch and avoid artificial flavoring.

Also known as the White Spritz, this drink is one of the most refreshing you will ever taste. 

The main draws of this recipe are the St. Germain liqueur and the garnishes. 

The flavors work very well with each other, so it’s hard to resist getting a second glass when you finally try it.

You might think it’s not right to have a cocktail with wine over ice, but this Limoncello Spritz surprisingly makes it work.

This sweet and citrusy drink is a great pair for any kind of meal.

Yes, you can enjoy it after a meal.

This drink truly gives you a refreshed feeling that you will want to feel during spring and summer.

This Honey Blackberry Shrub Cocktail needs more ingredients compared to your usual cocktails, but they all work well together, so it’s more than worth it.

The honey, blackberry, bourbon, and some apple cider vinegar all work together to create a complex but delicious and refreshing flavor.

It’s easy to enjoy this when you’re relaxing by the pool!

So if you’re planning to have a pool party, don’t forget to add this drink to the mix.

This drink is best enjoyed in groups because it’s so easy to make it in batches.

Cocktails can be filled with a lot of flavors, too.

This Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Club Soda proves that.

What’s great about this cocktail is that it’s very light, so you won’t feel full after a glass or two.

Yes, you can enjoy multiple glasses without feeling bloated.

It’s also great that the ingredients are easy to find, so you can enjoy this cocktail whenever you feel like having a flavor party in your mouth.

Pro tip: You can switch up the recipe by adding or replacing the fruits, depending on what suits your taste.

Club soda really is a treat when you pair it with delicious fruits.

In this case, the cherries, with vanilla and maple syrup, really add a great deal of personality to the bubbly club soda.

Although this is a seasonal cocktail, it will leave you wanting one any time of the year.

It’s also possible to make a mocktail version of the Cherry Bomb by adding more fruits and omitting the bourbon.

If you’re looking for a bubbly drink that you can make for a big group, look no further.

The key here is the blackberry syrup that you make ahead.

You can make a big batch of blackberry syrup and use the others for a different recipe or time.

For the rim of your glass, you can add either sugar or salt, whichever fits your taste more.

This drink really fits anyone at all because you can change it up in a way that’s personal to you.

This drink doesn’t only have an interesting name; it also has an interesting flavor.

This recipe is iconic and retro.

If you feel like you want to be transported back in time, this is the perfect drink to make.

Not to mention, this classic drink is easy!

You can make your own exciting and refreshing drink in a few easy steps.

If you feel like having a spicier version of this drink that can give you a little kick, try adding some cayenne pepper to the salt garnish.

Cocktails have alcohol, but if you feel like you want more flavor and less alcohol, this Aperol Soda is for you.

With only a handful of ingredients and a few steps, you can already experience the light and energizing taste of this cocktail.

This cocktail proves that a delicious drink does not need to be complicated.

This recipe uses blood orange, but you can always replace it with a regular orange or a lemon.

If you’re not using all the Aperol, make sure to keep it refrigerated.

Doing that can actually make the Aperol taste even better than it already is!

The bottom line

It’s amazing how much flavor and charm club soda can add to a simple alcoholic drink.

With that, it’s easy to say that club soda cocktails are the perfect energizing and refreshing drinks.

There are many classic cocktails that use club soda, but you can always experiment and add more ingredients and flavors.

Regardless if you love just a little or a lot of club soda in your drink, there’s a mix on this list for you.

Make sure to try at least a couple of these recipes, and you will never want to try any other to make you feel full and revitalized.

BEST Club Soda Cocktails

BEST Club Soda Cocktails

These 17 bubbly and refreshing champagne cocktails will add a more festive air to your parties or even casual get-togethers.


  • Gin Rickey
  • Bourbon Smash Cocktail
  • Rose Sangria
  • Vodka Soda
  • Coffee Americano Cocktail
  • Watermelon Mojito
  • Palm Spring Cocktail
  • Whiskey Highball
  • Blackberry Bourbon Smash
  • Hugo Cocktail
  • Limoncello Spritz
  • Honey Blackberry Shrub Cocktail
  • Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Club Soda
  • Cherry Bomb Cocktail
  • Blackberry Lime Rum Punch
  • The Salty Dog
  • Aperol Soda


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